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S.No.: 1
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-06-04-2
Title : Genetic algorithm base reactive power dispatch and voltage control
Authors Name: Sunil Prahladbhai Patel
Authors Affilation: LDRP-Institute of technology and Research Gandhinagar
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue6
Abstract: Reactive power control becomes extremely important after deregulation because costumers request high quality power supply with reasonable price. Also the Voltage profile at different nodes in the power system is affected greatly by the variations in load and generation profiles during normal and abnormal operating states. The reactive power control devices such as generators, tap positions of on-load tap changer of transformers, shunt reactors are used to correct voltage limits violations while simultaneously reducing the system real power losses. Genetic algorithms (GAs) are well-known global search techniques anchored on the mechanisms of natural selection and genetics. Hear i present the work on genetic algorithm for reactive power optimization and voltage control. The objective of genetic algorithm base reactive power optimization is minimizing active power losses while maintaining the quality of voltages.
S.No.: 2
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-06-04-3
Title : feasibility analysis with the help of fuzzy theory in software engineering
Authors Name: vishal chandra
Authors Affilation: SGVU
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue6
Abstract: In Fuzzy theory if often used in that type of problem in which the solution can’t be determined in between rigid boundary of either yes or no or negative or positive. This thesis consist of membership function and linguistic variables there may be a number of graph which shows membership function they also denote criteria and with the help we can calculate our desire result. There are several processes to making or developing as computer software. These processes are often called (SDLC) System Development Life Cycle. There are many working and well-known SDLC models are waterfall model, iterative waterfall model spiral model prototype model etc. They have their own pros and cons. These SDLC models have many phases or stages. We always just reply yes or no for any question. But when I ask how much beautiful you are, then it is difficult to justify among them. Then fuzzy comes. Fuzzy gives flexibility in solution and problem. There are infinite values between o and 1 or true and false yes or no. In SDLC the first stages is feasibility analysis. With the application of fuzzy set theory and fuzzy logic. In my thesis I try to solve some rigid problem which occurs during software development. The above stages of SDLC are rigid property. By the help of linguistic variables I try to solve those problem which are rigid means cost, time period etc.. Throughout in this thesis I used fuzzy methodology to remove rigid behavior of factor affecting feasibility analysis or study. In all many cases feasibility study is rigid state the answer will be yes it is feasible or not. Then what my thesis do? It gives opportunity to manage different component of feasibility and there effect on it. All above are the parts of software engineering
S.No.: 3
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-06-06-6
Title : Implementation of Privacy-Preserving Public Auditing and Secure Searchable Data Cloud Storage
Authors Name: First A. MsVaishali Patil , Second B. Prof. ArchanaLomte
Authors Affilation: Dept of Computer,BSIOTR,pune
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue6
Abstract: Cloud computing is speculated as the next generation architecture of IT enterprises, providing efficient remote access to massively scalable data storage and application services. While this outsourced storage and computing technique can potentially bring great economical savings for data owners and users, its benefits may not be fully realized due to wide concerns of data owners that their private data may be spontaneously exposed or handled by cloud providers. Although end-to-end encryption techniques have been proposed as secure solution for secure cloud data storage, a primary challenge toward building a full-fledged cloud data service remains how to effectively support flexible data utilization services such as search over the data in a privacy-preserving manner. In this paper, we identify the system requirements and challenges toward achieving privacy-assured searchable outsourced cloud data services, usable design and practically efficient search schemes for encrypted cloud storage. We are presenting a general methodology for these using searchable encryption techniques, which allows encrypted data to be searched by users without leaking information about the data itself and user’s request. Enabling public audit ability for cloud storage is of critical importance so that users can use up to a third party auditor (TPA) to check the integrity of outsourced data and can be worry free. To efficiently introduce an effective TPA, the auditing process should bring in no new vulnerabilities towards user data privacy, and help to avoid additional online burden to user. We propose a secure and efficient cloud storage system supporting privacy-preserving public auditing. We will further extend our result to enable the TPA to perform audits for multiple users simultaneously and efficiently.
S.No.: 4
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-06-06-10
Title : Implementation of Unsupervised Clustering Using Geometric Approach
Authors Name: Ms. Ayushi Laud and Prof. Ritesh Shah
Authors Affilation: PG Scholar, Sanghvi Institute of Management & Science, Indore (M.P), India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue6
Abstract: Various medical sciences, educational, scientific research works are depends upon data clustering. Clustering is an application of data mining and knowledge processing which used find the data pattern using visual pattern analysis. Using this technique, data based on their attribute distance is mapped over space to find the pattern of data available. Clustering is type of unsupervised learning technique where no class level is available to utilize as feedback parameter for error correction. In this paper a study based on cluster analysis is provided. This includes study of k-mean clustering scheme, and outlier detection algorithm technique and performance enhancement using outlier technique, after concluding them we propose a geometric distance based clustering scheme. This technique is implemented using MATLAB simulator for experiment and academic research purpose, the implemented technique is works over numerical and the estimated results are provided in the further sections.
S.No.: 5
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-06-07-12
Title : Intrusion Detection in KDD99 Dataset using SVM-PSO and Feature Reduction with Information Gain
Authors Affilation: LNCT BHOPAL
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue6
Abstract: Intrusion detection is a process of identifying the Attacks in the networks. The main aim of IDS is to identify the Normal and Intrusive activities. In recent years, many researchers are using data mining techniques for building IDS. Due to the non-linearity and quantitative or qualitative network data traffic IDS is complicated. For making the IDS efficient we have to choose the key features. Support Vector Machine (SVM) gives the potential solution for IDS problem. SVM suffers by selecting the suitable SVM parameters. Here we propose a new approach using data mining technique such as SVM and Particle swarm optimization for attaining higher detection rate. PSO is an Optimization method and has a strong global search capability. The SVM-PSO Method is applied to KDD Cup 99 dataset. Free parameters are obtained by standard PSO for support vector machine and the binary PSO is used to obtain the best possible feature subset at building intrusion detection system. The propose technique has major steps:Preprocessing,Feature Reduction using Information Gain, Training using SVM-PSO. Then based on the subsequent training subsets a vector for SVM classification is formed and in the end, classification using PSO is performed to detect Intrusion has happened or not. The experimental result shows that SVM-PSO acquire high detection rate than regular SVM Method algorithm.
S.No.: 6
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-06-08-13
Title : Enhanced Color Correction Using Histogram Stretching Based On Modified Gray World and White Patch Algorithms
Authors Name: Manjinder Singh, Dr. Sandeep Sharma
Authors Affilation: Department Of Computer Science , Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue6
Abstract: Color constancy is the capability to determine colors of objects independent of the color of the light source. This paper deals with the different color constancy algorithms to evaluate the performance of existing color constancy algorithms. The combined effect of two color constancy algorithms i.e. White Patch Retinex (WPR) and Gray World (GW) and gamma correction used for dynamic range correction for image enhancement. The main limitation of the color constancy integrated with gamma correction proves to be efficient for dark regions but produce poor results for brighter regions. To reduce this problem in this paper we have proposed a new algorithm which will integrate the color constancy with histogram stretching and average filter to provide accurate results in dark, medium and brighter regions. The proposed algorithm is designed and implemented in MATLAB using image processing toolbox. The proposed algorithm provides significant as it has shown significantly better results in poor, high and medium intensity images as well as it reduce noise which may be introduced during color correction time.
S.No.: 7
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-06-09-17
Title : Robust Cloud Storage System with SLA’s and Misbehaviour Tracking
Authors Name: S.Vasudha
Authors Affilation: Dept of CSEJNTUA,Anantapur
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue6
Abstract: Cloud storage empowers clients to remotely store their information and like the on-interest high caliber cloud requisitions without the trouble of nearby fittings and programming administration. In spite of the fact that the profits are clear, such an administration is likewise giving up clients physical ownership of their outsourced information, which unavoidably postures new security chances to the effectiveness of the information in cloud. Keeping in mind the end goal to address this new issue and further accomplish a secure and steady cloud storage administration, the existing system is an adaptable appropriated storage uprightness reviewing system, using the homomorphic token and conveyed deletion coded information. The reviewing outcome not just guarantees solid cloud storage accuracy surety, and yet at the same time attains quick information failure confinement, i.e., the Id of making trouble server. Acknowledging the cloud information are dynamic in nature, the existing system further backings secure and effective dynamic operations on outsourced information, incorporating square adjustment, cancellation, and add. Dissection shows the existing plan is greatly proficient and versatile against Byzantine flop, malignant information change strike, and even server plotting ambushes. The Proposed System which enables them to have service level agreements to be applied automatically. It does mean that when service level agreements change in future between the cloud client and cloud service provider, the system should automatically adopt to the new changes without the source code being modified by a technical person. The changes in service level agreements also can be made in a user-friendly interface which does not need technical expertise. The proposed system will be capable of tracking misbehaved servers where data inconsistencies occurred. This will help to have ready information about the prior problems and helps in making decisions faster.
S.No.: 8
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-06-11-21
Title : Implementation of 128-Bit Sparse Kogge-Stone Adder using Verilog
Authors Name: Geeta Rani, Asst. Prof. Sachin Kumar
Authors Affilation: M.Tech Student, Dept. of ECE, MERI COLLEGE of Engg. & Tech., Sampla, Haryana, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue6
Abstract: Parallel Prefix adders have been one of the most notable among several designs proposed in the past. The advantage of utilizing the flexibility in implementing these structures based upon through put requirements. Due to continuing integrating intensity and the growing needs of portable devices, low power and high performance designs are of prime importance. The classical parallel prefix adder structures presented in the literature over the years optimize for logic depth, area, and fan-out and interconnect count of logic circuits. In this proposed system, Kogge-Stone adder which is one of types of parallel prefix adder is used. Kogge stone is the fastest adder because of its minimum fan-out. When parallel prefix adder is compared with classical adders it is advantageous in every aspect. The study reveals that Parallel Prefix adder has the least power delay product when compared with its peer existing adder structures (Ripple carry adder, Carry save adders etc). Simulation results are verified using Xilinx 10.1 and MODELSIM 6.4a softwares.
S.No.: 9
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-06-11-22
Title : Comparison Analysis of 16-bit Adders
Authors Name: Sangeeta Rani , Asst. Prof. Sachin Kumar
Authors Affilation: M.Tech Student, Dept. of ECE, MERI COLLEGE of Engg. & Tech., Sampla, Haryana, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue6
Abstract: Adders are one of the most widely digital components in the digital integrated circuit design and are the necessary part of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) applications. With the advances in technology, researchers have tried and are trying to design adders which offer either high speed, low power consumption, less area or the combination of them. The addition of the two bits is very Based on the various speed-up schemes for binary addition, a comprehensive overview and a qualitative evaluation of the different existing basic adder architectures are given in this paper. In addition, their comparison is performed in the thesis for the performance analysis. We will synthesize the adders - Ripple Carry adder, Carry look- ahead Adder, Carry Save Adder in ISE XIILINX 10.1 by using HDL - Verilog and will simulate them in Modelsim 6.4a. We will Compare above mentioned adders in terms of Delay, Slices Used and Look up tables used by the adder architecture.
S.No.: 10
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-06-11-27
Title : Space Time Block Codes using Multiple Transmitting Antennas
Authors Name: N.Satyanarayana Murthy, Dr.S.Sri Gowri, Dr.B.Prabhkara Rao
Authors Affilation: Associate Professor, ECE Dept, VR Siddhartha Engineering College, Vijayawada-7,INDIA
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue6
Abstract: This paper provides the performance of space–time block codes for transmission over Quasi –static Rayleigh flat fading channels using multiple transmit antennas. Data is encoded using a space–time block code, which are split into n streams via simultaneously transmitted using n transmit antennas. The received signal at each receive antenna is a linear superposition of the n transmitted signals disturbed by noise. Maximum likelihood decoding is achieved in a simple way through decoupling of the signals transmitted from different antennas. It is shown that using multiple transmits antennas and space–time block coding provides remarkable performance without any extra processing.
S.No.: 11
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-06-12-29
Title : Impact & Analysis of FDE on nanoscopic TEM images
Authors Name: Garima Goyal
Authors Affilation: Jyothy Institute of Technology, Bangalore
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue6
Abstract: TEM images are rapidly gaining prominence in various sectors like life sciences, pathology, medical science, semiconductors, forensics, etc. Hence, there is a critical need to know the effect of existing image restoration and enhancement techniques available for TEM images. FHE Filter is simulated on TEM images to understand their effect on the same and consequently, the results are compared with the outcome of similar simulations done on TEM images. The comparison is mainly done on four parameters: Mean of the image, Mean square error, Signal to noise ratio, Peak Signal to Noise ratio. The simulation is carried on greyscale and colored images separately. To do so different types of noise (Gaussian Noise, Salt & Pepper Noise, Salt & Pepper Noise & Poisson Noise) varying from 1% to 9% is incorporated into image. Each degraded image is denoised by filters.After simulation it is observed that the SNR and PSNR ratios obtained for TEM image is much higher than those obtained for TEM image.
S.No.: 12
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-06-19-38
Title : Novel Design of D-STATCOM Based on Pole Placement Controller to Mitigation of SLG Fault
Authors Name: K. k.Madhale, Veeresh H
Authors Affilation: Prof. K K Madhale Assist.Professor, EE dept AMGOI,VATHAR
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue6
Abstract: The pole placement is the method where the existing poles of D-STATCOM is shifted to the new locations of poles at the real-imaginary axes for better response. This paper presents a design of pole placement controller for DSTATCOM in mitigation of three phase fault. This type of controller is able to control the amount of injected current or voltage or both from the D-STATCOM inverters to mitigate the three phase fault by referring to the currents that are the input to the pole placement controller. The controller and the DSTATCOM were designed using SIMULINK and Power System Block set toolbox available in MATLAB program.
S.No.: 13
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-06-19-39
Title : Extraction Of Data From XMI File Using Heuristic Approach
Authors Name: Sandeep Sharma, Sashi Tarun
Authors Affilation: M.Tech(CSE) Student, Arni University, Indora, Kangra, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue6
Abstract: This research paper includes the study of carious .xmi files and to parse the taken XMI sample files using java programming language since it is difficult to read the .xmi files directly due to so many unwanted metatags after applying certain methods like heuristic approach and various algorithms like Aho Corasick string matching algorithm we can easily remove those unwanted tags the Aho Corasick string matching algorithm is a string searching algorithm.It is a kind of dictionary-matching algorithm that locates elements of a finite set of strings within an input text. It matches all patterns simultaneously. The complexity of the algorithm is linear in the length of the patterns plus the length of the searched text plus the number of output matches.In our work we also make ignore list to store the unwanted frequently occurring meta tags.after the XMI sample got parced .ini file will be generated. The .INI files are plain-text files that contain configuration information. These files are used by Windows and Windows-based applications to save information about your preferences and operating environment. "INI" stands for initialization.Again applying the parcing on the generated INI file and then store the data into the database using MYSQL.Hence we can store the required data into the database.
S.No.: 14
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-06-19-40
Title : Fusion of demands in review of Bag-of-visual words
Authors Name: Silkesha Thigale, A.B Bagwan
Authors Affilation: Department of Computer Engineering, JSPM’s RSCOE, University of Pune
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue6
Abstract: This paper presents the review related to the contributions of the work in Bag-of-Visual words applications. State-of-the-art has adopted the BoW model for retrieving the images on large scale, as it proves to be reliable. Visual words are the end results of the quantization. BoW model is used in Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR). It system operates as per the user’s demand for the relevant image retrieval. BoW is primarily used for the local descriptors.
S.No.: 15
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-06-19-42
Title : relationship between feature selection and classifier accuracy using weka for bankruptcy prediction
Authors Name: kiranpreet kaur,amandeep kaur
Authors Affilation: guru nanakdev university
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue6
Abstract: The Data Mining is a technique to drill database for giving meaning to the approachable data. It involves systematic analysis of large data sets. Numerous studies on bankruptcy prediction have widely applied data mining techniques to find out the useful knowledge automatically from financial databases, while few studies have proposed qualitative data mining approaches capable of eliciting and representing experts’ problem-solving knowledge from experts’ qualitative decisions. This approach uses qualitative risk factors. By using these factors qualitative prediction rules are generated using machine learning algorithm and the influence of these factors in bankruptcy is also analyzed. This research is focused on tree modeling of data that helps to make predictions about new data and use of rule based classifier. They also indicate that considerable agreement is achieved between the decision trees method and experts’ problem solving knowledge. This means that the proposed method is a suitable tool for eliciting and representing experts’ decision rules and thus it provides effective decision supports for solving bankruptcy prediction problems. Also we have seen the relationship between classifiers and feature selection .Feature selection criteria helps in improving the accuracy of the classifier .The core concept behind the topic is to get knowledge with areas of research by explore more about data, information, knowledge, data mining techniques, and tools. All the results with experiment on WEKA are finally examined.
S.No.: 16
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-06-23-49
Title : Simulation of Different bit Carry-Skip Adder in Verilog
Authors Name: Sangeeta Rani , Asst. Prof. Sachin Kumar
Authors Affilation: M.Tech Student, Dept. of ECE, MERI COLLEGE of Engg. & Tech., Sampla, Haryana, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue6
Abstract: Adders are the most basic and essential component used in Digital signal processing and is widely used in the digital integrated circuits. As there are various adder structures which provide the increased operational speed in the arithmetic circuits but in terms of area or delay there is a loose connection (area or delay of the adder circuit design is more as compared to the other structures discovered). With the advances in technology, researchers have tried and are trying to design adders which offer either high speed, low power consumption, less area or the combination of them. The addition of the two bits is very based on the various speed-up schemes for binary addition, a comprehensive overview and different bits carry skip adder structures is given in this paper. We will synthesize the Carry skip adder of bits – 4 Bit, 8 Bit, 16 Bit and 32 Bit in ISE XIILINX 10.1 by using HDL - Verilog and will simulate them in Modelsim 6.4a. Also Delay, Slices Used and Look up tables used by the Different bit Carry skip adder structure is given.
S.No.: 17
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-06-23-50
Title : Delay Analysis of Parallel-Prefix Adders
Authors Name: Geeta Rani, Asst. Prof. Sachin Kumar
Authors Affilation: M.Tech Student, Dept. of ECE, MERI COLLEGE of Engg. & Tech., Sampla, Haryana, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue6
Abstract: Parallel-Prefix adders or Carry tree adders are the kind of adders that uses prefix operation in order to do efficient addition. Nowadays Parallel-Prefix adders are the frequently used adders due to the high speed computation properties. So called carry tree adder uses the prefix operation to do the arithmetic addition with way greater speed than the simple parallel adders that is ripple carry adder, carry skip adder, carry select adder etc. Here in this paper we will discuss about the various parallel-prefix adders and analyses there delay with respect to one another so that the fastest adder can be found and also the specific adder for a specific operation can be found. Therefore we will discuss the parallel-prefix adders and compare them in order to find the righteous one.
S.No.: 18
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-06-25-54
Title : Secure Mining of Association Rules in Horizontally Distributed Databases Using FDM and K&C algorithm
Authors Name: Gayatri K. Chaturvedi
Authors Affilation: Matoshri College of Engineering And Research centre, Eklahare, Nashik
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue6
Abstract: Data mining is the most fast growing area today which is used to extract important knowledge from large data collections but often these collections are divided among several parties. Privacy liability may prevent the parties from directly sharing the data and some types of information about the data. In this project we propose a protocol for secure mining of association rules in horizontally distributed databases. The current integral protocol is that of Kantarcioglu and Clifton well known as K&C protocol. This protocol is based on an unsecured distributed version of the Apriori algorithm named as Fast Distributed Mining (FDM) algorithm of Cheung et al. The main ingredients in our protocol are two novel secure multi-party algorithms one that computes the union of private subsets that each of the interacting players hold and another that tests the whether an element held by one player is included in a subset held by another. This protocol offers enhanced privacy with respect to the earlier protocols. In addition, it is not complicated and is importantly more effectual in terms of communication cost, communication rounds and computational cost.
S.No.: 19
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-06-26-55
Authors Name: Swapnil Desai and Praful Chougale
Authors Affilation: Lecturer,Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Manohar Phalke Polytechnic,Mumbai.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue6
Abstract: As the pace of change in the 21st century continues to increase, the world is becoming more interconnected and complex, and the knowledge economy is craving more intellectual property. In this environment, it is critical that we shift our focus from education to life-long learning. Fortunately, the increasing availability of learning resources on the internet is coinciding with the growing importance of continuous learning. If we are willing to view learning from a new perspective, we are no longer resource constrained. Traditional E-Learning systems developed for laptop and desktop computers were based on stand-alone software application or through websites and lack the ability to provide a comprehensive ubiquitous learning environment. The ability to provide a comprehensive ubiquitous learning environment on mobile device will offer Opportunities to enhance learning by exploring the edge are presenting themselves as well. It is at the edge that most innovation occurs and where we can discern patterns that indicate new kinds of opportunities and challenges. In this context, the research work is to develop an interactive mobile learning application based on Web Services in Android base mobile devices to facilitate the ubiquitous learning. This paper deals with the prototype development of Web Service and application for android mobile phones.
S.No.: 20
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-06-26-56
Title : Spatial and temporal locality: An approach for DDoS attack analysis
Authors Name: Aneesh M Haneef and Sujina mol
Authors Affilation: M S, CSE, M E S College of Engineering
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue6
Abstract: Activities such as telecommunication, on-line banking and on-line shopping have recently being integrated through the internet. In such a situation security is an important criteria. The attacks which are commonly occur are : Eavesdropping, Data Modification, Denial-of-Service Attack, Man-in-the-Middle Attack. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have been a continuous critical threat to the Internet since 10 years ago. A lot of researches are being conducted to detect DDoS attack. Some such innovations are analysed here. The methods are: Web proxy’s behavior, User browsing behaviors, Trust Management Helmet (TMH), Sequence-order-independent network profiling, Flow correlation coefficient, Information metrics, Temporal and spatial locality behavior. Here a mechanism is developed in order to protect the origin server from the Web proxy based HTTP attacks. In implementation stage the attack traffic is assumed to begin from Web proxies instead of its real sources. The victim can only observe the proxies and the goal is to filter malicious traffic instead of trace back. In order to overcome the drawback of false negative ratio an improvement is done in implementation stage.
S.No.: 21
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-06-27-60
Title : Voltage Control using DVR under Large Frequency Variation with DFT and Kalman Filter
Authors Name: R.amala Dolly
Authors Affilation: Dadi Institute of Engineering and Technology
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue6
Abstract: The paper discusses the voltage control of a critical load bus using dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) in a distribution system. The critical load requires a balanced sinusoidal waveform across its terminals preferably at system nominal frequency of 50Hz .It is assumed that the frequency of the supply voltage can be varied and it is different from the system nominal frequency. The DVR is operated such that it holds the voltage across critical load bus terminals constant at system nominal frequency irrespective of the frequency of the source voltage. In case of a frequency mismatch, the total real power requirement of the critical load bus has to be supplied by the DVR. Proposed method used to compensate for frequency variation, the DC link of the DVR is supplied through an uncontrolled rectifier that provides a path for the real power required by the critical load to flow .A simple frequency estimation technique is discussed which are Discrete Fourier transform (DFT), Kalman Filter and ANN controller. The present work study the compensation principle and different control strategies of DVR used here are based on DFT,and kalman Filter.Through detailed analysis and simulation studies using MATLAB. It is shown that the voltage is completely controlled across the critical load.
S.No.: 22
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-06-28-62
Title : Wormhole Attack Prevention For Adhoc Network
Authors Name: Baltej Kaur Saluja, Prof A.K.Gupta
Authors Affilation: ,Department of Information Technology Jayawantrao College of Engineering Pune, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue6
Abstract: Ad-hoc networks are also called as mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs). Mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs) are collection of wireless mobile computers (or nodes) having no Pre existing infrastructure or centralized management and which are connected by wireless links automatically . As in MANETs the nodes can communicate with their neighboring nodes also without the use of a central server, therefore when some node is affected or not working properly, it is hard to find that infected node as it has volatile network topology. The Ad hoc networks are vulnerable to security attacks, among them Wormhole Attack is big menace to the mobile ad hoc network In this paper we specifically considering Wormhole attack which does not require exploiting any nodes in the network and can interfere with the route establishment process by capturing packet from one point in the network, and tunnels the recorded packets to another point which is a malicious node and later on packets in the network can be transmitted again locally .In wireless ad hoc networks, it is difficult to trace out wormhole attacks because malicious nodes behaves as legitimate nodes. Many of the scheme have been already proposed for wormhole attack like location and time depended end to end solutions. As these solutions require exact location or the time synchronization. In this paper we propose a scheme based on diffusion of innovation ,a social science theory for the wormhole attack detection and prevention. In which there are different roles played by nodes. Based on the roles weight will be assigned to nodes in the in different phase of algorithm , that will be updated in routing table. from then onwards path selection will entirely depended on weight and roles assigned, and this entire process in details will be explained later.
S.No.: 23
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-06-28-63
Title : Test case generation and minimization using UML Activity diagram in Model Driven Environment
Authors Name: Ms. Hetal J. Thanki, Prof. S.M.Shinde
Authors Affilation: M.E. Computer student, Department of computer engineering, JSCOE, Pune
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue6
Abstract: Test driven design (TDD) and design driven testing (DDT) are used for test case generation. TDD generates so many duplicated test cases at the end of the project. DDT is novel approach to generate test cases based on design model of application. Comparative study indicates batter result using DDT. White-box traditional regression testing depends on analysis of impact of changes in source code. This practice minimizes the amount of testing required to validate code changes but they do not influence on requirement specification. Black-box testing supports ability to test from higher level design and requirement. Test optimal is a tool to generate test cases based on model driven environment using UML activity diagrams. Traditional approach generates many numbers of large and duplicate test cases. Proposed approach will minimize generated test cases and generate optimal test suite using model driven testing. Changes in design of project, modified activity diagram element will identify common and uncommon test cases. Where uncommon test cases are focused for further testing. Filtering will lead to better available resource utilization and will improve software project management.
S.No.: 24
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-06-28-64
Title : The Benchmarking Model for an Ideal Anti-virus Software with Performance Measurement Software for Users Categories
Authors Name: Dr. Bhaskar V. Patil, Mr. Rahul J. Jadhav
Authors Affilation: 1Bharati Vidyapeeth University Yashwantrao Mohite institute of Management, Karad [M.S.], INDIA
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue6
Abstract: The use of computer and internet increases are day by day. Viruses are being written for almost every computing platform Anti-virus protection is, or should be, an integral part of any Information Systems operation, be it personal or professional. The large number of Anti-virus software available in the market and some are being launched, each one of them offers new features for detecting and eradicating viruses and malware. People frequently change their Anti-virus software according to their liking and needs without evaluating the performance and capabilities of the various Anti-virus software available. There is need to develop ideal antivirus software for protecting all types of malware for all categories of users. This research paper describes the ideal benchmarking model for an Anti-virus software. Also all of users are measure the performance of antivirus software with various performance indicators and very few input.
S.No.: 25
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-06-28-65
Title : Record De-duplication Using Genetic and Hash Algorithm
Authors Name: Miss. Jagruti Waykole, Prof. Sharmila Shinde
Authors Affilation: 1 PG Student, Computer Engineering Department, Pune University,
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue6
Abstract: In todays world, the increasing volume of information available in digital libraries and e-commerce has become a challenging problem for data administrators. Most of the systems may be affected by the existence of duplicates entries in their repositories. In this, a genetic programming approach is used to record deduplication. This approach performs better than other approaches as found in the literature survey. Here the deduplication is done by hash-based similarity function i.e, with MD5 and SHA-1 algorihtm. This approach removes the duplicate dataset samples in the system and find the optimization solution to deduplication of records or data samples.
S.No.: 26
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-06-29-69
Title : Face Detection and Tracking using Adaboost Method
Authors Name: Priyanka Kulkarni, Vijay D. Chaudhari and Kantilal P. Rane
Authors Affilation: North Maharashtra University, Department Of E & TC, GF’s Godavari Collage of Engineering, Jalgaon, Maharashtra, INDIA.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue6
Abstract: Face detection & tracking is concerned with finding whether or not there are any faces in a given image and, if present, return the image location and content of each face. Recently, Adaboost has been widely used to improve the accuracy of any given learning algorithm. In this paper we focus on designing an algorithm of Adaboost. In this paper, we present a face detection and tracking algorithm in real time camera input environment. The entire face tracking algorithm is divided into two modules. The first module is face detection and second is face tracking.To detect the face in the image we use adaboost algorithm with classifier. Once face is detect it is traced by laser beam. The algorithm is applied on real time camera image.
S.No.: 27
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-06-29-70
Title : Test Case Generation using UML Activity Diagram - A Survey
Authors Name: Ms. Hetal J. Thanki, Prof. S.M.Shinde
Authors Affilation: 1 M.E. Computer student, Department of computer engineering, JSCOE, Pune
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue6
Abstract: In System Development Life Cycle testing phase comes after coding phase. If any bugs found in code during testing than further bugs are removed by modifying the code. This procedure continue till coder or tester not satisfied. This approach is called Test driven design (TDD) where test improves the designs of the application. TDD generates so many duplicated test cases at the end of the project. DDT is novel approach to generate test cases based on design model of application. Comparative study indicates batter result using DDT. White-box traditional regression testing depends on analysis of impact of changes in source code. This practice minimizes the amount of testing required to validate code changes but they do not influence on requirement specification. Black-box testing supports ability to test from higher level design and requirement. Test optimal is a tool to generate test cases based on model driven environment using UML activity diagrams. Generation of test cases at design phase of application will reduce duplication and provide information about required time, effort and cost for testing an application. Traditional approach generates many numbers of large and duplicate test cases. This paper focuses on test case generation techniques based on design artifacts of any project. Proposed approach depicts improvement in test case minimization based on model driven environment.
S.No.: 28
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-06-30-72
Title : An Overview of Cloud Computing Security Issues
Authors Name: Ms. Kanchan Kumari
Authors Affilation: Baba Mast Nath University
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue6
Abstract: Cloud Computing is a new general purpose internet-based technology through which information is stored in servers and provided as a service and on-demand to clients. It is a set of resources and services offered through the Internet. Cloud services are delivered from data centers located throughout the world. Cloud Computing is a model for enabling service user’s ubiquitous, convenient and on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources. General example of cloud services is Google apps, provided by Google and Microsoft SharePoint. Deploying cloud computing in an enterprise infrastructure bring significance security concerns. Successful implementation of cloud computing in an enterprise requires proper planning and understanding of emerging risks, threats, and vulnerabilities, and possible countermeasures. In this we describe the reasons of that why people switch from traditional IT to the cloud and also discuss the characteristics and types of cloud computing. The security for Cloud Computing is emerging area for study.
S.No.: 29
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-06-30-75
Title : Advanced Technology for Raisin Manufacturing
Authors Name: Parag P. Kumbhar
Authors Affilation: Walchand college of Engineering, Sangli, Maharashtra, India, 416415
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue6
Abstract: Solar crop drying has been demonstrated to be cost effective and could be an effective alternative to traditional and mechanical drying systems, especially in locations with good sunshine during the harvest season. Experiments conducted in many countries have clearly shown that solar dryers can be effectively used for drying agricultural crops. It is a question of adopting it and designing the right type of solar dryer. Drying the grape, either by open sun drying, shade drying or mechanical drying, produces raisins. In the traditional (open sun) drying method, the grape bunches are spread over either the ground or on a platform in a thin layer directly exposed to the sun. This method is cheapest & the drying time is nearly 15-20 days. But there is a risk of deterioration due to dust and insect infection. The direct exposure to intense sun radiation will also result in colour deterioration. Hence to eliminate all this drawbacks it is an attempt to design and develop the dryer which mainly depends on natural available energy for grapes drying. In this research work the dryer has been developed according to design for 10 Kg. of grapes to manufacture the raisins. All the necessary calculations has been done along with all the study related climatic conditions.
S.No.: 30
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-06-30-83
Title : Enhance data security of private cloud using encryption scheme with RBAC
Authors Name: Dimpi Rani, Rajiv Kumar Ranjan
Authors Affilation: M.Tech (CSE) Student Arni University, Indora Kangra , India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue6
Abstract: Cloud computing is a phrase used to describe a variety of computing concepts that involve a large number of computers connected through a real-time communication network such as the Internet. Cloud Computing is an emerging paradigm which has become today’s hottest research area due to its ability to reduce the costs associated with computing. Due to the fast development of the Cloud Computing technologies, the rapid increase of cloud services are became very remarkable. Securing data is a challenging issue in today’s era. Most of the data travel over the internet and it becomes difficult to make data secure. The prevalent Problem Associated with Cloud Computing is the Cloud security and the appropriate Implementation of Cloud over the Network. In this Research Paper we are using a combination of Blowfish Algorthim, RSA and Digital Signature for improving the Security.
S.No.: 31
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-06-30-85
Authors Name: Shahabanath K K, Sreekesh Namboodiri T
Authors Affilation: Mtech Student, MES College of Engineering, Kuttippuram
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue6
Abstract: Cloud computing is known as a provider of very large scalable dynamic services and virtualized resources over the Internet. Job scheduling is most important task in cloud computing environment because user have to pay for used resources based upon time. The main goal of scheduling is distribute the load among processors and maximizing their utilization by minimizing the total task execution time and also maintaining the level of responsiveness of parallel jobs. Existing parallel scheduling mechanisms have some drawbacks such as context switching rate, large waiting times and large response time. There exists two-tier priority based consolidation methods : conservative migration and consolidation supported backfilling and aggressive migration and consolidation supported backfilling. In this method, partition the computing capacity of each node into two tiers, the foreground virtual machine (VM) tier (with high CPU priority) and the background VM tier (with low CPU priority). In this paper propose a new scheduling method which is better than both conservative and aggressive backfilling. This method provide reservation selectively, only to the jobs that have waited long enough in the queue. Also divide the computing capacity into k-tier. There will be one foreground VM and number of background VMs.
S.No.: 32
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-01-88
Title : Face sketch photo synthesis
Authors Name: Shweta Gandhi, Dr.D.M.Yadav
Authors Affilation: JSPM’S Bhivarabai sawant Instistute of technology & research Electronics and telecom.dept, pune
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue6
Abstract: Biological identification technology with human inherent characteristics are the most revolutionary techniques. Compared with other biological characteristics like retina, fingerprint etc facial images can be acquired in most easy, natural and convenient way.The facial images can and their identification can be used in law enforcement and security systems. Face sketch to photo synthesis has attracted increasing attention in few years .This system of generation of photo from a sketch and sketch from photo have wide applications in digital entertainment , law enforcement and animation procedure. This system works on patch level. All the images are divided into patches.
S.No.: 33
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-01-91
Title : Impact & Analysis of DVROFT Filter on TEM Image
Authors Name: Garima Goyal
Authors Affilation: Assistant Professor, Jyothy Institute of Technology Bangalore, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue6
Abstract: TEM images are rapidly gaining prominence in various sectors like life sciences, pathology, medical science, semiconductors, forensics, etc. Hence, there is a critical need to know the effect of existing image restoration and enhancement techniques available for TEM images. This paper primarily focuses on DVROFT filter.After simulation it is observed that the SNR and PSNR ratios obtained for TEM image is much higher than those obtained for normal image. DVROFT give better performance than the others in case of both greyscale TEM and colored TEM images.
S.No.: 34
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-03-3
Title : Sensor less DTC of BLDC Motor to Control Torque and Flux with Hysteresis Technique
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: In this paper, the position sensorless direct torque and indirect flux control of brushless dc (BLDC) motor with non-sinusoidal back electromotive force (EMF) has been extensively investigated. Most methods are complicated and do not consider the stator flux linkage control, therefore, possible high-speed operations are not feasible. In this study, a novel and simple approach to achieve a low-frequency torque ripple-free direct torque control (DTC) with maximum efficiency based on dq reference frame is presented. This method does not require pulse width modulation and proportional plus integral regulators and also permits the regulation of varying signals. Furthermore, to eliminate the low-frequency torque oscillations, two actual and easily available line-to-line back EMF constants (kba and kca) according to electrical rotor position are obtained offline and converted to the dq frame equivalents using the new line-to-line park transformation. Then, they are set up in the look-up table for torque estimation. The validity applications of the proposed sensor less three-phase conduction DTC with SVPWM_Hysteresis Controller of BLDC motor drive scheme are verified through simulations results.
S.No.: 35
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-03-4
Title : Ab-initio electronic structure calculations for aluminum arsenide nanocrystals using DFT theory coupling with large unit cell method
Authors Name: Akram Hashim Taha, Adnan H. Al-Arajiy
Authors Affilation: Physics dept. Faculty of science and health-Koya University-Erbil-Iraq
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: The simulation of the electronic structure of aluminum arsenide nanocrystals (ncs) by means of Ab-initio restricted Hartree-Fock (HF) method within the large unit cell (LUC) formalism has been carried out in the present work . Gaussian 03 package is used to study the AlAs ncs with 8, 16, 54, 64 and 128 core atoms in the wavelength range (0.229-0.274) µm. Results shows the dependency of the number of core atoms on the structural and electronic properties of the AlAs ncs. The no. of core atoms is proportional to cohesive energy, the density of states and the energy gap. Other properties such as total energy, lattice constant and the ionicity inversely depends of the no. of core atoms. More stability values for both energy gap and lattice constant was found beyond 64 core atoms.
S.No.: 36
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-04-7
Title : Security Improvisation in Image Stegenography using DES
Authors Name: Miss Laxmi Randa, Prof. Payal Saxena, Dr. Y.K.Jain
Authors Affilation: Computer Science &Engineering Samrat Ashok Technological Institute Vidisha,(M.P.),india
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: The quick development of information transfer through network made it easier to send the information faster and accurate to the destination side. There are lots of transmission media to move the data to destination side like e-mails and chatting; at the similar time it is may be easier to changes and abuse the valuable data through hacking or cracking. So, in order to transfer the information securely to the destination side without any modifications or changes, there are lots of approaches like cryptography and steganography. This paper deals with the image cryptography as well as image steganography technique with the various security issues and performance parameter, general overview of cryptography, steganography approaches and about the various steganography techniques like Least Significant Bit (LSB) algorithm. It also is showing proposed technique performance in terms of peek signal to noise ratio (PSNR), entropy, and correlation. This paper proposing new image security algorithm which is grouping of two various techniques one is cryptography and second is steganography that build use of Least Significant Bit (LSB) for embedding the data into the bit map image (.bmp) by using random number generation technique and its implemented through the MAT LAB software.
S.No.: 37
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-05-12
Title : A Systematic Approach for the Design of Safety Critical Systems
Authors Name: Ch. Dinesh
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: A brief overview of the fields that must be considered when designing safety-critical systems is presented. The design of safety critical systems has been adopted static techniques to minimize error detection and fault tolerance. This paper specifies basic design approach by identifying the basic components of a safety critical computer system mishap causes and risk factors. Examines the design approach that implements safety and reliability. This paper also deals with some implementation issues.
S.No.: 38
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-05-13
Title : Performance Evaluation Of Fuzzy Based DWT Approach To Enhance CT Image Using Image Fusion
Authors Name: Sarabdeep singh, Shikha khera
Authors Affilation: SPGOI , MDU, Rohtak HR (INDIA)
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: Image fusion is about to combine the features of two or more partial occluded or damaged images to generate a new effective image. The proposed algorithm is about to improve the quality of CT image by using the concept of image fusion. In this work, an effective image analysis model is been presented under multiple parameters. The parameters that will be considered in this work are contrast analysis, entropy analysis and frequency analysis. The proposed algorithm begin, with the decomposition of images using DWT. These decomposed image parts will be analyzed using multiple parameters defined above. To perform the effective pixel area selection, the fuzzy logic will be applied. In this work, a two layered analysis is been performed for image fusion. The first level fusion will be done using DWT and second level fusion will be done using parametric fuzzy logic approach. As the presented work is defined on the basis of multiple parameters so that more effective results are expected from the defined approach. The work will be implemented in matlab environment. The obtained results shows the effective generation of fusion image. The analysis of work is done under different parameter that shows the work has improved the visibility of medical image.
S.No.: 39
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-05-14
Title : An Efficient PAPR Reduction Method for LTE OFDM Systems
Authors Name: Mamatha.M
Authors Affilation: A.I.T College Tumkur
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: This paper reviews orthogonal frequency division multiple (OFDM) which has been adopted as a standard for various high data rate wireless communication systems. However, implementation of the OFDM system entails several difficulties. One of the major drawbacks is the high peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) which cause large number of sub-carriers, that make restrictions for practical applications. Block Coding, partial transmit sequence and clipping are some PAPR reduction methods that have been proposed to overcome this problem. In this paper, we mainly investigate the PAPR reduction performance using interleaving & PTS, this method is sub-entities of interleaving & phase rotation scheme. A new algorithm using interleaving & PTS technique which shows better PAPR reduction compared to the existing algorithms is proposed. Results are verified using MATLAB software.
S.No.: 40
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-07-16
Title : A Data warehouse Approach to Soft Computing Related Fuzzy Data Mart
Authors Name: Y K Dinnesh
Authors Affilation: 1Assistant Professor, Dadi Institute of Engineering & Technology, Anakapalle, Vishakapatnam
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: A subset of data warehouse is called Data mart is a local data warehouse used for storing business oriented information for future analysis and decision making. In business scenarios, where some of the data are fuzzy Data Mart, it may be effective to strong warehouse the analysis of fuzzy data. This paper presents a Fuzzy Data Mart model that imparts the exile interface to the users and also extends the Data Warehouse for storing and managing the fuzzy data along with the approval data records. We have proposed, and design data mart, which improves the decision making processes. we use (ETL) Extraction, Transformation and Load tools for better performance. In addition to that, the membership function of fuzzy Data Mart is used for succinctly.
S.No.: 41
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-08-18
Authors Name: Euis Puspita Dewi
Authors Affilation: Architecture Departement, Universitas Persada Indonesia YAI, Jakarta
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: Jakarta Old City has strong historical value as a genesis of the city today. One of the most important aspects that have major influence on the urban revitalization is a public open space that can influence the urban vitality as the public activities. The aims of the research are to identify the present existance of historic public open space and to analize its characteristic, both physically and functionally, then to evaluate its integrity in the old city and to propose a guidance of conservation of historic public open space in the old city of Jakarta. The study site is focused on the Core Zone which includes four zones. This research shows that the type of urban open space in the Old City of Jakarta are dominated by street, and one square that the characteristic of open spaces had been strongly influence by characteristic of each zone; Bahari (Port Area), Colonial, Pecinan (Chinatown) and Religious characteristics. Base on the integrity level of public open spaces analysis, goverment legal and community preference, this research proposed the public open space must be directed to represent the characters history and image zone area by optimizing continuity, functions and user convenience and geared at improving the image of the character based on their respective zones which are divided ino three level integrity. High level with limited function, middle level and with adaptive use, and the low value could be developed to fulfill the community needs.
S.No.: 42
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-08-19
Authors Name: M.Ramya
Authors Affilation: Dadi Institute of Engineering & Technology
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: Labour welfare as the work for improving the health, safety, general wellbeing and industrial efficiency of the workers beyond the minimum standards lay down by various Acts and Legislations. International Labour Organization (ILO) defined Labour Welfare as “Workers” welfare, such as services facilities and amenities which may be established on or in the vicinity of an understanding to enable the persons employed in them to perform their in healthy, congenial surroundings, and provided with amenities conductive to good health and high morale.
S.No.: 43
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-08-20
Title : The Impact of Cultural Factors on the Consumer Buying Behaviors Examined Through An Empirical Study
Authors Name: K. NAGALAXMI
Authors Affilation: DADI Institute of engineering & Technology
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: Consumer Behavior deals with the psychological process of decision making by consumers in a social context which also exerts group pressures on them. This buying behavior involves several psychological factors these factors govern the individual thinking process (like motivation, personality and attitude), decision-making steps involved in buying, interaction of the consumer with several groups like friends, family and colleagues (group oriented concepts) and selection of the brand and outlet depending on price and features and emotional appeal (marketing mix elements in a given environment)
S.No.: 44
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-09-23
Title : The Open Educational Resources (OERs): Challenges and opportunities in Higher education
Authors Name: S. Jeelani, M.V. Ramana Murthy
Authors Affilation: Director, Centre for distance and Virtual learning, University of Hyderabad
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: Even through India has world-class institutions, they are far out-numbered by weaker institutions that have lagged behind the technological curve that has gripped the Indian economy. As such, it is of paramount importance that the Indian government takes significant strides to improve, adapt, and grow the overall knowledge capital and its availability to all Indian students in our higher education system. Currently, there are many problems in the higher education system that needs to be tacked immediately. Some of the more pressing, important issue which needs attention are: the paucity of higher-quality teachers, inadequate infrastructure of the universities and more specifically their libraries, and the poor quality of Educational Resources utilizes at various universities and colleges. If these problems are not solved expeditiously, the overall impact on Indian economy can be disastrous. The number of students graduating from our nations institutional will be greatly diminished as they seek better educational alternatives. The students that do graduate from India’s colleges and universities will be less and less employable as they lack the necessary skills and relevant knowledge to compete in the global labor marketplace. And most frustrating of all, Indian students coming from socio economically disadvantaged backgrounds will find fewer and fewer. One of the many steps NKC recommends to address these pressing problems is to increase the amount of Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Access (OA). If these goals can be accomplished, the easy and widespread availability of higher quality educational resources will drastically change the paradigm of teaching for the better and improve the quality of education for all of our students.
S.No.: 45
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-09-24
Authors Name: Ganguri Rakesh
Authors Affilation: Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering affliated to JNTUK
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: This paper proposes and implements a solution for enhancing public transportation management services based on GPS and GSM. Travel time information is a vital component of many intelligent transportation systems (ITS) applications. In recent years, the number of vehicles in India has increased tremendously, leading to severe traffic congestion and pollution in urban areas, particularly during peak periods. A desirable strategy to deal with such issues is to shift more people from personal vehicles to public transport by providing better service (comfort, convenience and so on). In this proposed system we introduced advanced public transportation systems (APTS) for public service. Advanced public transportation systems (APTS) are one of the most important ITS applications, which can significantly improve the traffic situation in India. One such application will be to provide accurate information about bus arrivals to passengers, leading to reduced waiting times at bus stops. This needs a real-time data collection technique, a quick and reliable prediction technique to calculate the expected travel time based on real-time data and informing the passengers regarding the same. The scope of this proposed system is to use global positioning system data collected from public transportation buses on urban roadways in the city of Chennai, India, to predict travel times. The performance of the proposed system is found to be promising and expected to be valuable in the development of advanced public transportation systems (APTS) in India. The work presented here is one of the first attempts at real-time short-term prediction of travel time for ITS applications in Indian traffic conditions.
S.No.: 46
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-11-25
Authors Name: Alpa Sharma, Sarbjeet kaur
Authors Affilation: 1Master of Technology In Computer Science And Engineering, Modern Institute Of Engineering And Technology, Mohri, Kurukshetra, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: The web has become the worlds largest repository of knowledge. Web usage mining is the process of discovering knowledge from the interactions generated by the user in the form of access logs, cookies, user sessions data. There is an exponential growth of web log due to which conventional methods were proved to be inefficient. Web log is incremental and heterogeneous in nature, it becomes very crucial to predict the users browsing behavior. For the web miners it has become very necessary to use efficient predictive techniques so as to know the exact users browsing behavior. Moreover the web log is heterogeneous and non scalable. So there is a need to reduce the operation scope which in turn increases the accuracy precision significantly. Many researches has already been done in this context. The main aim of this paper is to give an overview of past and current evaluation in user’s future request prediction using web usage mining.
