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Special Issue forInternational Technological Conference-2014 (ITechCON-2014)


Conference Summary

Organized By: Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute of Technology, Chembur, Mumbai, India.

Date of Confernce: January 2nd to 4th, 2014

Guest Editor: Dr.P.P. Vaidya, Professor, Dept. Instrumentation Engg., VES Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India .



Threats to Cloud Computing Security

Author Name: Harshal Mahajan, Dr.Nupur Giri


Enterprise Network Simulation Using MPLS-BGP

Author Name: Tina Satra and Smita Jangale


Analysis and comparison of different network simulators

Author Name: Vinita Mishra, Smita Jangale


Semantic Yellow Pages

Author Name: Sujata Khedkar, Kshitij Shah and Ashutosh Raina


Digital Elevation Modeling

Author Name: Swati A. Ghule, T. Rajani Mangala


Orthogonal Magnetic Loop Antenna for Lightning Detection

Author Name: Swati Sharma, Shoba Krishnan and Ajay Khandare


Two way password verification security system using RFID and GSM technology

Author Name: Dr.(Mrs)Saylee Gharge, Honey Brijwani, Mohit Pugrani, Girish Sukhwani, Deepak Udherani


Optical Coherence Tomography Systems and signal processing in SD-OCT

Author Name: Chandan S.Rawat, Vishal S.Gaikwad


Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Wireless System

Author Name: Mr. Kartik Ramesh Patel, Dr. Ramesh Kulkarni


Towards Minimal Noise Infrared Absorption Based Gas Sensing

Author Name: Suryakanta R. Patil, Nadir Charniya, Shivangi Chourasia, Alok Verma



Author Name: Dr.(Mrs)Saylee Gharge, Ajinkya Valanjoo


Neural Network based Cryptography

Author Name: Sneha Lonkar, Nadir Charniya


Modern Signal Processing in Radar

Author Name: C. D. Rawat and Anuja D. Sarate


Watermarking Of Images Using Hybrid Technique

Author Name: C S Rawat and Sneha M Shivamkutty


Energy Conservation Using Wireless Sensor Network

Author Name: Geeta Shirke, Prof.Mrs. Shoba Krishanan


Optimization of PID Parameters using Dual Population Genetic Algorithm

Author Name: Dr. Shanta Sondur, Anil Kumar R. Sudele


Methods of Pulse Shape Discrimination (PSD)

Author Name: Asma ParveenI.Siddavatam


Location Based Optimization of Photovoltaic Cell due to Non-uniform Radiation

Author Name: E. Mukherjee, S.P.Duttagupta and S. Sengupta


Classification of EEG Signal for Imagined Left and Right Hand Movement for Brain Computer Interface Applications

Author Name: Indu Dokare, Naveeta Kant


Sensorless State Estimation in Two-Phase Stepper Motor using EKF and UKF

Author Name: Dr. (Mrs.) J.M.Nair, Vandana N. Sharma



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