S.No.: 47
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-11-26
Authors Name: Miss Himanshu, Sarbjeet Kaur
Authors Affilation: M.Tech Computer Science & Engineering ,Modern Institiute Of Engineering & Technology,Mohri Kurukshetra India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: In todays world, Speech Recognition is very important and popular. Speech recognition is the process of converting spoken words into text. One of the problems faced in speech recognition is that the spoken word can be vastly altered by accents, dialects and mannerisms. In case of speech recognition the research followers are mainly using three different approaches namely Acoustic phonetic approach, Pattern recognition approach and Artificial intelligence approach. The objective of this review paper is to summarize and compare some of the well known methods used in various stages of speech recognition system and identify research topics.
S.No.: 48
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-13-29
Title : Experimental Study & Analysis of Black Cotton Soil with CCR & BA
Authors Name: Neeraj Kumrawat,S.K.Ahirwar
Authors Affilation: sgsits,indore
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: The main objective of this experimental study is to improve the properties of the soil by adding the waste material which can cause environmental pollution. Calcium Carbide Residue and Bagasse Ash mixture which are waste product of acetylene gas factories and steel plant respectively has been selected to add in the soil sample in different ratios. The soil properties with and without adding of waste materials (Calcium Carbide residue and Bagasse Ash ) have been studied. An attempt has been made to use these waste material for improving the strength and CBR values of soil which will also prove environment friendly. Thus , from this experimental study will help in reduction of pollution and improvement of soil strength.
S.No.: 49
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-13-31
Authors Name: 1) Ranjeet Singh Kalsi 2) N. M. Kazi
Authors Affilation: SSBT coet, Bambhori
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: Biometric Electronic Door locking system is worked from combination password code numbers & fingerprint Detection. Fingerprint Biometric identification technology is unique, reliable & can be used in security field. This paper introduces design of Door locking system based on fingerprint lock and with GSM module for monitoring Purposes & controlled by ARM7 TDMI processor. The system can accurately identify lively fingerprint, and sent unlock ID information, the illegal burglary information to the owner by the GSM network or to the monitoring center of property management office. This Paper shows the scheme for the implementation of system. To implement such a system, Biometric Sensor with GSM module is used. GSM module is used for sending the alert message to the owner. door lock is control & monitoring of the entire system is done by embedded control technology by using ARM processor. So, it is used for home security finally, this system can be applied to the real market as a home security system.
S.No.: 50
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-13-32
Title : Neural Network Training by Gradient Descent Algorithms: Application on Parametric Identification of Solar Cell
Authors Name: Fayrouz Dkhichi and Benyounes Oukarfi
Authors Affilation: Electrical Engineering Department, EEA&TI laboratory, Faculty of Sciences and Techniques, Hassan II University, Mohammedia, Morocco
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: This paper present the parametric identification of solar cell by using an artificial neural network trained at every time, separately, by one algorithm among the optimization algorithms of gradient descent (Levenberg-Marquardt, Gauss-Newton, Quasi-Newton, steepest descent and conjugate gradient). This determination issue is made for different values of temperature and irradiance. The training process is insured by the minimization of the error generated at the network output. Therefore, from the outcomes obtained by each gradient descent algorithm, we conducted a comparative study between the overall of training algorithms in order to know which one had the best performances. As a result the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm presents the best potential compared to the other investigated optimization algorithms of gradient descent.
S.No.: 51
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-15-36
Title : Numerical Study of the Separation and Reattachment Points of Openchannel Flow over Backwards-Facing Step using OpenFOAM
Authors Name: Getachew Tegegne Damtew
Authors Affilation: Seoul National University
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: This paper presents the numerical study of the separation and reattachment points of flow over backwards-facing step openchannel. A numerical analysis is performed using OpenFOAM to investigate backward-facing step flow for Reynolds numbers in the turbulent regions. A numerical investigation is conducted on the affect of Reynolds number on the separation and attachment points for backward-facing step flow. The expansion ratio of outlet height to inlet height of 2.0 is considered for this study. This study also consider the two commonly used RANS turbulence models namely , and model. Flow over a backward-facing step produces recirculation zones where the fluid separates and forms vortices. For turbulent flow, the fluid separates at the step and reattaches downstream. Only a single recirculation zone develops for turbulent flow and the reattachment point is believed to be independent of the Reynolds number and depend only on the ratio of inlet height to outlet height. For the coarser mesh the reattachment point almost similar for the two turbulence model and the length of separation zone is about 2.7 m. For the finer mesh the reattachment point in the case of k – epsilon model is bigger than k – omega model and the length of separation zone is about 3m for k – epsilon model and 2 m for k – omega model. The maximum magnitude of velocity is about 7.2 m/s for both models and it occurs initially near the step.
S.No.: 52
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-15-38
Title : Design and Development of Orienteering Teaching Aided Platform Based on Embedded System
Authors Name: NI Ran
Authors Affilation: Shandong Jiao Tong University
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: This paper first analyzes the current situation and problems of orienteering and the impact of modern technology on the directional movement, puts forward the design thought to develop directional motion platform in intelligent mobile phone base on embedded system. In addition, the article gives a detailed analysis of the design and implementation process in the system structure, software function, database design, etc. With the platform, we can easy organization orienteering activities, especially to carry out teaching activi-ties in the campus. It can optimize the active tool, maintain the fairness of the activities, improve the safety of participants, and develop the traditional directional movement organization.
S.No.: 53
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-16-39
Title : To Study the mechanical properties of coconut coir fiber reinforced with epoxy resin AW 106 & HV 953 IN
Authors Name: Abdul Nazeer
Authors Affilation: SECAB institute of engineering and technology, bijapur
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: In this study the Mechanical Properties of Coconut coir Fiber is reinforced with epoxy resin with different lengths (5mm,10mm,15mm) of coir fibers and by treating the fiber with NaOH by fraction of 5 %. All samples were made using hand layup technique and specimens were made of rectangular shape as per ASTM standard D3039. The samples were tested according to ASTM D3039 standard using Universal testing machine (UTM) .The significant findings of the research showed that NaOH treatment improved the tensile properties and hardness of the composite further Increase in length of fibers was found to increase the tensile strength. The maximum tensile strength was found for 15 mm length of coir fibers.
S.No.: 54
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-16-40
Title : Ontology development from Text Document For Search Engine
Authors Name: Trupti Hake , Vaishali Deshmukh
Authors Affilation: SKNCOE,Pune
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: In today’s world we can get any type of information from Internet. Many web applications use Semantic webs. Ontology are elementary part of semantic webs. Also maintain static database for different e learning system is a challenging task. In case unstructured databases which contains the text files , it becomes difficult to retrieving of information and hence it leads failure in acquire accuracy of knowledge. Today’s era is all about maximum knowledge gain in less effort. So the search system has to more prominent. so changing the structure of storing the data. Need and concept of semantic web has given birth to Ontology. Here we are representing a semi-automatic structure to build ontology from text document. And to retrieve information from ontology database Apache Lucene search engine which is developed.
S.No.: 55
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-18-42
Title : Comparative Analysis of clustering & enhancing classification Using Bio- Inspired Approaches
Authors Name: Navpreet Rupal , Poonam Kataria
Authors Affilation: SUSCET, Tangori, Distt.Mohali
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: — Data Mining is a technique of discovering hidden patterns & relationship in data with the help of various tools & techniques to make a valid prediction . Clustering is defined as process of partitioning a set of objects or data into a set of meaningful sub-classes called as clusters. It helps the users to understand the structure in a data set. Classification groups the data under different classes. Bio- inspired approaches are various evolutionary algorithms inspired from nature and solves hard and complex computing problems. In this work , we first form the clusters of the dataset of a bank with the help of h-means clustering. This work is also based on comparative study of GA, PSO & BFO based Data clustering methods. To compare the results we use different performance parameters for classification such as precision, cohesion, recall and variance. The results prove that BFO yields better outputs as compared to GA and PSO. So this work shows that BFO results as a better optimization technique
S.No.: 56
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-18-43
Title : Performance Evaluation of Communication System under Fading Channels
Authors Name: shankar gangaju
Authors Affilation: Kathmandu Engineering College
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: In any communication system designers requires a good Bit error rate so the Bit Error Rate of a digital communication system is an important figure of merit used to quantify the integrity of data transmitted through the system. The performance of transmission modes are evaluated by calculating the probability of Bit Error Rate (BER) versus the Signal Noise Ratio (SNR) under the frequently used three wireless channel models (AWGN, Rayleigh and Rician). It consider the different data modulation to analyze the performance that is BER Versus SNR with convolution coding in transmitter and Viterbi decoding in receiver section. This paper compare the BER versus SNR for BPSK and QPSK modulation on AWGN, Rayleigh and Rician fading channel implementing convolution coding on transmitter and Viterbi decoding in receiver.
S.No.: 57
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-19-44
Title : Micro Finance: Issues Challenges and Current Status in India
Authors Name: Anu Garg
Authors Affilation: Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management and Development Studies
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: Past decades witnessed micro finance as a powerful tool to help low income group people residing below or just above the poverty line. But till today from its emergence this sector is an unorganized sector with low outreach according to requirement and potential. However government of India with NABARD and Self Help Groups played an active role in its growth and progress. But then to there are certain issue and challenges which need an attention by new government. This paper will give a view of different delivery models used to provide financial assistance. Outline certain emerging issues and challenges which act as stone on the path of growth and development of this sector. Furthermore the paper also highlights the present scenario of micro finance with respective to financial year 2013-14, And concluded by showing a path that if issues and challenges are eliminated the micro finance will certainly become a tool for economic growth of a country. KEYWORDS- MFIs, SHGs, NGOs, GLP, NBFCs,
S.No.: 58
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-19-45
Title : Cryptanalyzing of Message Digest Algorithms Md5 Using Quadratic Salt
Authors Name: pradeep singh solanki
Authors Affilation: suresh gyan vihar university jaipur
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: : Hashing based algorithms are the most commonly used method to strain passwords into hashes which are theoretically non decipherable. This paper proposes a new method and analyses of implementing one more tier to the message digest 5 algorithm using an enhancement of IDEA algorithm, a potential salt by the developer and an basic method to peruse a new root method to set the pattern for two roots as salt into the message digest 5 algorithm.
S.No.: 59
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-20-48
Title : Developing an Multi agent Integrated Development Environment on Could Platform
Authors Name: Paritosh Kumawat (Corresponding Author), Vinit Agarwal
Authors Affilation: Suresh Gyan Vihar University
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: The software field is quickly migrating over the desktop to the World Wide Web. The Web serves a interactive user interface that enables ubiquitous access, quick collaboration, integrating the other online functions, and saves installation and configuration setting on individual desktops. For developing different softwares, the Web provides a shift away from developing hub, and has the guarantee of closer collaboration and advanced feedback via various innovations in Web-based IDE’s. Migrating these IDEs over the Internet does not just include “porting” the desktop IDEs; a basic reassessment of the known IDE architecture is essential in order to understand the full extent that the mixture of modern IDEs and the Internet can provide. This paper discusses challenges in research and chances in this area, followed by a brief study of a web IDE implementation.
S.No.: 60
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-22-50
Authors Name: VIPIN PODDAR
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: Wireless local area networks (WLANs) are became popular as they are fast , cost effective, flexible and easy to use. There are some challenges of security and for IT administrators the choice of security protocol is a critical issue. The main motive of this paper is to make the non-specialist reader knowledgeable about threats in the wireless security and make them aware about the disadvantages of wireless security protocols. WEP(Wired Equivalent privacy), WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) and RSN (Robust Security Network) security protocols are defined and examined here. This security protocols are compared with the common
S.No.: 61
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-23-53
Authors Name: Er. Jagroop Kaur, Dr.Rajiv Mahajan
Authors Affilation: Dept of Computer Science & Engineering, GIMET
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: Image binarization plays major role for document image binarization. Scanning and printing of documents can degrades their visibility that means it become difficult to understand them. This dissertation has focused on the different image binarization technique. Several techniques have been proposed so far for document binarization as shown in literature survey. Existing research has been shown that no technique is perfect for every case. Therefore still some research is required in this field of image binarization. Several researchers have used image filters to reduce the noise from the image however the utilization of the guided filter (best edge preserving filter) is not found. It may increase the accuracy of the present binarization strategies. Within the most of techniques the contrast enhancement is either done by tradition way or not done. Therefore adaptive contrast enhancement is required. Most of the strategies have neglected the utilization of edge map that has the capability to map the precise character in proficient manner. This paper has proposed a new technique which has the ability to binarized documents in more efficient manner. The proposed method has integrated the image gradients and the image contrast enhancement to improve the accuracy of document image binarization. The proposed technique also utilizes the guided image filter to improve the accuracy rate further. The comparative analysis has shown that the proposed algorithm provides quite significant improvement over the available algorithms.
S.No.: 62
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-24-57
Title : Envisioning the Perfect Human Resource Management(HRM) Method in Motivating Employees
Authors Name: Vivekananth.P
Authors Affilation: Senior lecturer Computer Science Sokoto State University Sokoto Nigeria
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: Human resource management plays a pivotal role in managing an organization’s most precious assets: “the employees”. There is data to suggest that a company’s sales department gives a better overall performance than other departments due to its performance-based incentives. The HR professional should play a crucial role in motivating the employees by making efforts to provide incentives for the employees, either in financial, psychological, or physiological form. Nowadays, financial incentives are not a primary motivating factor for the employees. This paper deals with the means in which HR managers can play a pivotal role in keeping the employee motivation high; thereby increasing the productivity and overall output. The paper also analyzes various types of financial, psychological, and physiological incentives, which can be used in motivation.
S.No.: 63
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-26-60
Title : A Comparative Study of Modernization and Academic Achievement of Male and Female College Students
Authors Name: Prof. N. A. Nadeem, Dr. Gulshan Wani, Mr. Gawher Ah. Bhat
Authors Affilation: Research Scholar Central University of Kashmir
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: The study was undertaken to study the level modernization and academic achievement of male and female college students of district Srinagar (j &k). The sample of the study consisted of 60 college students (30 male students and 30 female students) randomly selected from different colleges of district Srinagar. R. S. Singh’s modernization scale was used for measuring the level of modernization of college students. The scale is based on four components viz socio- religious, marriage, position of woman and education. Academic achievement of college students were taken as the aggregate marks of previous two classes. The data collected was statistically treated by using mean, S.D. and t. test. The findings of the study revealed that there is no significant difference between male and female college students on modernization. Furthermore the results highlight that female students have better academic achievement as compared to male students.
S.No.: 64
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-27-64
Title : THD Analysis of Output Voltage for VSI fed Induction Motor Drives
Authors Name: Neha Thakur, Rakesh Singh Lodhi
Authors Affilation: Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Vindhya Institute of Technology & Science Indore (M.P), India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: The paper mainly focus on the study of the comparison of harmonic analysis executed by voltage source inverter using Fast Fourier Transform in MATLAB/Simulink. Here the comparison analysis of THD obtained for line voltage through simulation as well as mathematical model has been performed. It investigates the effect of Total Harmonic Distortion on the adjustable ac drive system. If THD is minimized at the output terminal of the inverter than rotor current, rotor speed and torque performance is improved which results in smooth operation. Paper also include the comparison analysis of line and phase voltage with respect to THD. The performance comparisons are analyzed in term of Fast Fourier transform and THD. The proposed work for THD analysis for VSI fed induction motor drives is modeled in MATLAB/Simulink software.
S.No.: 65
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-27-66
Title : Improved Energy Efficiency and Reduced Delay Using Self Knowledge with SCHP in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors Name: Agam Gupta, Mansi Gupta, Anand Nayyar
Authors Affilation: Department of Computer Science and Engineering Punjab Institute of Technology (PTU-Main Campus) Kapurthala, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: Tiny sensor nodes that can sense their vicinity and communicate among themselves constitute the wireless sensor networks. These sensor nodes run on battery and are usually deployed in harsh environments. So energy efficiency is always a design issue for wireless sensor networks. Recently many energy efficient techniques were developed for routing. These techniques increased the network lifetime but compromised the delay metric. In some applications of wireless sensor networks like environment monitoring, intrusion detection etc delay is not tolerable at all. In this paper, self knowledge technique is implemented along with SCHP(sub cluster head protocol) to reduce the delay incurred due to link stability problem in SCHP. With self knowledge each node has information about its neighbors. The sender sends data according to the receiving capacity of the receiver which gives better link stability. Simulation results show that SCHP with self knowledge has lower delay and energy spent than SCHP and other network structure algorithms like top-down approach and bottom up approach.
S.No.: 66
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-28-68
Title : Congestion Control in WSN using Cluster and Adaptive Load Balanced Routing Protocol
Authors Name: Monu Saharan
Authors Affilation:
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: In a WSN power consumption and congestion are major bottlenecks. These two are inter-related too: Power consumption causes several nodes to become dormant and thus increase congestion in the network. Also, congestion leads to abuse of network resources leading t increased power consumption. By using adaptive load balancing technique, we reduce the problem of congestion in a network. We improved the traffic splitting protocol (TSP).The proposed method distributes the load in the network to all the nodes in the parallel direction such that no node has a congestion value above threshold. Simulation results have shown the algorithm to be efficient.
S.No.: 67
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-29-72
Title : Enhancement in DDCSA for Improving Power Consumption and Network Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks using Geographical Forwarding with Face Routing Technique
Authors Name: Naveen Sharma, Malti Rani, Anand Nayyar
Authors Affilation: Punjab Institute of Technology
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: Wireless sensor network (WSN) is combination of tiny sensors made up with MEMS technology and has important applications such as target tracking and environmental monitoring. In recent times WSNs becomes more attractive because of their sensing ability, low cost, self-organizing nature in different environments. In this paper we have discussed two existing techniques for data communication such as Normal technique and Distance and Density Based Cluster Selection algorithm (DDCSA) and we find that these two techniques are not optimal enough to save energy in a network. In DDCSA protocols there is a problem of cluster breaking and lot of energy is consumed to reforming clusters. In this paper we enhance the Distance and Density Based Cluster Selection Algorithm (DDCSA) using Geographical Forwarding with Face Routing Technique. Simulation Results shows that our Enhanced DDCSA performs better than DDCSA & Normal technique and gives better results in term of Energy spent, Average delay and Packet delivery ratio.
S.No.: 68
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-29-73
Title : Combating Congestion Problem in Wireless Sensor Network using Combined Dominating Set Technique
Authors Name: Shuchi Sharma, Mansi Gupta and Anand Nayyar
Authors Affilation: Punjab Institute of Technology, PTU Main Campus Jalandhar
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: Wireless Sensor Network, consist of small nodes with sensing, computation and communication capability. These sensor nodes are small tiny devices which are gathered to transfer data from one node to another. Due to failure in these sensor nodes packet may get dropped in the network due to which throughput get decreased and retransmission of data packet from sender node to receiver node leads to energy consumption which in return cause delay in data packet delivery at sender end. The main categories are data centric, hierarchical and location based. Every algorithm or technique have common objective to less delay, less energy consumption and better network lifetime. After examining these parameters and various techniques, we introduce a new technique named Combined Dominating Set (CDS). The main aim of our technique is to avoid congestion and to increase link stability. A comparison has been made between existing technique and the proposed technique i.e. Mint-Route, TADR and CDS on the basis of delay, energy consumption and the network lifetime.
S.No.: 69
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-30-76
Title : Advanced Implementation of Interfacing Multiple Sensors TIM to Multi -Utility FPGA
Authors Name: Sri Hari Y S, Naveen Kumar G N
Authors Affilation: Student (M.Tech),CMRIT, Bangalore,
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: A real time implementation of interfacing multiple sensors to Transducer Interface Module is a challenging yet enthusiastic task on an FPGA like platform. This paper discusses the means of producing multiple sensors integrated output through FPGA . Apart from the capability of real-time sensing ,a means of providing a single chip solution is also captivated. Tackling the needs of adhering to IEEE standards and meeting to the requirements of bringing in reconfigurability of smart sensors is focused .The inter operability and connectivity characteristics of ADC and FPGA are tested to nurture the effectiveness of interfacing modules. This Transducer Interface Module(TIM) thereby supports multiple nodes and dynamic plug and play characteristics, that is an all time solution to the present day industrial needs.
S.No.: 70
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-30-77
Title : Grid Connected Photovoltaic System with Incremental Conductance MPPT Algorithm
Authors Name: jitendra kasera, Abhishek Kumar Chopra and Riddhi Mathur
Authors Affilation: Pacific University, Udaipur
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: The standard of living of any country is best judged by the per capita energy consumption. Energy can be produced by the fossil fuel but with the increase amount of CO2 emission its felt that we must turn towards the non-conventional energy sources. The sun which providing us energy from centuries can be best utilized producing the energy. The sun’s energy can be directly converted into electrical energy with the help of solar photovoltaic technology. Although the efficiency of solar PV cell is not higher still with the mppt control technique the maximum power can extracted from the PV cell.
S.No.: 71
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-30-82
Authors Name: Lata Dudam, Dr.Prof.Mrs.S.S.Apte
Authors Affilation: 1Walchand Institute of Technology, Solapur, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: In course of doing business, sensitive data must be handed over to trusted third parties. The owner of the data is called Distributor and supposedly trusted third parties as the agent. Some of distributor’s data may be leaked and found at unauthorized place. Our goal is to detect the distributor’s sensitive data have been leaked by agents and identify the agent who leaked the data. We have used the fake objects which are realistic but fake records, are added to original data, which helps in identifying the guilty agents (the agent who leaked the data). We have used Sample data request allocation strategy for data distribution and we have implemented probability distribution system, to identify the guilty agents and leaked data.
S.No.: 72
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-30-83
Title : Multiple DNA Sequence Alignment Based on Diagonal Pattern Matching Approach to Smith Waterman Algorithm
Authors Name: Kartika Ahuja and Kompal Ahuja
Authors Affilation: 1Delhi Institute of Technology and Management,Gannaur,India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: One area that receives a lot of attention today is molecular biology.. Similarity and alignment of DNA sequence can be applied to lots of biological technologies. We compare two sequence to search for the homology of a newly one of the reference sequence so that we can analyze the relation between the two DNA sequences. There are many algorithms for DNA Alignment but Smith Waterman Algorithm, though having high complexity, is preferred among all. In this paper, we study a modified approach to Smith Waterman algorithm to make it a more competent local alignment algorithm by decreasing its complexity.
S.No.: 73
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-31-87
Title : Optimized design of Reconfigurable and Coding-Efficient Digital RF-Transmitter
Authors Name: Ms.Shruthi S R, Mr. Naveen Kumar G N
Authors Affilation: 1M.Tech [VLSI Design and Embedded Systems], CMR Institute of Technology, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: A new reconfigurable, coding efficient digital RF-Transmitter Architecture has been designed. The current approach uses different pulse shaping techniques and flexible Digital frequency Synthesizer which effectively increases coding efficiency of the system. Here we mainly address two key limitations of the previous architectures, poor coding efficiency and lack of re-configurability. The current architecture combines a maximum coding efficiency and fully reconfigurable while maintaining the high flexibility inherent to the all-digital RF-transmitters. The RF output carrier signal operating at Mega Hertz frequency range is generated. The obtained results also show the feasibility and potential of using reconfigurable digital RF-Transmitter architecture on FPGA.
S.No.: 74
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-31-91
Title : An Effective Approach to Software Code Cloning Detection by Identifying Process Block
Authors Name: Ritesh V. Patil, DR.V.Khanna, Sachin V. Shinde, S. D. Joshi
Authors Affilation: Research Scholar, Dept. of Comp Bharath University Chennai, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: Code replication by means of copy and paste is becoming a recurrent pattern of behavior among software developers. Industries are also facing problem of code replication among various versions and thus a need of software to detect similar code. Since Code is developed on distributed system an effective way is needed to detect such redundancy. The challenge here is variety of syntax, compiler specific coding, and number of ways the same code can be written and change of variables adding comments inserting whitespace change the nature of comparison than normal text document comparison. This kind of challenges needs lots of statistical analysis. Clone evolution may be utilized to detect out the pattern, and some intelligent features that can be used to develop a training set where machine based on Context-free Grammar, Code Complexity analyzer, Code tagger can be generated. Such intelligent systems can be utilized by industries and their developer saving time of recoding of existing code rather than inheriting or extending the existing one, to adding new features as required by the application they wish to develop. As per our literature survey researchers are finding difficult to evolve code replication, even on regressive benchmarking the manual and existing software are limiting to accurate code clone detection. As code are developed by developer each may think in different way of implementation the same thing, to achieve space efficiency, execution time efficiency, cross platform development, execution environment, and device specific coding etc. Our implementation specify an effective approach in code clone detection which is a hybrid model that can cover maximum coding behavior and classes of clones with optimum value to fetch results, faster and reducing the number of comparison overhead. In this paper we also specify the key techniques that can save time and effort of comparing the code line by line between two files. which was followed in tradition algorithm. A review map of scholarly research articles reveals a concluding mark that no single scheme defines procedure for all types of clones detection thus a research corner remains unaddressed which has been taken up as problem statement in our research work. In this paper we proposed a hybrid model to resolve the problem in effective way with an objective to gain accuracy and improving retrieval performance of the system.
S.No.: 75
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-07-31-93
Title : Detection of Lung Cancer Nodule on Computed Tomography Images by Using Image Processing
Authors Name: Mr.Vijay A.Gajdhane , Prof. Deshpande L.M.
Authors Affilation: Dept. of Electronics and Tele-communication Engineering, TPCT’s College Of Engineering, Osmanabad, Maharashtra, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: Lung cancer seems to be the common cause of death among people throughout the world. Early detection of lung cancer can increase the chance of survival among people. The overall 5-year survival rate for lung cancer patients increases from 14 to 49% if the disease is detected in time. Although Computed Tomography (CT) can be more efficient than X-ray. However, problem seemed to merge due to time constraint in detecting the present of lung cancer regarding on the several diagnosing method used. Hence, a lung cancer detection system using image processing is used to classify the present of lung cancer in a CT- images. In this study, MATLAB have been used through every procedures made. In image processing procedures, process such as image pre-processing, segmentation and feature extraction have been discussed in detail. We are aiming to get the more accurate results by using various enhancement and segmentation techniques.
S.No.: 76
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-08-01-99
Title : An Enhanced TCP Congestion Control Approach to Evaluate Performance over WiMax Network
Authors Name: Manju, Lovnish Bansal
Authors Affilation: Research Scholar, Yamunanagar
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: WiMax (World wide Interoperability for Microwave access) technology is presently one of the most promising global telecommunication systems. Great hopes and important investments have been made for WiMax, which is a Broadband Wireless Access System having many applications: fixed or last-mile wireless access, backhauling, mobile cellular network, telemetering, etc. Wimax is based on the IEEE 802.16 standard, having a rich set of features. It provides high-speed access to the Internet where the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is the core transport protocol. Congestion control is widely considered to be a key problem for WiMax, which can lead to degradation in the quality of service (QoS) of the WiMax network. Over the years, numerous Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) congestion control algorithms have been proposed for deployed wireless and wired networks. The main aim of these algorithms was to successfully handle the congestion and minimizing packet loss. We concentrate on three congestion control algorithms (TCP Variants). These TCP Variants include TCP-Tahoe, TCP-Sack and TCP-Fack. So in this thesis work an extensive experimental analysis using Network Simulator (NS-2) has been carried out to study the effect of higher offered load on the base station with different TCP Variants in relation with RED (Random Early Detection) an active queue management technique, which ensures the the provision of Quality of Service (QoS) in terms of Throughput, Packet Delivery Ratio, Average Delay and Routing Overhead.
S.No.: 77
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-08-01-100
Title : A Distributed Energy Efficient Cluster Based Routing Scheme for Wireless Sensor Network using Particle Swarm Optimization
Authors Name: Ashima vijan,Shivendu Dubey,Ashok verma
Authors Affilation: GyanGanga Institute of technology and science,Jabalpur.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: Abstract— In multi-hop wireless sensor networks that are categorised by many-to-one (centralized) traffic arrangements, complications associated to energy disproportion among sensors devices seems frequentl. When the range of transmission for a node is fixed all the way through the wireless network, the aggregate of data that sensors are obligatory to forward increases intensely as the distance to the base station becomes smaller. Consequently, sensors closest to the base station (sink) incline to die at the initial stage of transmission and instigating network partitions. Instead, if all sensors transmit straight to the sink, the extreme nodes from the data sink will die much more quickly than those close to the base station. Network lifetime can be improved to a limited extent by the use of a more intelligent transmission power control policy that balances the energy used in each node by requiring nodes further from the data sink to transmit over longer distances. However, transmission power control alone is not enough to solve the node dead problems. Here we develop an efficient clustering solution based on energy distribution by using different kind of energies and particle swarm optimization. Experimental results shows that with this network designing the network lifetime and stability period increases extensively.
S.No.: 78
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-08-01-101
Title : ‘Go Digital & Go Branchless’: The New Mantras of Indian Banking sector using Mobile Telephony: Issues & challenges
Authors Name: Shomnath Dutta
Authors Affilation: Siliguri Institute of Technology ( Unit of Techno India Group), Sukna, Darjeeling (W.B)
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue7
Abstract: Indian Banking spectrum of late witnessed a new milestone to bring branchless banking experience to the customers. Increased mobile penetration and huge wireless subscriber base happen to be the chief enablers for banks for gradual shift to digital platform via mobile. Such digital banking via mobile appears as pain reliever for the users and bring agility to the multi pronged financial transactions ranging from balance enquiry, online fund transfer, ticket reservations, payments for shopping & utilities, credit applications and other banking transactions. But still the constraints of fraud detection and online security are thwarting the digital banking success rate. This article attempts to pinpoint how the Indian banking sector has joined the race of ‘Going Digital’ with the help of internet, mobile communication and wireless technology in attaining ‘user-friendliness’ & ‘customer convenience’ to offer delightful banking experience to the end users. The article also ventilates the current & future hindrances that might retard the wheel of digital banking in a 24x7 – ‘Branchless Banking’ format via mobile
S.No.: 79
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-08-05-3
Title : Problems of Rural Market in India – An Overview
Authors Name: S.Sivasankaran1 and R.Sivanesan2
Authors Affilation: 1Assistant Professor in Commerce, S.T. Hindu College, Nagercoil, Kanyakumari District Tamilnadu. Assistant Professor in Commerce, St. Jerome’s College of Arts and Science, Anandhanadarkudy, Nagercoil, Kanyakumari District, Tamilnadu.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue8
Abstract: This paper is attempted to analyze the role of Tea Board in the Development of Tea Cultivation in Tamilnadu. Tea is one of the important beverages in this world. India and China are the major tea producing countries of the world. India and China are also the major tea exporters in this world. Tea industry is playing very important role in tea producing countries because it gives major income for the country. Tea is one of the oldest industries in India and today it enjoys the status of one of the best organized industries in the country. Tea Board was established in 1949 through different Acts. In the year 1903, the Government of India, at the request of the tea interests, imposed a levy on tea exported from India for propoganda purposes in India and abroad under the Indian Tea Cess Act, 1903. Under this Act, a Tea Cess Committee was constituted to administer the funds collected from the above levy. The committee was composed of representatives of the Tea Industry including Chambers of Commerce. In 1937, the name of Tea Cess Committee was changed to the Indian Tea Market Expansion Board.In view of the importance of the tea industry to the national economy, the Governmental of India, after independence enacted the Central Tea Board Act 1949 and setup a body under Central Government Control, for the development of the tea industry. The important objectives of the present study are to study the assistance provided by Tea Board, to analysis of Profile of the Sample Tea Cultivators, to analysis of Cost of production, Sales and Profit, to analysis of Problems faced by the Tea Cultivators, to analysis of Role of Tea Board in Tea Cultivation, to analysis of Level of Satisfaction about Assistance provide by Tea Board.
S.No.: 80
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-08-05-4
Title : Design and Improve Coatings for some Antennas
Authors Name: Ghasak Talal Suhail
Authors Affilation: Education for Science Pure _ Department of Physics
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue8
Abstract: In this paper, antireflection coating is designed for helical and loop antennas depending on the variable of refractive indices for microwave region of electromagnetic spectrum by use characteristic matrix method in computer program MATLAB version 7. helical antenna works within the range({3.12-6.66}x108nm ( it has copper as a substrate . The results shows that, for the normal incidence, the reflectance of copper reduced from (17.38%) to (0.1065%) when coated by two layer MgO and BeO as low and high index coating materials respectively according to the design [Air/LH/Cu]. Also the effect of angle of incidence on the reflectance spectrum of this design are investigate.And loop antenna works within the range({3.48-9.67}x108nm ( it has zinc as a substrate . The results shows that, for the normal incidence, the reflectance of zinc reduced from (11.11%) to (0.06242%) when coated by the layer SiO2according to the design [Air/L/Zn]. The results shows that the reflectance are increases with shifting toward shorter wavelengths
S.No.: 81
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-08-06-5
Title : Artificial Neural Network Learning Enhancement Using Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm
Authors Name: Raminder Kaur, Dr. Bikrampal Kaur
Authors Affilation: Department of CSE, Chandigarh Engineering College, Mohali, Punjab, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue8
Abstract: The artificial neural network (ANN) is a mathematical model capable of representing any non-linear relationship between input and output data. ANN is an abstract representation of the biological nervous system which has the ability to solve many complex problems. It has been successfully applied to a wide variety of classification and function approximation problems. The information processing capability of artificial neural networks (ANNs) is related to its architecture and weights. To have a high efficiency in ANN, selection of an appropriate architecture and learning algorithm is very important. In this study, the adaption of neural network connection weights using Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm (BFO) is proposed as a mechanism to improve the performance of Artificial Neural Network in classification of Software Defect Dataset. The problem concerns the classification of software as defective or non defective on the basis of software metrics data. The results show that BFO-ANNs have better accuracy than traditional ANNs. The experimental results showed that BFOA-ANN has an improvement of 3.04 % in software defect prediction accuracy than the original feed forward artificial neural network and 2.92 % in case of cascade forward neural network.
S.No.: 82
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-08-07-6
Authors Affilation: Physics Department Education College for Pure Sciences, Anbar University ,Iraq
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue8
Abstract: In this work, CdS thin films have been deposited onto the glass substrates by thermal evaporation technique in vacuum of the order of 10–5 mbar. at different thickness. The effect of gamma radiation from Co-60 by with ray dose 20 Mrad on the structural and optical properties of the CdS thin films was investigated. The crystal structure and orientation of the CdS thin films were investigated by X-ray diffraction (XRD) patterns. The optical transmittance measurements were recorded by using a double beam spectrophotometer. The XRD spectra indicate that the films are of polycrystalline structure before and after irradiation with a preferential growth of crystallites in the (002) plane. The grain size of crystallites was found to be in the range of 9-32 nm. After gamma irradiation, the result indicates that the intensity of XRD spectra and grain size of crystallites increases, while the optical energy gap decreases.
S.No.: 83
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-08-08-8
Title : IT Governance on Security Management Decisions
Authors Name: Dr. Ioannis Koskosas
Authors Affilation:
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue8
Abstract: Implementation of this guidance, or indeed any IT best practice, should be consistent with your organization’s management style and the way your organization deals with risk management and delivery of IT value. All analysts currently agree that probably the biggest risk and concern to top management today is failing to align IT to real business needs, and a failure to deliver, or be seen to be delivering, value to the business. Since IT can have such a dramatic effect on business performance and competitiveness and particularly in security management issues, a failure to manage IT effectively can have a very serious impact on the business as a whole. In this paper, the notion and impact of governance is analyzed in the context of IT security management decisions. In doing so, two case studies are used to identify possible factors that may affect managers in developing successful governance strategies.
S.No.: 84
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-08-08-10
Authors Name: Anirudha B. Vikhe and Prema S. Desai
Authors Affilation: 1Pune University, SKNCOE,Pune
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue8
Abstract: In this paper, the problem of fake network calls on outgoing data packets, initiated by malware with intent to disrupt regular system operations and affect the sensitive as well crucial information residing on host is tackle. The provenance of such data is achieved with new advanced cryptographic approach which provides assurance to OS and helps for identifying the malware attacks. The goal of this new technique is to maintained data integrity and improve the trustiness of such data in order achieve guaranteed assurance of correct origin of system data. Based on the advance verification technique used, new security property has been avail for improving data surety and assurance. For implementing new security model, two special cryptographic modules, sign and verify are employed for ensuring the correct origin or source of system data and prevent adversaries from tampering with intent to threat its integrity. The hardware component, trusted platform modules helps to improve security level by providing attestation for cryptographic keys and storage for critical information. With the utilization of signing and symmetric at both modules the secure verification process put forth. Sign module is responsible for signature generation of input data along with UMAC and unique signing key. Verification process takes at verify module for the data under consideration. The signature task is enhanced with use of advanced cryptographic algorithm which much more effective and fast as compare to AES. The implantation result show that ACA is secure and fast for provenance verification approach.
S.No.: 85
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-08-10-13
Title : Designing sea water packed bed scrubber for reducing SO2 emissions of Iran’s south pars gas field phases 9 and 10 claus unit
Authors Name: Bahareh Vatankhahi zaferani, Nabiollah Mansouri
Authors Affilation: Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue8
Abstract: Studying of air pollution in special economic zones in Iran shows high concentrations of air pollutants. Selection of an appropriate and cost effective tail gas treatment process to follow existing Claus plants is a challenge facing natural’s gas plants and refiners in Iran. The most common approach is to install an amine-based tail gas treatment unit (TGCU); however installed cost and higher reliability can be achieved by combining two well established processes, super Claus and wet gas scrubber technology. Daily emissions of so2 from the South Pars gas field phase 9 and 10 due to treatment 1160 ton of acid gas and produce 220-260 ton / day of sulfur is about 17-18 ton. Due to low phases distance from Persian Gulf and high pH value of this saline water, using sea water as a solvent for packed bed scrubber is recommended process. Scrubber design was based on the assumption of 95% efficiency and 90% efficiency to reduce H2S in superclaus process. For treating 2495/40 kmol/hr acid gas, minimum sea water flow tare is about 5925 Kg/min and maximum flow rate was calculated 8887 kg/min. The scrubber bed height and diameter was calculated respectively 12 and 2.7 meter.
S.No.: 86
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-08-10-14
Title : A Review on SQL Injection Attack Prevention Techniques
Authors Name: Virpal kaur, Dr. Paramjeet singh
Authors Affilation: M.Tech(CSE) Scholar Assistant Professor Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering GZS PTU Campus, Bathinda
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue8
Abstract: With widespread adoption of web as an instant means of information dissemination and various other transactions, including those having financial consequences like e-banking-shoping, online payment of bills etc, and Preventing SQL injection attacks using negative tainting approach is an idea of uniqueness of negative tainting with linked list structure. As most of tools available today concentrate on positive tainting technique, less work has been done on negative tainting .So this approach has been chosen and it provides good response time for application program where large database are used. This system is able to stop of the known successful attacks except stored procedure and character encoding attacks and generates very negligible false positives.
S.No.: 87
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-08-11-16
Title : Size variation GaAs nanocrystals properties using diamondiods structures
Authors Name: Mohammed T.Hussein, Mudar A. Abdulsattar and Hadeel .A. Hameed
Authors Affilation: Department of Physics, College of Science, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue8
Abstract: Study the electronic structure, FTIR and Raman spectra of GaAs III-V compound semiconductor as function of particle size and shape by using density functional theory at the generalized gradient approximation level of Perdew, Burke and Emzhof (PBE), through Gaussian 09 program with 3-21G basis states. The frequencies in the vibrational spectrum are analyzed against reduced masses, force constants and intensities of vibration. The results show that both total energy and energy gap decrease in their value as the nanocrystals cluster grow in size. Diamondiods structure molecule used to vary the nanoparticals size being of standard shape and size. Diamondiods have the least surface effects so the trends that can point towards bulk properties.
S.No.: 88
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-08-11-18
Authors Affilation: PG Scholar, Department of mobile and Pervasive Computing, Anna University, Tiruchirappalli-620024,Tamil Nadu.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue8
Abstract: In modern era the online user face the several problems like unwanted data over the unwanted web pages, security issues, retrieval time consumption, unwanted advertisement, etc., To overcome the web page retrieval problem, the new idea has been proposed to retrieve the web pages through calculated value of relevance relationship between user queries and keywords by using web page weight calculation and find the distance value between web pages using Semantic concept like Geometric Interpretation(G), Cross web page (C), Optimal Properties of Proposed Distance (O). Finally, the user satisfactory value has been calculated to rank the web pages through relationship value.
S.No.: 89
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-08-13-21
Title : Biomedical Neural Network application for heart disease detection and accuracy enhancement using Genetic Algorithm
Authors Name: Ms. Preeti Gupta, Dr. Bikrampal Kaur
Authors Affilation: 1Research Scholar, Department of CSE Chandigarh Engineering College, Mohali, Punjab, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue8
Abstract: Heart diagnosis equipments are not always available in every medical center, especially in rural areas. Doctor’s intuition and experience are not always enough to attain high quality medical results therefore, correct diagnosis is must before performing proper treatments for heart disease. Many researchers have proposed machine learning based approaches to improve the accuracy of heart disease diagnosis. The goal of this study is to develop heart disease diagnosis system based on the hybridization of Genetic Algorithm with Neural Network. Hybridization has applied to train the neural network using Genetic Algorithm and proved experimentally. The trained feed forward neural network and fitting neural network are optimized with genetic algorithm and is then compared with the feed forward neural network and fitting neural network respectively for the accuracy enhancement percentage. The proposed learning is much faster and accurate as compared to the other one. The dataset used is the Cleveland Heart Database taken from the UCI learning data set repository. The proposed learning is designed and developed by using MATLAB GUI feature. The proposed method achieved an accuracy of 97.75%. With this higher achieved accuracy the heart disease can be diagnosed more accurately and much proper treatments can be suggested.
S.No.: 90
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-08-15-23
Title : Study on the Relationship Between Venture Capital Governance Behavior and New Venture Performance Based on Structural Equation Model
Authors Name: ZHAO Yuan-jun
Authors Affilation: Glorious sun school of business and management Donghua University Shanghai China
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue8
Abstract: It focuses on the relationship between governance activities of venture capital (VC) and performance of new venture enterprise (NE) . The governance activities of VC are firstly divided into two categories as value protection and value creation. Then it constructs a structural equation model and analyzes the mediating effect of internal control sys­tem completeness and managerial discretion on the relationship between governance activities of VC and performance of NE. Through the empirical validation on the 149 samples, it concludes that value protection and value creation govern­ance activities have played a catalytic role on the performance of NE, but their contents and paths differ. The former shows bottom-up indirect effect on the performance through the internal control system while the latter shows top-down indirect effect through managerial discretion. Whats more, the value creation governance activities play a stronger role in promoting. It responds to the debate on governance activities of VC and performance of NE, verifies the complete mediating effect of mediating variables, and reveals the path between governance activities of VC and performance of NE.
S.No.: 91
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-08-16-24
Title : Detection And Optimisation Scheme Against Sybil Attack on MANET
Authors Name: Simranjeet Kaur, Gagangeet Singh
Authors Affilation: Dept.of Computer Science and Engineering Chandigarh Engineering College Landran, Mohali, India.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue8
Abstract: It is quite challenging task to achieve security in a Mobile ad hoc network due to its wireless nature, lack of infrastructure and its topology which changes dynamically. Due to its wireless nature MANET is exposed to several attacks. Among them a harmful attack take the advantages of the above mentioned characteristics is the Sybil Attack. In this attack a malicious node uses several identities at a time and increases lot of misjudgments among the node of the network or it may access the identity of the other legitimate nodes and create false expression of that node in the network. In this paper two approaches are discussed to encrypt the data one is Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and second is Rivest Cipher 5 (RC5) and one optimization technique is discussed that is Genetic Algorithm (GA).
S.No.: 92
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-08-16-25
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue8
Abstract: Mobile Cloud Computing is a fast developing technology today that faces the dominant problem of load imbalance due to the high demand of mobile applications. There are lots of techniques available to solve the problem but the load balancing performance can be improved by using more optimized solution. This paper proposes a load balancing scheme based on Genetic Algorithm (GA). The algorithm advances to balance the load of the mobile cloud infrastructure while trying to minimize the processing time or responsiveness of tasks with reduced number of migrations of virtual machines and improving the resource utilization by dividing the computing capacity of a datacenter into n number of virtual machines executing the number of requests at the same time and thereby improving the performance. The proposed load balancing scheme has been implemented using the cloudsim simulator. The simulation results shows the efficiency and effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.
S.No.: 93
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-08-18-28
Title : Support Vector Machine Based Semantic Gap Bridging In Vertical Image Scheme
Authors Name: Mr vijay a tathe ,Prof Ravi Chaure Dept of Computer,PK Technical Campus
Authors Affilation: PK Technical Campus
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue8
Abstract: Improving the performance of content based image retrieval system has been a challenging problem in front of research community. However semantic gap in CBIR is still the concern while developing CBIR system. In this paper we present a support vector machine (SVM) based visual feature technique for reducing semantic gap in content based image retrieval. In our method visual feature weighting is done using support machine for effective image retrieval. In this paper, we present a vertical search engine, namely iLike, which integrates both text and visual features to improve image retrieval performance. In the vertical search, we have a better chance to integrate visual and textual features: first, text contexts are better organized; hence, focused crawlers/parsers are able to identify patterns and link text descriptions and images with higher confidence. With domain knowledge, we can select image features and similarity measures that are more effective for the domain. Finally, computation issue becomes less critical for a smaller data set. We have implemented iLike as a vertical product search engine for apparels shopping, where textual and visual contents coexist and correlate. In iLike, we discover the relationships between textual features extracted from product descriptions and image features extracted from product pictures. We further associate both types of features to build a bridge across the semantic gap.
S.No.: 94
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-08-19-31
Title : A vigorous approach to image enhancement using fuzzy technique
Authors Name: Aunp Riti, Manjunath Gonal, Karibasappa K.G, Vijaykumar Bhajantri
Authors Affilation: BVB College of Engineering and Technology, Hubli, Karnataka, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue8
Abstract: In this paper, we propose a vigorous approach to image enhancement based on fuzzy logic that addresses the seemingly conflicting goals of image enhancement: (i) removing impulse noise, (ii) smoothing out no impulse noise, and (iii) enhancing (or preserving) edges and certain other salient structures. Image enhancement is used to improve the image quality so that the resultant image is better than the original image for a specific application or set of objectives. The method is particularly suitable for implementation in low power mobile devices with imaging capabilities such as camera phones, as well as Digital Still Cameras (DSC) and TVs. In this paper, we propose a method for noise level estimation and noise reduction. In estimation, we address the problem of estimating Gaussian noise, salt and pepper noise, Poisson noise in digital images, and in reduction we use the concept of robust order statistics, median and MAD along with fuzzy logic to reduce and eliminate noises and defective pixels in a raw digital image. We use robust order statistics in accurately estimating the distribution variance even if the image is corrupted with 50% of the noise, and we use median and mad to construct fuzzy membership function which is major participation in noise reduction and preservation images with noise.
S.No.: 95
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-08-20-33
Title : Comparison and Analysis of Lightweight Steel Structure Residential Housing
Authors Name: Xiaolu Li, Jiahui Wang, XiangPeng Meng, Jingyuan Wang
Authors Affilation: College of Urban and Rural Construction, Hebei Agricultural University, Baoding 071000, China
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue8
Abstract: The lightweight steel structure residential building has properties of the green, energy-saving, environmental protection and etc. In many developed countries, the market share of cold-formed structural steelwork continues to increase. However, in some developing countries, lightweight steel structure residential building just started. In this paper, we analyze and discuss properties of lightweight steel structure residential buildings in North America, Japan and Europe. Then development status and properties are introduced in China about lightweight steel structure residential building. Finally, some suggestions and countermeasures are given.
S.No.: 96
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-08-20-34
Title : Efficient Image Stegenography using DES
Authors Name: Miss Laxmi Randa, Prof. Payal Saxena, Dr. Y.K.Jain
Authors Affilation: Computer Science &Engineering Name of Organization Samrat Ashok Technological Institute Vidisha,(M.P.),india
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue8
Abstract: This paper proposed the image cryptography and image steganography technique with the various security issues and performance parameter, general overview of cryptography, steganography approaches and about the various steganography techniques like Least Significant Bit (LSB) algorithm. It also is showing proposed technique performance in terms of peek signal to noise ratio (PSNR), entropy, and correlation. and its implemented through the MAT LAB software.
S.No.: 97
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-08-22-38
Title : A Review on SQL Injection Attack Prevention Techniques
Authors Name: Virpal kaur, Dr. Paramjeet singh
Authors Affilation: M.Tech(CSE) Scholar Assistant Professor Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering GZS PTU Campus, Bathinda
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue8
Abstract: With widespread adoption of web as an instant means of information dissemination and various other transactions, including those having financial consequences like e-banking-shoping, online payment of bills etc, and Preventing SQL injection attacks using negative tainting approach is an idea of uniqueness of negative tainting with linked list structure. As most of tools available today concentrate on positive tainting technique, less work has been done on negative tainting .So this approach has been chosen and it provides good response time for application program where large database are used. This system is able to stop of the known successful attacks except stored procedure and character encoding attacks and generates very negligible false positives.
S.No.: 98
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-08-22-39
Title : COBIT 4.1: A MATURITY LEVEL FRAMEWORK FOR MEASUREMENT OF INFORMATION SYSTEM PERFORMANCE (Case study: Academic Bureau at Universitas Respati Yogyakarta)
Authors Name: Herison Surbakti
Authors Affilation: Universitas Respati Yogyakarta
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue8
Abstract: Universitas Respati Yogyakarta requires methods and structured approach in its evaluation, especially in academic departments. This should to be done to assess the fit between institutional objectives with management that has been applied. COBIT is a framework used to assess, measure and control the performance of institutions in the management of IS/IT. COBIT is also accepted and harmonized by its users, because the framework is built from the goal, rules and institutional policy where all processes are analyzed by looking at the alignment between the objectives to be achieved by the procedures/policies implemented by the institution. In this study the author uses COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology) version 4.1 on the domain Planning Organization (PO). The results of the study conducted performance measurements are made in the form of academic information system analysis, mapping the level of maturity and recommendation for Universitas Respati Yogyakarta, which is expected to be a management model for other institutions.
S.No.: 99
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-08-23-40
Title : A Novel Method Defense against IP Spoofing Using Packet Filtering and Marking
Authors Name: K. Durga Priyanka, Dr.N. Chandra Sekhar Reddy
Authors Affilation: M.Tech CSE Dept., Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, HYD-500043, Andhra Pradesh, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue8
Abstract: with wide spread use of internet in various fields, networks are being exposed to many security vulnerabilities such as distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, worm/virus, and so on. The prevention failure of network security leads to either revealing of sensitive information or interruption of network services, thereby results in the enormous economic loss. The distributed DoS attack will occurs at Network level by obtaining IP addresses. This kind of vulnerability is called as IP Spoofing. Intrusion Detection System (IDS) has been used to secure these environments for sharing their data over network and host based IDS approaches. This paper focus on the defense against IP spoofing attacks using Packet filtering methods and Packet Marking techniques. This scheme is defense against DDoS attacks and IP Spoofing attacks.
S.No.: 100
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-08-23-41
Title : High Speed System Identification Using Adaptive FIR Filter and Effect on Performance of Variable Step Size
Authors Name: Manish Jaiswal, Prachi Gupta, Anuj Sharma
Authors Affilation: M.Tech, DIT University
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue8
Abstract: System identification is one of the important applications in adaptive filters, particularly for LMS algorithm due to easy implementation and low complexity. Depending on the error signal LMS algorithm corrects the output of FIR filter and approaches towards the desired output. In this paper a second order system is taken as the desired system and this system is identified using a known system of 5th order. Effect of different values of step size are analyzed and discussed in this paper. MATLAB (2014 b) is used for the practical realization and result analysis that proves it to be a fast system identification. Different results like filter coefficients and system output etc. are also concluded in this paper.
S.No.: 101
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-08-26-45
Title : Review: Optimized Webpage Classification
Authors Name: Rupali A. Mulay, Prof. Abhishek Singh Chauhan
Authors Affilation: NRI Institute of Information Science & Technology
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue8
Abstract: Now, with the explosive growth of the data stored in various forms, the need for innovative and effective technologies to help find and use the useful information and knowledge from a large variety of data sources is continually increasing. Somehow we could put these all into this way as well like; Web information has become increasingly diverse. In order to utilize the Web information better, people pursue the latest technology, which can effectively organize and use online information. However, semi-structured document differ from tradition text which is neat and clean; Web information contains a lot of noise. Web Mining is the application of data mining techniques to discover classification of web data. It focuses on techniques that could predict the data’s class while the user interacts with the web. The information providers on the web will be interested in techniques that could improve the effectiveness of the web search engine.
S.No.: 102
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-08-26-46
Title : Modelling and Performance Evaluation of Dynamic Routing over MANET using NS-2.35
Authors Name: Kamal, Manju, Sudesh Kumar
Authors Affilation: Associate Prof., Controller of Examination BRCM CET Bahal (Bhiwani)
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue8
Abstract: The goal of this paper is to investigate the suitable model among the various models on the basis of Quality of Services (QoS) parameters. This paper describes the identification of potential problem areas within these routing protocols. Route acquisition, expiration and maintenance methods used by the routing protocol are all factors that contribute to the overall performance. In this paper the problem of mobility have been investigated. The three main types of models designed in this paper. First, The multimedia model shows how well the routing protocol can handle real-world traffic like streaming video and audio, and the need to try and guarantee QoS, for this type of data. Second, The circular model attempts to address the potential problems with ad-hoc routing where there is only one destination node, mirroring a real life hotspot scenario, where receivers on buildings. Sincely, the dynamic model attempts to address problems with an extremely dynamic topology where nodes leave and join the network continually, putting extreme strain on the routing protocol, and network overheads.
S.No.: 103
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-08-26-47
Title : An efficient Road Extraction Technique Using a combined effect of K-Means Clustering and Snakes Model
Authors Name: Chaitanya A. Annadate, Prof.L.M.R.J. Lobo
Authors Affilation: M.E.(CSE) , Department of Computer Science & Engineering Walchand Institute Of technology, Solapur, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue8
Abstract: Extraction of a road from a digital image that is a map has become an important topic to be dealt with in the recent past. In this work we concentrate on the method for extracting roads from an urban area as well as a non urban area from a digital satellite image.Clustering the image using K-Means clustering algorithm is considered, this is then followed by extracting the road and applying snakes pattern to detect the boundaries of the road.
S.No.: 104
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-08-27-49
Authors Name: Modugula Ravikanth Reddy , J.Tulasi
Authors Affilation: Electronics and Communication Engineering Department, St.Mary’s Group of institutions ,Guntur, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue8
Abstract: World population has increased enormously in the recent times. Along with this, their luxuries and life styles are also modified in such a way to have their own vehicles etc. In the main part of paper is to concentrate on accident detection and alert by sending message to the Android Mobile. An android app that specifies the location name. Vehicle position on the road is important consideration for detecting accidents, So in this paper accident can be detected by using vehicle position on the road .
S.No.: 105
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-08-29-51
Title : Handling Movements Of Snake Robot Using Anusaraka System
Authors Name: Chaitanya A. Annadate, Prof.L.M.R.J. Lobo
Authors Affilation: M.E.(CSE) , Department of Computer Science & Engineering Walchand Institute Of technology, Solapur, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue8
Abstract: In this paper, we propose a method for handling the movements of snake robots using Anusaraka system ,which supports natural Language translations. As our input domain we use Hindi an Indian Language, rich in syntax and semantics. The commands given to snake robot in Hindi are converted into necessary actions to be performed by the snake robot. The efficiency of working of this system proposed will be remarkable.
S.No.: 106
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-08-29-52
Title : A research about the imbalance behind added valued of cultural industry
Authors Name: ZHOU Yu Jun
Authors Affilation: Glorious sun school of business and management Donghua University Shanghai China
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue8
Abstract: In recent years, with the rapid development of our cultural industry,cultural consumption has become a new economic growth point,and has been a huge role in promoting the economic development of our country. With the development of Cultural industry, which both have cultural and commercial properties, its cultural and commercial imbalances gradually revealed through the analysis of the problem, according to it ,the paper makes some relevant policy recommendations.
S.No.: 107
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-08-30-56
Title : Modeling and Performance Evaluation og dynamic routing over MANET using NS-2.35
Authors Name: Kamal,Manju,Sudesh kumar
Authors Affilation: BRCM-CET Behal(Bhiwani)
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue8
Abstract: Wireless networks are now becoming an important element in mobile networks. These networks can be ad-hoc in style, and can allow for multiple networks to connect together. The ad-hoc natures of these networks allow nodes to connect to others and act as routers and forwarding nodes between interconnected domains. Routing protocols provide the base for the routing of data between these wireless nodes. Although there are many routing protocols at present there is no definitive routing protocol in place that handles the potentially dynamic attributes of a wireless ad-hoc network, along with the need to transfer data in such an environment. This thesis describes the identification of potential problem areas within these routing protocols. Route acquisition, expiration and maintenance methods used by the routing protocol are all factors that contribute to the overall performance. Another major factor that contributes to routing protocol performance is when wireless nodes move out of the coverage area of other nodes and thus lose connection, or the opposite, where other wireless nodes join the network while on the move and require a dynamic route to a destination; this is defined as the mobility factor. The main models that are applicable in real-world wireless topologies are designed in this report to establish how these factors and varying metrics affect the routing protocol in different situations. The multimedia model shows how well the routing protocol can handle real-world traffic like streaming video and audio, and the need to try and guarantee Quality of Service, QoS, for this type of data. The circular model attempts to address the potential problems with ad-hoc routing where there is only one destination node, mirroring a real life hotspot scenario, where receivers on buildings, for example, can act as a gateway to the Internet for any number of wireless nodes. Lastly, the dynamic model attempts to address problems with an extremely dynamic topology where nodes leave and join the network continually, putting extreme strain on the routing protocol, and network overheads.
S.No.: 108
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-08-31-57
Authors Affilation: C.M.R.I.T, KANDLAKOYA, HYDERABAD
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue8
Abstract: Due to their natural mobility and scalability, Mobile Adhoc NETworks (MANETs) are always preferred since the day of their invention. But the open medium nature of MANETs makes them more vulnerable to attacks and hence results in the degradation of performance. This paper proposes an ideal Intrusion Detection System called RIDM- Robust Intrusion Detection Mechanism that works with the backbone as EAACK, thus an approach that increases the performance of EAACK through Energy based Geographic Routing Protocol and also an attempt to reduce the Routing Overhead caused by acknowledgement packets in EAACK through Batch Processing.
S.No.: 109
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-08-31-59
Authors Affilation: Mumbai University, Maharashtra,India.Maharashtra,India.Maharashtra,India.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue8
Abstract: Profit maximization is the fundamental need of every company but the way in which this objective can be achieved is quite underrated till date. In this paper, we analyse the business strategy of a toothbrush producing company and demonstrate a case study regarding profit maximization by initially reaching the breakeven condition and later enhancing the business strategy for profit maximization. Using data from the previous quarters, with sales ranging over 5,00,000 units, we find that the company is adept in finding the total number of units to be produced to meet the current needs but is still not able to maximize the profit. Virtually all models of production start with profit maximization. The companys inelastic pricing in the previous quarters leads to loss of opportunity. The simplicity of business and the transparency of companys model is quite useful in devising a new business strategy.
S.No.: 110
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-01-62
Authors Name: Mr. Kunj Karia
Authors Affilation: Final Year Student, Computer Engineering Department, Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute of Technology, Mumbai University, Maharashtra, India.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue8
Abstract: Emotional Intelligence is one of the most fundamental aspects of Organizational Behaviour. This division is rarely addressed and gradually there arises an emotional dissonance which prevails in the organizations environment. This paper is the study of the role of Emotional Intelligence in Organizational Behaviour and a description and discussion of its branches in detail, and finally recommendations of better practice of this tool for development and growth
S.No.: 111
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-01-64
Authors Name: Dr.K.Anandakumar
Authors Affilation: Bannari Amman Institute of Technology
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue8
Abstract: The cloud computing has become more popular these days. Cloud computing is a computing paradigm in which tasks are assigned to a combination of connections, software and services that can be accessed over internet. This paper proposes the usage of cloud computing in E-polling. The main aim of this paper is to avoid fake votes in polling by having a cloud database about the voters. Thumb impression of candidates is used for authentication. A candidate can vote at any place irrespective of his polling booth, and can vote through mobile phones. We have used the min-min average algorithm to increase the communication workflow in cloud. The cloud computing relies on the internet, when the internet connection fails it does not work with mobile phone. We have introduced the remote client technology to overcome this difficulty in mobile phones.
S.No.: 112
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-05-3
Title : An Empirical study of Statement Coverage Criteria to reduce the test cases
Authors Name: Nupur Gupta , Sudesh Kumar
Authors Affilation: Department of Computer Science BRCM college of Engineering and Technology, Bahal
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: Software testing is too much important phase of software development life cycle and it is very expensive. Software testing is particularly expensive for developers of high-assurance software, such as software that is produced for commercial systems. It is well known that software testing is an important activity to ensure software quality because software quality is increasingly important factor in software marketing. When we test or retest the software then development organizations always desire to validate the software from different views. But exhaustive testing requires program execution with all combinations of values for program variables, which is impractical due to resource constraints. Test cases can be generated automatically for some of the applications by various testing techniques. But the number of test cases are very large and we have reduced the test cases to test the software efficiently. Test case reduction method reduced the test cases that is not necessary for testing the software. In this paper, we used Black box testing technique to generate the test cases and Statement coverage criteria for the reduction of test cases that reduced time and cost spent on testing. It reduces the test cases upto 95%.
S.No.: 113
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-06-4
Title : An Optimization of COCOTS model in Component based software engineering approach
Authors Name: Dr. Gundeep Tanwar, Anshula Verma
Authors Affilation: Department of Computer Science BRCM college of Engineering and Technology, Bahal
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: Traditional software estimation models are directed towards large monolithic software development projects. Contemporary software development practices require a new approach to software cost estimation. The field of software engineering and software technology is developing very fast. That is, we introduce new concepts, methods, techniques and tools—or change existing ones and emphasize their value. A major turn in software engineering leading to Component ware has dramatically changed the shape of software development. Traditional software development approach is incapable to meet all requirements.CBSE the new paradigm in software development based on the idea of integrating COTS components. Component based software engineering (CBSE) approach that offers inherent benefits in software quality, development productivity and overall system cost.COCOTS model is widely used in CBSE to estimate effort, cost and time. In this paper we have done the empirical study of both models and compared the effort estimation by using Traditional approach and CBSE approach.
S.No.: 114
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-06-7
Authors Name: Amit Solanki, S.R. Dogiwal
Authors Affilation: M.Tech. Scholar, Dept. of Computer Science & Engg. Swami Keshvanand Institute of Technology Jaipur, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: In the area of computer security, phishing is the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. Phishing is typically carried out by e-mail or instant messaging, and it often directs users to enter details at a fake website which almost identical to original one. Phishing filters help Internet users avoid scams that create fake websites. Such sites ask for personal information, including banking passwords or offer software downloads. This paper also concerned with anti-phishing techniques. There are different techniques to combat phishing, including legislation and technology reacted specifically to protect against phishing. Anti phishing software is designed to track websites and monitor activity, any suspicious behavior can be automatically reported and even reviewed as a report after a period of time.
S.No.: 115
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-07-9
Authors Name: Mr. Narhari R. Kotkar
Authors Affilation: Sahyadri Valley College Of Engineering, Rajuri
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: Designs based on different technology at competitive cost has always been challenges to manufacturers .Some of the driving factors including portability, mobility, accuracy and increased performance demands. This brings the manufacturers to adapt certain methods such as decrease component sizes, increase its performance simultaneously, improve heat tolerance materials and so on. To design every logic gate at different driver strength will be time censuring. So this thesis will try to solve the problem by creating own standard cell library with specified specifications at different driving strengths. So, this can ensure us about the ability of precharacterised, preverified cells for utility in designing complex circuits. In high performance standard cell library, the main objective is to increase performance of logic cells that satisfies the given specifications. The benefit of high performance cell library is used in processors, high computational ICs etc. designs where density will be neglected to meet the performance. The software used for the design is cadence software.
S.No.: 116
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-09-12
Title : Association Rules and K-means Clustering Based Outlier Detection in Data Mining
Authors Name: C. Leela Krishna, Mr. Shaik Salam
Authors Affilation: Sree Vidyanikethan Engineering College, Tirupati.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: Most of the Outlier detection algorithms in data mining are used to find outliers in static databases. Those algorithms are generally inappropriate for detecting outliers in dynamic databases where data continuously arrives in the form of streams such as sensor data. Association rule based outlier detection method can be applied to streamed data where frequent item sets are evaluated internally. One of the outlier detection approaches used for static databases include clustering based method, where K-means clustering algorithm is used internally for discovering outliers from various static databases. In this paper, we propose two approaches for outlier detection. One is to use association rules based method for dynamic databases and the other is to use pruning based local outlier detection method, which internally uses K-means clustering method for static databases. Experiments on various data sets are performed to detect the deviant data effectively in fewer computations.
S.No.: 117
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-09-13
Authors Name: Er. JagroopKaur, Dr.RajivMahajan
Authors Affilation: Dept of Computer Science & Engineering, GIMET
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: Image binarization plays significant part for document image binarization. Examining and printing of reports can corrupts their perceivability that implies it get to be hard to comprehend them. This paper has concentrated on the diverse image binarization system. A few methods have been proposed so far for image binarization as indicated in writing study. Existing exploration has been demonstrated that no method is ideal for each case. Along these lines still some exploration is needed in this field of image binarization.A few specialists have utilized image filters to diminish the noise from the picture however the use of the guided filter is not found.It may intensify the correctness of the current binarization plans.Inside the vast majority of methods the contrast enhancement is either done by convention way or not done. In this manneradaptive contrast enhancement is needed.The majority of the methods have ignored the use of edge map that has the ability to map the exact character in capable way. This paper has proposed another procedure which can binarized documents in more effective way.The proposed strategy has coordinated the image gradients and the image contrast improvement to enhance the exactness of document image binarization. The proposed system additionally uses the guided image filter to enhance the exactness rate further. The near investigation has demonstrated that the proposed calculation gives truly huge change over the available algorithm.
S.No.: 118
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-09-14
Title : Efficient K-Means Clustering Algorithm Using Complexity Reduction Approach
Authors Name: Sudesh Kumar, Nancy
Authors Affilation: BRCM CET Bahal Bhiwani (Haryana)
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: This paper introduces the concept of Data mining with K-Mean Clustering. The Data mining is the main object that finds the useful patterns among the large amount of data. Today most of the work is done on Internet. So, mining of data becomes essential thing for easy searching of data. Mining of data is done using multiple clustering techniques. Cluster Analysis seeks to identify homogeneous groups of objects based on the values of their attributes. The performance of clustering depends upon centroids selection and frequency of nearest data. The existing K-Means technique is complex in terms of time and calculation. This paper proposed the modified approach of K-Means clustering and algorithm has been designed. The entire data will be divided in number of groups based on the required cluster and highest frequency group will be considered. The fast clustering process will reduce the system resources and provides the efficient technique to generate the clusters.
S.No.: 119
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-09-16
Authors Name: HARISH.D.V.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: one of the industries which requires a large manpower today is the construction industry. There is a huge demand for skilled labor in works like flooring, painting, carpentry, interior designing, etc., and also the resources are not effectively used. Here specifically we emphasize on painting because it involves a lot of risk as painters have to hang down from large sized walls to paint the entire wall. Also when the scaffoldings are constructed for the painters, it may seem safe for the painters but the amount of time and money spent on scaffoldings will also be taken into account. Also implication of multi layered painting for the exterior walls of special buildings such as Industrial kilns and nuclear reactor cooling towers also requires lot of skilled man power as maintaining thickness of each coating layer is difficult. Through our complete analysis on this field we came to know that a machine which would solve the above stated problem is highly required for construction companies .Our project focuses on the implementation of automation in this field by introducing, ‘Automatic Exterior wall painting machine’. This wall painting machine is suspended from the terrace of the building with the help of a sprocket-chain arrangement, which can be actuated by a motor to handle the up down motions and also the whole arrangement is actuated horizontally using another motor. So the machine moves in a specific sequence such that the machine paints the wall completely in an autonomous manner ensuring the uniform coating and safety of the labors.
S.No.: 120
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-12-18
Authors Name: Neha Gupta
Authors Affilation: Department of Information and Technology Chandigarh Engineering College, Mohali, Punjab, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: This paper considers a cloud based mobile computing system consisting of virtual machines (as resources), cloudlets (as requests) and broker, where the broker assigns user cloudlet requests to virtual machines to be processed by the servers. It has been a great challenge to design and build an effective load balancing algorithm for the broker which spreads the service request load on virtual machines while utilizing the resources to the maximum. In this paper, a scheduling model to balance the load based on maximum resource utilization rate using genetic algorithm for scheduling requests is proposed where the computing capacity of a datacenter is divided into different tiers. Simulation results shows that the proposed work can effectively cope with the load imbalance problem in mobile cloud computing.
S.No.: 121
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-12-19
Title : Design and Optimization of H-shaped Fractal Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wireless Applications
Authors Name: KAPIL THAKUR
Authors Affilation: L.R. GROUP OF INSTITUTES, Solan Himachal Pardesh(L.R.I.E.T.)
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: Microstrip antennas find applications in aircraft, satellite and missile applications where important characteristics are size, weight and complexity. They are less bulky and capable of resonating at different bands but suffer from disadvantages like low bandwidth and low gain. There are number of techniques for improving these factors like cutting slots in patch, using fractal geometry and using DGS. Design and simulation has been carried out using IE3D simulation software. Minkowski fractal geometry has been applied on patch of antenna to form self similar H-shaped patch antenna. By applying four iterations of fractal geometry, When third iteration of fractal geometry is applied, characteristics slightly improves as antenna resonated at two bands namely 4.63 GHz and 6.2 GHz with return loss of -18.76 dB, -15.04 dB and -18.76 dB, gain of 1.52 dBi and 2.78 dBi and directivity of 5.44 dBi and 8.25 dBi. This antenna can be useful for WLAN, defense and secure communication applications.
S.No.: 122
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-13-21
Title : Performance Analysis of V-BLAST MIMO-OFDM using Transmit and Receive Beamforming
Authors Name: shankar gangaju, Dayasagar Baral
Authors Affilation: Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: Multiple input Multiple Output (MIMO) systems in conjunction with orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) are extensively used in modern communication systems in order to improve throughput and robustness in multipath fading environments. In this paper to enhance the order of spatial diversity in presence of deteriorative fading correlations we proposed Least Mean Square (LMS) and Recursive Least Square (RLS) adaptive Algorithm. This paper uses V-BLAST-ZF detection for MIMO-OFDM receiver. The performance measures used in this paper is BER and SNR. This study shows that the BER performance of MIMO-OFDM system with beamforming is better than system without using beamforming. This paper also shows the performance for the adaptive algorithm LMS and RLS, and concludes that RLS algorithm significantly outperforms over the LMS.
S.No.: 123
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-13-22
Title : Power Management in TDM PON using Fuzzy
Authors Name: Akanksha Vyas, Vandana Dubey
Authors Affilation: Student SIMS
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: Passive optical network (PON) is a part of telecommunication network which is characterized by point to multipoint architecture. PON has huge potential to use optical fiber for high speed and data rate, but they are prone to high power consumption. This attracted the attention of many to come up with many different policies, energy efficient strategies, and protocols. Exponential growth in demand of more and more data, voice, and information processing requires something solutions high on bandwidth and less on power consumption. This can be achieved by implementing proper power management with PON which is not available in Time Division Multiplexing (TMD) PON. Power management is done thorough sleep scheduling scheme. In sleep scheduling scheme transceiver of ONU is put off when there is no data transmission. The aim of this paper is to decrease power consumption for delay sensitive and delay insensitive traffic. A fuzzy rule table is constructed with prediction of average inter arrival time of frame on the basis of outcome sleep time and power is evaluated. Proposed method offer effective power efficiency than previous inter arrival time method.
S.No.: 124
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-13-23
Title : A novel approach for secure transmission for improving vertical handover in Heterogeneous Network using MIH
Authors Name: Haidarali K Ansari, Dr. Nilesh K Modi
Authors Affilation: PhD. Student & System Analyst, S V Institute of Computer Studies, S V Campus, Kadi – 382 715, Gujarat, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: The demand for the global service is increasing due to the speedily growing demand for mobile internet, increased data rates and the multiplicity of wireless communication technologies. Also due to the challenges to communicate heterogeneous network technologies and to offer global services, telecommunications operators look after the best way to provide continuity of service during handover and how to give the mobile client the possibility to get the best connection anywhere and anytime. Customer needs guarantees the continuity of service during a communication while moving between heterogeneous access network technologies. Vertical Handover take place when a wireless node switches from one network to another. One of the main requirements of our proposed work is to make it secure by using trustworthy security mechanisms, but it can reduce performance as well. So it is very essential to maintain balance between security and performance during vertical handover. Various handover security schemes that can provide reliable security as well as performance to a certain level will be discuss in this paper.
S.No.: 125
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-15-25
Title : Design and Performance Analysis of Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Different Dielectric Substrates
Authors Name: venkatrao kolli
Authors Affilation: S R K R engineering college Bhimavaram
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: Abstract: In recent years, the demand for compact handheld communication devices has grown significantly. Devices having internal antennas have appeared to fill this need. Antenna size is a major factor that limits device miniaturization. In the past few years, new designs based on the Microstrip patch antennas (MSPA) are being used for handheld wireless devices because these antennas have low-profile geometry and can be embedded into the devices. New wireless applications requiring operation in more than one frequency band are emerging. Dual-band and tri-band phones have gained popularity because of the multiple frequency bands used for wireless applications. Reducing antenna size generally degrades antenna performance. It is therefore important to also examine the fundamental limits and parameter tradeoffs involved in size reduction. In the handheld environment, antennas are mounted on a small ground plane. This paper presents the performance analysis of Different shapes Microstrip Patch antenna i.e. Z shape, H shape , E shape by using different dielectric substrate materials, to operate in the frequency range of 0.6 GHz to 2 GHz. The aim of this paper is to broaden the impedance bandwidth and to maximize the gain, thereby improving the performance of antenna. By comparing different substrates of dielectric material, an appropriate substrate was chosen to design Microstrip antenna. After simulation the antenna performance characteristics such as antenna input impedance, VSWR, Return loss and current density are obtained. Key Words: E –Shaped patch, H-Shaped patch, Z-patched patch, Microstrip antennas, Ansoft HFSS 13, wideband.
S.No.: 126
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-16-29
Title : Password Management Strategies to Deal with Social Engineering Attacks
Authors Name: A .Mallareddy, Dr. R Sridevi, K. Nageswara Rao
Authors Affilation: Research Scholar (JNTUH), Professor in CSE, M. Tech (CS), Department of CSE, JNTUH College of Engineering Department of CSE, Professor & HOD (CSE) Hyderabad (Autonomous), Sri Indu Institute of Engineering & Sri Indu Institute of Engineering & Technology, kukatpally,Hyderabad, Technology, R.R Dist,Telangana State.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: Passwords are the most pleasing to all and make up the first line of arguments for person whom law process is against in machine based safety systems; despite the existence of more attack resistant authentication designs. In order to give greater value to password safety, it is necessary to seems a balance between having enough rules to support good safety and not having too many rules that would force users to take not straight forward actions which would, in turn, compromise security. It is noted that the man-like acted for owner is the most full of danger part in the safety system for at least three possible reasons; it is the most feeble link the only cause that uses first moves, only cause that uses first moves, as well as the cause that goes further than all the other elements of the complete system. This pictures the sense, value of social engineering in safety designs, and the fact that safety is in fact a group vent of both technology and man-like acts for owner; directing in mind the fact that there can be no special to some science or trade doing short, dry coughs in space completely without substance. This paper looks at the current divergence among safety engineers as in connection with the rules ruling best practices in the use of passwords should they be written down or learned by heart; changed frequently or keep being fixed? It also attempts to elucidate the facts all round, nearby some of the false beliefs connected with computer safety. This paper posits that destitution of necessary one balance between the factors of technology and factors of all persons as a group is responsible for the purgatory position of password safety related questions. It is thus recommended that, in the putting ones hands on of password safety offspring, man-like factors should be given right of coming first over technology-based causes producing an effect. The paper proposes the use of the (K 9, n)-Threshold scheme, such as the Shamir’s secret-sharing outline, to give greater value to the safety of the password repository. This thinks a tendency in the direction of writing down the password at the end, Diamond platinum, Gold and Silver are not memorised; they are stored.
S.No.: 127
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-18-33
Authors Name: R.Jeevitha, Pradeep Raja.R ,Dhinakar.P ,K.P.Uvarajan
Authors Affilation: Bannari Amman Institute of Technology,Sathyamangalam
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: Vedic mathematics is an ancient system of mathematics which performs unique technique of calculations based on 16 sutras. The performance of high speed multiplier is designed based on Urdhva Tiryabhyam, Nikhilam Navatashcaramam Dashatah, and Anurupye algorithms. These algorithms gives minimum delay and used for multiplication of all types of numbers. The performance of high speed multiplier is designed and compared using these sutras for various NxN bit multiplications and implemented on the FFT of the DSP processor. Anurupye Vedic multiplier on FFT is made efficient than Urdhva tiryabhyam and Nikhilam Navatashcaramam Dashatah sutras by more reduction in computation time. Logic verification of these design is verified by simulating the logic circuits in XILINX ISE 9.1 and MODELSIM SE 5.7g using VHDL
S.No.: 128
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-19-35
Authors Affilation: Research Scholar Assistant Professor School of IT & Science, Dr.GRDCS
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: Although several distance or similarity functions for trees have been introduced, their performance is not always satisfactory in different applications. In the base paper the Extended Sub tree (EST) function, where a new sub tree mapping is proposed. This similarity function is to compare tree structured data by defining a new set of mapping rules where sub trees are mapped rather than nodes. To reduce the time complexity as well as computational complexity of the system, efficient pruning algorithm is proposed. In the proposed system the unnecessary computation is reduced in the tree structured data by using the lossless pruning strategy. This paper provides major advancement in efficiency. This pruning strategy is ignoring the node or sub tree which has greater value than the ignoring probability. By using this technique, we can reduce the extra computation complexity.
S.No.: 129
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-19-36
Title : How to solve traffic congestion using big data analysis: Exploring the role of social media and telecommunication industry
Authors Name: Sutanto Sutanto, Wahyoe Soedarmono
Authors Affilation: The Sampoerna University, Faculty of Business (Sampoerna School of Business), Jakarta-Indonesia
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: This paper attempts to explore the usefulness of big data analysis to resolve a common problem in developing countries experiencing a rapid growth of middle-income class; which is traffic congestion. In this regard, telecommunication industry with access to big data might play a potential role in understanding people and/or vehicle movements. This may in turn capture people that move together to the same direction at the same time. Once people movement patterns have been understood, optimization can be undertaken for each people to avoid traffic congestion in the longer run by using Waze as a real-time social media application. Nevertheless, such opportunity warrants further research and discussion, because it requires people awareness to share together their own movements, proper incentives for telecommunication companies; as well as better public services in responding public needs.
S.No.: 130
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-19-38
Title : An Algorithm For Optimizing Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors Name: Shahram Babaie , Ayda Vatankhah
Authors Affilation: Computer Research Group (CRL), Islamic Azad University-Tabriz Branch
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: The presence of coverage holes and gaps in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) makes perfect and complete observation and monitoring of the events and incidents of a given environment impossible. In the majority of methods, dynamic sensors are used to improve and optimize the coverage of environment. However, an inevitable drawback and difficulty with using dynamic sensors is that these sensors consume significantly high amounts of energy. Thus, it can be maintained that in order to reduce energy consumption, one should minimize the number of active sensors and the amount of overlapping among sensors. In this paper, a novel method based on the optimized auction algorithm is proposed. After distributing the static sensors, the proposed method will be able to identify coverage holes and gaps; then, based on the extent of coverage gaps and using a minimum number of active nodes, the proposed method will alter the sensing range of the nodes; as a result, the coverage of the respective area will be significantly improved. Furthermore, if needed, an endeavor will be made to use a limited number of dynamic sensor nodes to minimize overlapping. Thus, to reduce overlapping, the suggested location for the dynamic sensor in different settings and the appropriate value for the range of this sensor will be measured. The results of conducted simulations in the Matlab software indicated that using a minimum number of nodes, the proposed algorithm produces an acceptable coverage ratio. Moreover, the energy consumption of the nodes significantly decreases.
S.No.: 131
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-20-42
Title : Privacy Preserving Association Rules Mining in Horizontally Distributed Databases Using FDM and K&C algorithm
Authors Affilation: MCOER
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: Data mining is the most fast growing area today which is used to extract important knowledge from large data collections but often these collections are divided among several parties. This paper addresses secure mining of association rules over horizontally partitioned data. This method incorporates a protocol is that of Kantarcioglu and Clifton well known as K&C protocol. This protocol is based on an unsecured distributed version of the Apriori algorithm named as Fast Distributed Mining (FDM) algorithm of Cheung et al. The main ingredients in our protocol are two novel secure multi-party algorithms one that computes the union of private subsets that each of the interacting players hold and another that tests the whether an element held by one player is included in a subset held by another. This protocol offers enhanced privacy with respect to the earlier protocols. In addition, it is not complicated and is importantly more effectual in terms of communication cost, communication rounds and computational cost. We present a two multiparty algorithm for efficiently discovering frequent item sets with minimum support levels without either player (site) revealing it to all players.
S.No.: 132
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-23-48
Title : investigation the Effect of Annealing Temperature and Zinc Concentration on the Optical Properties of ZnxCd1 – x S Thin Films
Authors Name: Dr.Radhyah Mahdi Shaker Jarrah
Authors Affilation: Science college – kufa university
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: Abstract The ZnxCd1-xS thin films prepared by chemical bath and deposited on glass substrates. A procedure to make optical quality thin films of ZnxCd1-xS has been investigated. Structural and optical properties of ZnxCd1-xS thin films with x = (0.2, 0.5 and 0.7) and T= (300, 423 and 473) K were synthesis-sized. Structural investigation indicates that they have polycrystalline structure. The crystalline size and degree of preferential orientation were found to be increase with the increase of Zn Concentration (x) and annealing temperature. Optical data are recorded in the wavelength range 200-1000nm. In addition, the absorption coefficient is determined and correlated with the photon energy to estimate the band gap. Plots of (αhν)2 versus (hν) yield straight line indicating direct transition occurs with optical band gap energies in the range )3.3-3.5( eV. It is also found with increase annealing temperature and Zn content the band gap of the films increases. Refractive indices and extinction coefficients have been evaluated.
S.No.: 133
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-24-49
Title : Extraction of fuzzy rules based on deterministic data (with Case Study: Banks customers rating)
Authors Name: Ramin Sadeghian , Behnam Gholamaliei , Leila Payandeh Peyman
Authors Affilation: Payam Noor University, Bu Ali University, Bu Ali University
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: Financial institutions and banks are the type of organizations where customer rating can be very valuable for both customers and banks. As a case study to illustrate this, the fuzzy rules extraction method, deterministic data clustering techniques and real data of bank clientele are used to rate these customers. For this purpose, two algorithms are presented and compared. The algorithms mentioned use a data clustering method in order to determine a specified pattern for customer rating. In the first algorithm a statistical method is proposed. In the second algorithm a heuristic approach is proposed. Additionally, how the algorithms were implemented is described in a case study.
S.No.: 134
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-24-50
Title : Extraction offuzzyrulesbased ondeterministic data (with Case Study: Banks customer srating)
Authors Name: Ramin Sadeghian , Behnam Gholamaliei , Leila Payandeh Peyman
Authors Affilation: Corresponding author, Assistant Professorat Payam Noor University, Industrial Engineering Group, Iran
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: Financial institutionsandbanks are thetype oforganizations where customer rating can be veryvaluablefor both customersandbanks. As a case study to illustrate this, the fuzzyrulesextraction method, deterministic data clusteringtechniques and real data of bank clientele are used to rate these customers. For thispurpose,twoalgorithmsarepresentedand compared. The algorithms mentioned use a data clustering method in order todetermineaspecified patternfor customer rating. In the first algorithm a statistical method is proposed. In the second algorithm a heuristic approach is proposed. Additionally, how the algorithms were implemented isdescribedinacase study.
S.No.: 135
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-24-52
Title : RF Based Automatic Energy Meter Reading System
Authors Name: Prashant Y. Shende , Pranoti D. Mude , Jagdish Yadav
Authors Affilation: DMIETR, Wardha, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: This paper describe RF based Automatic meter reading, or AMR, is the technology of automatically collecting data from energy meter and transferring that data to a central database for billing and/or analyzing. In order to overcome these disadvantages of the traditional meter reading system, a solution is a Wireless Energy Meter which is able to transmit its measured data wireless to a computer. This technology help to overcome the many problem regarding to the collecting the energy meter data, like data is provided to a user on the basis of actual consumption value rather than on basis of estimate consumption value, for this project data transmission done with the help of RF module.
S.No.: 136
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-25-54
Title : Energy Loss (Straggling) of proton and alpha particle in zirconia (ZrO2) and alumina (Al2O3)
Authors Name: Ibrahim A. Ibrahim, Riayhd K. Ahmed
Authors Affilation: Department of physics, Collage of science, Al-Mustansiriyah University. Baghdad, Iraq
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: The energy-loss (straggling) of Zirconia (ZrO2) and alumina (Al2O3) have been determined theoretically for proton and alpha-particle beams with incident energies (T= 0.05, 0.25, 1, 2, 2.5) (Mev/u). The dielectric formalism like Plasmon Pole Approximation (PPA) has been used to calculate the probability for an energetic proton and alpha to produce electronic excitations in target of Zirconia (ZrO2) and alumina (Al2O3), taking in the consideration screening length effects.Good agreement is achieved with previous work using Gaussian and Simpsons rule for numerical calculations in the program
S.No.: 137
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-25-55
Title : Comparsion of Performance Parameters of CNTFET Based 3Value Logic Memory cell and CNTFET Based 6T SRAM Using HSPICE
Authors Name: S.Tamil Selvan
Authors Affilation: Research scholar, Bharath University, chennai, TamilNadu
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: This paper presents a design of a 3ValueLogic memory cell using carbon nano-tube field-effect transistors (CNTFETs). 3VL is a promising alternative to conventional binary logic, as it has better performance in terms of low power and also reduces propagation delay. This cell uses a control gate for the write and read operation to make them separate. Transmission gate is used as control gate in this circuit. The CNTFET used for design has different threshold voltages to achieve ternary logic. This multi threshold voltage is obtained by varying the diameter of the CNT used. Chirality of the CNTFETs is utilized for varying the diameter of the CNT and it also avoids the usage of additional power supplies. The channel length used here is 32nm wide. The power consumption is reduced as there is absence of stand-by power dissipation. Second order effects are removed by using CNTFET in the circuit. The two memory operations, bit read and bit write operation of the 3ValueLogic cell perform correctly at 0.9V power supply. In a3Value Logic, it only takes log3 (2n) bits to represent an n-bit binary number. The various performance parameters of 3VL memory cell and 6T SRAM CNTFET measured using HSPICE.
S.No.: 138
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-25-58
Title : A Customized Search Engine for User Search Goals using CAP Algorithm
Authors Name: BATHULA Syam Babu,V.Ramachandran
Authors Affilation: VVIT COLLEGE, Guntur
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: These days Internet is widely used by users to satisfy various information needs with accurate results. However, ambiguous query/topic submitted to search engine doesn’t satisfy user information needs, because different users may have different information needs on diverse aspects upon submission of same query/topic to search engine. So discovering different user search goals becomes complicated. The evaluation and depiction of user search goals can be very useful in improving search engine relevance and user knowledge. A novel approach for inferring user search goals by analyzing user query logs from various search engines. The proposed approach is used to discover different user search goals for a query by clustering the user feedback sessions. Feedback sessions are constructed from click through logs of various search engines. The method first generates pseudo-documents to better represent feedback sessions for clustering. Finally, clustering pseudo-documents to discover different user search goals and depict them with some keywords. Then these user search goals are used to restructure the web search results.
S.No.: 139
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-27-63
Title : Implementation of Apriori Algorithm for Prediction of Human Depression
Authors Name: Lambodar Jena, Suren Kumar Sahoo
Authors Affilation: 1Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, India 2Gandhi Engineering College, Bhubaneswar, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: Depression a latest epidemic of modern era has always drawn the attention of researchers to find & evaluate the level, causes & prevention. According to psychiatrists it’s not a psychological disorder but it creates the stimulation & simulation of co-ordination failure. The worst case of the leading depression level may contemplates a person to attempt suicide, loss of energy, insomnia etc. This epidemic causes severe personal and public health challenges. Each year thousands of millions of people are suffering from depression and a few receives adequate treatment. Keeping view at the trend of predicting, this paper has been proposed & tried to find out the persons affected by depression and their level of illness.The work is self motivated. Here the concept of apriori algorithm & association rule mining is used in order to extract the information from a large collection of database of concerned persons.
S.No.: 140
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-27-64
Title : Open or closed? Macroergonomics Approaching Socio-Technical Systems Productivity
Authors Name: Diogo José Horsta*, Evandro Eduardo Brodayb, Roberto Bondarikc, Luís Filippe Ser
Authors Affilation: Ergonomics Studies Group Department of Production Engineering (PPGEP) Federal University of Technology – Paraná (UTFPR) Adress: Av. Monteiro Lobato km 04, Ponta Grossa, PR – Brazil
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: This study discusses the motivations which lead to justify an apparent dichotomy between the open and closed systems regarding productivity, by questioning how business organizations can become macro ergonomically more productive? A literature review was performed achieving the theoretical foundation supporting this discussion. The research has exploratory nature. Nowadays, a usable tool for solving this problem is macroergonomics, a hybrid system which takes into account both the organizational characteristics and human factors. Even that based on sociotechnical theory, macroergonomics displays the systems as organic and open, integrating the human-technology interface, thus providing a more effective work system. Furthermore, the construction of a model organization with a satisfactory level of productivity, must arise from a set of actions to be taken after a macroergonomic analysis of the productive scene, considering the human, technological and environmental aspects, freeing these paradigms from a series of moorings and constraints aroused from the organizational models of production, which have gained force over the twentieth century.
S.No.: 141
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-29-69
Title : SOLARPANEL AND RENEWABLE ENERGYINMEXICO Development andoutlook forphotovoltaic
Authors Name: José G. Vargas-Hernández
Authors Affilation: Emmanuel RodolfoAscencio Espinosa Centro Universitario de Ciencias Económica y Administrativas, Universidad de Guadalajara Periférico Norte 799, Núcleo Universitario Los Belenes Zapopan, Jalisco, C.P. 45100, México
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: Mexico has a great opportunity for the use of renewable energy RE), regardless of type energy is concerned, solar, geothermal, hydro, etc.., Because it is a country with diverse climate sea world, though little explored sparsely and it is necessary to identify the most suitable for promoting public policies and find the absolute advantage, given the international theories, we can use the same basis for rethinking the development of the sector, using as a guide the absolute advantage that Mexico has in its natural resources and climate types. We also see that international experience shows that it is possible to establish markets "green energy" where end users cover their costs and is a highly profitable emerging market, for both sides, provider and consumer, we also see as government programs exist that support the same , a fact that makes it tempting for the investment of national and international firms.
S.No.: 142
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-29-71
Authors Name: Mahroosh Banday
Authors Affilation: Dehradun Institute of Technology
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: In the field of multimedia processing, the image inpainting technology is a hot spot. Inpainting is the process of filling in the missing/unclear regions of an image utilizing spatial information from its neighbouring region so as to preserve its overall continuity in a way that the changes made are not easily detected by an ordinary observer. Digital image inpainting is a new and young research area in image processing with numerous applications including wireless image transmission (recovering lost blocks), red eye removal, multimedia editing (special effects in movies) and image restoration. Eliminating unnecessary portions of an image (removal of objects) is another exceedingly significant area of digital inpainting. Exemplar-based image inpainting is the technique that works well in this area, where the removed/lost information can be filled in by selecting appropriate patches from the neighbouring areas of the same image. This paper presents a brief survey of Exemplar-based inpainting techniques and compares and analysis some recent Exemplar-based inpainting methods. The performance of these methods is compared using both qualitative approach as well as quantitatively in terms of processing speed, Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR) and Mean Square Error (MSE).
S.No.: 143
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-30-73
Title : Numerical simulation on the perfomance evaluation of a solar updraft tower
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: The solar updraft towers (solar chimney) are non-conventional power plant with high techno-economic importance. In this work, the performance evaluation of a solar still is carried out based on the parameters such as roof angle, inlet height and for different irradiation values using ANSYS Fluent 14.0. The results are presented in the form of contour plots of velocity and temperature. The effects of angle of attack, inlet height and irradiation are discussed in this work
S.No.: 144
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-30-75
Title : Measuring quality of the Hazy image dependind on He-Ne Laser
Authors Name: Emad Hameed Ahmad
Authors Affilation: Department of Physics, College of Sciences, the University of Mustansiriyah
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: Determining the quality of the hazy image is difficult problem, thus these images need to analyzing after determined the quality or dehazing. In this paper, we analyzed the hazy (by the dust) images depending on YCBCR color space. First we designed the system captured images which graded for high to very low hazy (by adding the dust) by using He-Ne laser, due to it have low power, in these images we calculated the Normalize Mean Square error (NMSE) as a function of lase intensity .for each components in YCBCR and RGB color space, and the basic components in the Structure Similarity Index (SSIM) are (contrast, structure and luminance) moreover the mean for all has been calculated. We can see the lightness (in YCBCR) and luminance ( in SSIM) component are not effected by the dust whereas the chromatic components are highly effected by the dust.
S.No.: 145
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-30-76
Authors Name: Dr SATOPE Bola Funmilayo , Dr. AKINTUNDE Temitope Sade, Mrs.Olopade,Bosede C
Authors Affilation: Department of Economics, Faculty of Business and Social Sciences,Adeleke University, Ede, Osun State, Nigeria.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: The study focused on the influence of leadership behaviour on labour turnover. The main objective of the study is to analyse the relationship between leadership behaviour and employees labour turnover.The Problem is that most institutions have been witnessing high staff turnover which has been associated with many problems. This study examines the challenges and problems being experienced by the employees and institutions through the leadership behaviour witha case study of Nigerian universities. The specific objectives are therefore to: analyse the relationship between leadership behaviour and employees decision and investigate the influence of leadership behaviour on labour turnover and examine the respondents’ perception of leadership behaviour as it affects labour or workplace management.The study is based on the behavioural style theory of leadership using both primary and secondary data. A total of 148 respondents were selected for the study from Nigerian Universities. The study is limited to the independent variable: leadership behaviour and dependent variables: employees and labour turnover. The study analyses the data collected using regression and statistical analysis using tables and percentage. This study is significant in helping to determine how leadership behaviour influence employees turnover so as to attain organisational goal. So, managers in organisations will find it useful as the appropriate strategies for improving organisational management. At the same time the findings of this study will help in improving the management of the workplace to improve the labour turnover for organizational growth and development. The study revel high relative influence of leadership behaviour on employees turnover and also established that leadership on employee turnover. The study makes recommendations towards employees’ workplace management to reduce labour turnover.The findings also suggest that organizations should have the right person (with ability) to do the right job and give employees suitable training to increase their job performance and ability. Besides that, managers as supervisors should always take actions that will improve their workers wellbeing. That is, organizations should always take active step in: providing strong leadership and mentoring for staff members, building working conditions that are conducive and provide challenging and stimulating work assignments.
S.No.: 146
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-30-80
Authors Name: Neharika Valecha, Prabhat Sharma, Mohammed Ahmed
Authors Affilation: Oriental Institute of Science and Technology
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: Spatial Modulation(SM) is a single-radio-frequency (RF) large-scale MIMO communication scheme. It is a energy efficient scheme that has lower power consumption than prevalent MIMO schemes since it has single RF chain. In this paper we combine spatial modulation with incremental redundancy (IR) hybrid ARQ with Low-density parity-check (LDPC) code scheme to reduce signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) at the receiver and improve the spectral efficiency without affecting the energy efficiency.
S.No.: 147
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-09-30-81
Authors Affilation: Gayatri Vidya Parishad College Of Engineering For Women, Affiliated To JNTU Kakinada
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: In this thesis, we address the interconnect problem in the deep sub-micron (DSM) regime. In VLSI interconnects to restore the input signal affected by the parasitic buffers are placed in between interconnects. But buffers has a certain switching time that contribute the overall signal delay and crosstalk delay. The designs of sized logic and repeater insertion for improved delay, power and placement are implemented by using both Schmitt trigger and buffer insertion. In this work replacement of sized logic with buffers with Schmitt trigger based on sizing is proposed for the signal restoration and to reduce delay. Because of adjustable threshold voltage Vth of Schmitt trigger the delay and power can be reduced in interconnects when compared to buffers. HSPICE simulations are carried out for the different PTM based on sized logic shows that Schmitt trigger with sized logic gives 12.45 % less delay when compared to buffer sized logic and also average power reduced to 5.09 % in case of Schmitt trigger when compared to sized logic of buffer.
S.No.: 148
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-01-93
Authors Name: Neharika Valecha, Prabhat Sharma and Mohammed Ahmed
Authors Affilation: Electronics and Communication Department Oriental Institute of Science and Technology, Bhopal
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: Spatial Modulation(SM) is a single-radio-frequency (RF) large-scale MIMO communication scheme. It is a energy efficient scheme that has lower power consumption than prevalent MIMO schemes since it has single RF chain. In this paper we combine spatial modulation with incremental redundancy (IR) hybrid ARQ with Low-density parity-check (LDPC) code scheme to reduce signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) at the receiver and improve the spectral efficiency without affecting the energy efficiency.
S.No.: 149
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-01-99
Authors Name: Prof. K. S. Sawant, Pavithra Balakrishnan, Aakanksha Kodgire, Amrap
Authors Affilation: B.E. in Computer , Bharti Vidyapeeth’s College Of Engineering For Women,
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: In this paper, we propose a new design and implementation method in supporting a smart surveillance system that can automatically detect abandoned objects in public places such as bus stations, train stations or airports, etc. The developing system is implemented by using image processing techniques. In the circumstance such as when suspicious objects i.e. unattended objects have been detected, the system will alert to people responsible for the role such as security guards or security staff. In this paper, we also differentiate between the stationary objects and the objects that are in motion. The detection process consists of four major components: 1) Image extraction from live video feed 2) Image Processing 3) Object Detection and 4) Result Presentation. In this paper we put our attention into background subtraction algorithm for detection of object in low quality video i.e. improve accuracy. Experimental results show that the fusion based approach increases the detection reliability as compared to the detectors and performs considerably well across a variety of multiple scenarios operating at real time.
S.No.: 150
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-01-100
Title : Impact of Lean Six Sigma Methodology Application with a View at Attaining Continual Improvement in the Chemical Manufacturing Industry
Authors Name: Peter Muganyi, Charles Mbohwa
Authors Affilation: School of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Johannesburg, South Africa.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to explore the application oflean six sigma methodology and its impact in an organization at attaining continual improvement. Design/methodology/approach – The emphasis of this research is to establish how the lean six sigma methodology can be utilized by an organization to attain continual improvement in a chemical manufacturing organization, and to assess the impact on the organization. Findings – The analysis results from a chemical manufacturing company inSouth Africa, based in Durban have been utilized in establishing the validity of the data and this shows that lean six sigma methodology is applicable and effective for continual improvement in manufacturing organizations, whereas more effort needs to be put into gathering data applicable for the development ofnew continual improvement methodologies thatorganizations can use for continual improvement. Research limitations/implications – Following the recent trend of increasing popularity of continual and continuous improvement strategies, availed mostly to manufacturing enterprises, this researchsought to establish that the lean six sigma methodology can be used as a tool for achieving continual improvement in the manufacturing organizations. The research was focused on one chemical manufacturing organization without covering other different types of manufacturing organizations. This research was thus conducted to investigate the applicability, effectiveness, usefulness, implementability and suitability of a lean six sigmamethodology meant as a continual improvement option for a chemical manufacturing organization in South Africa. Originality/value – The approach in the paper adds important knowledge on continual improvement methodologies and how they are utilized to enhance continual improvement for manufacturing organizations.
S.No.: 151
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-01-102
Title : Experimental analysis of microwave assisted raisin making grape drying system
Authors Name: Priyanka Desai, Vijay Doijad, Nilkanth Shinde
Authors Affilation: Department of Technology, Shivaji University Kolhapur,India,
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: Worldwide grape drying is carried out either sun drying or by convective dehydration. In India since sun heat is available mostly raisins are made by solar drying. The drying time required is found 8-21 days. Also the quality and hygienist is not maintained and results in low quality and low market price. Technically raisin making process the critical parameters is drying rate and the temperature. The drying time can be accelerated if we can control these two parameters and so is the quality. This research work has tried augmenting drying rate by heating using microwave technology. An experimental set up is prepared using microwave at par with Indian standard for food applications along with the convective dryer system. The drying rates are evaluated by controlling grape surface temperature below 500C. A microwave generator is used at 230V and 10 A. The experimental analysis had shown that drying rate below 500C has been increased drastically further resulting in reducing drying time up to 6.6 hours to remove 57% of moisture out of grape variety Thompson seedless containing 75% of moisture. The methodology developed is useful for designing the grape dryers in microwave technology.
S.No.: 152
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-01-103
Title : Object Detection and Image Recovery Techniques: A Review
Authors Name: Upasana Sharma, Dr. Vineet Richariya
Authors Affilation: 1Department of Computer Science & Engineering, LNCT RGPV University, INDIA
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue9
Abstract: Human gestures are expressive, meaningful body motions involving physical movements of the fingers, hands, arms, head or body with the intent to convey meaningful information or to communicate with the environment. With the rapid development of computer technology, human computer interaction has become an ubiquitous activity in our daily life. More attention has been focused on translating these human gestures into computer-understandable language in the past few years. Many gesture tracking and recognition technologies have been proposed. So there are two kinds of activity recognition technology, one is vision-based detection, the other is inertial sensor based detection. Vision-based detection is a traditional method for gesture recognition, however, in certain applications, it is not that convenient to use such as moving in the dark or monitoring continuously for really a long time and so on. Nowadays, as the low prices of inertial sensor systems and the fast development of wireless sensor network, it is more and more convenient to use inertial sensors to detect human activities in certain conditions. But it is bit expensive too. Image registration technique has been a hot research field of image processing and also encountered with several challenges. MAGE registration can be described as a process of geometrically aligning two images, the reference image and the sensed image. Most of the applications above require high efficiency and accuracy. For instance, a registration accuracy of less than one-fifth of a pixel is required for acquiring a change detection error of less than 10%. However, it is challenging for most of the existing methods to satisfy this registration accuracy. That is the reason that still we are looking promising research in this area.
S.No.: 153
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-08-4
Title : Inverter Performance Analysis using TCAD
Authors Name: Ramesh Nain, Garima Joshi, Charu Madhu
Authors Affilation: Student) (Assistant professor) (Assistant professor) UIET UIET UIET Panjab University Panjab University Panj
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: The nanotechnology industry is currently one of the most active and promising fields of technol¬ogy. The advancement in this has given a new shape to the fields of electronics. For amplifying or switching electronic signals a MOSFET is used. If the size of device goes to nano scales some undesirable effects are influenced which cause distortion to the device. A new technology called SOI is introduced to avoid the undesirable effects. Now a day a bulk MOSFET is replaced by FDSOI MOSFET. In this paper two type of devices is designed at 100nm gate length and TCAD tool is used to simulate two type of devices (Bulk & FDSOI) and comparison can be done on the basis of their characteristics. These devices can further used to design resistive load inverter. Performance analysis of this inverter is based on their calculated parameters and comparison can be done using both MOSFETs.
S.No.: 154
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-08-5
Title : A new Method on Brain MRI Image Preprocessing for Tumor Detection
Authors Name: D.ARUN KUMAR
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: Medical imaging is a vital component of a large number of applications. MRI is the state-of the-art medical imaging technology, which allows cross sectional view of the body with unprecedented tissue contrast. The information that MRI provides has greatly increased knowledge of normal and diseased anatomy for medical research, and is a critical component in diagnosis and treatment planning. In this paper, we have planned to develop an approach to brain MRI image preprocessing for tumor detection. In preprocessing steps, we need to perform Skull Stripping & Image Enhancement. Skull Stripping is required to produce better results. Image Enhancement is for adjusting digital images for future analysis.
S.No.: 155
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-09-6
Title : Systems Approach to Change Management for Sustainable Tourism Development in Bangladesh
Authors Name: Professor Dr. Bashir Ahmed Bhuiyan and Md. Jahangir Alam
Authors Affilation: Department of Business Administration, Leading University
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: Tourism has been considered as the largest industry in the world, which is contributing towards employment generation, wealth creation and pursuing social benefits. Growing concern about the impact of human activities upon the environment, increased awareness of and concern for global environment have intensified the demand for sustainable tourism and their focus on balancing of: profit-driven motives, preserving and enhancing the social as well as ecological balance. Based on secondary materials and content analysis present study evaluated existing status of sustainable tourism development and explored important change strategies for future improvement of tourism sector in Bangladesh. The study recognized different views of change management and various strategies for obtaining sustainability in tourism industry. The present study identified the institutional networks, challenges in the way of applying systems approach to change management for sustainable tourism development and suggested important options for overcoming the impediments to operate through the proposed strategic framework in Bangladesh.
S.No.: 156
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-09-7
Title : Performance Evaluation and Experiment with Data-Driven Techniques to Sentiment Classification of Movie Review
Authors Name: Manikandan P, Jovitha Jerome
Authors Affilation: Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering, PSG College of Technology, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: With the evolution of web technology, there is a huge amount of data present in the web for the internet users. These users not only use the available resources in the web, but also give their feedback, thus generating additional useful information. Due to overwhelming amount of users opinions, views, feedback and suggestions available through the web resources, its very much essential to explore, analyze and organize their views for better decision making. Opinion Mining or Sentiment Analysis is a Natural Language Processing and Information Extraction task that identifies the users views or opinions explained in the form of positive, negative or neutral comments and quotes underlying the text. In this paper, we evaluate the performance of both Support Vector Machine and Naive Bayes classifiers. Our results show that it is possible to maintain state-of-the art classification accuracy while using less number of the features through Receiver operating characteristic curves and accuracy measures.
S.No.: 157
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-09-9
Title : Information dispersal and Reconstruction in Storage System
Authors Name: rajendraprasad B G,Ragini krishna
Authors Affilation: sapthagiri college of engineering
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: Earlier the data is stored in single place and that data is replicated to multiple systems for the availability purpose, this utilizes lot of storage space and also increases the computation cost. So rather than storing in single system the data is divided into multiple pieces and these pieces are stored in the different systems with some codewords, If a client desires to read a file, it retrieves subset of the blocks, which are combined to reconstitute the original file. Dispersing files across multiple sites yields a variety of obvious benefits, such as availability and offers physical proximity to distributed clients. Less obviously, it enables security to be achieved without relying on encryption keys. This describes a new dispersal scheme, called AONT-RS, which blends an All-Or-Nothing Transform with Reed-Solomon coding to achieve high security with low computational and storage costs, and also from this it is able to reconstruct the whole data with threshold number of pieces.
S.No.: 158
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-09-10
Authors Name: José G. Vargas-Hernández
Authors Affilation: L.A.F.S Edgar Ricardo Rodríguez Hernández Centro Universitario de Ciencias Económico Administrativas Universidad de Guadalajara
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: The present research is to analyze the impacts generated in the dairy industry, particularly in the segment of whole milk: 1) Acquiring Aeroméxico by LALA 3) Strategies to be implemented by LALA and remain a leader 3) Femsas foray in the dairy industry with the acquisition of Santa Clara and 4) the assumption of possible collusion with Santa Clara Alpura to address the high level of competition generated by LALA. It is important to know the structure of this market, analyze the system of regulated prices in the milk to understand the changes that will be in the coming years with these three big companies that compete to achieve hegemony in the milk market.
S.No.: 159
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-09-12
Title : Deriving and Calculation of Values of Optimum Balance for Spherical Aberration from Five- -Order for Array of Obscured Circular Synthetic Apertures
Authors Name: Ban Hussein Ali Al-Rueshdy
Authors Affilation: university of kufa/ faculty of science/ physics department
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: In this research we derived the equation of optimum balance for spherical aberration from five order for array of obscured circular synthetic apertures, also to calculating the value of optimum balance for set from obscured circular synthetic apertures (N=1,2,6,8), the obscuration ratio (ε=0,0.25,0.5,0.75),by using Math LAB program, and derivative the equation of point spread function (PSF) for this case, by substituting the value of optimum balance in equation point spread function for spherical aberration from five order by using MathCAD program, the results show an increasing the values of spherical aberration coefficients from five order with increasing the apertures number, addition to increase the point spread function with increasing the obscuration ratio.
S.No.: 160
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-09-14
Title : Effective different substrates on pure zinc oxide films and doping Indium using chemical spray pyrolysis technique
Authors Name: Wisam J. Aziz and Abbas K. Jarhallah
Authors Affilation: AL-Mustansiriah university/ college of science/ physics department
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: In this work used different substrates the glass substrate and porous silicon substrate prepared by electrochemical etching. Pur ZnO thin film and doped with indium prepared by chemical spry pyrolysis technique. Polycrystalline ZnO thin films showed a preferred orientation in the (002) direction perpendicular to the substrate. The intensity decreased significantly with increased indium concentration and the preferred orientation changed from (002) to (101) on the glass substrate. SEM pictures showed a close packed morphology for both un- doped and In-doped films, and decrease in grain size with doping clearly seen. AFM pictures showed the smoothness decreases with increase indium concentration 1% and then become very smooth with indium concentration 3% for all glass substrates
S.No.: 161
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-10-15
Authors Name: Anand Verma, Jitendra Agrawal, Shikha Agrawal and Sanjeev Sharma
Authors Affilation: RGPV
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: This paper representation a summary of Teaching –Learning base optimization(TLBO).It is an evolutionary algorithm that inspired from teaching –learning phenomenon of a classroom.TLBO is a novel population based algorithm with faster convergence speed without any algorithm –specific parameters. In TLBO each potential problem is treated as a learner with certain knowledge. The TLBO consist of two phases Teacher phase and Learner phase, in both phases learner improves their knowledge from teacher(in teacher phase) and also from classmates(in learner phase).The primary objective of this paper is to provide the brief description of TLBO –based optimization method their different modifications and some real word application using TLBO.
S.No.: 162
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-10-18
Title : Gender Mainstreaming as Tool towards Achieving Woman’s Welfare in Kafa Zone, Southwest Ethiopia
Authors Name: Aberash Argawu , Professor KK Emnet Negash
Authors Affilation: Aberash Argaw department of Management, Jimma University Jimma, Ethiopia,
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: General objective: The general objective of this study was to assess in what extent gender mainstreaming of women children and youth affair gender mainstreaming can work for the welfare of the women. Methods and materials: In order to meet these objectives, both primary and secondary data has been collected through the aid of instruments of: questionnaire, interview, checklist and document analyses. And the study employ Purposive sampling with the sample size of fifty The data collected has been analyzed using Statistical Package Scientific Software version 16 for windows has been used for data entry and Simple descriptive statistics (frequency and percentage analysis, and others) has been used to analyze the data. Conclusion and recommendation: the mere presence of policy and strategic documents do not make sense as far as the Issues of gender mainstreaming are concerned .Thus, in order to reach good result on welfare issue of women and to minimize gender gap in general, the need to implement gender mainstreaming practice, rules and strategy is essential with no choice. Therefore, to get those rules and regulation on the ground it is advisable to establish gender mainstreaming committee at cabin level for the sake of influencing gender issue in general and women issue in particular. For paramount follow, training of department heads ,deputy department head and planning expert long and short term training how to work coordinately ,and also How to monitor and Evaluate on scheduled way and then drawing Responsibility and accountability for the accomplishment of gender mainstreaming issue in general and women’s welfare issue in particular. In general, Governments provide adequate human resources as well as material resource supported with capacity building and committed political leadership support to public structures to go with gender mainstreaming perspective
S.No.: 163
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-10-19
Title : Software Architectural Models for Organizational Governance
Authors Name: SHANKAR NAYAK Bhukya
Authors Affilation:
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: The Main Objective of this paper is to develop a sophisticated model for E-Governance by using Software Architecture Paradigms, finding for recurring problems of different governance models for quality, adaptability, security and productivity. a novel e-governance architecture which is purelydesigned considering the conventional structure of e-governance where the proposed solution ofarchitecture is formulated with all the 4 layers of the e-governance structure considering both qualityof service as well as security aspects in the design patterns. The evolution of this novel idea issubjected to real time case studies considering the unique identification. An Architecture that which is developed can act as an interface to the end-user, who can utilize the system services with Agility, Cost, Independence of Device and Location, Reliability, Scalability, Performance, Security and Maintenance.
S.No.: 164
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-14-21
Authors Name: Mr. R. V. Argiddi
Authors Affilation: Walchand Institute Technology, Solapur, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: Now a day’s people are mostly connected with social network for exchanging their thoughts and ideas and its popularity is growing very rapidly. Sentiment analysis is booming its popularity in domain like advertisement, online shopping and all types of E commerce. Normally human being gather information related to entity which he wants to buy from friends and relatives. But now the time has changed it is an era of social networking were lot of opinions can be collected from social network sites like twitter this article discusses an approach were large no. of tweets are collected from twitter which are processed and classified based on their emotional content as positive, negative and neutral and analyze them .This result of analysis is used for concluding stock price . The tools used are Ling Pipe and Support Vector Machine, here we compare the processed data with yesterday’s closing stock data and generate final result.
S.No.: 165
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-14-22
Title : Contribution of Nigeria capital market to Economic Development
Authors Name: OJeh Augustine, Ekwe Mike
Authors Affilation: Accountancy Department Godfrey Okoye University Enugu Nigeria
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: This study examines the contribution of the Nigeria capital market by wing market capitalization and all share index. The capital market is the engine of growth and development in modern economies. A right legal and regulatory Framework under a free economy with free enterprise is the spring board for development of this market which is the long term end of the financial market. The absence of a capital market will hamper industrial growth. Data used in this study were obtained from Nigeria stock exchange. The range is between 1998-2013. Ordinary least square (OLS) technique was used to analyse the data. The study showed that Nigeria capital market contribute to economic development by using market capitalization and all share index.
S.No.: 166
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-09-24
Title : A Modern method for detecting Cracks in Railway Tracks by the efficient Utilization of LDR and LED System
Authors Name: Mr.Prashanth.addagatla , Mr.G.Koteshwar Rao
Authors Affilation: 1Post graduate scholar, ECE Dept. Aurora’s Research & Technological, Hunter Road, Warangal, T.S, India.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: In this paper problem about a railway analysis is detection of cracks in the structure. If these deficiencies are not controlled at early stages they might lead to a number of derailments resulting in a heavy loss of life and property. In this paper, the proposed broken rail detection system automatically detects the faulty rail track without any human intervention. There are many advantages with the proposed system when compared with the traditional detection techniques. The advantages include less cost, low power consumption and less analysis time. By this proposed system the exact location of the faulty rail track can easily be located which will mended immediately so that many lives can be saved.
S.No.: 167
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-09-25
Authors Name: Gaandla.Anusha, B.ShivaKumar
Authors Affilation: 1Post graduate scholar, ECE Dept. Aurora’s Research & Technological, Hunter Road, Warangal, T.S, India.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: In most of the data processing processors to perform arithmetic functions Carry Select Adder (CSLA) is used as this is one of the fastest adders. In order to increase the overall efficiency of the processor we can reduce the area and power consumption of the CSLA of processors. Based on this premise we can modify the regular SQRT CSLA architecture as 8-, 16-, 32-, and 64-b square-root CSLA (SQRT CSLA) architecture. The proposed design has reduced area and power as compared with the regular SQRT CSLA with only a slight increase in the delay. This work evaluates the performance of the proposed designs in terms of delay, area, power. The results analysis shows that the proposed CSLA structure is better than the regular SQRT CSLA.
S.No.: 168
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-09-27
Authors Affilation: 1Post graduate scholar, ECE Dept. Aurora’s Research & Technological, Hunter Road, Warangal, T.S, India.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: We have developed and experimentally evaluated at high -speed a complete set of arithmetic circuits (multiply, add, and accumulate) for high performance digital signal processing (DSP). These circuits take advantage of the unique features of the Rapid Single -Flux Quantum (RSFQ) logic/memory family, including fusion of logic and memory functions at the gate level, pulse representation of clock and data, and the ability to maintain inter cell propagation delays using Josephson transmission lines (JTLs). The circuits developed have been successfully used in the implementation of a serial radix 2 butterfly, a decimation digital filter, and of an arithmetic unit for digital beam forming. The 8×8-bit RSFQ multiplier uses a two - level parallel carry - save reduction tree that significantly reduces the multiplier latency. The 80-GHz carry-save reduction is implemented with asynchronous data -driven wave pipelined [4:2] compressors built with toggle flip-flop cells. The design has mostly regular layout with both local and global connections between modules
S.No.: 169
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-09-28
Authors Name: Ravi chander , P.Murali Krishna
Authors Affilation: 1Post graduate scholar, ECE Dept. Aurora’s Research & Technological, Hunter Road, Warangal, T.S, India.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: As transistors decrease in size more and more of them can be accommodated in a single die, thus increasing chip computational capabilities. However, transistors cannot get much smaller than their current size. The quantum-dot cellular automata (QCA) approach represents one of the possible solutions in overcoming this physical limit, even though the design of logic modules in QCA is not always straightforward. In this brief, we propose a new adder that outperforms all state - of -The art competitors and achieves the best area - delay tradeoff. The above advantages are obtained by using an overall area similar to the cheaper designs known in literature. The 64 - bit version of the novel adder spans over 18.72 μ m2 of active area and shows a delay of only nine clock cycles, that is just 36 clock phases.
S.No.: 170
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-09-30
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: Modular adder is one of the key components for the application of residue number system (RNS). Module set with the form can offer excellent balance among the RNS channels for multi-channels RNS processing. In this paper, a novel algorithm and its VLSI implementation structure are proposed for modulo2n -2k-1 adder. In the proposed algorithm, parallel prefix operation and carry correction techniques are adopted to eliminate the re-computation of carries. Any existing parallel prefix structure can be used in the proposed structure. Thus, we can get flexible tradeoff between area and delay with the proposed structure. Compared with same type modular adder with traditional structures, the proposed modulo 2n -2k-1 adder offers better performance in delay and area.
S.No.: 171
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-15-31
Title : Mining Spatial Data & enhancing classification Using Bio- Inspired Approaches
Authors Name: Poonam Kataria, Navpreet Rupal
Authors Affilation: SUSCET Tangori
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: Data-Mining (DM) has become one of the most valuable tools for extracting and manipulating data and for establishing patterns in order to produce useful information for decision-making. It is a generic term that is used to find hidden patterns of data(tabular, spatial, temporal, spatio-temporal etc.) Spatial data mining is the process of discovering interesting and previously unknown, but potentially useful patterns from spatial databases Extracting interesting and useful patterns from spatial datasets is more difficult than extracting the corresponding patterns from traditional numeric and categorical data due to the complexity of spatial data types, spatial relationship and spatial autocorrelation. Spatial data are the data related to objects that occupy space. A spatial database stores spatial objects represented by spatial data types and spatial relationship among such objects. Clustering is the process of partitioning a set of data objects into subsets such that the data elements in a cluster are similar to one another and different from the element of other cluster The set of cluster resulting from a cluster analysis can be referred to as a clustering. Spatial clustering is a process of grouping a set of spatial objects into clusters so that objects within a cluster have high similarity in comparison to one another, but are dissimilar to objects in other clusters. In this paper, enhancement of classification scheme is done using various Honey bee Optimization and Firefly Optimization. There are number of artificial intelligence techniques which helps in data mining to get the optimized result of the query. Hybrid of K-Mean & Ward’s Method, Honeybee Optimization and Firefly Optimization will be compared on the basis of performance parameters of classification (precision, recall, cohesion, variance, F-Measure, H-Measure) and therefore enhancement will be done.
S.No.: 172
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-17-33
Authors Name: Sushruta Mishra, Lambodar Jena, Satyapriya Mishra
Authors Affilation: CSE, BPUT
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are highly energy-constrained networks. Once the battery lifetime is over the sensor nodes are of no use. So there is a high need for choice of suitable energy retention criterions that can reduce the energy consumption to a high extent in such networks, thereby optimizing the overall lifetime of the sensor networks. Higher energy retention means higher degree of ensurance of the delivery of data sensed by the individual nodes of the sensor network to the sink node or base station. In this paper we have analyzed data replication factor as an power retention criterion in energy sensitive wireless sensor networks. We performed the simulation in MATLAB and the results verified that data replication issue by taking a backup cluster head in a clustered sensor network is a negative factor and it degrades the performance of the network thus minimizing its network lifetime.
S.No.: 173
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-17-34
Title : Artificial Neural Networks for Software Effort Estimation : A Review
Authors Name: Poonam Rijwani, Sonal Jain
Authors Affilation: PhD Research Scholar, Computer Science Department, JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: Several software effort estimation models have been developed over the past few years, but providing accurate estimates of the software projects is still a challenge. Failures in software are mainly due to the erroneous estimation of effort at early stages. Therefore, many researchers are working on the development of new models and the improvement of the existing ones using artificial intelligence techniques. Dynamic scenarios of software development technology make effort estimation difficult to predict. Ability of ANN (Artificial Neural Network) to model a complex set of relationship between the dependent variable (effort) and the independent variables (cost drivers) makes it as a budding tool for estimation. This paper presents a review based on performance analysis of different ANNs and comparing the results of various ANN models in effort estimation.
S.No.: 174
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-18-36
Authors Name: I. Harish Rohith , Jaiganesh
Authors Affilation: Student, ECE, Saveetha School of Engineering, Chennai, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: The main aim is to give a situation for Indian Fisherman to handlehazardous situation with the help of modern technology . One of the huge problems faced by Indian Fisherman is being threatened by neighbor country coastal guards for crossing IMBL. This is because of lack in knowledge of position system. This paper comes with a reliable solution for this problem and protects the Indian fisherman from dangerous situation and being crossing the maritime boundary and save their life and improve the safety of fisherman. This made possible by developing an application in Android Mobile OS which is fed in mobile computing smartphone device. The application uses the information of smartphone inbuilt GPS & GSM module. For positioning and give alert messages to base stations, Keeping the lives of Fisherman in mind, this system has been developed to help them not to move beyond Indian Boundaries. On the whole its an attempt to build a suitable device for fisherman at low cost.
S.No.: 175
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-20-41
Title : Microwave Breast Tumor Detecting and Targeting Employing Multiswarm Contrast-Agent-Loaded Bacterial Nano robots
Authors Name: pagadala sree harsha , divya.k
Authors Affilation: saveetha school of engineering, saveetha university
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: The orders and speeds of bio-compatible flagellated magneto tactic bacteria (MTB) might be accompanied alongside pre-planned trails deep inside the human body across external magnetic fields. Furthermore, a microwave difference agent such as carbon nanotubes (CNTs) could be loaded onto MTB to change the dielectric properties of tissues adjacent the agent. Instituted on these two phenomena, we illustrate how several aggregations of MTB released into human breast can be pursued simultaneously and monitored using the differential microwave imaging (DMI) technique. We also present novel strategies to detect and localize a breast cancerous mass across the DMI-track able bacterial propulsion and steering period, and use an anatomically realistic breast ideal as a tested to confirm the feasibility of this breast cancer diagnostic method. Keywords: flagellated magneto tactic bacteria (MTB), carbon nanotubes (CNTs), differential microwave imaging (DMI) technique.
S.No.: 176
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-20-42
Title : CMOS Inductors for Wilkinson Power Divider
Authors Name: Dolon Chapa Paul, K.Jayashree, B.Jaiganesh
Authors Affilation: Dept of ECE, Saveetha School of Engineering, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: Illustrating a dc present of 9.3 mA from a 1.8-V supply voltage, the fabricated route exhibits an insertion defeat less than 0.16 dB and a revisit defeat larger than 30 dB at the center frequency as maintaining good isolation amid the output ports. The alert span of the miniaturized Wilkinson manipulation divider is 150 100 m2, that is suitable for arrangement integration in monolithic microwave consolidated route (MMIC) applications.
S.No.: 177
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-20-43
Title : A Robotic Surgery Exploration Arrangement for Hepatic Microwave Coagulation Therapy
Authors Name: BoopathiRaja.SArasu.SB.Jaiganesh
Authors Affilation: Deparmentof ECE, Saveetha School of engineering Saveetha University
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: This paper counseled a needle insertion robotic surgery arrangement for hepatic microwave coagulation of liver tumors. The arrangement might compensate the impact provoked by the patient’s respiratory motion. The arrangement includes a needle insertion robot, a surgical arranging subsystem, a magnetic pursuing mechanism and a stereo vision system. In order to encounter the frank necessity of the arrangement, inserting the needle precisely to the target, we counseled a method in this paper. First, a patient body fixation method was utilized to cut unintentional patient movement. Then, stereo vision method was utilized to trail the markers on the patient’s body surface. By joining the fixation and stereo vision, we can draw the precise gesture of the structure, minimizing impact of respiratory and cardiac motion. Finally, accuracy examination on 3D ultrasound phantom was grasped out to assess the exploration system. The aftermath indicated that the counseled method might enhance arrangement accuracy, enhancing the efficiency of interference therapy for the hepatic tumors and cutting the patient’s pain
S.No.: 178
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-20-46
Title : Effect of dielectric on the machining characters of γ-TiAl in EDM process
Authors Name: Mohammadreza Shabgard, Hossein Faraji, Behnam Khosrozade, Hadi Eivazi, Keivan Am
Authors Affilation: Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: This research investigates the effect of two different kinds of dielectric (kerosene oil and de-ionized water) on the material removal rate, tool wear ratio, surface roughness and surface cracks in electrical discharge machining (EDM) of -TiAl intermetallic compound. The obtained results indicate that by increase of pulse current and pulse on time in both of dielectrics, material removal rate increases. Using kerosene as dielectric, it is observed that the material removal rate is always higher compared to de-ionized water. However, the tool wear ratio in kerosene dielectric seems to be lower than de-ionized water dielectric. Furthermore, in order to explore the effect of dielectrics on the finish quality of the EDM machined surface, SEM images were provided. The machined specimens in kerosene dielectric at low pulse current, exhibited smoother topography, while de-ionized water dielectric produced rougher surface as well as cracks. Based on XRD analysis, EDM using both dielectrics produced Ti3Al intermetallic compound on the machined surface.
S.No.: 179
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-21-48
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: Study was based on data collected from 100 farmers from one district namely Gopalgonj of Bangladesh. Results of the study revealed that, per ha production cost of watermelon as maximum, minimum and mean were tk.150000, tk.117000 and tk.129500 respectively. The gross returns obtained as maximum, minimum and mean were tk.255000, tk.175000 and tk.202500 respectively. The net returns as maximum, minimum and mean were tk.114000, tk.47500 and tk.72500 respectively .The study shown that gross marketing margin of Aratdar, wholesaler, Petty trader, Retailer was tk.5000, tk.7000, tk.4500 and tk.11000 respectively per thousand watermelon .The net marketing margin of Aratdar, wholesaler, Petty trader, Retailer was tk.4000, tk.6300, tk.4100 and tk.10800 respectively per thousand watermelon. Marketing cost of the Aratdar, wholesaler, Petty trader, Retailer was tk.15.92, tk.11.47, tk.12.50 and tk.10.40 respectively per thousand watermelon. Most of farmer faced problems of lack of fertilizer, high price of pesticide and lack of subsidy. The objectives of the study were to estimate the cost of production, returns of banana and to identify the marketing channels of banana.
S.No.: 180
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-22-49
Title : Effect of Corporate Governance on Dividend Policies in Listed Firms in Tehran Stock Exchange(TSE)
Authors Name: Hamid Birjandi, Somayeh Akhavan Darabi, Masoud Birjandi
Authors Affilation: Department of accounting, kerman Branch, Islamic Azad University, kerman, Iran
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: According to the representation literature, paying monetary interest to shareholders in one hand follows by free monetary currents reduction and reduction of investment probability in non-optimum investment projections and in the other hand incensement of continuum supervision on managers by capital market. Therefore, interest paying policy is considered as one of the benefits opposition reduction factors. So, in this research effect of corporate governance (steering system) on divided policies in listed firms in Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) is studied. Population of this research are all of the listed firms in Tehran Stock Exchange. According to the population limitations 71 firms during 2007-2011 were studied. Research method is correlation method and research methodology is post events type (using last information). In order to study mentioned variables multi regression using compound data in constant effects method was used. Results of this research show that corporate governance mechanisms in the base of possession structure includes possession percent of managers shares, institutional possession and board of directors structure includes percent of non-bound members and presence of one of the non-bound members in directorship of board of directors have not significant effect on proportion of monetary interest payment of studying firms.
S.No.: 181
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-24-52
Title : Design and Implementation of Multichannel Data Acquisition System using LABVIEW
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: Abstract— The data acquisition and processing architecture covers the most demanding applications of continuous monitoring in industrial field, the multichannel data obtained is processed at runtime and stored in an external storage for future reference. The method of implementing the proposed design is by using the ARM Cortex M-3 Processor to reduce the hardware size and cost. The Cortex M-3 attains high resolution. A Eight channel data acquisition processing (DAQP) and Controlling was designed, developed using the Lab VIEW graphical programming in this project. The module was designed in order to provide high accuracy, storage and portability. The system designed is not specific for any sensor acquisition, so any sensor having signal-conditioning circuit built can be connected to the DAQ (Data Acquisition System). ARM controller is used as heart of the DAQ. Keywords: Data acquisition and processing, Cortex M-3, Multichannel, data storage.
S.No.: 182
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-25-53
Authors Name: Dhruva R. Rinku, Gundu Srinath
Authors Affilation: Assoc. Professor, Dept. of ECE, CVR College of Engg, TG, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: The data acquisition and processing architecture covers the most demanding applications of continuousmonitoring in industrial field, the multichannel data obtained is processed at runtime and stored in an external storage for future reference. The method of implementing the proposed design is by using the ARM Cortex M-3 Processor to reduce the hardware size and cost. The Cortex M-3 attains high resolution. A Eight channel data acquisition processing (DAQP) and Controlling was designed, developed using the Lab VIEW graphical programming in this project. The module was designed in order to provide high accuracy, storage and portability. The system designed is not specific for any sensor acquisition, so any sensor having signal-conditioning circuit built can be connected to the DAQ(Data Acquisition System). ARM controller is used as heart of the DAQ.
S.No.: 183
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-25-54
Title : Maximal Flow Problem On Network With Fuzzy Edge Capacity
Authors Name: Smaneh tahmasebi , Aliu nasrollahnejad
Authors Affilation: Sjhahroud university
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: In this paper, the fuzzy linear programming formulation of fuzzy maximal flow problems are proposed and on the basis of the proposed formulation a method is proposed to find the fuzzy optimal solution of fuzzy maximal flow problems. In the proposed method all the edge capacity is variable on an interval. By using the proposed method the fuzzy maximal solution of fuzzy maximal flow problems can be easily obtained. To illustrate the proposed method a numerical example is solved.
S.No.: 184
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-26-56
Title : Data Encryption Using DNA Sequences Based On Complementary Rules
Authors Name: Ms.Amruta D. Umalkar and Prof. Pritish A. Tijare
Authors Affilation: Master of Engineering Information Technology Department. Sipna College of Engg. and Technology Amravati, India.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: With the quick development of net technology and data process technology, the knowledge is unremarkable transmitted via the net. The vital data in transmission is definitely intercepted by unknown person or hacker. So as to reinforce the knowledge security, encryption becomes a vital analysis is direction. A message cryptography formula supported deoxyribonucleic acid (Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid) sequence for presenting during this paper. The most purpose of this formula is to write the message with the premise of complementary rules deoxyribonucleic acid sequence.
S.No.: 185
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-26-57
Authors Name: Shaik Mohammed Asheer, Dr.I.A.Pasha
Authors Affilation: VLSI System Design, M.tech Professor, Head of the Department of ECE BVRIT
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: SDRAMs are the most preferred form of memories for use as a System memory in SOCs due to their lower area compared to SRAMs. Memory controllers are used to perform the DRAM specific functions like Refresh, Activate and Precharge. A typical memory controller consists of a Command generator and a Scheduler. In this paper an out of order scheduler which will give higher priority for the requests which belong to the same row as the one that is currently activated. This will lead to less number of Activates and Precharges as compared to the first come first serve policy. The lesser number of Activates and Precharges will lead to a higher system memory throughput and contributes significantly to the improvement of system performance as memory is the bottleneck for high performance in any SOC.
S.No.: 186
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-27-59
Title : Transaction-level behavior based credit card fraud detection mechanism.
Authors Name: Bhakti Ratnaparkhi, Rahul Patil
Authors Affilation: PCCOE,Pune-44
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: Now a day technology is increasing very rapidly, which can be used for good as well as for bad purposes. E-commerce is part of all most every system where online transitions are performed through internet through which frauds can be easily done. Credit card system is most vulnerable for frauds. Hence it is very much essential to have fraud detecting system. Till date various approaches have been found by many of the researchers from this area. In this paper we have proposed and implemented new approach by studding various other techniques, their advantages and limitations. It keeps watch on behavior of every user based on which online checking will be done. Comparative results show that performance is improved in our system by avoiding money loss as well as reduced false alarm generation.
S.No.: 187
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-27-60
Title : Students and Educators Variability that determine Smart Phone Adoption for Self- Directed Learning in Universities in Kenya
Authors Name: Ikoha, Muchiri G.M, Wanyembi G
Authors Affilation: Kibabii University College-Kenya
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: Smart phone devices are very popular among people primarily because they are wireless and portable. Their functionalities enable users to communicate while on the move. Educators and students need to employ the technologies for learning and particularly for self-directed learning. This paper seeks to describe mobile learning and how students and educators vary in the use of smart phones for self-directed learning.
S.No.: 188
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-28-64
Title : The Factors Effecting Consumer Store Choice Behaviour
Authors Name: Khurram Latif Bhatti, Dr. Seemab Latif
Authors Affilation: National University of Modern Languages
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: The trend of big multi stories buildings, shopping malls and super stores are very much popular around the world. It’s a modernized stage of industrial life cycle. The factors like location of the store, kids play area and parking area is the main focus of this study and its main purpose is to determine their impact on consumer store choice behavior. In this study we use cross sectional data collection technique because we collected the data once from the primary source. We distributed 400 questioners in the selected super marts, plazas and large retail shops situated in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Out of 400 questioners 322 were completed. The questioners are designed to measure the strength between dependent variable (consumer store choice behavior) and independent variables (location of the store, kids play area and parking area). We developed three hypothesis location of the store, parking area and kids play area, and regression analysis was tested by Statistical Packages for Social Sciences (SPSS) software for these hypotheses. It originated that consumer store choice behavior (dependent variable) is significantly related to the location of the store, kids play area and parking area (independent variables). Hence location of the store, parking area and kids play area (independent variables) is positively contributing and strongly related to the consumer store choice behavior (dependent variable).
S.No.: 189
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-29-67
Title : Effect of single-gap and multi-gap complementary split ring resonator on microstrip patch antenna
Authors Name: Awij A.R. Shaikh, R.B. Lohani, and R.P.R.C. Aiyar, Abdul Sayeed
Authors Affilation: M.H.S.S. College of Engineering, Mumbai, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: Metamaterial structure that provide electromagnetic properties not found in naturally occurring media; properties such as negative index of refraction, negative permeability or permittivity[1][2]. Complementary split-ring resonator (CSRR) used as a metamaterial structure. In this paper, we present a systematic numerical study, validated by accompanied experimental data, of individual complementary split-ring resonator (CSRR) with one, two and four gaps loaded in the conventional rectangular Microstrip patch antenna. We discuss the behavior of the magnetic resonance frequency, the magnetic field and current distribution in the CSSRs loaded microstrip patch antenna. We show that coupling of the CSRRs along the E direction results to shift of the magnetic resonance frequency to lower or higher values, depending on the capacitive or inductive nature of the coupling. There is an increase in the return loss, gain, bandwidth of the proposed Microstrip patch antenna. Simulation of microstrip patch antenna with CSSR structure using IE3D Electromagnetic simulator of Zeland software incorporation.
S.No.: 190
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-29-68
Title : Loan recovery management and its impact on banks performance (With special reference to banks in Bangalore city)
Authors Name: Dr. S. umakanth*, Dr. Soma Sharma**
Authors Affilation: Jain University-CMS , Bangalore* Datta Meghe Institute of Management Studies, Nagpur **
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: Banking sector plays an important role for flourishing economy. Basically bank does the role of accepting deposits and lending for various sectors. Lending business has lot of credit risk which arises from the failure of borrower to fulfill its obligations either in payment of principle or payment of interest hence non-performing assets are one of the major concern. The failure of banking system in the economy might have adverse effect and impact on all sectors. The major concern for Indian banking system is non-performing assets. Non-performing asset reflects the performance of the banks. Higher level of NPA’s suggests high probability of credit defaulter and it has impact on banks profitability and net-worth of banks. The presence of NPA involves the creation of provision which will reduce overall profitability and shareholder’s value. Hence in this study an effort is made to study the impact of NPA’s on banks performance. In this study both primary and secondary data are being used to study the problem stated. Primary data is collected through structured questionnaire which are collected through employees of private and public banks having minimum five years of work experience and secondary data is collected though journal. The results indicate that the market share and profits are affected due to presence of NPA’s and securitization act does not empower the banks to reduce the NPA’s. Key words: - NPA, Banking Sector
S.No.: 191
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-30-72
Title : Use of Genetic Algorithm with Fuzzy Class Association Rule Mining for Intrusion Detection
Authors Name: Prof. Rahul Patil, Dipali Kharche
Authors Affilation: 1. Assistant Professor, Dept. of Computer Engineering, PCCOE College Pune
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: In today’s life Intrusion Detection System gain the attention, because of ability to detect the intrusion access efficiently and effectively as security is the major issue in networks. This system identifies attacks and reacts by generating alerts or blocking the unwanted data/traffic. Intrusion Detection System mainly classified as Anomaly based intrusion detection systems that have benefit of detecting novel attacks having false positive rate, and Misuse based intrusion detection systems fails to detect the novel attacks. The proposed system includes Genetic algorithmand the data mining method of fuzzy logic which is a class association rule mining. Genetic algorithm is used to extract the rules which are required for anomaly detection system. The use of the fuzzy logic in proposed model deals with mixed types of attribute and avoid sharp boundary problem. As association rule mining is used to extract the sufficient rules for the user purpose rather than to extract all the rules which are useful for the misuse detection. KDD dataset from the MIT Lincoln Laboratory is used which provides high detection rates.
S.No.: 192
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-30-76
Title : Content Based Image Retrieval System
Authors Name: Harshal misalkar,omprakash jaisinghani
Authors Affilation: PRMIT and R badnera, IBSS COE Amravati
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: Content-based image retrieval means that the search will analyze the actual contents of the image rather than the metadata such as keywords, tags, and/or descriptions associated with the image.
S.No.: 193
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-31-79
Title : Multi AuthorityAttribute Based Encryption Against Data Integrity And Scalability Issue In Cloud Data Service
Authors Name: Praveena.A, Sasikala.C, Deepthika.R.V,Senathipathi.k
Authors Affilation: V.S.B college of engineering,technical campus
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: Identity Privacy of the outsourced data from public auditing is modelled as privacy issue in the cloud data service during the public auditing. With cloud data services, it is ordinary place for data to be not only stored in the cloud, but also shared across numerous users. Regrettably, the integrity of cloud data is focus to cynicism due to the prolongation of hardware/software failures and human errors. We propose a novel privacy-preserving mechanism that supports public auditing on shared data stored in the cloud. Yet, issues such as risks of privacy exposure , scalability in key management, flexible access and efficient user revocation, have remained the foremost challenges towards achieving fine -grained ,cryptographically enforced data access control. In particular , we exploit and explore multi authority attribute based encryption to compute verification of the data stored in the cloud to audit the correctness of shared data. Through imposing the multi authority-ABE technique our mechanism, the identity of the attribute on each block in shared data is kept private from public verifiers so, that they can efficiently verify the data integrity without retrieving the entire file. It can also perform multiple auditing tasks simultaneously. Keywords: Cloud Security, Privacy Preserving , MA-ABE, Cloud Auditing, Anonymization.
S.No.: 194
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-31-83
Title : Color Constancy Techniques
Authors Name: Seema G. Kulkarni
Authors Affilation: K K Wagh Institute of Engineering Education and Research, Nashik
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: Color constancy is the ability to estimate the color of light source. The color of light source may impact the appearance of object in the scene. Human has the natural tendency to recognize the actual color of object despite variations in the color of the light source. However, it is not easy for computer vision systems to discover the actual color of objects in the scenes. Several algorithms have been proposed to estimate the effect of color of light source on a digital image. A review of the color constancy techniques is presented in the paper. Also, the comparative analysis of various color constancy techniques is discussed Keywords: Color constancy, illumination, survey, computer vision.
S.No.: 195
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-31-88
Title : Rail Transport Safety using Sensors through Cloud Computing
Authors Name: Mr.Rahul C. Bhate, Mr.Dharmaraj G. Raut, Mr.Nitin A. Pradhan
Authors Affilation: Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College,Aurangabad.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: This Paper presents a new kind of human-machine communication is to make it possible to detect damage to rail vehicles before it’s too late. The technology also leads to an improvement in the servicing of trains, providing it only when needed. The technology relies on a cloud-supported, wireless network of sensors. This system is a solution for great safety while reducing efforts and cost. It is all based on Cloud supported, wireless Network of Sensors.
S.No.: 196
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-31-90
Title : Study of Load Balancing in Private Cloud Computing
Authors Name: Chetna A Gupta, Shilpa Gadge, Dnyaneshwar B Udawant
Authors Affilation: Student at MGM’s Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College. Address: c/o B G Devatwal H.no. 5/13/85,station road,padampura, Aurangabad.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: As we all know Cloud computing is the emerging field or area in IT sector. The organization implementing theprivate clouds responsible for running and managing IT resources instead of passing that responsibility on to a third party. Load balancing is the technique to distribute workload over multiple usersacross the network links to achieve various challenges like optimal resource utilization, scalability, performance, throughput, fault tolerance etc. Many proposed techniques and algorithms were there to improve load balancing.In this research paper we will do study of load balancing in private cloud computing and the latest approaches where the cloud computing meets the automated load balancing using cloud OS.
S.No.: 197
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-31-96
Title : A Review of Various Techniques of Cryptanalysis
Authors Name: Mr. Gaurav A Mhatre, Mr. Anand V Bhosale
Authors Affilation: MCA , MGM’s Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College, Aurangabad Dr .Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad Aurangabad(MS), India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: This talk will present a perspective on various techniques which are currently used for cryptanalysis purpose. This paper mainly focuses on various types of attacks which are mainly in use, in particular attacks on symmetric cipher, asymmetric cipher, and hash system. Also on classification of attacks and side channel attacks. Aim a brief description of all available types of cryptanalysis techniques.
S.No.: 198
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-31-103
Authors Name: Supriya S. Shinde, Prof. Rahul Patil
Authors Affilation: ME Computer Student, Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering, Nigdi, Pune, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: Email spam or junk e-mail is one of the major problems of the todays usage of Internet, which carries financial damage to organizations and annoying individual users. Among the approaches developed till date to stop spam, filtering is an important and popular technique. Common practices for mail filters include organizing incoming email and removal of spam mails and viruses. A fewer common use is to examine outgoing email at some companies to ensure that employees observe with appropriate rules. Users might also employ a mail filter to prioritize messages, and to sort them into folders based on subject matter or other criteria.For many years these elements have driven pattern recognition and machine learning communities to keep improving email filtering techniques. Mail filters can be connected by the user, either as separate packages, or as part of their email program as email client. In case of emails, users can make manual filters which automatically filter mail according to the criteria chosen by particular user. In this paper, we present a survey of the performance of six machine learning methods in spam filtering techniques.Experiments are carried out on different classification techniques and association techniques using Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis (WEKA). Different classifiers are applied on one benchmark dataset to evaluate which classifier gives better result. The dataset is in Attribute Relation File Format(ARFF). 10 fold cross validation is used to provide well accuracy. Results of classification algorithms are compared and it is found that no single algorithm performs best. For the different dataset it is observed that performance varies with different data sets. Our results prove that the performance of classification improve with filters.
S.No.: 199
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-10-31-112
Authors Name: Dr. A. Xavior Selvakumar, Mr. M. Irudhayaraj
Authors Affilation: T.B.M.L. College, Porayar, Nagapattinam District, Tamilnadu, India. 609307
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: ABSTRACT In the present paper, an attempt has been made to analyse the Non Perforning Assets (NPA’s) position and growth of Kumbakonam Central Cooperative Banks (KCCB) in Kumbakonam. Gross NPA’s of KCCB in Kumbakonam stood at Rs.7913.30 lakhs (7.32) per cent of total Gross Advances) and Net NPA’s at Rs. Nil as on March 31,2013 (Nil per cent of total Net Advances).These figures pose a severe threat to the profitability of the bank. The NPA’s hit bank in several ways. Not only banks lose income on these assets, but they are bad for the economy. Keywords: Performing Assets, Non Performing Assets, Standard Assets, Sub Standard Assets, Doubtful Assets, Loss Assets.
S.No.: 200
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-01-113
Authors Name: Rubens Cukier; Orlando Roque da Silva; Délvio Venanzi
Authors Affilation: College Francisco Morato; FMU; University of Sorocaba
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: Insofar as the competition between companies becomes a factor of sustainability, the measurement, and the analysis of services provided to the customers become extremely important for making the strategic decision by the managers of enterprises, since the perception by quality customer service is what ensures the company´s competitive advantage in the market where it belongs. The quality of services is therefore an extremely important factor for the company and should therefore be measured and analyzed periodically. This study aims to examine how the strategy of service quality of a compounding pharmacy has provided an increase of 32 percent in number of active clients in the last twelve months. The analyses were made on the gap between the quality of services expected by customers of compounding pharmacy object of study and the quality of service perceived by the same customer, compared at two different times before and after purchasing the product. Using data collected through the questionnaire validated SERVQUAL model of Parasuraman et al (1988) demonstrated that the characteristics most important to their clients were the reliability and safety. Key words: Quality service, Competitive Advantage, SERVQUAL
S.No.: 201
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-01-115
Title : A Review:An Uncompressed AVI Encryption Based on Haar Wavelet Decomposition of Frames and Audio
Authors Name: Ms.Minal C.Toley, Prof.Mayur S. Burange
Authors Affilation: 1Master of Engineering Scholar Computer Science and Engineering Department. P.R.Pote College of Engg. and Management Amravati, Maharashtra, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: The privacy and security becomes the major issues since the multimedia is transmitted openly over the network. Along with the privacy and security, storage space is also an important point that can’t be missed. So it is necessary to provide the privacy and security to the multimedia with help of encryption. This work presents design and implement of an efficient video encryption of uncompressed AVI system, where lossy compression is considered. The AVI (Audio Video Interleaved) file which is uncompressed divided into frames and audio which will be encrypted. Here a new modified International Haar Wavelet is used to encrypt the full video in an efficient secure manner, after encryption the frame and audio will be decomposes and deliver final uncompressed video. The proposed image encryption scheme operated in the prediction error domain is shown to be able to provide a reasonably high level of security and efficiency.
S.No.: 202
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-01-118
Title : An encryption algorithm based on ASCII value of data
Authors Name: Satyajeet R. Shinge
Authors Affilation: Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering, Savitribai Phule Pune University, India.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue10
Abstract: Encryption is the process of encoding messages or information in such a way that only authorized users can read it. In an encryption algorithm the original message or information called plaintext is given as input to form ciphertext. Decryption is the process of transforming ciphertext into plaintext. Here ciphertext is the input to the decryption algorithm and it generates plaintext as output. Cryptographic algorithms are classified as symmetric and asymmetric. This paper presents a symmetric cryptographic algorithm for data encryption and decryption based on ASCII values of characters in the plaintext. This algorithm encrypts the plaintext using their ASCII values. The secret key is converted to another string and that string is used as a key to encrypt or decrypt the data.
S.No.: 203
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-03-3
Title : Automatic Speech Recognition: A Review & Study
Authors Name: Mr. Umesh V Pandey
Authors Affilation: MCA , MGM’s Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College, Aurangabad Dr .Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad Aurangabad(MS), India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: After years of research and development the accuracy of automatic speech recognition (ASR) remains one of the most important research challenges e.g. speaker and language variability, vocabulary size and domain, noise. The design of speech recognition system require careful attentions to the challenges or issue such as various types of speech classes, speech representation, feature extraction techniques, database and performance evaluation. This paper presents a study of basic approaches to speech recognition and their results shows better accuracy. This paper also presents what research has been done around for dealing with the problem of ASR.
S.No.: 204
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-04-7
Title : Security in Cloud over the Virtual Environment
Authors Name: B.Kabilarasan, E.Nalina
Authors Affilation: Computer Science Department, KrishnasamyCollege of Engineering and Technology, Cuddalore,, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: Security issues in cloud concerns and mainly associated with security issues faced by cloud service providers and the service issues faced by the cloud customers .In the existing system, providing security in cloud opt a huge amount of pay based on the service of usage by the customers in cloud environment.The extensive use of virtualization in implementing cloud environment brings unique security providence for the cloud customers and all other resellers & subscribers of a public cloud service access. In the proposed system, an effective firewall security has been implemented for blocking and filtering the unwanted requests coming from the clients before the request approach the virtual machine. During the request processing, if the user requests the high level of data from the cloud, then based on the payment made by the cloud user, they can use and access the data’s from the cloud server.
S.No.: 205
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-04-9
Authors Name: Dr. Assem El-Ansary, CEO Ass.Prof. M.M.Elgazzar
Authors Affilation: 1- CRO Emergent Technologies USA, Inc. 2-Faculty of Computing & Information
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: This paper illustrates the event-oriented Behavioral Pattern Analysis (BPA) modeling approach using the Train Traffic Management System. In BPA, events are considered the primary objects of the world model. Events are more effective alternatives to use cases in modeling and understanding the functional requirements. The Event defined in BPA is a real-life conceptual entity that is unrelated to any implementation. The BPA Behavioral Patterns are temporally ordered according to the sequence of the real world events. The major contributions of this research are:  The Behavioral Pattern Analysis (BPA) modeling methodology.  Validation of the hypothesis that the Behavioral Pattern Analysis (BPA) modeling methodology is a more effective alternative to Use Case Analysis (UCA) in modeling the functional requirements of Human-Machine Safety-Critical Real-time Systems.  The development of an interactive software tool (DECISION), which is based on a combination of the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and the ELECTRE Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) methods. The DECISION software tool was used to process the assessment results of the case studies. Key words: analysis, modeling methodology, software modeling, event-oriented, behavioral pattern, use cases.
S.No.: 206
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-04-10
Title : Comparative Study of Privacy Preservation Techniques in Data Mining
Authors Name: Avruti Srivastava
Authors Affilation: Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: Abstract: Extraction of knowledgeable information from large quantities of data and its study is crucial to Data mining. The process of data collection and data dissemination may, however, result in an inherent risk of privacy threats. The privacy-preserving data mining (PPDM) has thus become an important issue. Various methods have come into existence. The methods can be grouped into various categories based on their methodology and working, for example Integer Partitioning Based Encryption (IPBE) is an effective cryptography based method for the same. This method provides a greater amount of protection compared to usual cryptographic techniques as it is not a straight forward public key encryption method.
S.No.: 207
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-05-11
Title : Deriving and Calculation of Values of Optimum Balance for Spherical Aberration from Five- -Order for Array of Obscured Circular Synthetic Apertures
Authors Name: Ban Hussein Ali Al-Rueshdy
Authors Affilation: University of Kufa / College of Sciences / Department of Physics
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: In this research we derived the equation of optimum balance for spherical aberration from five order for array of obscured circular synthetic apertures, also to calculating the value of optimum balance for set from obscured circular synthetic apertures (N=1,2,6,8), the obscuration ratio (ε=0,0.25,0.5,0.75),by using Math LAB program, and derivative the equation of point spread function (PSF) for this case, by substituting the value of optimum balance in equation point spread function for spherical aberration from five order by using MathCAD program, the results show an increasing the values of spherical aberration coefficients from five order with increasing the apertures number, addition to increase the point spread function with increasing the obscuration ratio.
S.No.: 208
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-08-18
Title : Thermal biometrics: A new approach in biometrics detection
Authors Name: Raviprakash S. Shriwas, Gaurav P. Kathale
Authors Affilation: Assistant professor, Dept. of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, J.D.I.E.T. Yavatmal Maharashtra, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: Authentication and verification in any system environment has become a very crucial part in today’s age. There are many methods to verify personality or validate anyone. This field is started right from the use of some things and further advanced to use of biometric techniques that are based on structural and behavioral characteristics of humans. The use of such techniques is the most accepted method nowadays. However due to further advances these techniques are now being invaded by thefts or criminals. Now these biometric techniques can be fully replaced by the new biometric techniques with the advancement of the thermal cameras. The thermal cameras based on IR imaging technique covers some most important drawbacks of conventional cameras. This camera can be used as a sensor for capturing the human vein patterns that are having higher temperature than body and which are variable from person to person.
S.No.: 209
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-08-19
Title : Quality Aware Reliable Messaging For Wireless Mesh Network
Authors Name: M. Aravind, P.Edreena
Authors Affilation: Undergraduate Student*, Associate Professor# Department of computer science Saveetha School of Engineering Saveetha University, Chennai, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: Wireless mesh networks (WMNs) have emerged as a versatile and inexpensive network infrastructure, wherever heterogeneous mesh routers are managed by completely different users, they collaborate to increase network coverage. Many routing protocols areprojectedto boost the packet delivery rate andsupport increased metrics that capture the wireless link quality. However, these metrics dont take into consideration that some participants will exhibit stingybehaviour by dropping selected packets sent by different mesh routers so as to place their own traffic and increase their network utilization. This paper proposes a completely unique routing metric to deal withthe matter of stingybehavior (i.e., packet dropping) of mesh routers in an exceedingly WMN. Our answer combines, in an exceedingly cross-layer fashion, routing-layer observations of forwarding behavior withmacintosh layer measurements of wireless link quality to pickthe foremost reliable and superior path. We have integrated the projected metric with a widely known routing protocol for wireless mesh networks, OLSR, and evaluated it using the NS2 machine. The results show that our cross-layer metric accurately captures the trailreliableness, even once a highproportion of network nodes move, thereforesignificantly increasing the performance of WMN.
S.No.: 210
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-08-21
Title : A review on Detection of Outliers over High Dimensional Streaming Data Using Cluster Based Hybrid Approach
Authors Name: Mr. Abhishek B. Mankar, Prof. Namrata D. ghuse
Authors Affilation: P.R.Pote(patil) college of engineering and management, Amravati. state. Maharashtra
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: Finding Outlier detection in data streams has gained broad importance presently due to the increasing cases of fraud in various applications of data streams, data cleaning, network monitoring, invasive species monitoring, stock market analysis, detecting outlying cases in medical data etc. Finding outliers in a collection of patterns is a very well-known problem in the data mining field. An outlier is a pattern which is dissimilar with respect to the rest of the patterns in the dataset. Proposed Method for outlier detection uses hybrid approach. Purpose of approach is first to apply clustering algorithm that is k-means which partition the dataset into number of clusters and then find outliers from the each resulting clusters using distance based method. The principle of outliers finding depend on the threshold. Threshold is set by user. The main objective of the second stage is a finding out the objects, which are far away from their cluster centroids. In proposed approach, two techniques are combining to efficiently find the outlier from the data set. The experimental results using real dataset demonstrate that proposed method takes less computational cost and performs better than the distance based method. Proposed algorithm efficiently prunes of the safe cells (inliers) and save huge number of extra calculations.
S.No.: 211
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-10-26
Title : One compound Steroids from n-hexane fraction of the stem bark of Shorea Singkawang Mig and anticancer activity test with Murin leukemia P-388 cells
Authors Name: Yusnelti, Yunazar Manjang, Abdi Dharma, Djaswir Darwis
Authors Affilation: Chemistry, Departemen of Teacher Training and Education science Edinburgh University, Jambi-Indonesia
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: It has been succeeded to isolation steroid compounds from n-hexane fraction of bark of shorea singkawang (Miq) .Miq and has been identified as campesterol or 5-ergost-en-3-ol (3beta) based on the data of UV spectroscopy, IR, GC-MS and 1H NMR and 13C NMR, HMBC and HSQC. This compound is derived from steroid which was first discovered in the current plant and bioassay cytotoxic activity by using Murin leukemia of P-388 cells, with LC50> 100 µm / ml
S.No.: 212
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-11-31
Title : Studying The Effect of Social Marketing Mix to Reduce Gas Consumption (Case Study: North &Eastern part of Shahrekord in Iran)
Authors Name: 1- Hojat Fadaei, 2-Dr. Mohammad Hossein Moshref Javadi
Authors Affilation: 1-Master of Executive Management, Department of Administrative Affairs, Municipality of Shahrekord, Iran 2-Department of Management , School of Business Administration , University of Isfahan, Iran
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: In this study, using social marketing principles and utilizing the theory of planned behavior, Social marketing mix effects on gas household consumer behavior in Shahrekord have been studied in order to reduce gas consumption.This study is applicable and descriptive-field studies in nature. According to the table of Morgan and Krejcie’s sample volume determination, samples of 379 samples were suitable for this study.Since some of the questionnaires may not be returned, 385 questionnaires were distributed where 377 of them were fully completed so the research sample consisted of 377 people.Information required were collected by the questionnaire and taking a stratified random sampling method. In this study, the methods of descriptive statistics were used such as: Frequency distribution tables, the average to study and Compared data collected through questionnaires and inferential statistics, t test in a group (or individual samples), two samples t and analysis of variance (ANOVA), Pearson correlation and stepwise regression analysis. Subsequently,SPSS software was used for analysis and application of these tests and also AMOS software was used for factor analysis and structural equation modeling.
S.No.: 213
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-12-32
Title : An Interactive Educational Mobile Application for System Programming
Authors Name: Prof.Mrs.Sunita M. Dol, Rushikesh Pise, Parmeshwar Reure, Rajkumar Madde, Aniru
Authors Affilation: Walchand Institute of Technology, Solapur
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: The purpose of this mobile application proposed for System programming of Computer Science and Engineering is to provide study material, question bank, games like word search puzzle, videos etc. This application also provides answers to the questions in the question bank to help student to clear their doubts in handy manner. It is a type of Modern learning content delivery system. This application will clear all doubts related to System Programming.Students can use this application anywhere, at free of cost. This application can be useful for android based mobile as well as tablets. Students can access all chapters related to the subject System programming. User can check their concept by solving quiz. Student can improve their programming skills by trying Hands-On feature, which is provided in this application. Main vision of this application is to provide a complete set of notes for System programming subject.
S.No.: 214
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-14-34
Authors Name: Ganesh R. Jadhav, Kailash J. Karande
Authors Affilation: Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Department, SKN Sinhgad college of engineering, Pandharpur , India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: A license plate recognition (LPR) system is one type of intelligent transportation system (ITS). It is a type of technology in which the software enables computer system to read automatically the license number plate of vehicle from digital pictures. Reading automatically the number plate means converting the pixel information of digital image into the ASCII text of the number plate. This paper discuses a method for the vehicle number plate recognition from the image using mathematical morphological operations. The main objective is to use different morphological operations in such a way that the number plate of vehicle can be identified accurately. This is based on various operation such as image enhancement, morphological transformation, edge detection and extraction of number plate from vehicle image. After this segmentation is applied to recognize the characters present on number plate using template matching. This algorithm can recognize number plate quickly and accurately from the vehicles image.
S.No.: 215
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-14-35
Title : Greater Service Itemsets Mining on Increasing Transactions using UP-Growth and UP-Growth+ Algorithm
Authors Name: Santosh Reddy, Shaila Reddy
Authors Affilation: Computer Sci. and Engg. Department, Jaywant College of Engineering & Management, K.M Gad.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: One of the important research area in data mining is high utility pattern mining. Discovering itemsets with high utility like profit from database is known as high utility itemset mining. There are number of existing algorithms have been work on this issue. Some of them incurs problem of generating large number of candidate itemsets. This leads to degrade the performance of mining in case of execution time and space. In this paper we have focus on UP-Growth and UP-Growth+ algorithm which overcomes this limitation. This technique uses tree based data structure, UP-Tree for generating candidate itemsets with two scan of database. In this paper we extend the functionality of these algorithms on incremental database.
S.No.: 216
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-14-36
Authors Name: R.P.Kaaviya Priya, G.Bhavani
Authors Affilation: Krishnasamy College of Engineering and Technology, Cuddalore.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: The Behavioural characterization of malware is an effective alternative to pattern matching in detecting malware. The Delay tolerant network is a viable communication with mobile consumer electronics equipped with short range communication technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct. This paper propose a general behaviour characterization of proximity malware based on Naive Bayesian model. It was identified with two unique challenges for extending Bayesian malware detection to DTNs and so propose a simple and effective method “look ahead”, to address the challenges with two extensions to look ahead, dogmatic filtering, and adaptive look ahead, they address the challenge of “malicious nodes sharing false evidence.” Real mobile network traces are used to verify the effectiveness of the proposed methods.
S.No.: 217
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-14-37
Title : UBPS:User Based Personalized Search With Big Data
Authors Name: R.Shenbagavalli, S.Ilakkiya
Authors Affilation: the Computer Science Department, Krishnasa -nmyCollege of Engineering and Technology, Cuddalore,, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: The main aim of this project is to develop a User Based Personalized Search With Big Data, named UBPS, to address scalability and inefficiency problem in BigData with traditional service recommender systems, which fails to meet users personalized requirements and diverse Preferences.In the existing system, service recommender systems, such as hotel reservation systems and restaurant guides, They have not considered users different preferences, without meeting users personalized requirements.In the existing Approaches, solve the scalability problem by dividing dataset. But their method doesnt have favorable scalability and efficiency if the amount of data grows. In the proposed system, which is based on a user-based Collaborative Filtering algorithm.It is a robust method to achieve a personalization.In UBPS, keywords are used to indicate both of users preferences and the quality of candidate services.It improve the scalability and efficiency of recommendation method in “Big Data” environment.
S.No.: 218
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-14-38
Title : Effective Routing Through Boosting Algorithm
Authors Name: S.Karthik, N.B.Nandhini
Authors Affilation: Computer Science and Engineering Department, KrishnasamyCollege of Engineering and Technology, Cuddalore,India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: High-performance routers need to temporarily store a large number of packets in response to congestion.A novel reservation-based packet buffer architectures with interleaved memories that take advantage of the known packet departure times to achieve simplicity and determinism. In the existing, DRAM is typically needed to implement large packet buffers and it improves the performance for routing.It doesnt concentrates on the mining process which is mandatory for a router to collect information about the connected hosts.In the proposed, a new technique called boosting algorithm which improves routing by efficient data mining process.This will greatly increases the performance of data mining through which it can improves the routing performance. AdaBoost is adaptive in the sense that subsequent weak learners are tweaked in favor of those instances misclassified by previous classifiers. AdaBoost is sensitive to noisy data and outliers.
S.No.: 219
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-14-40
Title : The Empirical study of different XML parsers across various applications
Authors Name: Ms.Prachi V. Kale
Authors Affilation: P.R.Patil College of Engineering and Technology ,Amravti
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: As XML has become a standard for data representation and exchange, XML data processing becomes more and more important for server workloads like web servers and database servers.Every application that processes information from XML documents needs an XML Parser which reads an XML document and provides interface for user to access its content and structure. Parsing is a core operation performed before an XML document can be navigated, queried or manipulated. We focus on four representative XML parsing models—DOM, SAXPull, SAXPush, XOM using real time system , seing its performance on cloud and with android mobile platform In this paper we are representing the process where multibanking transaction table as xml file and this xml file is parsed by XML parser like SAX, DOM and XOM. In it we are analyzing which parser is more efficient with respect to time and memory space. This analysis is shown by the graph, also we are analysing the performance through the android mobile platform and with the cloud. The handful of studies has been done for comparing the XML parser performance acorss various applications using different platform.Previously we have done the comparision of various parsers through .net as a platform
S.No.: 220
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-15-41
Authors Name: DR MAMTA VYAS
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: Today, women are equal partners in household expenditure. If they are married, they provide their share in household expenditure due to price hikes. In olden day women save her money because as it is psychology of men that they do not touch salary of women & easily managed their life financially. Today, women start earning at the age of 21. She is aware about managing her budget and saving for the future. At the same time women life style has been changed and she loves to spend money on its look or beauty, clothes , property and on electronics items and comfort products and services. Now the question comes in mind that the expenditure pattern of single/Spinster women similar to married women. It is true or myth that single women save more than married women. This paper gives an idea about the comparative expenditure pattern of Spinster women and married women. It will compare the two patterns and other factors related to purchasing behavior
S.No.: 221
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-15-43
Title : Efficient Monitoring of Data Streams by Hibernation and Piggybacking
Authors Name: Mr.G.Balakrishnan, K.Prakash
Authors Affilation: M.E. CSE krishnasamy college of engineering and technology, cuddalore, tamilnadu, india.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: Monitoring data streams in a distributed system is the focus of much research in recent years.The monitoring problem consists of determining whether the value of a global function, defined on the union of all streams, crossed a certain threshold. In existing system, a general approach for monitoring heterogeneous streams (HGM) is used, which defines constraints tailored to fit the data distributions at the nodes. HGM provides a practical solution, which reduces the running time by hierarchically clustering nodes with similar data distributions. HGM also present a method for recovering from local violations at the nodes. But it triggers communication only after a safe-zone breach occurs. In our proposed system, we are creating a monitoring tool which secures the database with hibernation. It also monitors the attack, once if any found it will raise an alarm and blocks the attacker if necessary. Hibernation will secure the database with object security. The Piggybacking method is used for reducing communication overhead. Our Experiments yield an improvement of over an order of magnitude in communication and data security relative to HGM.
S.No.: 222
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-16-45
Authors Name: Dr. Mohammed Abdulsalam Kassim
Authors Affilation: Ministry of Science and Technology
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: The vapour phase dehydrogenation of ethyl alcohol to acetaldehyde has been studied in an integral flow reactor in the temperature range of 300-425 oC at atmospheric pressure and W/F values ranges from 0.93 to 2.915 gm cat./gm mole feed/hr. This study has been carried out by using the integral flow reactor of diameter 18mm over ZnO-CuO/Al2O3 catalyst. The maximum conversion of ethyl alcohol, selectivity of acetaldehyde yield were 48%,85.3% and 32% respectively and the concentration of by product hydrogen was 98%.
S.No.: 223
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-16-48
Title : An Efficient Implementation of Digit FIR Filters Using Memory Based Realization
Authors Name: Maloth Santhoshi
Authors Affilation: Vardhaman College of Engineering
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: Abstract: The main contribution of this paper is an exact common sub expression elimination algorithm for the optimum sharing of partial terms in multiple constant multiplications (MCMs).Although many efficient high-level algorithms have been proposed for the realization of Multiple Constant Multiplications (MCM) using the fewest number of addition and subtraction operations, they do not consider the low-level implementation issues that directly affect the area, delay, and power dissipation of the MCM design. It is found that the proposed LUT-based multiplier involves comparable area and time complexity for a word size of 8 bits, but for higher word sizes, it involves significantly less area and less multiplication time than the canonical-signed-digit (CSD)-based multipliers we have proposed the anti symmetric product coding (APC) and odd-multiple-storage (OMS) techniques for lookup-table (LUT) design for memory-based multipliers to be used in digital signal processing applications. It was observed that the proposed algorithm obtains better solutions in terms of area than the algorithms designed for the MCM problem and the optimization of area problem in a digit-serial MCM operation at gate-level.
S.No.: 224
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-17-49
Title : Double Dirichlet Average of M-series and Fractional Derivative
Authors Name: Mohd. Farman Ali, Renu Jain, Manoj Sharma
Authors Affilation: School of Mathematics and Allied Sciences, Jiwaji University, Gwalior, Address
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: In this present paper we establish the results of Double Dirichlet average of M-Series and use fractional derivative.
S.No.: 225
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-17-50
Authors Affilation: Research Scholar and Assistant Professor, M.Phil., MBA., M.Phil.,M.Tech., Ph.D, Dept. of Computer Applications, Principal, Pannai College of Engg& Tech, N.M.S.S.VN. College, Madurai
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: In recent years especially in the last decade, the rapid development in computers, storage media and digital image capturing devices enable to collect a large number of digital information and store them in computer readable formats. The large numbers of images has posed increasing challenges to computer systems to store and manage data effectively and efficiently. Although this area has been explored for decade sand many researches have been done to develop some algorithms that solve some of its problems, no technique has achieved the accuracy of human visual perception indistinguishing images. Nowadays, virtually all domains of human life including commerce, government, academics, hospitals, crime prevention, surveillance, engineering and historical research use information as images, so the volume of digital data is increasing rapidly. These images and their data are categorized and stored on computers and the problem appears when retrieving these images from storage media. Thus CBIR from large resources has become an area of wide interest in recent years especially in the last decade. To retrieve any image, we have to search for it among the database using some search engine. Then, this search engine will retrieve many of images related to the searched one. The main problem for the user is the difficulty of locating his relevant image in this large and varied collection of resulted images. To solve this problem, text-based and content-based are the two techniques adopted for search and retrieval. The main objective of this paper is to build more generalized CBIR system which increase the searching ability and provide more accurate results. To improve the retrieval accuracy the system has taken the feedback from the user automatically. Here we used WANG database to evaluate the performance of the new system by calculating the precision and recall metrics. We also compared the new system with other existing CBIR systems. The performance of the new architecture in terms of average precision, recall and retrieval time has been shown to perform good. From the experimental results, it is evident that the new system has beaten other existing systems in terms retrieval time.
S.No.: 226
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-17-54
Title : Cryptographic privacy protection mechanism for online social networks
Authors Name: Ravindra Zarekarl, Rahul Patil
Authors Affilation: Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering,pune
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: The wide use of online social networks (OSNs) such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc, where users interact with each other by sharing their personal information. One of the important issues in OSNs is that how user privacy is protected because OSN providers have full control over users’ data. The OSN providers normally store users’ information permanently; the privacy controls mechanism in OSNs offer limited options to users for customizing, managing and defining access policies for their data over the network. An efficient privacy protection mechanism is important for OSNs that can be used to protect the privacy of online social relationships and users’ data from third parties. Cryptographic privacy protection mechanism shifts the control over data sharing back to the users by providing them with flexible and dynamic access policies.
S.No.: 227
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-18-56
Title : Surface analysis of nano thinfilm on of Cu-Ni-Ti in artificial blood plasma
Authors Name: S. John Mary, S. Rajendran
Authors Affilation: 1Dept. of Chemistry, Loyola College, Chennai, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: This paper focuses on the Corrosion inhibition of Cu-Ni-Ti in artificial blood plasma in absence and presence of 50ppm and 100ppm of Amoxicillin were studied by potentiodynamic polarization study. The inhibition efficiencies of amoxicillin for the corrosion of Cu-Ni-Ti are increased with increasing concentration. Potentiodynamic polarization study shows that the corrosion of metal surface is greatly reduced with presence of amoxicillin .This may occur due to the formation of protective layer formed on the metal in presence of amoxicillin The corroded surface were analysed using AFM SEM and EDAX and the results were compared with those obtained by potentiodynamic polarization study. .The polarization study leads to the corrosion inhibition of Cu-Ni-Ti in artificial blood plasma in absence and presence of 50 ppm of amoxicillinand100 ppm of is in the following decreasing order.
S.No.: 228
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-18-57
Title : Weather Monitering GPS
Authors Name: Prof.Varsha Dange#1, Girish Dawkhar#2, Ishwar Ethape#3 ,Pratiksha Jadhav#4 ,Gaur
Authors Affilation: Dhole patil college of Engg
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: Global positioning system find nearby location Street Address, City, Country and Zip code. Also Show you’re way to reach the place with speed of traveling. This application is used for emergency case we able to find location of nearby places and contact detail. It’s providing automatically emergence call to the particular location. Google map find distance of the two places. Also know driving direction of the two cities and Traveling time and distance of the place. Application is finding nearby places.Weather is exceptionally easy to use app for staying always updated with the weather conditions. The Weather app is specifically designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible. With just one click you receive the weather condition in your status bar at your current location. The climate state is gorgeously animated so that you can almost experience it, seeing how the weather comes alive. The project is using world weather online API as a data channel and the live updates are really tiny so that you would not use up your data cap.Thus we are trying to develop a App as Weather Monitoring GPS which will recognize the near places and the weather.
S.No.: 229
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-18-58
Title : An Optimize Mechanism for Multifunction Diagnosis of Kidneys by using Genetic Algorithm
Authors Name: Vaishali M.Sawale
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: In existing system, it was take more time (in minute) to detect and the output was less accurate. The medical technicians laboratory adjust rules and parameters (stored as “templates”) for the included “automatic recognition framework” to achieve results which are closest to those of the clinicians. These parameters can later be used by non experts to achieve increased automation in the identification process. The system’s performance was tested on MRI datasets, while the “automatic 3-D models” created were this research presents a multifunctional platform focusing on the clinical diagnosis of kidneys and their pathology (tumors, stones and cysts), using a “genetic algorithm”. This research presents the automatic tumor detection (ATD) platform: a new system to support a method for increased automation of kidney detection as well as their abnormalities (tumors, stones and cysts). As a first step, specialist clinicians guide the system by accurately annotating validated against the “3-D golden standard models.” Results are promising to give the average accuracy of 97.2% in successfully identifying kidneys and 96.1% of their abnormalities thus outperforming existing methods both in accuracy and in processing time needed. In this paper, the proposed design will define the “genetic algorithm” which will generate the output within a second and more accurate than the existing system. Keywords: Detect, clinicians, Automatic , genetic algorithm ,Abnormalities, Accurate.
S.No.: 230
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-19-61
Title : Flood Hazard Mapping Using Geospatial techniques
Authors Affilation: Adamawa state polytechnic,yola
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: ABSTRACT: The ravaging flood disasters need to be emphasized in terms of life loss, infrastructural resources, displacement of people, destructions of socioeconomic activities and washing off thousands of Agricultural farm produce. Flood disaster is becoming serious problem in Nigeria. The affect communities are mostly along the coastal and floodplain areas. For the purpose of mitigating the ravaging effect, the flood hazard map will help for developmental activities especially for policies implementation and better planning activities. The flood hazard mapping can only be achieved by combining the recent hydrological data on the floodplain such as discharge and river gauge, land use/ cover, digital terrain model generated from topographic map of the study area, are use for predicting the future flood havoc. In addition sophisticated and statistical models such as SOBEK model was used to determine the flood frequencies at different discharge period of floods of a certain magnitude. Geospatial techniques are applied for the flood analysis to estimate the extent of flood inundation in different period; remotely sensed image was classified into various land cover types to estimate the roughness coefficient of different land cover during the modelling stage. In addition, a model was utilized to create a composite hazard index map of the flood prone zone in the study area. The model result was displayed and analyzed in ArcGIS domain; flooded area was geometrically overlaid on the topographic map of the study area to delineate the affected land features. The hazard map clearly identifies and shows the spatial distribution of the flooded area located at the low relief zone.
S.No.: 231
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-20-63
Authors Affilation: Research Scholar and Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, NMSSVN College, Madurai
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: Now-a-days watermarking plays a pivotal role in most of the industries for providing security to their own as well as hired or leased data. This paper its main aim is to study the multiresolution watermarking algorithms and also choosing the effective and efficient one for improving the resistance in data compression. Computational savings from such a multiresolution watermarking framework is obvious. The multiresolutional property makes our watermarking scheme robust to image/video down sampling operation by a power of two in either space or time. There is no common framework for multiresolutional digital watermarking of both images and video. A multiresolution watermarking based on the wavelet transformation is selected in each frequency band of the Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) domain and therefore it can resist the destruction of image processing. The rapid development of Internet introduces a new set of challenging problems regarding security. One of the most significant problems is to prevent unauthorized copying of digital production from distribution. Digital watermarking has provided a powerful way to claim intellectual protection. We proposed an idea for enhancing the robustness of extracted watermarks. Watermark can be treated as a transmitted signal, while the destruction from attackers is regarded as a noisy distortion in channel. For the implementation, we have used minimum nine coordinate positions. The watermarking algorithms to be taken for this study are Corvi algorithm and Wang algorithm. In all graph, we have plotted X axis as peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR) and y axis as Correlation with original watermark. The threshold value ά is set to 5. The result is smaller than the threshold value then it is feasible, otherwise it is not.
S.No.: 232
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-20-65
Title : Human Resource Accounting and Management
Authors Name: Fatemeh Baghiyan
Authors Affilation: Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute, Plasma Physics and Nuclear Fusion Research School, Tehran, Iran
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: Economic developments of the last century led to the revision of the attitude to the employment of labor is taking place, you should now create wealth and add value to the new organization could guarantee. Central organizational strategy to efficiently utilize the capabilities of individual and group research to understand the strategy is. It is therefore essential legal mechanism to record and keep account of wealth, manpower, and is designed to help identify the possible value of human resources with the rest of resources in the commercial language i.e., the account of the comparison and reporting. Human resource accounting is an appropriate response to the needs of organizations (Rvdpshty, 1387, 479). Effective use of human resources that is it in comparison with other privileged resources and have dynamic nature, independent living are factors for growing organization. I think you must know human nature and the next step is to capitalize on it, is clearly important.
S.No.: 233
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-20-66
Title : Target costing
Authors Name: Fatemeh Baghiyan
Authors Affilation: Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute, Plasma Physics and Nuclear Fusion Research School, Tehran, Iran
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: Target costing is a pricing method used by firms. It is defined as "a cost management tool for reducing the overall cost of a product over its entire life-cycle with the help of production, engineering, research and design". A target cost is the maximum amount of cost that can be incurred on a product and with it the firm can still earn the required profit margin from that product at a particular selling price. In this article, financial expertise of thousands of teachersthe period 2011-2012 was used to study the linkages between Target costing and Value Engineering and Expected profit and Kaizen. As the newest and most accurate method of target costing strategy can be very effective on corporate profitability and the factors discussed in the implementation of this method was considered to be controlled.
S.No.: 234
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-21-68
Authors Name: 1I.AnandaBabu, 2G.Anitha, 3Md.Imran
Authors Affilation: 1, 2, 3 Asst.Prof in the Department of I.T Gudlavalleru Engineering College,AndhraPradesh
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: Wireless Sensor networks have made a tremendous growth, so does the need to enhance security mechanisms. Wireless sensor network is an emerging technology that has great potential for various futuristic applications. In this paper we are surveying all the security related issues, the challenges and to propose some solutions to secure the WSN against these security threats. This paper is organized where we first analyze the important topics in WSN security, what the barriers are and how to overcome those barriers to attain security and finally list there corresponding defensive measures.
S.No.: 235
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-21-69
Title : Data Mining Techniques in Parallel Environment- A Comprehensive Survey
Authors Name: kinjal shah, prashant chahan, dr. M. B. Potdar, sapan mankad
Authors Affilation: Bhaskaracharya institute of space application and geo information
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: Data mining is the process of discovering interesting and useful patterns and relationships in large volumes of data. The valuable knowledge can be discovered through the process of data mining for the further use and prediction. We have different data mining techniques like clustering classification and association. Classification is one of the major techniques to discover the patterns in huge amount of data. This technique is widely used in many fields. We have a large volume of data and if we extract the data sequentially then it will take a lot of timing. So if we extract the data parallely, the amount of time taken can be reduced. We can use parallel techniques when there is a large volume of data and we want to extract the data in very few seconds. We can implement this techniques using different approaches like MPI, OPENMP, using CUDA or using Map Reduce approach. Here in this paper we will discuss data mining techniques classification by decision tree induction and k- nearest neighbors using both sequential approach as well as parallel approach.
S.No.: 236
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-23-71
Title : Review of an Enhanced Authentication Strategy for Multiservice Authorization over Mobile Cloud
Authors Name: falesh M. Shelke, Pravin D. Soni
Authors Affilation: P. R. Patil College of engineering, Amravati
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: Abstract Cloud computing has changed the corporate as well as educational industry since it was introduced. The cloud computing is basically cost effective, convenient and on demand service offered to the end users. For instance it lead to cost reserve funds as well as better resource usage and removing the need of specialized technical skill for the users. There exists a huge security concern when utilizing cloud services. The security is extremely vital in cloud computing since individuals and organizations store private information in the cloud and it should likewise be not difficult to utilize the services provided to users. Since the control of services and information required for the regular run of a organization is handled by third party service providers, End user needs to believe the third party cloud service providers and trust that they handle their information in a right way and resources are available as and when needed. There are many approaches proposed for authentication in cloud services. They are intricate, insecure or highly exclusive. In this Paper we have carried of the comparative study of different authentication schemes in cloud computing finally summarize on the basis of different evaluation criteria.
S.No.: 237
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-23-72
Title : Review of Malware Defense in Mobile Network using Dynamic Analysis of Android Application
Authors Name: Ashwini A. Dongre , Chetan J. Shelke
Authors Affilation: P. R. Patil college of Engg. Amravati
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: Abstract Today Android has the biggest market share as compared to other operating system for smart phone. As users are continuously increasing day by day the Security is one of the main concerns for Smartphone users. As the features and power of Smartphone are increase, so that they has their vulnerability for attacks by Malwares. But the android is the operating system which is more secure than any other operating systems available for Smart phones. The Android operating system has very few restrictions for developers and it will increase the security risk for end users. In this paper we have reviewed android security model, application level security in android and its security issues.
S.No.: 238
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-25-78
Title : Cryptography based privacy protection mechanism for online social networks
Authors Name: Ravindra Zarekar, Rahul Patil
Authors Affilation: Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering Pune
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: The wide use of online social networks (OSNs) such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc., where users interact with each other by sharing their personal information. One of the important issues in OSNs is that how user privacy is protected because OSN providers have full control over users’ data. The OSN providers normally store users’ information permanently; the privacy controls mechanism in OSNs offer limited options to users for customizing, managing and defining access policies for their data over the network. An efficient privacy protection mechanism is important for OSNs that can be used to protect the privacy of online social relationships and users’ data from third parties. Cryptographic privacy protection mechanism shifts the control over data sharing back to the users by providing them with flexible and dynamic access policies.
S.No.: 239
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-25-79
Title : Deploying and Analysis of an IPv4-IPv6 in Alneelain University Campus Network
Authors Name: Omer Mohammed Omer Osman
Authors Affilation: Department of Communication–Faculty of Engineering - Alneelain University
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: This research paper focuses on the development of plans to move relative to the problems of version IPv4 running out of addresses, delay and loss of data packets and ensuring data privacy, and this is done through the development of scenarios proactive(6to4 tunnel Scenario, Tunnel scenario, Internet scenario) supports a smooth transition from the fourth release of the Internet Protocol IPv4 to version VI him IPv6, and through the design and construction of networks working with the current version of the Internet Protocol (IPv4) and the other works with the new version (IPv6) and then linking them to be working Releases together for a time period that has been announced Jump entirely so as not to be affected by applications and networks that working on , that is the transition gradually. Unfortunately IPv4 and IPv6 are incompatible protocols which raise new security issues and problems with user monitoring and accounting. The paper shares experiences of deploying IPv6 on the university campus network and describes the most significant troubles that we have been faced with. It describes and compares differences in first hop security in IPv6 and IPv4 networks. Issues connected with user addressing, accounting and monitoring are also discussed. The experience is mainly based on the deployment of IPv6 on the campus network at Alneelain University which is one of the biggest universities in the Republic of Sudan.
S.No.: 240
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-25-81
Authors Name: Jyoti Bikash Chakma
Authors Affilation: Mizoram University
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: Financial inclusion has emerged as a tool for the socio-economic development of the society. It has become one of the most critical aspects in the context of inclusive growth and development of a region or a country. Several countries across the globe now look at financial inclusion as the means to more comprehensive growth, wherein each citizen of the country is able to use earnings as a financial resource that can be put to work to improve future financial status and adding to the nation’s progress. The present article explores the current status of financial inclusion in India with reference to its northeastern region on the basis of facts and data provided by various secondary sources. The paper also explains the scope and challenges for financial inclusion being faced by Northeast India. The paper concludes that financial inclusion plays a major role in driving away the infrastructural gap and has enough scope for economic growth, raising living standard of people of the region. Keywords: Financial Inclusion, India and Northeast India, Factors, Initiatives of RBI
S.No.: 241
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-26-85
Title : An analysis of Wireless Sensor Networks Scheduled Based MAC Protocol for Assign Transmission & Reception Opportunities
Authors Name: Bhagyashree Patle, Amitesh Jaiswal, Swati Jaiswal
Authors Affilation: SKN-SITS, Lonavala
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: Abstract: Wireless Sensor Networks are found suitable for applications such as surveillance, precision agriculture, smart homes, automation, vehicular traffic management, habitat monitoring, and disaster detection. A medium Access Control (MAC) protocol is the first protocol layer above the Physical Layer (PHY) and consequently MAC protocols are heavily influenced by its properties. The fundamental task of any MAC protocol is to regulate the access of a number of nodes to a shared medium in such a way that certain application-dependent performance requirements are satisfied. Medium access in wireless networks is difficult mainly because of impossible (or very difficult) to send and receive at the same time. Interference situation at receiver is what counts for transmission success, but can be very different from what sender can observe. High error rates (for signaling packets) compound the issues. In this paper, we present an energy efficient MAC protocol for WSNs that avoids overhearing and reduces contention and delay by asynchronously scheduling the wakeup time of neighboring nodes. Keywords: MAC, PHY, contention.
S.No.: 242
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-26-87
Title : Effectual Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks- a Review
Authors Name: Gurpreet Singh Chhabra, Dr. P. S. Patheja
Authors Affilation: HOD (cs), PhD Scholar Associate Professor, Dean (M.Tech)
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: a wireless sensor network is anenormousassortment of sensor nodes with inadequatepower supply and self-conscious computational competence. Due to the circumscribedcommunication range and high density of sensor nodes, packet dispatching in sensor networks is usually performed through multi-hop data transmission. For that reason, routing in wireless sensor networks has been deliberatedas an imperative field of research over the past decade. These days, multipath routing techniques is widely used in wireless sensor networks to improve network performance over and done with efficient utilization of accessible network resources. Consequently, the main intention of this review is to present the conception of the various routing approaches and its fundamental experiments, as well as the basic motivations for exploiting these techniques in wireless sensor networks. Routing procedures for WSNs are responsible for selecting and maintaining the routes in the network and ensure reliable and effective communication in inadequate periods. The energy constriction of WSNs make energy saving become the most significant objective of various routing algorithms. In this paper, a review of routing protocols and algorithms used in WSNs is presented with energy efficiency as the main goalmouth.
S.No.: 243
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-26-88
Title : Structural and Optical Properties of Synthesized Manganese doped ZnS Quantum Dots
Authors Name: Iftikhar M.Ali, Raad M.Al-Haddad, Khalid T. Al-Rasoul
Authors Affilation: University of Baghdad, College of Science, Department of Physics, Iraq, Baghdad
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: ZnS:Mn2+ nanoparticles were prepared by a simple microwave irradiation method under mild condition. The starting materials for the synthesis of ZnS:Mn2+ quantum dots were zinc acetate as zinc source, thioacetamide as a sulfur source, manganese chloride as manganese source (R & M Chemical) and ethylene glycol as a solvent. All chemicals were analytical grade products and used without further purification. The quantum dots of ZnS:Mn2+ with cubic structure were characterized by X-ray powder diffraction (XRD), the morphology of the film is seen by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) also by field effect scanning electron microscopy (FESEM). The composition of the samples is analysed by EDS. UV-Visible absorption spectroscopy analysis shows that the absorption peak of the as-prepared ZnS sample (310 nm) displays a blue-shift comparing to the bulk ZnS (345 nm).
S.No.: 244
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-27-90
Title : A Survey on Admission Control and Trust Based Opportunistics Routing in Wireless ad hoc networks
Authors Name: Pallavi S Shinde
Authors Affilation: PVPIT, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: Providing QoS in wireless ad hoc networks is a difficult task. The multi-hop nature of the network affects QoS in wireless ad hoc networks. In traditional routing scheme, if one node at the optimal path is down due to lack of available energy, the whole path will be broken, and the source must re-route again. Opportunistic Routing is introduced to solve this issue which improves performance of the system. It is quite difficult to provide better QoS in Opportunistic Routing due to the uncertainty of forwarding paths. Most of the existing Opportunistic Routing ie OR protocols rarely consider providing service for different types of flows. Existing Opportunistic Routing scheme uses Admission Control (ORAC) of nodes for the different types of flows. The ORAC scheme manage a new flow admission control scheme which is based on bandwidth, backlog traffic and residual energy of nodes to select forwarding candidates. Network security is also a current research topic in WSN. The existing work in OR considered either of QoS and security. In the proposed system we have taken security issue in to account while adopting the ORAC scheme. To solve issues of security we have used the trust value of the nodes in the network
S.No.: 245
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-27-91
Title : Smart Home Application Using Ambient Intelligence
Authors Name: ThirupalM; SrinathD; VishnuKiranC; Prof. Gitanjali J
Authors Affilation: School Of Information Technology & Engineering VIT University, Vellore
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: Ambient Intelligence is one of coming forth technology that can add intelligence to our day to day environmental surroundings and made these environments sensible to us. As the advancement in the sensors and sensor networks and artificial intelligence the research on ambient intelligence increases.Because as observation, the above fields an enormous development in past few years, ambient intelligence research has gain strength and elaborated.Because ambient intelligence research is maturating, the leading technologies will change the life of a human by building human environments more flexible and adaptative.There are several applications by which ambient intelligence mostly influence our lives like smart homes, health monitoring & assistance, transportation and emergency services. This paper mainly focuses an application for saving the energy in smart home environment.
S.No.: 246
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-27-94
Title : Effect of rake angles and material properties on chip formation: a Review
Authors Name: Mayank joshi,kundan kumar singh,Anurag bahuguna,Rajesh pant
Authors Affilation: Tula’s Institute of Technology Dehradun (INDIA)
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: This paper present the review of influences of tool rake angles and material properties on chip formation. Depending on the deformation behavior of the work piece material there are various types of chips. Material properties like ductility and brittleness affect the flow of chip. The rake angle which can give the longest tool life was then selected and observed that rake angle having value of 200 as well as the best surface finish and yielded continuous chips formation. This paper looks at the process of chip formation in metal cutting as being dependent not only on the work piece material but, even on the micro and macro structures of the work piece materials
S.No.: 247
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-28-98
Title : The Measurement Instrument Design due Examining Sense of Security in Malaysian Urban Neighborhoods
Authors Name: Hamed Najafpour,Hasanuddin Bin Lamit, Abd Ghani Bin Khalid3, Vahid Bigdeli R
Authors Affilation: Centre for Study of Built Environment in the Malay World (KALAM), UTM
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: The significance of sense of security among residents of urban neighborhoods has been the critical issue to improve quality of peoples life there. Moreover, there have been several researches with the focus on developing methods considering sense of security evaluation between the inhabitants of urban neighborhoods. The first aim of this research was to provide a method to design sense of security measurement instrument and second was to develop a survey questionnaire examining sense of security in urban neighborhoods. As result, not only the researchs contribution to body of urban neighborhoods knowledge is revealed but also it benefited the urban developer as measurement tool due sense of security evaluation in urban neighborhoods.
S.No.: 248
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-28-100
Title : Integrated Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Techniques in ERP
Authors Affilation: Iqbal Institute of Technology & Management
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is business process that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources. Data warehouse online analytical processing techniques provided decision makers a set of useful tools to analyze report and graphically represent data of the ERP. It provides an overview of the emerging field machine learning and clarifying how data mining and knowledge discovery in databases are related to each other. This paper provides a comparison of benefits obtained by applying OLAP or data mining techniques and the effect of integrating the both approaches in ERP.
S.No.: 249
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-28-101
Title : Effect Of Suspension Winding Pole Pair And Permanent Magnet Thickness On Magnetic Levitation Force In Bearingless PMSM
Authors Name: M. Honarjou, H. Faraji, N. Mizani
Authors Affilation: Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Malek Ashtar University of Technology, Esfahan, Iran
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: One maintenance task that still exist with conventional motors, are bearing lubrication and renewal. Bearingless motors are replaced with conventional motor that uses a magnetic levitation force to suspend a rotor without any mechanical contact. In bearingless motors, additional windings are wound together with motor windings in stator slots. In this paper, a bearingless permanent magnet-type synchronous motor (BPMSM) Has been studied. First, the generation of radial levitation forces is discussed and then the optimum permanent magnet thickness is determined to produce maximum levitation force. After that the effect of additional winding pole-pair in the amount of levitation force is investigated. The simulation is done in Maxwell software.
S.No.: 250
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-29-103
Title : Factors Determining the Success of Micro and Small Enterprises in Ethiopia (The Case of Arbaminch Town)
Authors Name: Andualem Gezahegn, Shimelis Zewdie and Chalchissa Amentie
Authors Affilation: 3Jimma University, College of Business and Economics, Department of Management- lecturers
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: Micro and small enterprises sector is recognized as growth and development engines long ago and countries are benefiting from it by designing various development strategies for this sector. This sector contributes to unemployment reduction at a remarkable level. This study will attempt to assess and analyze factors resulted in success/failure of micro and small enterprises in Arbaminch town. The intention of this study is to provide the understanding on how people should start their business by looking at all the factors affecting business success/failure and hence help reducing the risk of failure and increase chances of success. The study will examine five proxy factors that influence the Micro and small enterprises. (MSEs) success/failure. These factors are Entrepreneurial characteristics, access to Business development services (BDS), marketing factors, government regulation, and social network. Based on the objective of the study, in the study primary data was employed and five hypotheses developed were tested with SPSS version 16 using bivariate logistic regression and multivariate logistic regression. As per the results of the regression excluding the hypothesis was found to support the researcher priori expectation and meaning that firms initial size, firms year of operation, market information, usage of business plan and involvement in social networking has a statistically significant impact on firm success. While no statistically significant association was found with owners/managers entrepreneurial trait and access to training.
S.No.: 251
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-29-106
Title : An overview and Survey on Image steganography technique
Authors Name: Arun Sharma
Authors Affilation: .Tech (c.s.e.), Samrat Ashok Technological Institute, Vidisha,
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: Steganography is a one of the technique for information hiding. With the help of steganography people can communicate secretly. It involves communicating secret data in an appropriate multimedia carrier such as Text, Image, audio, and video files. The main motive of steganography is to ensure that the transmitted message is completely hidden inside the cover signal, and thereby ensuring that the message is accessible only by the intended receiver and not by any intruders or unauthorized parties. This review paper discusses state-of-the-art review and analysis of the different existing methods of steganography along with their strengths and weaknesses. This paper also provides a some common standards and guidelines drawn from the literature.
S.No.: 252
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-29-107
Title : Heat treatment effects on microstructure and magnetic properties of Mg–Zn ferrite prepared by Conventional ceramic method
Authors Name: Kadhum. J. K. and atheer. I. A.
Authors Affilation: Mustansiriyah University College of Science Department of Physics Baghdad, Iraq
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: Fabricationof Mg1-XZnXFe2O4(where x = 0.0, 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0), samples using aConventional ceramic method is prepared. Oxides of magnesium, zinc and iron with purity of about 99.99%were mixed with distilled water this mixture was dried in furnace at 150 ºC for 4 h. By using theElectricgrinder for three minutes then ball milling machine for six hours the dried mixtures are ground to a fine powder.By using thesievefine we got on fine particleswith diameters (20) µm. The fine powder was pre-sintered (calcined) at 950ºC for 4 h and sintered at 1000°C, 1050°C and 1100°C. The magnetic and the crystal structure of the preparedSamples were identified using Microwave Measurement,X-Ray Diffraction analysis and scanning electron microscope (SEM). The X-ray diffraction analysis showed major peak at plane (3 1 1) of the cubic structure for all the ferrites. The largest value of density achieved was (4.375 gm.cm-3). Reflectance coefficient (S11) and transmission coefficient (S21), has measured using network analyzer device then the attenuation coefficient and absorbance were calculated at the X-band range (8-12.5 GHz),The SEM micrographs shows the uniform distribution of the particles.
S.No.: 253
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-29-111
Title : Analysis and Security Implementation in Embedded Systems
Authors Name: E.Pradeep, Ch.sridhar
Authors Affilation: Kamala institute of technology and science
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: One of the most important challenges that need to be currently faced in securing resource-constrained embedded systems is optimizing the trade-off between resources used and security requirements. Security is constantly evolving as threats change over time. As a device becomes popular exists in the market longer, it becomes more susceptible to attack. Many devices in the past were not designed to be field programmable or accept updates without significant modifications. Those days are gone. Devices today must be field upgradeable to not only change and improve functionality, but to deal with bugs and security issues. Including security planning in the life cycle management of your device is critical. Moreover, it’s important that your organization deal with security vulnerabilities as they arise with high priority and rapid response times. This paper first surveys the current situation and then proposes a approach where security is considered from the beginning of the Embedded systems development approach. Obviously, prevention is not the complete solution. A 5-level security strategy assures not only that a system has been properly designed in terms of security, but also that the liabilities of its designers are adequately covered. Keywords: Embedded systems, attacks, security issues, security planning.
S.No.: 254
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-29-116
Title : NCPR: Plummeting Direction-Finding Overhead In MANETs
Authors Name: Mr. S. R. Pawar,Prof. P. A. Jadhav
Authors Affilation: BVDUCOEP
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: In mobile Frequent path splintering in Cellular Ad hoc system like MANET cause linkage crash up which in turn effect route findings .in process of path finding need to establish resource path call for grouping co-ordinates address of every system in from source to fro destination.. The gathered pathway data is hoard by joints meting out the path finding containers. The educated lanes are worn to course packets. To achieve spring direction-finding, the routed packages hold the co-ordinate address of every system the package spirit navigate. This might outcome in elevated overhead for elongated passageway or outsized addresses. This Research article spotlight projected effort by by means of neighbor reporting-stand probabilistic re -broadcasting (NCPR) procedure to trim down direction-finding overhead in MANETs. NCPR practice worn to utilize the fellow node reporting acknowledgement is the probability finding practice, in which it trim down the excommunications tally so as to condense the direction-finding overhead.
S.No.: 255
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-29-117
Title : An Efficient Method for Data Preprocessing for Data Cleaning and Identifying User Navigational Pattern.
Authors Name: Wasvand Chandrama, Prof. P.R. Devale, Prof. Ravi murumkar
Authors Affilation: Bharati vidyapeeth Collage of engineering
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: With the explosive growth of the World Wide Web and the rapidly increasing speed of adoption to Internet commerce, the Internet has evolved that contains or dynamically generates information that is beneficial to E-businesses. The model enables the administrator to access the web log file and perform data preprocessing on it i.e. data cleaning on web log file and identifying user navigational pattern. By using classification algorithm we identify user interested web site.
S.No.: 256
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-11-30-118
Authors Affilation: Research Scholar and Assistant Professor, M.Phil., MBA., M.Phil.,M.Tech., Ph.D, Dept. of Computer Applications, Principal, Pannai College of Engg& Tech, N.M.S.S.VN. College, Madurai
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: In recent years especially in the last decade, the rapid development in computers, storage media and digital image capturing devices enable to collect a large number of digital information and store them in computer readable formats. The large numbers of images has posed increasing challenges to computer systems to store and manage data effectively and efficiently. Although this area has been explored for decade sand many researches have been done to develop some algorithms that solve some of its problems, no technique has achieved the accuracy of human visual perception indistinguishing images. Nowadays, virtually all domains of human life including commerce, government, academics, hospitals, crime prevention, surveillance, engineering and historical research use information as images, so the volume of digital data is increasing rapidly. These images and their data are categorized and stored on computers and the problem appears when retrieving these images from storage media. Thus CBIR from large resources has become an area of wide interest in recent years especially in the last decade. To retrieve any image, we have to search for it among the database using some search engine. Then, this search engine will retrieve many of images related to the searched one. The main problem for the user is the difficulty of locating his relevant image in this large and varied collection of resulted images. To solve this problem, text-based and content-based are the two techniques adopted for search and retrieval. The main objective of this paper is to build more generalized CBIR system which increase the searching ability and provide more accurate results. To improve the retrieval accuracy the system has taken the feedback from the user automatically. Here we used WANG database to evaluate the performance of the new system by calculating the precision and recall metrics. We also compared the new system with other existing CBIR systems. The performance of the new architecture in terms of average precision, recall and retrieval time has been shown to perform good. From the experimental results, it is evident that the new system has beaten other existing systems in terms retrieval time.
S.No.: 257
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-01-132
Authors Name: Shruti Agrawal and V D Thombre
Authors Affilation: SKN-SITS, Lonavala
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue11
Abstract: In the Current world of web, social networking sites are becoming an inseparable part of the user’s life. The users almost every day on social networking sites are keen to find the similar users for their current requirements. So many of the systems recommend individuals based on their profile taste which is created during registration, but this actually fails to make individuals to meet their current requirements. To resolve this problem a system is needed that can fetch users current interest. The system is expected to be capable enough for reading all the content available on web page. After reading all the data, extracting the useful information and summarizing it in such a way so that it can help us for maintaining a list of user’s preferences. On the basis of such a list of user’s priority the system should recommend the other user of common interest. Already a lot of research work is available on the same topic. Many systems already exist that are performs the task of recommendation. This paper is a survey on such techniques that can help for the recommendations of the current data posted on the web. The techniques are like web crawler, fuzzy logic, different recommendation approaches like collaborative filtering approach and content based approach. The task is to analyze these techniques well and to conclude an approach that can give us the same task of recommendation with some better efficiency.
S.No.: 258
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-03-1
Title : Knowledge Sharing Perspectives and Ways on Improving KS in Malaysia
Authors Name: Sunita Rega Kathitavelu
Authors Affilation: University Technology Malaysia
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: This material discusses few important recommendations for improving knowledge sharing, as emphasized from different institutions. The ideas presented here are acquired through various literatures. The details presented are aimed at providing insights about the Malaysian perspective of knowledge sharing in the public sector and four effective ways of improving knowledge sharing in any organization.
S.No.: 259
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-03-2
Authors Name: Sayali Narkhede
Authors Affilation: SKN Sinhgad Institute Technology, Lonavala
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: In Today’s world internet is filled with millions of the web services. Due to this millions of the web services it’s difficult for user to get the best quality of services hence an effective quality of service based approach to service recommendation is becomes more and more crucial. Many of the internet users are searching for the better web services without having the previous knowledge of their interested domain. As a conclusion to use a new web service it needs many hours of surfing time over the internet that is it is time consuming. To avoid this thing the idea which is used is recommendation system. Recommendation system recommends the best quality of services of web to the user on the basis of some parameters. So an idea is proposed to get the recommendation by analyzing the Quality of service of the web services based on their response time. This response time taken by the individual user’s transactions. In our system we uses a method of similarity measures using Pearson Co-Relation System and preference function for Collaborative filtering to web service recommendation. By using Collaborative filtering using Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient on the basis of different parameters provides better quality as compare to others. This method provides a more accuracy than other proposed system because of it’s perfect combination of co-relational and preference function based on response time of services and hence user will get best Quality of Service. So as a conclusion user will get best quality of service of web in less time.
S.No.: 260
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-03-3
Title : WSN Application: Intelligent drip irrigation system through moisture and temperature sensors
Authors Name: parmod kumar
Authors Affilation: suresh gyan vihar university
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: In the field of agriculture two things are important, first the fertility of the soil and second, moisture content present in the soil. These two factor decide that how well will be the growth of seeds or content present in the soil are sufficient for the showing of seeds. Moisture of the soil depends on how much content of water is present in soil. Moister present in soil is dependent on type land and climates conditions present wither rainy region, dry region, and hot tropical. In recent time there is advancement in technology used in agriculture changing the phase of agriculture. Irrigation of farming is completely different from ancient method of irrigation as new method like drip irrigation is used by farmers. Farmer use using traditional method of irrigation waste lot of water, up to 60% and Drip irrigation helps to reduce this percentage of waste water. Drip method using present day are automatic, wireless sensors, all based on microcontroller monitored by remote from the base station. These wireless sensors collect all the data related to soil moisture, fertility, chemical ingredient, requirement of pesticides and after analyzing this gathered information alert for a better plan for irrigation for particular crop.
S.No.: 261
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-03-4
Authors Name: G TEJDEEP
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: Distillation is one of many processes available for water purification, and sunlight is one of several forms of heat energy that can be used to power that process. Sunlight has the advantage of zero fuel cost. To dispel a common belief, it is not necessary to boil water to distil it. Simply elevating its temperature, short of boiling, will adequately increase the evaporation rate. Solar distillation systems can be small or large. These solar energy distilling plants are relatively inexpensive, low-technology systems. Solar distillation of potable water from saline (salty) water has been practiced for many years where fresh water is scare. In order to increase the output rate of the purified water, we use a vacuum pump, which is used to increase the efficiency. Vacuum pump is used to reduce the working pressure which result in the boiling of water at a lower temperature. In this design we have incorporated a pump which is a simple vacuum pump to reduce air pressure inside the distillation chamber. We need to operate the pump to reduce the pressure to the minimum value and then leave it in the sun for distillation.
S.No.: 262
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-03-5
Authors Name: Jyoti Katiyar, Deepali Khatri
Authors Affilation: SKN-SITs, Lonavala
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: It is easy to define the hardness of a query than extracting the accurate result of that hard query over databases. In case of exacting the result of queries, it is easy task to get the access for the single keyword queries but for complex and difficult query it provide only approximate result not accurate result. The aim of this paper is analysing the ways to predict the hardness of query as well as studying the methodology to handle the difficult keyword query using ontology. For that it need to split the complex and difficult query from the user into many base queries and merge the output of each base query to get the accurate answer. The process start by pre-processing the query by removing Stopwords, Stemming and Tokenization and then identifying the noun from the dictionary to detect important words which are actually the base keywords. Finally reasoning by Ontology will provide the meaningful co-relation for the base keywords, and the merging the result of those keywords will provide the result for the given complex query by user.
S.No.: 263
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-04-6
Authors Name: Sujeet D Gawande
Authors Affilation: GH Raisoni,amravati
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: As ZigBee is a standard for wireless personal network. Tree Routing is simple routing where the node communication is restricted to parent-child links only. There is no routing discovery in tree routing as well as routing overhead. But one demerit of tree routing is that end to end delay is increased during packet transmission which resulting more energy usage or energy consumption. After that when deeply study of extended tree routing or improved tree routing in that neighbor table are implemented but finding the best neighbor node or apt node is not implemented. In the given new strategy it finds or chooses the best node or data transmission and then after energy model helps in conservation of energy as well as routing cost balance. It reduces the network cost also. Simulations have been run using NS2.
S.No.: 264
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-05-7
Title : A Review - Translation, Rotation and Scale-Invariant Image Retrieval
Authors Name: Gajendra Paradhi, Asst. Prof. S.B. Nimbekar
Authors Affilation: Department of Computer Enggineering Pune University Maharashtra, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: While bag-of-features (BOF) models have been widely applied for addressing image retrieval problems, the resulting performance is typically limited due to its disregard of spatial information of local image descriptors (and the associated visual words). In this paper, we present a novel spatial pooling scheme, called extended bag-of-features (EBOF), for solving the above task. Besides improving image representation capability, the incorporation of the our EBOF model with a proposed circular-correlation based similarity measure allows us to perform translation, rotation, and scale-invariant image retrieval. We conduct experiments on two benchmark image datasets, and the performance confirms the effectiveness and robustness of our proposed approach.
S.No.: 265
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-05-8
Title : Low Power Multi-Bit Flip-Flops Design for VLSI Applications
Authors Name: Mahesh Kumar Mulakala, C. Nithil Das
Authors Affilation: SITAMS
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: The utilization of power has turned into a smoldering issue in current VLSI design. Power consumption can be lessened by substituting some flip-flops with less multi-bit flip-flops. Multi-bit flip-flops are one of the strategies for reducing the clock power consumption. This project concentrates on diminishment of clock force utilizing multi-bit flip-flops by clock synchronization. Diminishment of the clock power consumption with two single bit flip-flops are synchronized with single clock pulse. Uniting single bit flip-flops into one multi-bit flip-flop evades duplicate inverters, brings down the aggregate clock power utilization which lessens the total area. A mixture table is fabricated to acquire a multi-bit flip-flop which can store the flip-flops that can be consolidated. This task concentrates on D flip-flop which builds the loading of the clock signal. QCL adder is utilized as an application for multi-bit flip-flop. Highest ‘1’ bit finding algorithm is utilized to discover the highest 1 bit from the yield of QCL adder. This calculation checks the yield of QCL adder in each one cycle.
S.No.: 266
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-05-9
Title : survay on multifocus image fusion technique
Authors Name: Drashti patel
Authors Affilation: SVIT
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: In the field of digital camera system image capture are blurred and may exhibit insufficient resolution. Due to this multifocus image fusion is used to obtain clear image that contain all object in focus. This paper represent a literature review on some of Multifocus image fusion technique like average, select maximum, select minimum, PCA, pyramid base method etc. Comparisons of all the technique conclude the batter approach for its future research.
S.No.: 267
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-06-10
Authors Name: Anshika Nagpal, Mukesh Rawat
Authors Affilation: 2Deptt of CS,Meerut Institute Of Engineering and Technology, Meerut
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: This paper proposes a new and efficient methodology for clustering of html documents. The topic wise categorization of documents into different clusters makes searching easier and efficient. This technique can be utilized by search engines to provide relevant results to the user according to query and also utilized by online journal domains that are maintaining large set of documents. This paper suggests a good word matching and naming of automatic generated clusters , so, the time consume for finding the appropriate cluster for a document will be reduced. This paper shows the use of an efficient technique for finding the similarity between the documents and assigns them a proper cluster. The proper clustering of documents will be further utilized by multidocument summarization system, which produces a summary for the documents related to each other.
S.No.: 268
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-07-13
Title : Digital Images Zooming using Adaptive Algorithm
Authors Name: Er. Pooja & Er Sachin Singla
Authors Affilation: Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Shri Krishan Institute of Engg. & Technology –Kurukshetra , INDIA
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: Image zooming is the process of enlarging an image. Traditional image zooming techniques use up-sampling by zero-insertion followed by one-dimensional filtering to interpolate the high resolution (HR) samples. The main drawback of this approach is that the frequency content of the high-resolution image is the same as the Low-Resolution (LR) image. This is due to the fact that linear techniques are incapable of introducing new information into the image. The lack of new high frequency content results in a variety of undesirable image artifacts such as blocking, staircase edges and blurring. This is why, this paper focus on conducting research in the domain of zooming digital images and makes an adaptive method using nearest neighbour & bilinear. This is an adaptive algorithm based on modal value of the neighboring pixels of the interpolating pixel is proposed. It is expected that this algorithm will help minimizing the underestimation or overestimation of some parts of image texture after undergoing the interpolation process. The results have been evaluated in terms of visual appearance, PSNR and MSE. From the results, it is observed that depending on the interpolation ratio selected or set (i.e. depending on the final size desired/targeted), the interpolation algorithms gave different PSNR and MSE as well as visual quality. It is observed that the proposed algorithm gives comparatively higher values of PSNR and lower MSE, and better visual appearance.
S.No.: 269
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-07-14
Title : Anti-frost and energy-saving transparent glass widowsmanipulated through solar-absorbing metamaterial coatings
Authors Name: William Tong and Alan Tong
Authors Affilation: Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, Aurora, IL 60506, USA
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: In this paper, possible approacheswill be explored for designing transparent glass windowswith anti-frost/anti-fog and energy-saving capabilities by coating nanostructure metamaterials on the widow’s outside surface. The metal-dielectric-metal nano-scale metamaterial structures with periodic metal-dielectric interfaces, when shined with light, acquire surface plasmons thus trapping light at subwavelength scales. When these metamaterials are coated on the outside of a glass window, they may lead to efficient solar radiation absorption, which can be used for anti-frost/anti-fog and energy-saving windows of transportation vehicles and modern buildings. The total thicknessof the so-calledmetamaterial perfect solar absorberis a few tens of nanometer and its absorption band is broad, tunable and insensitive to the angle of incidence.This paper will present a concept to use the matermaterial coating on the window glass to absorb solar spectrum (λ > 0.7 μm) for anti-frost/anti-fog and energy-saving in the winter, meanwhile almost without lowering the luminous transmittance.In the summer, for a rotatable window, its opposite side with the perfect mirror function can be turn to face the sunlight to reflect the sunlight away. By adjusting bottom coating structure, perfect or non-perfect mirror can be formed for natural solar reflection or transmittance.
S.No.: 270
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-07-15
Title : a coparative study modernization and acadamic achivement of college students
Authors Name: dr gulshan and mr gawher
Authors Affilation: university of kashmir
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: The study was undertaken to study the level modernization and academic achievement of male and female college students of district Srinagar (j &k). The sample of the study consisted of 60 college students (30 male students and 30 female students) randomly selected from different colleges of district Srinagar. R. S. Singh’s modernization scale was used for measuring the level of modernization of college students. The scale is based on four components viz socio- religious, marriage, position of woman and education. Academic achievement of college students were taken as the aggregate marks of previous two classes. The data collected was statistically treated by using mean, S.D. and t. test. The findings of the study revealed that there is no significant difference between male and female college students on modernization. Furthermore the results highlight that female students have better academic achievement as compared to male students.
S.No.: 271
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-09-19
Title : Pricing Policies followed by the Entrepreneurs Of S.S.I In Varanasi District -- A Case Study
Authors Name: Dr.(Mrs.) Anchal Singh
Authors Affilation: Assistant Professor, Faculty of Commerce, B.H.U., Varanasi
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: Small Scale Industries (SSI) acts as a catalyst in the socio –economic development of the country as it facilitates in tapping resources ,reducing regional disparities, generating employment opportunities and increasing exports by fostering entrepreneurship. Crucial to a good marketing policy is a good pricing policy. As the prices, we charge for the products and services will greatly effect our sales volume, profit levels and among other things our business image. In the present study, an endeavor has been made to determine the pricing policies practiced by the entrepreneurs of Small Scale Industries located in Varanasi District, as the levels at which pricing decisions are made is different from one industry to another and from one ownership pattern to another. Like in a proprietorship concern; it is the proprietors who take each and every decision regarding the operation and management of the concern including marketing decisions as compared to partnership concerns.
S.No.: 272
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-09-20
Title : Theoretical triangulation of nonprofit marketing concept
Authors Name: Novatorov Edouard, Ph.D.
Authors Affilation: Department of management National research University Higher School of Economics Moscow Russia
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: Concept of nonprofit marketing has emerged from discussions of applying the philosophy and techniques of marketing to the public and nonprofit sectors in the marketing literature. However, many of these marketing ideas emerged originally from social science disciplines. Almost all social science can be classified into the two general categories of «individualistic" and "collectivistic" perspectives (Collins, 1994; Olsen, 1992; Parsons, 1961). This study attempts to accommodate a pluralistic stance toward diversity of social science perspectives in context of nonprofit marketing theory. Thus, it is not limited to discussion of individualistic or collectivist references. The study attempts to consider different social science perspectives to validate nonprofit marketing theory.
S.No.: 273
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-10-23
Title : Embedded System Based Intelligent Digital Fuel Gauge
Authors Name: Mrs.M.Omamageswari, Mrs.Udayavalli.V
Authors Affilation: Asst.Professor, Dept. of ICE (1, 2) . Sri manakula vinayagar engineering college ,Puducherry
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: In the recent times we are constantly hearing about petrol bunk frauds. Most of the petrol bunks today have manipulated the pumps such that it displays the amount as entered but the quantity of fuel filled in the customer’s tank is much lesser than the displayed value. I.et the pumps are tampered for the benefit of the petrol bunks owner. This results in huge profits for the petrol bunks but at the same time the customers are cheated. All the vehicles in India consist of analog meters hence it is not possible to precisely know the amount of fuel currently in the vehicle and also it is not possible to cross check the quantity of fuel filled in the petrol bunk. In this project we focuses on creating a digital display of the exact amount of fuel contained in the vehicles tank and also helps in cross checking the quantity of fuel filled at the petrol bunk. Finally once the fuel is filled at a bunk the device also sends an SMS to the vehicle owner indicating the amount, quantity, and date, time etc. And also we can find the exact location of the vehicle.
S.No.: 274
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-10-25
Authors Name: Yakup DURMAZ, Halil İNANÇ and Burhan AKYILMAZ
Authors Affilation: Faculty of Economics Administrative and Social Sciences, Hasan Kalyoncu University, Havalimanı Yolu Üzeri 8. Km. Gaziantep, Turkey
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: In order to provide easily reachable and qualified health services to everybody who needs, as we know the diagnosis and treatment of the illness, knowing the ideas and emotions of people who has illness, and to provide patient satisfactions among the target of the health service planners of the countries so patient satisfaction is a highly important parameter in health system. In this study, patient satisfaction in family medicine practices in Turkey and factors affecting patient satisfaction are assessed, and the definition, purposes, necessity of the family medicine and patient satisfaction in family medicine practices and expectations are presented. A questionnaire has conducted and results have been discussed.
S.No.: 275
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-10-26
Authors Name: Mr. Nilesh Pangare, Mr. R. S. Desai
Authors Affilation: Electrical Power System 1,Electrical Dept2 Bharti Vidyaprrth’s College of Engg, pune 1, 2 University Of Pune1, 2 Pune, Maharasthra1
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: Increase in line lengths, power transmitted introduced a number of new difficulties in relation to protection. New techniques become necessary to tackle this problem. Firstly important to see these lines are not unnecessarily disconnected, at the same time shorter operating times for protective relays are demanded on faulted section sections to preserve stability. Moreover, extreme variations of fault current are often encountered with long lines necessitating the protective relays to take this aspect. Two major types of transmission line protection been developed extensively to meet requirements are distance and carrier current systems. Pilot wire system of protection is not applicable to long and overhead transmission lines because of high cost of pilots and unreliability. Transmission line demo panel is designed to demonstrate fault clearing process on transmission line using distance (impedance) relay. The principle of operation of these relays depends on fault current and power factor under fault conditions. As a matter of fact such relays are designed to operate according to impedance of line up to fault point or ratio of voltage to current under fault condition. As fault impedance is proportional to distance of line from location of relay to fault point, relay indicates distance over which fault has occurred.
S.No.: 276
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-12-28
Title : Robust project scheduling model with resource constrained and solving it using particle swarm optimization
Authors Name: Mohammadhosein nabizadeh, Hoseinali hasanpur and Ahmad nourang
Authors Affilation: Masters of Systems Engineering & Researcher of Systems Research Center Imam Hosein Comprehensive University
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: In the current situation, in spite of sanctions by Western countries, several solutions will be introduced to manage projects, so as to realize the resilience economy. The purpose of resilience economy is to neutralize of sanctions and pressures the sanctioning countries. One of these solutions in project management is increase project schedule robustness in uncertainty situation. So, more attention to the robustness of the project makes sense. In this paper, at first a real robust scheduling model for a refinery project has been presented and as the scheduling is constrained by resources including NP-Hard problem, the meta-heuristic particle swarm optimization were used. In order to validate the model, 4 small scale problems were selected and the solutions obtained from the proposed algorithm were compared with the exact solution obtained by Lingo software. The results show that the proposed algorithm are efficient and converge to the optimal solution
S.No.: 277
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-13-29
Authors Name: MrSachin Singh V. Thakur, Prof. Rachana Kamble, Prof. Deepak Singh Tomar
Authors Affilation: Computer Science Engineering Department, Technocrat Institute of Technology, Bhopal[M.P.],India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: A wireless sensor network (WSN) is a large collection of sensor nodes with limited power Supply and constrained computational capability. Due to the restricted communication range and high density of sensor nodes, packet forwarding in sensor networks is usually performed through multi-hop data transmission. Therefore, routing in wireless sensor networks has been considered an important field of research over the past decade. There is no infrastructure, so wireless links are unreliable, susceptible to various attacks and have to meet strict energy saving and load balancing. APacket dropping and modification are common attacks that can be launched by an enemy to interrupt communication in wireless multi-hop sensor networks. The goal of our work is formulation and planning for controlling the packet dropping and bad mouthing attacks, each with different implications to energy, Security and reliability, and investigates intrusion detection and multipath routing based tolerance protocols to react on attacks. We can identify the Packet Droppers and Packet Modifiers using algorithms and packet marks. The Performance is represented using detection rate and false positive probability. The Proposed structure provides an in effect mechanism for catching co-operated node.
S.No.: 278
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-13-30
Title : Binary Matrix Approach For Mining Frequent Sequential Pattern in Large Databases
Authors Name: sowjanya pathi,Amarendra Kothalanka,Vasudevarao Addala
Authors Affilation: Dadi Institute of Engineering Technology
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: Data mining is the computational process of discovering patterns in large datasets involving methods at the intersection of artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistics, and systems. Mining sequential patterns from inaccurate or uncertain data, such as those data arising from sensor readings and GPS trajectories, is important for discovering hidden knowledge in such applications. The overall goal of the data mining process is to extract information from a data set and transform it into an understandable structure for further use. Here this paper was proposed to find the frequent sequential patterns in a large uncertain database. For the finding of frequent pattern it is using binary matrix approach. The binary matrix approach is efficient and more flexible for finding the frequent pattern. By using this approach the time complexity was reduced for finding frequent patterns.
S.No.: 279
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-13-31
Title : Make a website at higher ranking in search through Search Engine Optimization Techniques
Authors Name: Varsha Shrivastava
Authors Affilation: Dronacharya College of Engineering, Farukhnager Gurgaon(Haryana), Affiliated by M.D.U Rohtak
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the activity of optimizing Web pages or whole sites in order to make them more search engine friendly, thus getting higher positions in search results. In this paper I am discussing the tips and techniques for Search engine optimization (SEO), which involves designing, writing, and coding a website in a way that helps to improve the volume and quality of traffic to your website from people using search engines. Search engine optimization is ever changing and evolving, so its important to keep up with optimization trends and techniques. While Search Engine Optimization is the focus of this paper, keep in mind that it is one of many marketing techniques. The marketing strategies you choose depend on your target audience and the nature of your business. SEO is one of many marketing practices and can be part of your overall marketing strategy. Your marketing strategy can include both offline (traditional) and online marketing techniques.
S.No.: 280
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-14-34
Authors Name: Dr . ANIRUDHRANA
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: In the present study, impact of domestic waste water (sewage) on seed germination parameters of rice and wheat were studied. Use of sewage for irrigation purposes has emerged an important way to utilize its nutrients and removal of its pollution load by growing tolerant plant species. A two way analysis of variance showed that, the difference in rate of seed germination was statistical significant among different concentration of treatment (F1 = 250.71 & 80.27) as well as between different time period of incubation (F2 = 8.96 & 4.5) for both rice and wheat respectively. The effect of sewage on seedling A growth was significant at various concentrations of sewage (F1= 81.65 & 78.17) as well as between different period of incubation (F2 = 30.04 & 26.36) for both rice and wheat respectively.. One way analysis of variance for total chlorophyll content between various concentrations of sewage showed a statistically significant result in both rice (F=270.11) and wheat (F = 1391. 84). Germination efficiency, seedling length, total chlorophyll content was found to be increased with increase in concentration of sewage upto 50% dilution after which it decreases. Thus, the sewage, after proper dilutions can be used as a potential source of water for seed germination and plant growth in agricultural practices.
S.No.: 281
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-14-35
Authors Name: Manish Chaudhary, Ehsan Ali, Anjelo Francis Denis
Authors Affilation: Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences, Allahabad, (U.P), India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: Concrete is an adaptable material for civil engineering construction. It is a mixture of cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate and water. At the moment construction industry is in necessity of outcome cost operative materials for increasing the strength of concrete structures. This study mainly focused on the use of waste plastic bags (Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)) in concrete. Waste plastic (LDPE) mix in concrete with or without super plasticizer. Cubes and Cylinders are casted with 0%, 0.4%, 0.6%, 0.8%, and 1% (by weight) with plastic waste. Samples were tested for the Compressive strength of Concrete with plastic waste as aggregate was observed which shows a good strength gain. All samples were tested after curing age of seven and twenty-eight days.
S.No.: 282
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-14-36
Title : Preparation samples of Cu1-xZnxFe2O4 ferrite using Sol-Gel method and studying some physical properties.
Authors Name: Kadhum. J. K.1 and atheer. I. A.2
Authors Affilation: AL – Mustansiriyah University College of Science Department of Physics Baghdad, Iraq.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: In this work fabrication of Cu–Zn ferrite samples (where x = 0.4and 0.6), using a Sol-Gel method is prepared. Nitrates of magnesium, zinc and iron with purity of about 97.00% were mixed with (80 ml) of distilled water in a glass beaker, was homogenized by continuous stirring by magnetic hot plat-stirrers model (LMS-1003). The pH of the solution was adjusted to (~7) using ammonia solution. Heated on a hot plate at 60ºC for half hour. The temperature is increase to 80ºC With continuous heating after about (3) hrs. The sol was initially transformed into gel. The gel dried at 120°C until the dried gel was burnt in a self-propagating combustion manner until all gels were completely burnt out to form a fluffy loose structure. The fluffy material was ground to get ferrite powder using the Electric grinder for three minutes. The as-burnt ash was calcined at 500°C for 3hrs. By using the Electric grinder for three minutes the dried mixtures are ground to a fine powder. The fine powder was pre-sintered (calcined) at 500ºC for 4 h and sintered at 1000°C, 1050°C and 1100°C. The magnetic and the crystal structure of the prepared Samples were identified using Microwave Measurement, X-Ray Diffraction analysis and scanning electron microscope (SEM). The X-ray diffraction analysis showed major peak at plane (2 1 1) of the cubic structure for all the ferrites. The largest value of density achieved was (5.027gm.cm-3). Reflectance coefficient (S11) and transmission coefficient (S21), has measured using network analyzer device then the attenuation coefficient and absorbance were calculated at the X-band range (8-12.5 GHz), The SEM micrographs shows the uniform distribution of the particles.
S.No.: 283
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-15-37
Title : Network based sw architecture for adaptive intelligent system
Authors Name: Isharat Ali
Authors Affilation: Manav Bharti University, Solan H.P. India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: In this paper we describe an approach in which intelligent adaptation is supported by the use of software architectural to monitor an application and guide live changes to it. An important requirement for inescapable computing systems is the ability to adapt at runtime to handle varying resources, user/vehicle mobility, unauthorization, and intelligent system. The use of externalized events permit one to make reconfiguration decisions based on a global inescapable of the running system, apply analytic events to determine correct system monitoring. We illustrate the application of this idea to inescapable computing systems, focusing to intelligent based on performance-related criteria and architecture.
S.No.: 284
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-17-41
Authors Name: Swapnil P.Bijwe, E R.Raut
Authors Affilation: aM.Tech scholar, G.H.Raisoni College of Engineering, Nagpur 440016,Maharashtra, INDIA
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: In this paper, the physico-chemical parameters of ground water samples are analyzed in Digdoh Hill MIDC area, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India in which various parameters assess according to seasonal variation. Ground water samples collected from different Hand Pump, Bore Wells and Open Wells situated in that area. The quality of ground water assess by comparing each parameter with the standard desirable limit of that parameter in drinking water as prescribed by ISI 10500-1991. The characteristics viz. pH, Temperature, Alkalinity, Hardness, Chloride, Fluoride, Total Dissolved Solid, Arsenic, Dissolved Oxygen are determined.
S.No.: 285
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-17-43
Title : Alteration of Camera Angles for Improving Coverage in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network
Authors Name: Parisa Pezhhanfar and Shahram Babaie
Authors Affilation: Department of Computer Engineering, Tabriz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tabriz, Iran
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: The rapid and increasing development in CMOS cameras and microphones with low cost has resulted in the creation and advancement of Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks. The random distribution of network nodes and accidental view points of cameras may lead to overlapping in their view points, production of the same and repeated data by different cameras and the lack of comprehensive coverage of different spots and areas. On the other hand, the presence of obstacles such as walls and buildings in the immediate view radius of the cameras reduces the amount of coverage of the environment. Hence, it can be maintained that the adjusting of the viewpoints of the cameras can resolve these problems and challenges. Thus, in this paper, a new algorithm has been proposed for adjusting the viewpoints of the cameras in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks (WMSNs). The proposed novel algorithm makes use of a two-phase approach to reduce the degree of overlapping and coverage holes so that the coverage of the area can be improved. Using this approach, an attempt will be made to identify the cameras whose viewpoints are out of the surveillance region and also the ones whose viewpoints are in conflict with the internal obstacles of the surveillance area. Then, having identified these obstacles and viewpoint holes, the proposed approach will change and alter the viewpoints of these cameras towards the coverage holes. As a result, the amount and comprehensiveness of the cameras coverage will be improved. In the spots where the density of the nodes is high, the sleep, wake-up and the transmission of the nodes can be intelligently adjusted so that the locations with few nodes can be better covered. Thus, the lifetime of the network can be enhanced. In order to evaluate the efficiency of the proposed approach, the researchers used the Matlab Simulator. The performance of the proposed approach was evaluated with the presence of two or three obstacles in the simulation. The effectiveness of the intelligent adjustment of the viewpoints of the cameras and their transmission to the coverage holes was analyzed and evaluated in comparison with the random distribution of the cameras in terms of the following parameters: ratio of the coverage, number of overlapping and the percentage of overlapping. The results of the simulations revealed that the proposed algorithm has significantly improved the above-mentioned parameters.
S.No.: 286
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-17-44
Title : Authentication and Secure Transmission of Biomedical Images Through Data Hiding Techniques Using Different Transform
Authors Name: Amitesh Patel, Praveen Bhanodiya
Authors Affilation: PCST, Indore
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: As digital media proposes numerous benefits such as compression of data, easy editing, high reliability copying, high quality etc. So, data hiding is becoming a most important part of digital communication. Steganography and watermarking bring a variety of very significant techniques how to hide important information in an imperceptible and/or irremovable way in image, audio and video data. Steganography and watermarking are main part of the fast emerging area of information hiding. In this paper, we have discussed both watermarking and steganography techniques using different transform i.e. discrete cosine transform (DCT), discrete wavelet transform (DWT) and discrete fraction Fourier transform (DFrFT) for biomedical images to achieve the enhancement in confidential and authenticated data storage and secured transmission. Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR) is used as a performance index to show the quality of watermarked image and steganographic image.
S.No.: 287
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-17-46
Title : Preparation samples of Cu1-xZnxFe2O4ferrite using Sol-Gel method and studying some physical properties
Authors Name: Kadhum. J. K. and atheer. I. A.
Authors Affilation: AL – Mustansiriyah University College of Science Department of Physics Baghdad, Iraq
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: Inthis work fabrication of Cu–Zn ferrite samples (where x = 0.4and 0.6), using a Sol-Gel method is prepared. Nitrates of magnesium, zinc and iron with purity of about 97.00% were mixed with (80 ml) of distilled water in a glass beaker, was homogenized by continuous stirring by magnetic hot plat-stirrers model (LMS-1003). The pH of the solution was adjusted to (~7) using ammonia solution.Heated on a hot plate at 60ºC for half hour. The temperature is increase to 80ºC With continuous heating after about (3) hrs. The sol was initially transformed into gel. The gel dried at 120°C until the dried gel wasburnt in a self-propagating combustion manner until all gels were completely burnt out to form a fluffy loose structure. The fluffy material was ground to get ferrite powder using theElectricgrinder for three minutes. The as-burnt ash was calcined at 500°C for 3hrs. By using theElectricgrinder for three minutes the dried mixtures are ground to a fine powder. The fine powder was pre-sintered (calcined) at 500ºC for 4 h and sintered at 1000°C, 1050°C and 1100°C. The magnetic and the crystal structure of the prepared Samples were identified using Microwave Measurement, X-Ray Diffraction analysis and scanning electron microscope (SEM). The X-ray diffraction analysis showed major peak at plane (2 1 1) of the cubic structure for all the ferrites. The largest value of density achieved was (5.027gm.cm-3). Reflectance coefficient (S11) and transmission coefficient (S21), has measured using network analyzer device then the attenuation coefficient and absorbance were calculated at the X-band range (8-12.5 GHz), The SEM micrographs shows the uniform distribution of the particles
S.No.: 288
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-19-47
Title : Routing protocol for Underwater Sensor Network with Effective Load balancing using Network Management System
Authors Name: Mr. Shashank Yadav, Dr. Ajay Singh Yadav, Dr. Kusume Gupta, Ms. Anupam Swami
Authors Affilation: Banasthali University ,Banasthali Rajasthan(India)
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: The underwater sensor network (UWSN) is one of the most predominant research areas for gathering information from unexplored and inaccessible regions under the sea water. There are various areas exist which require the UWSN such as ocean bottom data collection, offshore discovery, disaster avoidance, pollution monitoring, navigation and surveillance. Due to these applications, the various researchers are interested to use this technology in the subsea applications. The underwater environment is completely different from ground based network such as high dense salty water, electromagnetic and optical signals cannot be transmitted for long distances in ocean because of scattering, high attenuation and absorption effect. Due to these challenges and high movement of nodes by water flow, end-to-end routing methods used in existing routing protocols are not applicable to underwater environments. Therefore, we have required to a new routing protocols for underwater sensor networks (UWASNs). In this paper, we have introduced a Network Management system (NMS) which will manage whole network. Load balancing is also one of the important issues for balancing the load on network, and choosing the optimal route for transferring the data. Our aim is to design a routing protocol for proposed system architecture through the Network management system and make system more reliable, energy saving, scalable and fit for long term applications.
S.No.: 289
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-19-48
Title : Performance Analysis of Energy Efficient Protocols for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Authors Name: Umesh Kumar Singh, Lokesh Laddhani and Rakhi Sunhare
Authors Affilation: Institute of Computer Science, Vikram University Ujjain INDIA
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: Mobile Ad Hoc Networking is an idea in wireless communications, which means that users willing to communicate form a temporary network, without any kind of centralized administration. Each node participating in the network acts both as host and a router and must therefore is willing to forward packets to other nodes. In MANET, all nodes are energy constrained. In this purpose an energy efficient routing protocol is required. In this paper we study the different energy efficient management schemes for MANET, Compare the performances of these schemes and finally we conclude a batter scheme for future research.
S.No.: 290
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-19-49
Title : A Literature review on Image in painting
Authors Name: Ms Dipa Teraiya , Mrs Bhakti Solanki
Authors Affilation: C.U.Shah College Of Engineering & Technology
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: The main goal of the In painting algorithm is to modify the damaged region in an image in such a way that the in painted region is undetectable to the ordinary observers who are not familiar with the original image. Image in painting is an art of missing value or a data in an image. The purpose of image in painting is to reconstruct missing regions which is visible for human eyes. Image in painting is the process of reconstructing lost part of images based on the background information. This proposed work presents a brief survey of different image in painting techniques and comparative study of these techniques. In this paper we provide a review of different techniques used for image In painting. We discuss different in painting techniques like image PDE based image in painting, Exemplar based image in painting, Total Variation, and texture synthesis based image in painting.
S.No.: 291
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-20-52
Title : Separable Reversible Data Hiding In Encrypted Images
Authors Name: Ganesh Satras, Vivek Bhosale, Ajit Gaikwad,Shahid Pathan
Authors Affilation: IOK College of Engineering, Pune-412 208
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: As we all know that know a day’s importance of reversible data hiding in encrypted images is growing because of its following advantages or called it as features like losslessly recovered after embedded data in extract while protecting the confidentiality of image content .All previous method developed for reversible data hiding have major flaw in it .or may be subjected to some error like restortation.The current method i.e. our purpose method give real reversibility without flaw in it. i.e. error free main dramatics features of purpose method which make it comparatively good among traditional one is that it can embed 10 times payload for same images quality as previous method.
S.No.: 292
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-20-53
Authors Affilation: BVC ENGINEERING COLLEGE,Odalarevu
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: In this paper, discusses about design and implementation ofhome monitoring and controlling system using ZigbeeWireless Sensor Network(WSN)technologyto take care of the activities of an elderly person in their own home, detected and corrective actions taken accordingly. This sytem consists of sensors such as current sensor, pressure sensor and water flow sensor installed in a subject’s home so that data can be collected in a real, environment through GSM networkSome of the studies have demonstrated the feasibility of remotely monitoring activities at home.
S.No.: 293
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-22-57
Title : Big Data in Data Mining Tools
Authors Name: KSindhu aishwarya,SK. Islam Babu, B.Vamshi, S.chandrakanth
Authors Affilation: STUDENT, Dept of CSE, BIET
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: The main aim of this paper is to make a study on the notion Big data and its application in data mining tools like R, WEKA, RAPIDMINER, KNIME,MAHOUT and etc. We are awash in a flood of data today. In a broad range of application areas, data is being collected at unmatched scale. Decisions that previously were based on surmise, or on painstakingly constructed models of reality, can now be made based on the data itself. Such Big Data analysis now drives nearly every aspect of our modern society, including mobile services, retail, manufacturing, financial services, life sciences, and physical sciences. The paper mainly focuses different types of data mining tools and its usage in big data in knowledge discovery.
S.No.: 294
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-23-59
Title : A Review of Secure Data Sharing in Cloud using Key Aggregate Cryptosystem and Decoy Technology
Authors Name: Rushikesh V.Mahalle, Parnal P.Pawade
Authors Affilation: ME (CSE) Scholar, Department of CSE,P R Patil College of Engg. & Tech., Amravati-444604,India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: Data sharing is an important functionality in cloud storage.I show how to securely, efficiently, and flexibly share data with Decoy technology in secure cloud storage.I describe new public-key cryptosystems which produce constant-size ciphertexts such that efficient delegation of decryption rights for any set of ciphertexts are possible. The novelty is that one can aggregate any set of secret keys and make them as compact as a single key, but encompassing the force of all the keys being aggregated. In other words, the secret key holder can release a constant-size aggregate key for flexible choices of ciphertext set in cloud storage, but the other encrypted files outside the set remain confidential. This compact aggregate key can be conveniently sent to others or be stored in a smart card with very limited secure storage.So I provide formal security analysis of our schemes in the standard model. I also describe other application of our schemes. In particular, our schemes give the first public-key patient-controlled encryption for flexible hierarchy, which was yet to be known.
S.No.: 295
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-25-61
Title : Traditional Substitution Cipher – A Mathematical Overview and Implementation
Authors Name: Rupali Bhakkad,Nilesh Kajale,Mohan Reddy Palugulla
Authors Affilation: Marathwada Institute of Technology, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: Exchanging information over internet become crucial part of our day today life,which includes e-banking, online transactions, online shopping and exchange of official and personal information, as this type of information’s are sensitive , security of such critical information is becoming increasingly important. Information Security can be achieved with the help of cryptography. Cryptography is the study of mathematical techniques related to aspects of information security such as confidentiality, data integrity, entity authentication, and data origin authentication. Cryptography has been divided in two types, Symmetric key cryptosystem and asymmetric key cryptosystem. In order to work with the current era’s cryptosystem one should become familiars with the working of classical cryptosystem such as Shift cipher, affine cipher, substitution cipher and hill cipher techniques etc. This paper highlights the concept of classical symmetric key cryptosystem and its type and explains in detail elementary substitution cryptosystem (substitution Cipher) and polyalphabetic substitution cryptosystem (Hill Cipher) example with its mathematical overview and implementation in C++.
S.No.: 296
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-25-62
Title : Heuristic Approach for Network Lifetime Enhancement in Wireless Sensor Networks
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: By using the mobile sink, we can reduce the energy consumption of nodes and to prevent the formation of energy holes in wireless sensor networks(WSNs)and this was mainly used for delay-sensitive applications within a given time constraint. My approach is that mobile sink node only visits rendezvous point(RPs) and this may be opposed to all the nodes. In this sensor nodes not having rendezvous point(RPs) means multihopping can be done to the nearest RPs.To computing a tour, that visits all these RPs.Calculating the optimal tour is an NP-hard problem. To address the problem called as weighted rendezvous planning(WRP)is proposed, there by each sensor node is assigned a weight to its hop distance.WRP is to be validated through computer simulation and our WRP as a mobile sink to retrieve all sensed data within a given time constraint.WRP reduces energy consumption by 22% and increases network lifetime by 44%.
S.No.: 297
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-28-66
Authors Name: Ms.Sharvari N. Hiwse, Prof. A. S. Kapse
Authors Affilation: 1M.E. First Year CSE, P.R.PatilCOET, Amravati, Maharashtra, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: Mobile computing and technology is becoming prevalent in many aspects of private life andpublic services. This paper presents a discussion of the technology and its application incontext of the health care service, and outlines some potential benefits that may resultfrom its integration into existing information systems and architectures. The additionalcomponent of _mobility_ is believed to provide value to health care services, informationsystems and ultimately the patients experience.We passionately dedicated tohelp medical fraternity to find health status of vital organs ofthe patients body at early stage that support effectivetreatment by introducing innovative and high quality hand carried noninvasive health care systems and devices. Client-Server Health Care is the integration of mobile computing and health monitoring. The computing device enables the delivery of accurate medical information anytime anywhere by means of high speed internet. In this paper we present an Intelligent HealthcareMonitoring System, which can provide medicalfeedback/assistance to the patient through internet.
S.No.: 298
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-28-67
Title : Sensorless Control of Induction Motor Drive using Direct Synthesis for Low Speed
Authors Name: murali.p, nagashekara reddy.p
Authors Affilation: mahatma gandhi institute of technology
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: This proposed paper proposes the controlling of Induction motor drives. The induction motor dynamics can be compared to that of a DC motor with fast transient response if the flux producing and torque producing components of the stator current can be controlled independently which means it is possible to control the amplitude and phase angle independently. For high performance, variable speed applications, the Induction Motors are used widely due to its low cost, low maintenance, requirement, robustness and reliability, thus replacing the DC motor drives. For wide range of speed applications and fast torque response, IMs perform satisfactory with the vector control strategy. Because of low maintenance and robustness, induction motors have many applications in industries. Speed control of induction motor is more important to achieve maximum torque and efficiency. Various control techniques such as scalar control, vector control, Sensor-less control are used. These Schemes suffers from parameter sensitivity and limited performance at low speed of operation. To make the system sensorless, we go for rotor speed estimation using direct synthesis of state equation, as the closed loop control requires the speed sensor. By using speed sensor, the IM becomes more costly and less reliable and increased maintenance cost. The different simulation results are observed and studied and the analysis of the different simulated results are presented.
S.No.: 299
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-29-69
Title : Effect of Endothermic Reaction for Condensation and Water Drops Formation by Laser Pulse Through Natural Lighting Phenomena in the atmosphere
Authors Name: Shivshankar K. Chopkar, D.K. Chakrabarty, K.R. Gangakhedkar, A.B. Dhone, P.S. Chopkar, J.J.Vakharia, R.M.Kharate
Authors Affilation: Artificial Rainmaking Research Society, Chimur - 442903, Dist.Chandrpur (M.S.),India.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: After lightning, precipitation formed, these lightning phenomena occur in the atmosphere by high power laser pulse. After striking the laser pulse, condensation and water drop formation take place in the atmosphere. It is well known that, for water drop formation, condensation must occurred (condensation is the basic need for water drops formation).Condensation means, heat energy subtraction. Heat energy subtraction take place by only endothermic reaction in the atmosphere. Recently M. Petrarca et al and other scientist also proved that, condensation in air could be induced by laser pulse. NO and ozone found after inducing laser pulse is evidence of endothermic reaction. Lightning or laser shot creates high temp breaking bonds of Nitrogen (N2) and Oxygen (O2) to formed excited N* and O* consequently NO & Ozone formation. At that time endothermic process starts. In these endothermic reactions heat energy get absorbed from surrounding atmospheric water vapor ,catalyzing condensation and water drop formation by dissociation in the atmosphere . Also other processes responsible for condensation and water drop formation are dissociation, ionization and natural seeding process creates (CCN) which may be useful for Artificial Rainmaking in the atmosphere. Artificial rainmaking can be done by initiating endothermic reactions in the cloud, with sufficiently high humidity, using a high power laser pulse. The advantage of this method is, it is environmentally clean, economical, can be turned on and off at will, and can be precisely positioned. It will be movable system on mobile platform.
S.No.: 300
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-30-73
Authors Name: Dr. T.S.Vishwanath
Authors Affilation: Professor, Dept. of ECE BKIT Bhalki
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: An attempt has beenmade to analyze the performance of different controllers which have been developed thus far. Robust control methods have been applied and the, performance of H∞ controller has been evaluated with classical PI controller, sliding mode controller and observer based control technique. The parameters of permanent Magnet synchronous motor have been considered for performance evaluation is verified.
S.No.: 301
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-30-74
Title : The IIR Filter Design Using Particle Swarm Optimization Method
Authors Name: Deepika Sastry, Junaid Khan
Authors Affilation: Dept. E.C.E., SRMIET, Khora bhura, Naringarh, Ambala
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: In this paper we Analysis the IIR filter design using PSO method .The simulations of designing IIR have been done and the simulation results show that the method of IIR tilter design proposed in this paper is better than the method of genetic algorithm (GA) and immune algorithm (IA) not only in the convergence speed but also in the performance of filter.
S.No.: 302
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-31-83
Title : Optimal Sizing of Hybrid PV-Battery Storage System Using New Teaching-Learning Based Optimization Algorithm
Authors Name: Mohammad Alijani. Saeed Lesan
Authors Affilation: Department of electrical engineering, university of hadaf, sari, iran.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: In optimal design of solar system with battery storage apart from network, it is considered both technically and economically Criteria. Optimizing the size of the system component is done according to technical index i.e. reliability of system load supply and the other economic index i.e. Energy generation costs. The aim of this paper is to determine the optimal capacity of studied system component with the aim to improve the reliability of the system load with only minimal energy generation costs. In this study, an optimization algorithm is used to solve the optimization problem based teaching – learning optimization algorithm. Decision variables include the area of the solar array and battery capacity. The results obtained by the optimization showed that using a combination of solar array with battery achieves the desired load reliability with minimum costs.
S.No.: 303
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-31-84
Title : Optimization of Hybrid PV-Battery Storage System Using New Hunting Search Algorithm
Authors Name: Mohammad Alijani. Saeed Lesan
Authors Affilation: Department of electrical engineering, university of hadaf, sari, iran.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: In optimal design of solar system with battery storage apart from network, it is considered both technically and economically Criteria. Optimizing the size of the system component is done according to technical index i.e. reliability of system load supply and the other economic index i.e. Energy generation costs. The aim of this paper is to determine the optimal capacity of studied system component with the aim to improve the reliability of the system load with only minimal energy generation costs. In this study, an optimization algorithm is used to solve the optimization problem based hunting search algorithm. Decision variables include the area of the solar array and battery capacity. The results obtained by the optimization showed that using a combination of solar array with battery achieves the desired load reliability with minimum costs.
S.No.: 304
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-31-87
Title : Review on Decisive Video Streaming, Fetching And Preservation Over Cloud Computing
Authors Name: Payal Krishnarao Hedau
Authors Affilation: Priyadarshini Bhagwati College Of Engineering, Nagpur
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: The increasing demands of videos over a mobile network through wireless link, this wireless link capacity cannot corporate with the demand of video traffics. There is a gap between link capacity and traffic demands along with the condition of time varying which is result in the poor quality of video service over a mobile network such as sending data on this channel result in long buffering time and intermittent disruptions due to limited bandwidth and link condition fluctuation caused by user mobility and multipath fading. By using cloud computing technology, we propose a new mobile video streaming framework, AMES-Cloud which has two main parts : AMoV ( adaptive mobile video streaming ) and ESoV ( efficient social video sharing ). AMoV and ESoV built a private agent which provides video streaming service for each mobile user. To demonstrate its performance we implement a AMES-Cloud framework prototype. It is also shown that private agent in the cloud can effectively provides the adaptive streaming and prefetching the video based on social network service ( SNSs ). Leveraging the cloud computing technology, it is crucial to improve the quality service of video streaming while using the networking and computing resource efficiently and also provides preservation over cloud computing.
S.No.: 305
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-31-88
Title : Database Mining Using Dynamic Query Forms Approach
Authors Name: Kalyani Matey#1, Archana Nikose#2
Authors Affilation: Priyadarshini Bhagwati College of Engg., Nagpur(M.S), India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: Different kinds of databases such as modern scientific database, web database. These are maintain large and heterogeneous data. This kind of database contain sometimes hundreds or thousands types of relations and attributes. Traditional query forms which are already defined are not able to satisfy various types of ad-hoc queries with the help of user on those databases. So that user’s requirements are not fulfil successfully. Thus, a new query form generated which overcome the problems of previously generated query forms and the name to be given as Dynamic Query Forms. Dynamic query forms are the new database query interface which able to generate query forms dynamically. The primary function of dynamic query forms are- 1) Capture the user preferences and rank those query forms components. 2) Assist user to make their decision. The generation of query form is intentionally guided by user and iterative process. The system automatically generates ranking lists of form components and the user then adds the desired form components into the query form. Based on the captured user preference ranking of form components can be done. User can also fill the query form and submit queries to see the query result. A query form could be dynamically refined till the user satisfies with the query results. The expected F-measure for the query form goodness measuring is utilized in this approach. In DQF, for estimating the goodness of a query form, a probabilistic model is developed. The effectiveness and the efficiency of DQF are proved after experimental evaluation and user study.
S.No.: 306
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-31-89
Title : Survey of Data Delivery Mechanism for Dynamic Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Authors Name: Ravindra Zarekarl, Santosh Sambare
Authors Affilation: Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering, Pune
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) consists of a collection of wireless mobile nodes dynamically forming a temporary network without the use of any existing network infrastructure or centralized administration. In such a network, each node operates not only as a host, but also as a router, forwarding packets for other mobile nodes. The efficient data delivery in dynamic mobile ad hoc networks is one of the fundamental challenging issue now days. The problem of delivering data packets for dynamic mobile ad hoc networks in a efficient and timely manner is challenging issues in Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET). Most of the presently ad hoc routing mechanisms are affected due to moving nature of node, mostly for extensive big networks. For this issue an efficient Position-based Routing mechanisms which take advantage geographic routing and the broadcast nature of wireless medium. When a data packet is sent out, some of the neighboring nodes will serve as forwarding candidates, and take turn to forward the packet if it is not delivered by the specific best forwarder within a valid period of time. The existing traditional routing protocols are prone to node movability. The design of Position-based Routing mechanisms is based on Geographic Routing and Opportunistic Forwarding, which transfers the data packet based on the location of the destination.
S.No.: 307
Paper id : IJAIEM-2014-12-31-91
Title : A Dual purpose Inverter Topology for Power Quality Improvement and Power Generation from Grid Connected Renewable Energy Systems
Authors Name: K.Sivaprasad, G.N.V.Sarathbabu, Ch.Rambabu.
Authors Affilation: Sri Vasavi Engineering College, Tadepalligudem Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: Renewable generation affects power quality due to its nonlinearity, since solar generation plants and wind power generators must be connected to the grid through high-power static PWM converters. This paper presents active power filter implemented with a four-leg voltage-source inverter. The main features of this control scheme is 1) To control power converter to inject power generated from RES to the grid, and 2)To act as a shunt APF to compensate current unbalance, load current harmonics, load reactive power demand and load neutral current. The compensation performance of the proposed active power filter and the associated control scheme under steady state and transient operating conditions is demonstrated through simulation results. In this paper the topology of three phase four leg inverter is shown along with its controlled on the basis of hysteresis control and SRF theory for current reference generation 3) The results are presented for both wind & solar type renewable power generation systems.
S.No.: 308
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-01-01-100
Title : Hybrid intrusion prediction system based on Fuzzy Colored Petri-Net
Authors Name: Ghodhbani Salah and Jemili Farah
Authors Affilation: 1Department of Computer Engineering, ISG University, Sousse, Tunisia
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: Intrusion detection systems (IDS) play a very important role in minimizing the damage caused by different computer attacks. However they cannot detect all attacks, and they are not capable of predicting future attacks. In this paper, we propose a novel approach of hybrid intrusion prediction system (IPS) that can not only detect attacks but also predict future probable intrusion. The proposed system model intruders actions against internal machines which provide a global view to network administrators and warns them about future probable intrusions and reduces the damage caused due to attacks. Future attacks are predicted based on intruder’s behavior clusters detected in an earlier phase of clustering. In this paper, we present the architecture, and the implementation of the proposed system. Our experiments on real world datasets show that the proposed system is efficient with high prediction rate.
S.No.: 309
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-01-01-102
Title : An Implementation of SOA Enhanced Semantic Information Retrieval web service using Domain Ontology, WCF and .NET Technologies
Authors Name: S. Meenakshi., R.M. Suresh
Authors Affilation: RMK Engineering College
Volume & Issue No.: Volume3Issue12
Abstract: Information retrieval services serve a critical role in numerous business knowledge systems. There are various mature IR algorithms that have been implemented and it is by all seems to be a waste of resources and time to re-implement them. The implemented IR algorithms can be distributed and or their functions can be made available and open through the framework of SOA enhanced semantic web services. SOA enhanced Web services in the IR domain have not been widely tried. Concept relevancy ranking of link and page content retrieval is an important area in traditional IR. Demonstrated that it can be easily adopted as IR web services and can be accessed in numerous ways. For the IR web services, we exploit the semantic web which is presently an evolution of the current web that represents information in a machine-readable format, while keeping the human-friendly mark up language representation and whereby avoiding key word searching. A new system is proposed here for a semantic web information retrieval service utilizing Domain Ontology[28], which incorporates semantic web, WCF services and .NET technologies to enable System skeleton for building the semantic web support for intelligent business knowledge search using RDF, ontology and SPARQL queries.
S.No.: 310
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-01-02-2
Title : LPCH and UDLPCH: Location-aware Routing Techniques in WSNs
Authors Name: Smita Bopchande
Authors Affilation: Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University Nanded Maharashtra, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue1
Abstract: Wireless sensor nodes along with Base Station (BS) constitute a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). Nodes comprise of tiny power battery. Nodes sense the data and send it to BS. WSNs need protocol for efficient energy consumption of the network. In direct transmission and minimum transmission energy routing protocols, energy consumption is not well dis-tributed. However, LEACH (Low-Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy) is a clustering protocol; randomly selects the Cluster Heads (CHs) in each round. However, random selection of CHs does not guarantee efficient energy consumption of the network. Therefore, we proposed new clustering techniques in routing protocols, Location-aware Permanent CH (LPCH) and User Defined Location-aware Permanent CH (UDLPCH). In both protocols, network field is physically divided in to two regions, equal number of nodes are randomly deployed in each region. In LPCH, number of CHs are selected by LEACH algorithm in first round. However in UDLPCH, equal and optimum number of CHs are selected in each region, throughout the network life time number of CHs are remain same. Simulation results show that stability period and throughput of LPCH is greater than LEACH, stability period and throughput of UDLPCH is greater than LPCH.
S.No.: 311
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-01-04-3
Title : Weather monitoring GPS
Authors Name: Girish Dawkhar, Ishwar Ethape ,Pratiksha Jadhav,Gauri Kate
Authors Affilation: Dhole Patil Collage Of Engineering, wagholi pune
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue1
Abstract: Global positioning system find nearby location Street Address, City, Country and Zip code. Also Show you’re way to reach the place with speed of traveling. This application is used for emergency case we able to find location of nearby places and contact detail. It’s providing automatically emergence call to the particular location. Google map find distance of the two places. Also know driving direction of the two cities and Traveling time and distance of the place. Application is finding nearby places.Weather is exceptionally easy to use app for staying always updated with the weather conditions. The Weather app is specifically designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible. With just one click you receive the weather condition in your status bar at your current location. The climate state is gorgeously animated so that you can almost experience it, seeing how the weather comes alive. The project is using world weather online API as a data channel and the live updates are really tiny so that you would not use up your data cap.Thus we are trying to develop a App as Weather Monitoring GPS which will recognize the near places and the weather
S.No.: 312
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-01-08-7
Title : Operational Research Techniques For Revenue Management
Authors Name: Kashyap M. Gupta, Kavita C. Griglani
Authors Affilation: Department of Science &Humanity(Mathematics), Vadodara Institute of Engineering,Kotambi,Vadodara-391510-Gujarat.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue1
Abstract: Linear Programming (LP) is the mathematical technique for best allocation of scarcity of resources, such as labour, material, machine, capital, energy and so on, to manage revenue among several regular activities, such as items to produce, services to produce such items, jobs, latest equipments, projects, and so on, on the basis of a given situation of optimality. For the developments and application of specific operational research techniques to capture high revenue among several options of action available, which will include numerical values, linear programming as a tool of operations research which may be used where there is a need to formulate a mathematical model to represent the problem. This paper is an insight into how LP can be made use of in the production industry too, where the demand has been so much in India. A typicaloptimisation case has been tried to solve and obtain an optimal solution for revenue management in anPackage Drinking Water Production Industry.
S.No.: 313
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-01-09-9
Title : Study of Social Responsibility and Ethics in Marketing (Special Referance in Indian Market)
Authors Name: Dr.Neetu Singh, Dr. Rishikant Agnihotri
Authors Affilation: DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Naraina College of Engineering & Technology
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue1
Abstract: This Paper explains the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Ethics in Marketing and Identifies and Analyses the points such as How far the practicing marketing managers in India giving importance to the ethical aspects and To what extent MNCs operating in the developing countries like India taking care of the ethical and social responsibility aspects while operating their business. The issues of marketing practices and ethics and social Responsibility are considered to be contradictions almost an oxymoron to most people. Marketing professionals have faced criticism both in USA and India about their activities which harm consumers, like deceptive practices, high pressure selling, high prices, shoddy or unsafe products, planned obsolescence, and poor service to disadvantaged consumers. The effort of this study has been to understand how marketing has evolved ethically from being the caveat emptor-Let the buyer beware, where the point of view is that the rights of the seller are central and a company having little regard for consumers needs and wants. Today there is the other point of view the caveat vendor Let the seller beware, and the customer satisfaction is given prime importance and the customer is always right. These efforts have seen a move from the adversarial to the co-operative marketing which has culminated in the concept of relationship marketing.
S.No.: 314
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-01-09-10
Title : Gap between academic output and industrial requirement in present Era- Challenges for Higher Education in India
Authors Name: Dr.Neetu Singh, Dr. Rishikant Agnihotri, Dr.K.G.Chaubey
Authors Affilation: DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Naraina College of Engineering & Technology
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue1
Abstract: The lacking of appropriately skilled labour across many industries is emerging as a significant and difficult challenge to Indias growth and future. Today is a growing skills gap reflecting the slim availability of high-quality college education in India and the galloping pace of the countrys service-driven economy, which is growing faster than most countries in the world. As businesses propose to double and triple their workforces and India Inc. strives to maintain its position in the global marketplace, it has become imperative to prepare and plan for a world-class, competent, talented and innovative workforce. India as a nation which have huge population base and out of the total population nearly 35% are between the age group of 15 to 21 where they are in a situation to enter the work place once they finish the education stream. But, due to lack of skill requirement and mismatch for industry, many people fail to enter in to the job market. There is need of higher education role to fill the gap. The main of role for the higher education sector is to supply suitably skilled graduates to the work place. However, the ability of the higher education sector to achieve this task has been questioned. Consequently, there is need some change in higher education curricula. Education is considered to be a process of skill formation and in this aspect it is treated at par with the process of capital formation. Economists argue that as demand for educational training increases, the systems need to meet the countrys requirement for people with high levels of skill and knowledge. But the major stumbling block in this growth path is the inadequate skill set of the workforce. While on the one side we have the world’s large stock of scientists, engineers and management graduates, we have been unable to derive full economic benefit from this talent base because of the mismatch between industry needs and institutions output.
S.No.: 315
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-01-09-11
Title : Spelling Based and Unsystematic field Mouse pointer CAPTCHA for Cloud safety
Authors Name: Ms. Sonika A. Chorey, Prof. S. V. Dhopte
Authors Affilation: Dept. Information technology Prof. Ram Meghe Institute of Technology and Research Badnera
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue1
Abstract: CAPTCHA is an acronym for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and humans Apart. CAPTCHA is an image of distorted letters is dynamically generated. Since the letters are a part of an image and not text, it is difficult for a spam bot or other computer program to read.
S.No.: 316
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-01-10-12
Authors Name: Raviprakash S. Shriwas, Akshay D. Dikondawar
Authors Affilation: M.E. in Digital communication Assistant professor in EXTC Department J.D.I.E.T. Yavatmal
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue1
Abstract: Nowadays cancer has become huge threat in human life .there are many types of cancer, Lung cancer is one of the common types causing very high mortality rate. The best way of protection from lung cancer is its early detection and prediction .The detection of lung cancer in early stage is a challenging problem, due to the structure of the cancer cells, where utmost of the cells are overlapped with each other. It is a computational procedure that sort images into groups according to their similarities. In this Histogram Equalization is used for preprocessing of the images and feature extraction process and neural network classifier to check the condition of a patient in its early stage whether it is normal or abnormal. The performance is based on the correct and incorrect classification of the classifier.
S.No.: 317
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-01-10-13
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue1
Abstract: Construction Industry plays a crucial role in the economic development of any country. In India Construction industry is the second largest after agriculture, contributes about 11% in the GDP. Construction industry is directly related with the consumption of cement in the world. India is the second largest cement producer in the world after China. Sand is a major material used for preparation of mortar and concrete and plays a important role in mix design. Sand is required about two times the volume of cement used in concrete construction. Hence the demand of natural sand is very high in developing countries to satisfy the rapid infrastructure growth. As demand of natural sand is increasing day by day there is a need to find the new alternative material to replace the river sand, such that excess river erosion and harm to environment is prevented. In present study alternatives of natural sand, blast furnace slag were evaluated for their suitability of replacing natural sand for making mortar and concrete. Blast furnace slag as by–product, which is a non–biodegradable waste material from that only a small percentage of it is used by cement industries to manufacture cement.. Mortar with proportions (1:4) for 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% replacement and concrete of M-20 and M-30 grades for 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% replacement cube were also prepared respectively. From this study it is observed that Blast furnace slag can be used as an alternative to natural sand up to 60% and 75% in mortar and concrete respectively.
S.No.: 318
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-01-10-14
Title : Diagnosis of Liver Tumor from CT Images using Digital Image Processing
Authors Name: Dr. Alyaa H. Ali, Entethar M. Hadi
Authors Affilation: College of science for women, University of Baghdad
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue1
Abstract: The detection and diagnose of liver tumors from CT images by using digital image processing, is a modern technique depends on using computer in addition to textural analysis to obtain an accurate liver diagnosis, despite the methods difficulty that came from livers position in the abdomen among the other organs. This method will make the surgeon able to detect the tumor and then easing treatment also it helps physicians and radiologists to identify the affected parts of the liver in order to protect the normal parts as much as possible from exposure to radiation. This study describes a new 2D liver segmentation method for purpose of transplantation surgery as a treatment for liver tumors. Liver segmentation is not only the key process for volume computation but also fundamental for further processing to get more anatomy information for individual patient. Due to the low contrast, blurred edges, large variability in shape and complex context with clutter features surrounding the liver that characterize the CT liver images. In this paper, the CT images are taken, and then the segmentation processes are applied to the liver image which will find, extract the CT liver boundary and further classify liver diseases.
S.No.: 319
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-01-13-18
Title : Upgradation of Plasma Antenna by Using Fluorescent Tubes
Authors Name: Raviprakash Shriwas and Sayali Gulhane
Authors Affilation: Raviprakash S. Shriwas Assist.Professor in EXTC Department Jawaharlal Darda Institute Of Engineering And Technology Yavatmal,India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue1
Abstract: Plasma antennas refer to a wide variety of antenna concepts that incorporate some use of an ionized medium. Plasma Antenna is a new captivating concept which could very well be the future of high-speed, high-frequency wireless communications. It is possible to transmit focused radio waves using Plasma antennas that would quickly dissipate using the conventional metal antennas. A plasma antenna is a type of radio antenna currently in development in which plasma is used, replacing the metal elements of a traditional antenna. Plasma antennas can be used for both transmission and reception. The advancement in plasma antenna is with the use of fluorescent tubes. The commercially fluorescent tubes consist of a glass tube filled with mixture mercury vapor and argon gas. The gas inside the fluorescent tube will ionize to plasma after getting sufficient voltage and formed plasma column. The plasma is highly conducting and it acts as a reflector. When all of the surrounding tubes are electrified, the radiation is trapped inside the antenna when the plasma frequency is greater than radio frequency. The developed antenna has potential in military application.
S.No.: 320
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-01-13-20
Title : Image Processing Using OFDM
Authors Name: Shailendra Yadav, A.K.Singh, Anand Vardhan Bhalla
Authors Affilation: Master of Technology, Digital Communication, Ojaswini Institute of Management and Technology, Damoh (M.P), India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue1
Abstract: In todays communication world we are having drastic changes in the format related to OFDM system An OFDM system deals with multiple channels over which information are sent at different frequencies to boast up bandwidth efficiency . During communication an extra unwanted noise signals come across with real signal due to any reason In this project we have dealt with these noise called AWGN in which at the receiver side Bit error rate is improved to recover real image that was sent from transmitter to receiver In order to achieve this we have gone through various modulation techniques such as QAM BPSK QPSK etc These techniques were used for audio or video signals in OFDM but in this project it has been done for image processing to recover original image Along with this IFFT and FFT filters are used at the transmitter and at the receiving end of OFDM system
S.No.: 321
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-01-13-23
Title : Medical tourists perception towards various destination choice factors as a Gujarat state for medical tourism
Authors Name: Prof. Nirav R. Joshi, Dr. Jaydeep Badiyani
Authors Affilation: School of Management, RK University, Rajkot, India, Research Scholar of RK University, Rajkot. Assistant Professor, V.M. Patel Institute of Management, Ganpat University, Gujarat, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue1
Abstract: Aim/Purpose: To study the perception of medical travelers towards various destination choice factors as a Gujarat state for medical tourism, to study the perception of the medical traveler or tourists towards Gujarat state as a destination choice of medical tourism and to study the scope for medical tourism in Gujarat state. Research Design: Nature of research is problem identification. The type of research will be exploratory and conclusive descriptive research, i.e. data analysis was quantitative and tests the specific hypothesis. Single cross sectional research design means one sample of respondent has been drawn from the target population and information has been obtained from this sample once. Survey method with a structured questionnaire using likert scale given to the sample of population and designed to elicit specific information from the respondents. Data was collected from existing traveler in the various private hospitals of the Gujarat state. Sample Design: Target populations were samples, subgroups of a population selected for the study. Sample element would be medical travelers who come in Gujarat for taking a medical treatment, i.e. NRIs, Domestic and foreign travelers. For medical travelers, who are in private or civil hospital, non probability with convenience sampling has been used. Methods and Materials: Descriptive analysis, One way Anova, Chi Square and Multiple regression model with the help of SPSS software. Research Outcome: To identify the important variables for destination choice and perception of the medical tourists towards destination choice. Significance P value of F test is 0.000, which is less than 0.05 so, the regression model is significant. Multiple Correlation coefficients between Destination Choice and all predictors simultaneously is 0.955; it indicates strong relationship between the independent and dependent variables. The value of adjusted R Square is 0.911; this means that regression model is explains 91.1% of variance in Destination Choice.
S.No.: 322
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-01-13-24
Title : A Survey of Various Scheduling Algorithms and types of Resources Provisioning in Cloud Environment
Authors Name: Jeni Patel, Jignesh Prajapati
Authors Affilation: P.G.Student, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Parul Institute Of Technonology, Limda,Waghodia.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue1
Abstract: Cloud computing is referring as simply the cloud, which is the delivery of on-demand computing resources-everything from applications to data centers-over the Internet on a pay-for-use basis. In Cloud computing it contain four types of deployment model Private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, community cloud. Cloud Services are Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). As cloud charge you for what you use only, it is necessary to manage the resources. So, The managing of cloud resources and handling users request is important things for cloud computing. In this paper present various types of scheduling algorithms for resources managing and also define the resources provisioning techniques. Also define the comparison between scheduling Algorithm.
S.No.: 323
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-01-15-25
Title : Recognition of Novel Variance Parameters Using Taguchi Loss Function in MANET
Authors Name: Dheeraj Rawat, Prof.Nitesh Gupta, Prof. Sini Shibu
Authors Affilation: M.Tech Scholar Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Computer Science & Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, NRIIST, Bhopal (M.P.), India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue1
Abstract: In this paper we presents a method for handling multiple metrics and different network parameters simultaneously to analyze the loss factor of routing protocols in mobile ad hoc network(MANET) environments. We have used Taguchi’ loss function to determine the best parameters giving maximum throughput, packet delivery ratio (PDR), average delay, DROP and routing over head simultaneously for AODV protocol. In this paper we have consider various different mobile ad hoc network parameters such as Terrain size, No of Nodes, No of source nodes, Packet transmission rate, Node speed, Pause time, Transmission range, Queue size, Antenna height and receiving power on a multiple signal to noise ratio (MNSR), performance and contribution level of parameters have been analyzed by analysis of variance (ANOVA). The analysis of results shows that the parameters which more affecting the AODV performance in mobile ad hoc networks are Queue size, Receiving power, Source node, Packet transmission rate, Antenna height and transmission range.
S.No.: 324
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-01-15-26
Title : Employment and production of handicrafts in Jammu and Kashmir: An economic analysis
Authors Name: Towseef Mohi Ud Din
Authors Affilation: Research Scholar in Economics, Vikram University Ujjain (M.P)
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue1
Abstract: Handicraft has emerged as an important and one of the important contributors to the state’s economy. There are various handicrafts of Jammu and Kashmir which are famous not in domestic level but both in national and international markets. From the good old day handicraft had been the major economic activity of the state. In order to make our handicraft sector on the right track on which more and more production and employment is generated government should have to take care of this sector.
S.No.: 325
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-01-17-29
Title : Surface Finish Analysis of D2 Steel in WEDM using ANN & Regression Modelling along with Fractional Factorial Design of Experiments
Authors Name: U.K.Vates, N.K. Singh, Mr. B.N.Tripathi
Authors Affilation: Associate Professor & Head, Deptt. of Mech. Engg., AIMT, Greater Noida,
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue1
Abstract: Wire electrical discharge machining (WEDM) is an important metal removal process in precision manufacturing of mould and dies, which comes under non traditional machining processes. It is also quite difficult to find the correct input parametric combinations to give lowest possible values of surface roughness of D2 steel under WEDM.. Non-conventional WEDM process under low temperature dielectric (DI water) is more robust and powerful approach than conventional machining process to obtaining better surface finish in low temperature treated tool steels. Low temperature dielectric cooling medium implementation generally used as secondary treatment to enhance the surface smoothness. Present work aimed to effect of WEDM parameters on surface finish of low temperature treated AISI D2 tool steel is investigated. Montgomery fractional factorial design of experiment, L16 orthogonal array was selected for conducting the experiments. The surface roughness and its corresponding material removal rate (MRR) were considered as responses for improving surface finish. The Analysis of variance (ANOVA) was done to find the optimum machining parametric combination for better surface finish. The experimental result shows that the model suggested by the Montgomerys method is suitable for improving the surface finish. Regression (RA) analysis method and Artificial Neural Network (ANN) were used to formulate the mathematical models. Based on optimal parametric combination, experiments were conducted to confirm the effectiveness of the proposed ANN model.
S.No.: 326
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-01-17-30
Authors Name: Mohammed Wasel Al-Hazmi
Authors Affilation: Ph.D Mechanical Engineering Vice Rector for Branches Umm Al-Qura University Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue1
Abstract: This paper reports on the design of a Computer-aided Sheet Nesting System (CASNS) for the nesting of two different or two similar shaped sheet-metal blanks on a given or coil stock. The proposed system extracts the required shape geometrical information directly from CAD data base. Initially, the two shapes are overlapped and the different positions can be obtained by fixing the first shape and moving the second in steps in X-direction until no overlapping occurs . After that, the movable shape is moved by a step in Y-direction and repeated the motion in X-direction. Trials after, rotating the movable shape taking grain orientation constrains into a consideration. In each case the system determines the material utilization by calculating the minimum circumscribing rectangular area which contains the two shapes. The developed system has been written in Visual C on an IBM-Compatible Personal Computer. The optimal nesting is calculated from overall trials. The system is applied on different shapes and proved to give a reduced computation time for arriving to the optimal position with higher utilization ratio and minimization of scrap.
S.No.: 327
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-01-18-31
Title : Review of Study of Different Diseases On Betelvine Plant and Control Measure
Authors Name: Nutankumar S. Jane, Prof. Mrs. Anupama P.Deshmukh, Prof. Mrs. Madhavi S. Joshi
Authors Affilation: 1Research Scholar, Dept. of Electronics&Telecommunication, Prof. Ram Meghe Institute of Technology & Research, Badnera, Amravati, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue1
Abstract: The vast economic potentiality of the crop can be adequately established by the fact that about 20-30 million people consume betel leaves in India on a regular basis besides those in other countries of the world which may include over 2 billion consumers. Its cultivation is highly labor intensive and offers employment to about 2.0 million families engaged in cultivation, trading and commerce in betel leaf throughout India. Betel vine leaf is used as medicine for certain diseases and also used as an antiseptic .During cultivation betel vine is very much affected by diseases such as Leaf spot , Leaf rot diseases and powdery mildew that result in great loss for the farmers. It occurs in a very virulent form and if not controlled, causes widespread damage and even total destruction of the entire betel vine plantations without any early indications of the diseases. The aim of this paper is to study and identify various diseases in the betel vine plants.
S.No.: 328
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-01-19-32
Authors Name: Mohit Singhmar and Nishant Verma
Authors Affilation: OITM, HISAR
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue1
Abstract: The objective of this research was to study influencing parameters affecting to mechanical property of austenitic stainless steel grade 304 (AISI 304) with Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW). The research was applying Taguchi Method on austenitic stainless steel specimen of dimensions 110 × 40 × 3 mm, which have following interested parameters: arc current at 150, 200, and 250 Amps, gas flow rate at 10, 20, and 30 kg/hr and arc voltage at 15, 20 and 25 Volt.The study was done in following aspects: Hardness. The present paper aims at the study of factors affecting mechanical property of austenitic stainless steel with Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) at different welding parameters. Keywords:Austenitic stainless steel (AISI 304), Taguchi method, Hardness
S.No.: 329
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-01-20-34
Title : Security and Confidentiality Issues in Publish/Subscribe Network
Authors Name: Gayatri P. Teke, Bhagyashree Patle
Authors Affilation: University of Pune, Department of Computer Engineering, SKN SIT, Lonavla, Maharashtra, INDIA
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue1
Abstract: Todays world is a distributed i.e. network oriented so, data security is more important. There are many techniques used for network security. Publish/ Subscribe network is based on publisher and subscriber. These are two important entity in publish/ subscribe network. Publisher, who is publish their event. Subscriber, who is shown his interest on particular event and after authentication he uses means subscribe that event. Basically publish / subscribe network is loosely coupled means publisher and subscriber are unknown to each other. So for the smooth working, previously broker is used as mediator in publish/ subscribe network. But it required more security for authentication and confidentiality of event because the broker is not much trustworthy. So in later system, broker is removed and they used identity based encryption. In identity based encryption is based on identity of publisher and identity of subscriber. If an identity is stolen by hacker then our data is also compromised. Next stage Attribute based encryption is used. In attribute based encryption the keys are generated using credentials. Credentials generated using attribute of the publisher and subscriber. Publisher encrypt there event by possible all credential. Only particular subscriber, whose having that credential only those subscriber are subscribe that event. In this paper we study all the above previous techniques and its pros and cons. In our system, we proposed profile-based encryption for overcome the problem of previous system. My paper contribute the following things 1) Generate a key using profile-based key generation 2) Gaussian Distribution model for key distribution 3) Reverse cycle cipher text for encryption and decryption.
S.No.: 330
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-01-20-35
Authors Affilation: SKNSITS LONAVALA
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue1
Abstract: Abstract-Sentiment analysis has become upcoming topic in recent years, and sentiment dictionaries are essential for research in this field. Consumers regularly face the trade-off in purchase decisions so nowadays if one wants to buy a consumer product one prefer user reviews and discussion in public forums on web about the product. Many consumers use reviews posted by other consumers before making their purchase decisions. People have a tendency to express their opinion on various entities. As a result opinion mining has gained importance .Sentiment Analysis deals with evaluating whether this expressed opinion about the entity has a positive or a negative orientation. Consumers need to decide what subset of available information to use. Graphical analysis is a better option for this decision as they provide a quick indication of a review. However there are cases where such graphical representation are not available or detailed enough. Sentiment analysis text analysis techniques that automatically detect the polarity of text can help in these situations with more refined analysis.
S.No.: 331
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-01-22-40
Title : Effective creative strategies on Educational native buildings Designers treatment
Authors Name: Malihe Soleimani sadr, Sayedeh Marzieh Tabaeian
Authors Affilation: Graduate student of Architecture , School of Architecture , Islamic Azad University , Branch, Isfahan (khorasgan) , Iran
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue1
Abstract: The current researchs goal is the effective creative strategies on educational native building desingers treatment.The method of current research Isa expression of correlation.The statistical population of this research consists of all of the bachelor of art students of Azad University Branch of Mahllat.Because of limitation of statistical population for selecting a sample, consus method has been used. Research tools includes three realised Questionnaires that are: 1) realized questionnaires of triple factors effective on designing native educational buildings (regional, ideological,social) containing 23 items (94/0=‌α)2) realized questionnaires of designing approach including 11 items (89/0=‌α)3) realized questionnaires of designing native educational buildings containing 18 items(92/0=‌α ‌) The scale of all questionaries is been provided by 5 degree Likert scale.Cronbachs alphaFor providing quotations,somequstionaries from professors and experts ideas and for providing reliability,the method of Cronbachs alpha Has been used To analyse information, using Lisrelsoftware,step by step multiple regression and Structural equation pattern is been appliedTotally the result of research showed that there are significant connections among triple factors (regional,regional, ideological,social) and treatment of native educational designers at levelP< 0.05design approach also Mediates connections among triple factors (regional,regional, ideological,social) and treatment of native educational designers
S.No.: 332
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-01-22-41
Title : Perceived Organizational Support as a Mediator between Social Exchange and Upward Safety Communication
Authors Name: SONG Li, DU Yu
Authors Affilation: Economy & Management School, Anhui University of Science & Technology, Huainan,Anhui 232001,P R China
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue1
Abstract: using 213 survey data, we examined how relational exchange quality, perceived organizational support (POS), and upward safety communication interrelate. We found POS mediates the relationship between leader-member exchange (i.e., LMX) and upward safety communication. We also found the relational context matters—namely, the management commitment to safety (i.e., MCS). Our findings suggest higher quality MCS reduces the negative association between lower quality LMX and POS. Our study extends both social exchange and safety management theories. We delineate how relational exchange quality associates with employees upward safety communication in the organization—placing POS as an integrative mechanism between social exchange and communication.
S.No.: 333
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-01-22-42
Title : Almost relative strongly M –flat modules
Authors Name: Dr.M.R.Aloney & Govind Sahu
Authors Affilation: Research Scholor ) Bhagwant University Ajmer (Raj.)India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue1
Abstract: Throughout this paper we have defined a new concept of almost strongly M-flat modules [11] and we are motivated [10]. And given several properties of them [13]. This paper concept introduced as a generalization of flat modules. There are two part in discussed In first part we study Almost strongly M-flat modules and in second section we study about the homomorphism θ_X ∶ 〖A Σ 〗_R^⨂ 〖Hom〗_(R )(X^J, N^J)→ 〖Hom〗_(A ) (〖A Σ 〗_R^⨂ X^J ,〖 AΣ 〗_(R )^⨂ N^J ) Where A is an R-algebra, X^J and N^J is R-modules. And last result we prove M be almost strongly M-flat modules then following statement are equivalent. Any finitely generated ideal I is almost M-projective Every submodule of M is almost strongly M-flat modules. Every flat module is almost strongly M-flat module.
S.No.: 334
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-01-24-45
Authors Name: Gagandeep kaur, Anand Kumar Mittal
Authors Affilation: Student Guru Kashi University, Talwandi Sabo
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue1
Abstract: With the availability of multi-sensor data in many fields, image fusion has been receiving increasing attention in the researches for a wide spectrum of applications. Image fusion is the process that combines information from multiple images of the same scene. These images may be captured from different sensors, acquired at different times, or having different spatial and spectral characteristics. Discrete wavelet transform (DWT) was performed on source image. Because DWT is the basic and simplest transform among numerous multi-scale transform and other type of wavelet based fusion schemes are usually similar to the DWT fusion scheme. In this paper, hybrid method for image fusion is proposed. The method used is combination of DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform) and Variance and compared it with Hybrid DWT.
S.No.: 335
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-01-26-46
Title : The relationship between the managers attitude toward organizational silence and job attitude and employees silence provoking behavior
Authors Name: Ahmadi Masud, Ghaffari Rahman
Authors Affilation: PHD, Assistant professor at the Islamic Azad University of Sari Branch, Mazandaran, Iran,
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue1
Abstract: The study sought to identify the relationship between the managers attitude toward the organizational silence and carrier attitude and employees silence provoking behavior at Islamic Azad University of Yazd. The research conducted a correlation-descriptive procedure on 162 subjects out of whom 119 subjects were selected through stratified random sampling. The data gathering tools were Dimitris &Vakola standardized questionnaires. The Data analyses were conducted using descriptive and inferential statistics (correlation and multivariate regression) with LISREL and SPSS software. Results indicated that there was a negative relationship between managers attitude toward the organizational silence, organizational commitment and employees job satisfaction and there was a positively significant relationship between the managers attitude and employees silence provoking behaviors.
S.No.: 336
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-01-30-59
Title : Grading of Workload in Agricultural Activities
Authors Name: Dr S K MOHANTY
Authors Affilation: Associate Professor, College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, OUAT, Bhubaneswar, India. 751003
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue1
Abstract: Grading of workload during Agricultural activities in paddy cultivation system has been chalked out on the basis of the physiological parameters of male and female workers in Odisha in the age group of 18-45 years. For this purpose ergonomical parameters like working heart rate (WHR), oxygen consumption rate (OCR), energy expenditure rate (EER), relative cost of workload (RCWL) (% of VO2 max) of both male and female agricultural workers performing forty (40) different operation in paddy cultivation system were measured. Six male and six female workers were selected for this study and their physiological parameters were recorded. VO2, max varied in the range of 1.82 to 2.12 l min-1 for male and 1.56 to 1.81 l min-1 for female workers. The highest cardiac cost in term of working heart rate was observed to be maximum in case of grain threshing by beating of paddy bundler on stone/wooden surface followed by (142.3 beats min-1) operating with pre-germinated paddy seeder (138.2 beats min-1). For the case of female worker the highest cardiac cost was recorded highest in bund thinning with spade (138.4 beats min-1) followed by operating with 6 row pre germinated paddy seeder (136.3 beats min-1) and lowest in case of winnowing with power winnower (98.2 beats min-1). The oxygen consumption rate and energy expenditure rate followed the same trend. The severity or grading of workload was generally based on the physiological parameters like heart rate, oxygen consumption rate and relative cost of workload. Many researchers have categorized this severity of workload rate broadly into six types like very light, light, moderate heavy, heavy, very heavy and extremely heavy. But during the participatory discussion with these agricultural workers it was noticed that the workers generally categories it into three major types of severity i.e light, medium and heavy type of agriculture operation. Keeping the WHR, OCR and RCWL (% of VO2 max) into consideration the agricultural activities can be categorized for the agricultural operation can be named as “light” type of operation when the working heart rate, oxygen consumption rate and relative cost of work load are below 100 beats min-1, 0.6 lmin-1, and 35% where as for “medium” type of operation the WHR, OCR and RCWL (% of VO2 max) may in the range of 100-125 beats min-1, 0.6 – 1.01 lmin-1 and 35-50% . For “heavy” type of operation the WHR may be considered (> 125 beats min-1), oxygen consumption rate (> 1.01 lmin-1) and relative cost of work load (> 50%). Keeping all these three severity/grading of work load into consideration laddering, paddy broadcasting, power transplanting, birds scaring, spraying with hand compressor spraying are categorized as light type of operation. Whereas bund thinning, manual transplanting, weeding, high treadle pump, harvesting with sickle, reaper, grain threshing can be graded as medium type of operation. Ploughing with Mould Board Plough, Bullock puddling, using four row paddy transplanter and 6 / 8 row paddy seeder, water lifting with local Tenda, transporting unthreshed paddy on head and yoke etc. may be categories as heavy type of operation. Keywords: Grading, Work load, Paddy cultivation, Working Heart Rate, Oxygen consumption Rate.
S.No.: 337
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-01-31-66
Title : Performance Analysis of WDM Link Using Different DCF Techniques at 20 Gb/s
Authors Name: Rupinderjit Kaur, Gaurav Soni
Authors Affilation: M. Tech Research Scholar (ECE) Amritsar College of Engineering & Technology Punjab, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue1
Abstract: In this paper, compare performance of pre, post, and symmetrical dispersion compensation technique for 16 channels at 20 Gbps non-return to zero WDM system using dispersion compensating fiber (DCF) and single mode fiber (SMF). In this work we used DCF techniques to compensate dispersion in optical fiber communication. The Various factors like chromatic dispersion, polarization mode dispersion, non-linear effects, second and third order dispersion impose limit on the performance (transmission distance, pulse broadening) of Wavelength division Multiplexing (WDM) transmission system. The results of three compensation techniques have been compared in the term of bit error rate, eye and Quality factor and it is found that symmetrical compensation methods are provide better results for long haul communication. Pre and Post compensation scheme are also provide better result but on comparison of these three schemes the symmetrical compensation perform better then other. The impact of bit error rate and eye closure penalty is also observed for large transmission distances and cover 240 km using symmetrical-compensation method with acheived bit error rate (2.36173×10−89) and quality factor (19.9934 dB).
S.No.: 338
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-01-72
Authors Affilation: 1Assistant Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, ACEW, Nagercoil, Tamilnadu, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue1
Abstract: The present paper focuses on investigating characteristics of M40 concrete with various proportional replacement of cement with Ground Granulated Blastfurnace Slag (GGBS) and steel fibre. High Performance Concrete (HPC) is a concrete meeting special combinations of performance and uniformity requirements that cannot be always achieved routinely by using conventional constituents and normal mixing. This leads to examine the admixtures to improve the performance of the concrete. Considering cost of construction also drawn the attention of investigators to explore new replacements of ingredients of concrete. Six mixes were studied with GGBS & Steel Fibre using a water binder ratio of 0.38 and superplasticizer CONPLAST SP-430. The cubes and cylinders were tested for both compressive and split tensile strengths GGBS can enhance the durability aspects of HPC compared to control mix. Among the mixes, the mix with replacement level as 10%,20%,30%,40% and 50% of GGBS and 1% steel fibre is better with respect to strength and durability. Concrete is a mixture of cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate and water. It is found that by the partial replacement of cement with GGBS and steel fibre helped in improving the strength of the concrete substantially compared to normal mix concrete.
S.No.: 339
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-02-2
Authors Name: Dennis Joseph 1 Dr.Nasina Jigeesh2 D.Saravanan3
Authors Affilation: IBS University, Hyderabad 501203,Telangana State, India.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: There have been fast advances in wireless technology and high penetration of cell phones across the globe. These factors have motivated banks to spend huge amounts to build mobile banking systems. With the advent of smart phones and the high rate of internet usage on mobile handsets, application based banking has also emerged. However the adoption of mobile banking services is still lower than expected. So research is needed to understand which factors influence individuals to adopt mobile banking. This study examines the current status of Mobile banking adoption in India and reviews the available literature on Mobile banking and proposes opportunities for future research.
S.No.: 340
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-03-3
Title : A Survey On Intrusion Detection System By Using FC-ANN
Authors Name: Mr Sagar R Deshmukh,Prof Pavan N Mundhare
Authors Affilation: Dept of Comp Network Engg(CNE) KSIET hingoli SRT MUN University
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: An intrusion detection system (IDS) is a software application that monitors network or system activities for malicious activities. The research on neural network methods and machine learning techniques to improve the network security by examining the behavior of the network as well as that of threats is done in the rapid force. There are several techniques for intrusion detection which exist at present to provide more security to the network, however many of those are static. Many researchers used machine-learning techniques for intrusion detection, but some shows poor detection, some techniques takes large amount of training time. In this paper, we study a learning approaches i.e. neural network approaches used for intrusion detection in the recent research papers has been surveyed and proposed an extreme learning approach to solve the training time issue
S.No.: 341
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-03-4
Title : Evaluation of ipv4 and ipv6 on the basis of Throughput
Authors Name: T.Vengatesh.,MCA.,MPhil.,1 , DR.S.Thabasu kannan.,M.Tech.,Ph.D.,MBA.,2
Authors Affilation: 1Research Scholar, Research and Development center, Coimbatore-641046, HOD,Department of MCA VPMM College of Arts and Science, Krishnankoil, SrivilliputturTaluk,VirudhunagarDt, E-Mail: venkibiofinix@gmail.com, Mobile :9787021160. 2Principal, Pannai College of Engg& Tech, Sivagangai – 630 561, Tamilnadu, India E-Mail: thabasukannan@gmail.com, Mobile: 9944436258, 96000536699
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: The work presented in this paper is intended to introduce to both IPv4 and IPv6. This paper is a comprehensive guide to the evaluation of IPv6 from beginning to end and, therefore, it is meant for audiences of varying expertise from beginners to experts who wish to learn about the next generation internet protocol (IPv6), and have a clear unbiased performance overhead of the new internet protocol. As of October 2011, about 3% of domain names and 12% of the networks on the internet have IPv6 protocol support. Since 2009, the DNS can be used in IPv6 as major web sites like Google. IPv6 was first used in a major world event during the 2009 Summer Olympic Games. Finally, modern cellular telephone specifications mandate IPv6 operation and deprecate IPv4 as an optional capability. The paper its main aim is to perform an unbiased empirical performance analysis between the two protocol stacks (IPv4 and IPv6), and how it related to the performance on identical settings. Over the last decade, many fundamental changes have occurred in data communications and network infrastructure that will be shaping the future of IT for years to come. The Internet is now at the core of communications for worldwide economy and individuals. IPv4 is the basic building block of the Internet and has served well, but it has limitations that hinder its growth. The solution is IPv6, which addresses inherent problems of the earlier version. However, due to the increased overhead in IPv6 and its interaction with the operating system that hosts this communication protocol, there may be network performance issues. The overhead between the IPv4 and IPv6 should be directly proportional to the difference in the packet’s header size, however according to our findings, the empirical performance difference between IPv4 and IPv6 are taken into consideration. Here two OSs (W2Kand Linux Ubuntu) are configured with the two versions of IP and empirically evaluated for performance difference. We first examine the performance of IPv4 and IPv6 independently. This is a necessary and crucial step for IPv6’s success since clear performance limitations and advantages should be well defined and agreed upon in advance. Here performance related metrics throughput is empirically measured on P2P test-bed implementation. The results show that network performance depends not only on IP version and traffic type, but also on the choice of the OS. Our empirical evaluation proved that IPv6 is not yet a mature enough technology. The performance of IPv6 in many cases proved to be worse than IPv4, incurring an overhead much higher than its anticipated theoretical counterpart.
S.No.: 342
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-05-6
Authors Name: Mr. P.Ravichandran, Dr.A.Khan Mohamed
Authors Affilation: Part Time Research Scholar, Department of Economics, Jamal Mohamed College(Autonomous), Tiruchirappalli
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: Poultry industry is one of the fastest growing segments of the agricultural sector in India. The important aspect of poultry development in India is the significant variation in the industry across different regions. Namakkal poultry farmers faced many constraints in poultry egg production due to climate factor, disease outbreak, poor quality of chicks, lack of quality feed and, Bio security, seasonal variations in egg prices and demand, poor infrastructural facility. The economic status of Namakkal poultry farmers highly influenced by the above said factors in day-today life. Among these factors, the climatic factor ranks first in affecting the economic status of poultry farmers. This factor influences the prices of the eggs, productivity of eggs. We conclude that if the poultry farm is not affected by climatic factor, the revenue would be more throughout the year. This study suggests that the poultry farmers may adopt a suitable precautionary method to prevent the outbreaks by climatic factor. Then the economic status of the poultry farmers will be in equilibrium.
S.No.: 343
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-05-7
Title : Identification of Mutations in the coding region of the Human thyroid peroxidase gene in patients with Hypothyroidism.
Authors Name: Mahdi Saber G. Al-Deresawi
Authors Affilation: Biology Department, College of Science, University of Wasit/Iraq
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: The objective of this study was to determine molecular analysis of the exon 8/TPO gene in Iraqi patients. Fifty patients with hypothyroidism and 25 healthy control group was included in this study, all patients and control group was male and ages range from 20 to 50 years . The results of hormonal assays showed there are significant (p < 0.05) increase in TSH levels (21.11 ± 2.44μIU/ml) , significant (p < 0.05) increase in Tᴈ (8.19 ± 1.96 n. mol/L) and significant decrease in T4 levels (45.22 ± 3.81 n. mol/L) . The molecular study was carried out by DNA Sequencing for purified of PCR product to exon 8/TPO gene , there were three novel mutations in this region; (c.924delG) deletion of Guanine in codon 278 in open reading frame of this gene lead to prevent the efficient translation. ii : (c.1207T>G) substitution mutation changed the codon(TCG) that coding for Serine in 372 position to (GCG) codon that coding for Alanine this alternation affecting on folding of thyroid peroxidase enzyme .iii : silent mutation (c.1284G>C) in 398 position , the substitution Guanine to cytosine in codon(ACG) that coding for Threonine to (ACC) that coding for the same amino acid
S.No.: 344
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-05-8
Title : Automated Toll Cash Collection System for Road Transportation
Authors Name: Ms.Galande S.D., Ms. Ranaware N.S., Mr. Oswal S.J., Prof. Bandgar S.B., Mr. Gidde V.A.
Authors Affilation: UG Student S.B. Patil College of Engineering Indapur, Pune, MH, India.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: The expressway transportation has become more and more important in todays road network and the manual toll collection system has become outdated due to its number of drawbacks. By employing automated toll collection system, driver of vehicles need not to stop at a window or and waste time for waiting in a long queue to pay their toll. This reduces the consumption of fuel; reduce congestion, increase road safety. An Automated Electronic Toll collection (ETC) system is basically designed for an uninterrupted toll collection, which has become an important part of intelligent transportation system. This paper presents the concept of Automated ETC using GPS system. This work eliminates the need for motorists and toll authorities to manually perform ticket payments and toll fee collections, respectively. Data information are also easily exchanged between the motorists and toll authorities, thereby it is able to eliminate possible human errors for efficient toll collection.
S.No.: 345
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-06-10
Title : Comparison of Structural properties between silicon and porous silicon substrate of boron and aluminum co-doped zinc oxide nanostructure films
Authors Name: Rashid Hashim Jabbar, Anwar Hussein Ali
Authors Affilation: Center of Applied Physics, Ministry of Science and Technology, Baghdad, Iraq.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: This paper presents the comparison of structural properties between silicon and porous silicon(PS) structural substrates used in the same conditions to deposition of aluminum boron co-doped ZnO (AZB) thin films of nanostructures with doping (2,4,6,8 at %.)Deposited at 450 oC on silicon and porous silicon substrates by chemical spray pyrolysis in (150±5 nm) thickness. The structure of AZB nanostructure films has been found to exhibit the hexagonal wurtzite structure. The surface topography of the films and the porous silicon was studied by using the Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and the Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), the surface concentration shows that the roughness of the thin films increase with the increase of doping concentrations. The structural details and microstructure were obtained from X-ray diffraction, the results shows the grain size decreased with the increase of doping concentration.
S.No.: 346
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-06-11
Title : A Survey On A Methodology for Direct and Indirect Discrimination Prevention in Data Mining by using NLP Method
Authors Name: MsBhagyashri Sawana,Prof. P.K.Bharne
Authors Affilation: Dept of Computer Sci S.S.G.M.C.E Shegaon
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: Discrimination is the prejudicial treatment which involves denying opportunities to members of one group in favor of other groups. It is unfair to discriminate people because of their gender, religion, nationality, age and so on, especially when those attributes are used for making decisions about them like giving them a job, loan, insurance, etc. If the training data are inherently biased for or against a particular community, discriminatory decisions may ensue. Discovering the potential biases and eliminating them from the training data without harming their decision-making utility is therefore highly desirable which forms the primary goal of anti-discrimination techniques in data mining. Discrimination can be either direct or indirect. Direct discrimination occurs when decisions are made based on sensitive attributes. Indirect discrimination occurs when decisions are made based on non-sensitive attributes which are strongly correlated with biased sensitive ones. This paper aims at identifying potential discrimination using an acceptable level of discrimination. In this paper we tackle discrimination prevention in data mining and propose new techniques applicable for direct or indirect discrimination prevention individually or both at the same time. For this we use Natural Language Processing approach..
S.No.: 347
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-07-13
Title : A Novel DC Voltage Control System for D -STATOM on Hybrid Convertor using Renewable Energy Source
Authors Name: Divesh Thareja, Vijay Kumar
Authors Affilation: Department of Electrical Engineering Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar Punjab (India)
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: This thesis presents a transformless static synchronous compensator (D-STATCOM) system based on hybrid multilevel D-STATCOM which is characterized by per-phase series connection of a high-voltage H-bridge converter operating at fundamental frequency and a low-voltage H-bridge converter operating at 5 kHz without any other circuit for DC voltage control. A new control strategy is proposed in this thesis which focuses on DC voltage regulation. Clustered balancing control is realized by injecting a zero-sequence current to the delta-loop while individual voltage control is achieved by adjusting the fundamental content of AC quasi-square-waveform voltage of high-voltage converter. The hybrid multilevel D-STATCOM performs satisfactory not only improving efficiency and waveform quality , but also compensating reactive power and negative-sequence current while maintaining DC voltage at the given value.
S.No.: 348
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-08-14
Title : Fast Neutron Removal Cross-Section Calculations: Computer Program
Authors Name: Kulwinder Singh Mann1,2, Manmohan Singh Heer3 and Asha Rani4
Authors Affilation: 1 Department of Applied Sciences, Punjab Technical University, Kapurthala-144601, India 2Department of Physics, D.A.V. College, Bathinda-151001, Punjab, India ksmann6268@gmail.com 3Department of Physics, Kanya Maha Vidyalaya, Jalandhar-144001, India manmohan.heer@yahoo.com 4Department of Applied Sciences, Ferozpur College of Engineering and Technology, Ferozshah, Ferozpur-142052, India ashasachdeva78@gmail.com
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: For investigations of the fast neutron attenuation parameters in mixtures and composite materials, the computer programs MERCSF-N and NXcom are available. The new program, called WinNC-toolkit, is a reengineering of these programs with the objectives of filling the gap that exists in literature (available programs) for nine elements and improving the user interface. The program is designed in MS-Excel, 2007 and has some extended capabilities, over the previous programs, such as to simplify the input procedure, provide tabulated, graphical results and calculates the relaxation length λ (cm). In addition, the present work reports estimated values of the fast neutron attenuation parameters for some compounds made from the nine elements (Tc, Pm, Po, At, Rn, Fr, Ra, Ac and Pa), missing in NXcom program, using bi-quadratic polynomial fitting interpolation method. The calculated values of ΣR/ρ for the compounds containing one or more of these nine elements are provided for the first time. The toolkit results for effective removal cross-sections were qualified an excellent agreement with the manually calculated values of the same. The application of WinNC-toolkit is in calculating the fast neutron attenuation parameters of engineering materials used for nuclear-reactors.
S.No.: 349
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-09-16
Title : Emendation of Undesirable Attack on Multiparty Data Sharing With Anonymous Id Assignment Using AIDA Algorithm
Authors Name: Rene Thomas, Sushitha Susan Joseph
Authors Affilation: Student, Department of CSE, Mar Baselios Christian College of Engineering and Technology, Kerala, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: Security is a state of being free from danger or threat. When someone finds the vulnerabilities and loopholes in a system without permission means the system lacks its security. Wherever a secure data sharing occurs between multiparty there would be the possibility for undesirable attacks. In a variety of application domains such as patient medical records, military applications, social networking, electronic voting, business and personal applications there is a great significance of anonymity. Using this system we can store our data as groups and also encrypt it with encryption key. Only the privileged person can see the data. The secure computation function widely used is secure sum that allows parties to compute the sum of their individual inputs without mentioning the inputs to one another. This function helps to characterize the complexities of the secure multiparty computation. Another algorithm for sharing simple integer data on top of secure sum is built. The sharing algorithm will be used at each iteration of this algorithm for anonymous ID assignment (AIDA). By this algorithm and certain security measures it is possible to have a system which is free from undesirable attacks.
S.No.: 350
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-10-18
Authors Affilation: 1Department of Computer Science, Vignan’s Institute of Engineering For Women, Affiliated by JNTUK Visakhapatnam-49, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: Wireless sensor networks are used for various applications. In this paper, we propose an energy efficient cluster based routing protocol along with prolonged network lifetime for WSN. In this we introduce a cluster heads, head set, for cluster based routing. Prolonged network lifetime, scalability, and load balancing are important requirement for many sensor network applications. Clustering sensor nodes is an effective technique for achieving these goals. In this work, we introduce an energy efficient clustering algorithm for sensor networks based on the LEACH protocol. This is a clustering-based protocol that minimizes energy dissipation in sensor networks. It performs self organizing and re-clustering function for every round. The primary advantage of LEACH protocol is reducing the number of communication to sink using cluster head (CH), reduce data through compression technique, it increase the lifetime of all nodes through random rotation as cluster head. The utility and functionality of a sensor network can be greatly enhanced by introducing mobility to some or all of the nodes. This will introduce few challenges like limited transmission range, broadcast nature of wireless medium, unpredictable mobility, limited bandwidth and restricted battery power. Due to the mobility of nodes in the networks it is non-trivial problem to find the range of non cluster head node from cluster head and perform the communication between nodes for a long period of time. A sensor node transmits its sensed data in its timeslot and broadcasts a joint request message to join in a new cluster which increases the unsuccessful packet delivery rate and increased control overhead(to find range of each node from cluster head), which causes more energy consumption and reduce the network lifetime. To address this problem, we propose a Group Based Energy Efficient Algorithm (GBEE), applied within clusters .It will take a fixed interval of transmission time into account in order to find range of a node in cluster to avoid unsuccessful packet transmission to nodes which are out of range from a cluster head. This saves the battery power of sensor nodes which automatically prolongs the network lifetime, forms a robust network that can respond dynamically to changing environmental conditions.
S.No.: 351
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-13-19
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: Online Social Networks (OSN) have become an important part of many people life today. Therefore OSN should be highly secure to protect the individual’s privacy. But today OSN provides limited security services. In Online Social Network may has possibilities of posting some boisterouscontents. So it necessitatesfiltering without display in the direction of holder freedom. This paper gives comprehensiveassessment on various filtering techniques of flexible rule-based system along with a Machine Learning based classifier comparisons which is automatically produce membership labels in support of policy-based filtering. Finally,the system provides the support for user defined Blacklist that list prevent to post any kind of message on user wall. This paper gives the survey of some OSN formalisms and techniques adopted to solve some issues in social network resemblingpass up that redundant substance is displayed
S.No.: 352
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-13-20
Title : Hedonic and Utilitarian motive of the Shoppers at Retail Stores and Malls
Authors Name: Mr. Sunil Pawar
Authors Affilation: Central University of Karnataka, School of Business Studies, Kadaganchi Gulbarga
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: The retail industry in India has had a phenomenal growth over the past few years. This has made firms to enter in to the market and establish themselves. The industry which was infant at one stage has leaped to one of the most vital organ of GDP growth. As the industry today is filled with competition and choices for the customers it becomes necessary to understand the decision making and the motives behind the decision of visiting and purchasing. This research paper focuses on the factors that influence the customer’s frequency to visit the stores and also the motives behind it. The paper focuses on the behavioral pattern whether a customer is with hedonic or is with utilitarian motive for visiting the stores.
S.No.: 353
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-14-21
Authors Affilation:
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) in general fly in open space, far from any obstacles and relay on external beacons, mainly GPS (Global Positioning System) to localize them and navigate. This approach precludes them from evolving autonomously at low altitudes, in cluttered and confined environments. The autonomous flight in these cluttered environments like houses or urban canyons requires high maneuverability, fast mapping from sensors to actuators and very limited overall system weight. The flying animals are well capable of coping with such situations and so a much similar navigation method is to be adopted. The optical flow navigation will be best suited for these situations. The optical flow is the pattern of apparent motion of objects, surfaces, and edges in visual scene caused by the relative motion between the observer and scene. The use of hardware and power consumption in the optical flow navigation is very much less when compared to other navigational aids and thus it is being developed for micro air vehicles enabling to fly in cluttered environments with high maneuverability fast mapping and very little overall system weight.
S.No.: 354
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-15-23
Title : Financial Stability of Islamic Saudi Banks
Authors Name: Chokri Zehri
Authors Affilation: Assistant Professor, al-baha International College of Sciences- Saudi Arabia.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: The biggest challenges currently facing the international banking sector is the current financial crises, which threaten its financial stability. Several studies in the fields of banking and finance have shown that Islamic banks are more financially secure and stable than conventional banks, especially with regards to withstanding the effects of Islamic banks compared to conventional banks within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Quarterly data, dating from 2005 to 2009 is used to establish a result, seeing as this period is characterized by the global financial crisis, the result of this research is of special importance.
S.No.: 355
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-16-26
Title : A study on the different delightful “craft work” in Kashmir
Authors Name: Towseef Mohi Ud Din
Authors Affilation: Research Scholar in Economics, Vikram University Ujjain (M.P)
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: The wonderful craftsmanship that go forward in the lap of neat as a new pin beauty got perfect over the centuries through nimble be on pins and needles of artisans, evolve into a novel blend of workable economic activity and rich cultural heritage, exist it Carpet Weaving, Kani Shawl Making, Papier Mache Work, Khatamband, Wood Carving, Phulkari Work, Thangka Painting, Namda Making, Basoli Painting or other craft, the master skills of legendary local hands remain incomparable throughout the world.
S.No.: 356
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-16-27
Title : Mobile barcode system with inventory management and employee work tracking using google analytics
Authors Name: Arshad Shaikh
Authors Affilation: Nutan Maharashtra Institute of Engineering and Technology
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: The paper includes three aspects ,firstly we are going to replicate the commercial barcode scanner (i.e HC2D barcode and QR-code) on the mobile device which operates on Android. Secondly using this application in Inventory management and Employee work tracking. Thirdly using Google Analytics for product tracking, automatic report generation. Our main goal is to decode the barcode images in real-time, quickly and efficiently. This involves improving the image decoding algorithms and choosing efficient image manipulation and barcode libraries .Here our focus is basically on implementing reader for HC2D barcode. The HC2D is a high capacity two dimensional barcode. Barcode represents data using lines, rectangles and spacing between them. For reading the HC2D barcode, the bit representation of the barcode is obtained by scanning the image of the barcode with scanner machine only. A HC2D barcode is a 2D barcode which consists of a black square pattern on white background. The HC2D barcode contains information in the vertical direction as well as the horizontal direction. Here we propose a system to read a HC2D barcode in real time mode using the embedded camera device in mobile phones. The proposed system consist of algorithm to work on code area found by the 2 vertical line, one horizontal line and dash line detection of H2CD barcode. Thus our proposed system works in real time environment and eliminates all the drawbacks of earlier systems.
S.No.: 357
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-17-28
Title : Minimizing delay of Mobile Adhoc Network Using Intelligent Ants
Authors Name: Manpreet Singh, Malti Sarangal, Gurpreet Singh
Authors Affilation: M.Tech, Department of Computer Science & Engineering1 Ambika Paul School of Technology, PTU Main Campus, Kapurthala, Punjab1
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: Mobile ad hoc network consists of nodes that are mobile. The nodes are interconnected without any centralized control. The communication between the nodes is taken away by utilizing the mobile nodes which are acting as routers. Routing in a mobile ad hoc network is very important issues. The greatest challenge in networks is to recover the route between the communication endpoints. MANET nodes operating on battery, try to pursue the energy efficiency by cutting the energy they took in. In this paper we apply the concept of Nature Inspired algorithms (Swarm Intelligence Technique) such as Ant Colony Optimization algorithm. Basically the protocol is based on swarm intelligence. It is applied to solve complex problems by cooperation. The main goal of this paper is to reduce overhead, optimize the energy, end to end delay. In this paper we also use the concept of quad-limited FANTs and multi-criteria based BANTs to route the data.
S.No.: 358
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-20-31
Title : The Blades of Turbines Processed by Electrical Erosion
Authors Name: Ioan Badiu , Marcel S.Popa
Authors Affilation: 1Department of Manufacturing Engineering , Technical University of Cluj-Napoca , Cluj-Napoca , Cluj-Napoca , Romania1
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: Processing by electro erosion EDM (Electric Discharge Machining) is a process that uses a series of electric discharges (sparks) to erode material from the work piece. Processing by electro erosion exploded. EDM (Electric Discharge Machining) has established itself as a precision technology chosen more for what can be done than for what they can not do conventional machines. EDM (Electric Discharge Machining) is a processing technology that enabled a multitude of new applications, the importance of increasingly high is placed on the graphite electrode material used. Although there are several methods to determine the correct material for an application, we believe that there are five factors that can mean the difference between success and failure, between profit and loss. These factors are: metal removal rate, wear resistance, surface finish, the processability, the cost of the material.
S.No.: 359
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-20-33
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: Abstract— This study paper portrays a fresh approach for a course and laboratory design to establish low cost prototypes and other entrenched devices that accentuate virtual programmable logic device (VPLD), object oriented java and real time processing tactics. JAVA is used for software development. The study encompasses the use of host and node application. A high performance, low power AVR with high endurance non-volatile memory segments and with an advance RISC structure is used to construct prototypes. The paperwork deals with the VPLD board which is capable to work as corresponding digital logic analyzer, equation parser, standard digital IC and design wave studio.
S.No.: 360
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-21-34
Title : Image processing and Biometric Approach for Licence and Vehicle documents verification
Authors Name: Monika Walunj, Pooja Paranjape, Ruturaj Kumbhar, Subodh Pawar
Authors Affilation: 1NMIET, University of Pune
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: Fingerprints are rich in details which are in the form of discontinuities in ridges known as minutiae and are unique for each person. One of the most important tasks considering an automatic fingerprint recognition system is the minutiae biometric pattern extraction from the captured image of the fingerprint. The fingerprint matcher compares features by using Digital Image processing from input search point against all appropriate driving licences in the database to determine if a probable match exists. An extended approach of digital image processing is used for Extraction of vehicle number plate. Information from the number plate is extracted and can be used in many applications like toll payment, parking fee payment. Currently we are implementing this system for only Standardized Indian number plates. In future it can be implemented for number plates with different fonts, shapes and size. Using this method, vehicle documents are verified. With this implementation, there’ll be no need to carry documents along. A single finger print and an image will be enough to recognise and verify the individual and the vehicle.
S.No.: 361
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-21-35
Title : Renewable energy: Solar –wind hybrid system for power supply for BSNL office-A Review
Authors Name: Jitendra Patel, Dhawal Sethi
Authors Affilation: Dept. of Electrical & Electronics Engg. Dept. of Electrical & Electronics Engg. M.tech IV sem Electrical power system Asst.Professor Oriental University, Indore
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: Demand for energy is increasing day by day because of increasing the population and industrialization but we have very limited resources. In this critical stage of energy crisis, renewable energy is one of the most important alternative energy sources. Renewable energy sources are an “indigenous” environmental option, economically competitive with conventional power generation where good wind and solar resources are available. Hybrid plants can help in improving the economic and environmental sustainability of renewable energy systems to fulfill the energy demand. It consists of PV and solar thermal modules, wind turbine and biomass plant. In this paper we study of different hybrid power generation system suitable for BSNL office
S.No.: 362
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-22-36
Title : Synthesis, antimicrobial activity of o-fenylen-diamine Schiff base of Salicyclicaldehyde and metal complexes
Authors Name: A.R.Rahimova, T.M.Ilyasli, Z.I.Ismayilov, P.Sh.Mamedova, M.N.Aliyeva
Authors Affilation: Baku State University, ANAS Institute of Chemistry of Additives named academician A.M.Guliyev
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: Schiff bases and metal complexes have been synthesied by the condensation of salicyclic aldehyde and o-fenylen-diamine.The structure of the synthesied compounds assigned on the basis of elemental analysis, IR, HNMR spectral studies. All the products were evaluated for their in vitro antibacterial and antifungal activities of the compounds tested against Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Mycobacterium lacticolium, Aspergilus niger, Cladasporium resinale, penicillium chrosegenum, Chastomium gloloodium and Trichoderma virideh.These derivatives have vast range of biological activities which benefit us.
S.No.: 363
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-23-40
Title : Impact of new financial products on Financial performance of State bank Group in India
Authors Name: Chintala Balaji & Syed Mubashir
Authors Affilation: Assistant Professor, Dept of MBA, CMRCET, Medchal, Telangana, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: In this paper, we analyze the performance of state bank group in India during the period 1999-2000 to 2008-09. This period covers the old financial products period and new financial products period. Specifically, the paper examines the impact of new financial products on financial performance of state bank group in India. The empirical results show that impact of new financial product on state bank group has intensified. The financial performance of state bank group is greater in new financial products than the old financial products period.
S.No.: 364
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-23-42
Authors Name: M.Yugandhar , R.Satheesh , N.Sathish Kumar , D.Raju, D.Pavan Teja
Authors Affilation: Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sreenivasa Institute of Technology & Management Studies, Chittor
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: Three body abrasion in the present study, TiC–NiMo composites were remilled to particle size of 250–315 μm and used as reinforcements for NiCrBSi alloy by plasma transferred arc hard facing process. The manufactured hard facing alloy was characterised in terms of microstructure, mechanical properties and abrasive wear resistance. Deposition results indicate good quality thick coating with uniform distribution of hard cermet (TiC–NiMo) particles in the matrix, minimum level of hard particle dissolution and low porosity of the hard facing. Cermet particles remain in initial form and consist of agglomerates (TiC and (Ti,Mo)C grains) embedded into Ni-based matrix. The mechanical properties of the TiC and (Ti,Mo)C phases measured by nano indentation are very similar exhibiting a narrow distribution. The nano-scratching test reveals excellent bonding between the matrix and cermets in the hard facing. No crack propagation was found in the interface matrix/hard phase region. The abrasive wear results ensure the promising features of TiC–NiMo reinforcements for Ni-based alloys. Produced coatings showed excellent performance under high-stress abrasion with wear values lower than for industrially used WC/W2C reinforced coatings.
S.No.: 365
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-23-44
Title : Effect Of Ionic Liquid Molecular Weight Upon Demulsification Efficiency For Crude Oil Emulsions Using Microwave Heating Technique
Authors Name: Watheq Kareem Salih
Authors Affilation: Directorate of Materials research / Ministry of Science & Technology in Iraq
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: The main aim of the present work is to detect the effect of molecular weight of three hydrophobic ionic liquids 1-Octyl-3-methylimidazolium trifluoromethanesulfonate OMIMI [TFO]- , 1-Octyl-3-methylimidazolium hexafluorophosphate OMIMI [PF6] -,1-hexyl-3-methylimidazolium hexafluorophosphate HMIMI [PF6] - upon demulsification of water in oil emulsions. The Microwave technology was used as effective heating method liquids. The results showed the clear relation between the molecular weight of ionic liquids and efficiency of the separation process. The highest separation ratios recorded with the ionic liquid which has the highest molecular weight for all types of crude oil emulsions
S.No.: 366
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-24-47
Authors Name: Mr. MOHANRAJ. G
Authors Affilation: Mount-zion College of Engineering and Technology,Pudukkottai, Tamilnadu, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: This paper presents an intelligent mobility criteria for Cognitive radio (CR) technology. CR technology is a promising solution to enhance the spectrum utilization by enabling unlicensed users (Secondary User SU) to exploit the spectrum in an opportunistic manner. Since unlicensed users are considered as temporary visitors to the licensed spectrum, they are required to vacate the spectrum when a licensed user reclaims it. Due to the randomness of the appearance of licensed users (Primary User PU), disruptions to both licensed and unlicensed communications are often difficult to prevent, which may lead to low throughput of both licensed and unlicensed communications. When the SU moves out of coverage of PU, then communication is impossible. Here I proposed a method to sense the nearest available PU and hence communicating over the spectrum with minimum delay and no throughput loss.
S.No.: 367
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-24-48
Authors Affilation: Assistant Professor, Faculty of Computing, Sathyabama University, Chennai, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: Purchaser driven distributed computing standard has developed as the improvement of keen electronic gadgets joined with the developing distributed computing innovations. A mixed bag of cloud administrations are conveyed to the purchasers with the reason that a successful and productive cloud inquiry administration is accomplished. For customers, they need to discover the most important items or information, which is exceptionally alluring in the pay-as-you utilize distributed computing standard. As delicate information, for example, photograph collections, messages, individual wellbeing records, money related records, and so on are scrambled before outsourcing to cloud, conventional watchword seek systems are futile.
S.No.: 368
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-24-49
Title : Optimization of power transmission tower – a critical review
Authors Name: Kapadia Fatema, Dr. K.B.Parikh, M.A.Jamnu
Authors Affilation: 1Applied Mechanics Department Government Engineering College, Dahod (Gujarat), India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: In this paper, an attempt has been made to study the possibilities to make the transmission line more cost effective by changing the bracings, configuration and type of transmission line structure for optimizing the weight of transmission tower. Due to the increasing demand of electrical energy, the tower should be made economical by developing different light weight structures. The present literature study has been carried out for optimizing the geometry for different sections; type of bracings, different configurations and for different supply of voltage and necessary conclusions for optimizing the geometry has been drawn out.
S.No.: 369
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-25-51
Title : Computer Cursor Control and Rover Control Using Artificial Vision Systems
Authors Name: Aguirre-Gil Iñaki, Amaro Manuel, Justo Francisco
Authors Affilation: Universidad de Los Andes, Mérida, Venezuela
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: The purpose of the present paper is to show the use of artificial vision technics with a infrared web cam for two aplications for disable people. The first aplication is the move of the computer cursor through eye movement using artificial vision techniques. The tool has created great benefits for people with reduced capabilities. Offering the opportunity to interact with the outside world and thus, increasing their self-esteem. Providing the maximum functionality possible in spite of the injury they have suffered. The second aplication is a system that controls a rover movement using an artificial vision system. The control is done by a finger motion. The system is designed with a master-slave scheme. Both systems provide a solution for persons who cannot use their body parts to drive wheelchairs. The study affirms the usefulness of artificial vision techniques to develop tools that can improve the human being quality of life.
S.No.: 370
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-26-56
Title : A Proposed Book Recommender System
Authors Name: Abhilasha Sase, Kritika Varun, Sanyukta Rathod and Prof. Deepali Patil
Authors Affilation: Sinhgad Institute of Technology, Pune
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: Now-a-days, many major e-commerce Websites are using recommendation systems to provide relevant suggestions to their customers. The recommendations could be based on various parameters, such as items popular on the companys Website; user characteristics such as geographical location or other demographic information; or past buying behavior of top customers. In this paper, a book recommendation engine is proposed which uses data mining techniques for recommending books. The proposed recommender system will give its users the ability to view and search books as well as novels which will be used to draw out conclusions about the stream of a user and the genre of the books liked by that user. The system will analyze the user behavior by using the features of various recommendation techniques such as content based; collaborative and demographic. Thus, in this paper a hybrid recommendation system is proposed which satisfies a user by providing best and efficient books recommendations.
S.No.: 371
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-27-57
Title : Study of Different Levels for Sentiment Analysis
Authors Name: Prof. Seema Kolkur, Prof. Gayatri Massiwal, Reena Mahe
Authors Affilation: SH L R Tiwari College of Engineering
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: With the evolution of web technology, online shopping has become very popular as it is convenient and time saving. It also provides platform to share experiences and provide feedback. These opinions reflect whether the product is good or bad and helps to make decisions by potential customers. Sentiment analysis is the procedure by which information can be extracted from these reviews, analyzed and categorized as positive, negative or neutral. It is the combination of natural language processing and information extraction system. Main goal of Sentiment analysis is to train computer to be able to understand, recognize and generate emotions. This paper gives an overview of different levels on which sentiment analysis can be performed.
S.No.: 372
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-27-58
Title : Information Safety in Cloud with Fog Technology: A study of previous scholars Work
Authors Name: Mtech.Scholar Azar Inamdar, Prof.P.A.Jadhav,Prof.A.D.Kadam
Authors Affilation: BVDUCOEP,Pune
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: Cloud technology is deliverance platform that promises novel manner of entrance and stock up individual as well company information. Offers assets to consumers through Internet. although it too have risk that is the attachment of third firm makes it hard to assurance that client information is protected sufficient and will not be distorted. To offer safety, latest skill call Fog has been derived throughout which client information can be protected. In this literature review paper I try to put forward my examination work in field of cloud technique. Previous works and experiments done in technology have been studied and new novel area of we want to do is presented.
S.No.: 373
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-28-59
Title : Study of Load Balancing in Distributed Computing Environment
Authors Name: Minal M. Taley, Prof. R. R. Keole
Authors Affilation: 1M.E. Ist year, CS&IT Department, H.V.P.M. College of Engineering & Technology, Amravati, Maharashtra, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: The advancements in micro-electronic technology have resulted in availability of fast, inexpensive processors and the availability of highly cost effective, efficient computer networks are the result of advancement in communication technologies. Based on these the price/performance ratio indicates that the use of multiple interconnected processors is more beneficial compared to a single high speed processor. These interconnected processors can be tightly coupled or loosely coupled constitutes distributed and parallel computing environment. This kind of environment is beneficial in many ways such as information sharing among processors, resource sharing, shorter response time, high throughput, better price/performance ratio, higher reliability and extensibility. The major research issue in distributed systems is development of effective techniques for distributing work load among multiple processors. The main goal is to achieve performance goals along with distribution of work load. Load balancing algorithms enables the jobs to move from one processor to another.
S.No.: 374
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-28-62
Title : A Recent Study on Indian Number Plate Recognition Using Optical Character Recognition
Authors Name: Ashwini Mhetre, Dhanashri Deosarkar, Priya Devkate, Prof S.S.Pattanaik
Authors Affilation: Department of Computer Engineering JSPM’s Rajarshi Shahu College EngineeringPune, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: With the development of vehicles and the increasing number of cars in modern society, people pay more and more attention to the vehicle license plate recognition system. Vehicle license plate recognition is divided into three parts: license positioning, character segmentation and character recognition. One of the method is Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a real time embedded system which automatically recognizes the license number of vehicles. In this paper, with the help of this technique the task of recognizing number plate for Indian conditions is considered, where number plate standards are rarely followed. The propose architecture uses integration of algorithms like: ‘Feature-based number plate Localization’ for locating the number plate, ‘Image Scissoring’ for character segmentation and statistical feature extraction for character recognition; which are specifically designed for Indian number plates. As per the Indian number plate patterns by using this method and by implementing these algorithms in Java we can achieve to recognize one or two line number plate almost perfectly. And due to use of higher level language in this paper we can achieve more flexibility and security in implementing those algorithms.
S.No.: 375
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-28-63
Title : Optimization of Submerged Arc Welding Process: A Review
Authors Name: Varinder Khurana, Ankush Batta, Amarjeet Singh Sandhu
Authors Affilation: CEC, Landran, SBSSTC, Ferozepur, SBSSTC, Ferozepur
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: Welding processes that employ an electric arc are the most prevalent in industry are Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Gas Metal Arc Welding, Flux Cored Arc Welding, Submerged Arc Welding and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding. These processes are associated with molten metal. Molten metal reacts with the atmosphere so that oxides and nitrides are formed. All arc welding processes employ some means of shielding the molten weld pool from the air. The Submerged Arc Welding process is often preferred because it offers high production rate, high melting efficiency, ease of automation and low operator skill requirement. Generally, all welding processes are used with the aim of obtaining a welded joint with the desired weld-bead parameters, excellent mechanical properties with minimum distortion. The Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) process finds wide industrial application due to its easy applicability, high current density and ability to deposit a large amount of weld metal using more than one wire at the same time. The quality of weld depends on bead geometry of the weld which in turn depends on the process variables. Welding input parameters play a very significant role in determining the quality of a weld joint. The joint quality can be assessed in terms of properties such as weld-bead geometry, mechanical properties, and distortion.
S.No.: 376
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-02-28-64
Title : A Review on Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet (APPJ) Device for Biomedical Applications
Authors Name: Mr. P.K Shah, Prof. (Dr.) S.N Pandya and Mr. C.N Patil
Authors Affilation: L.D College of Engineering,Ahmedabad. Institute for Plasma Research,Gandhinagar.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue2
Abstract: Atmospheric-Pressure Plasmas Jet (APPJ) have attracted great interest and have been widely applied in biomedical applications. As due to their non-thermal and reactive properties, they interact with living tissues, cells and bacteria in broad field of dermatology including blood coagulation, wound healing, cancer treatment, endoscopy and dentistry. This type plasma jet, applied directly on the human body for medical solution. The device is modified dielectric barrier discharge. In this paper, an atmospheric pressure non-thermal plasma jet has been reviewed. APPJ is driven by high-frequency ac power supply where voltage of several thousands of volts and current of several hundreds of milliamperes, which aims at decreasing the gas temperature to meet the application of non-thermal field. The plasma power is estimated from voltage–current waveforms and the input power is kept constant while varying the applied voltage with high frequency to get plasma plume. It is capable of generating a plasma plume that is up to 10 cm long in the surrounding air. Using Noble gases like helium, Argon etc. as the operating gas, the plume can be touched by bare hands without causing harm. There is no risk of arcing with this device. The gas temperature of the plume is close to room temperature. Therefore, this device may be used for applications such as the decontamination of temperature-sensitive materials, surface modification, teeth cleaning, etching, etc.
S.No.: 377
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-03-2
Authors Name: G.VinithRaja, NithinJoseph, DR.V.Ulagamutalvi
Authors Affilation: UG Student;Department of computer science, Sathyabama university ,Chennai
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: The nature of the Cloud Computing pattern being on-demand, its self-service and to pay-by-use made it succeed. This pattern states that, the quality of the delivered service and also the cost of service maintenance in terms of resources is also affected by the Denial of Service (DoS) attack. The earlier the detection is, the lower the cost to be incurred. Hence, a stealthy DoS attack requires a special attention. Minimized visibility and brute-force attacks are the factors focused by them. They are refined attacks tailored to influence the worst-case performance of the target system through specific, periodic and low-rate traffic patterns. A plan to arrange stealthy attack patterns which displays a slowly-increasing-intensity trend designed to deal the maximum financial cost to the cloud customer with respect to the size of the job and the service arrival rate imposed b the detection mechanism is introduced in this project. This project describes about the application of this strategy and its effect in the target system deployed in the cloud.
S.No.: 378
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-05-4
Title : The research for using some opportunities of cloud computing in distance-learning (module of State University of Agriculture in Mongolia)
Authors Name: Bat-Erdene. Nyandag, Li Ru
Authors Affilation: 1Department of Computer Sciences, Inner Mongolia University, China
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: Rapid development of information technology has been rapidly changing education system of worldwide. Mongolia has 1.566.600 km2 territory and 3 million populations. Nowadays, 104 universities, institutes and colleges have been running out the activities in Mongolia. 67 universities and institutes of these were accredited and 172798 students have been learning in these universities and institutes[1]. Sparse population in wide territory of our country makes problem for distributing publicly education. Therefore cloud technology should be introduced in distance-learning based on management system of the training is being used in universities and institutes of Mongolia. Using cloud technology in distance-learning have following advantages such as provide demand for learning of students or learners, share source or exchange information as well as cooperate. In the article, we considered that modules of some trainings using cloud technology in distance-learning met with requirements or features of universities and institutes of Mongolia. This module will directly access from mobile devices and computers based on resource of management system of basic training. Therefore this module can be fully used in service of training of universities and institutes. To study possible result doing module training of the system for distance teaching.
S.No.: 379
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-05-5
Title : Analysis of WebLog Usage Mining For Intelligent Recommendation
Authors Name: Priyanka D.Doltade, Sarika K. Bodage, Ajinkya V.Bochare, Prof. Rahul A.Patil
Authors Affilation: Computer Engineering Pimpri Chinchwad College Of Engineering Pune, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: Now a days weblog usage is tremendously increased. There is need of storing the log for further requirement. This huge amount of weblog is stored into Web Server Log. Web server log keeps the records of web usage of web users. This all information which is saved into web log will be used for different purpose. For example, different preprocessing techniques can be applied on recorded weblog, From this we can get useful patterns and analysis of web usage in particular area or location. In this paper we are doing the analysis of web usage of users based on the location, which helps to improve the quality of web services. Quality in terms of providing faster website access to clients based on their frequent usage of particular website, ISP will provide buffering to that websites only.
S.No.: 380
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-05-6
Title : Hybrid System For Minkowski Fractal Geometry with Tuning Holes
Authors Name: Syed Uvaid Ullah1, Dr. R. K. Baghel 2
Authors Affilation: 1 Aisect University Bhopal India e-mail: uvaidullah@gmail.com 2Molana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal, India e-mail: baghel.rk@gmail.com
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: This paper manages scaling down and tuning of wearable electro-textile antennas by the utilization of Minkowski fractal geometries and tuning holes. Different electro-textile materials used for wearable electronics (like polyester fabric.) are considered for the substrate (or dielectric medium) configuration of microstrip antennas. In the essential outline these antennas are intended for WLAN applications and hence specifically tuned by tuning holes designed over the patch. The path antenna with tuning holes gives an increase of 3.2 dB with an impedance bandwidth of 150 MHz though, the change in material offers an addition of 3.4 dB and an impedance bandwidth of 162 MHz. By applying holes in Minkowski fractal geometry to the antennas, tuning is accomplished. Also the impact of different iterations are also considered to make them suitable for GSM 1900 applications. In these analysis, the performance and limitations of these designs in accordance with their separate operating environment are also compared. The reenactment studies uncover that tuning holes yields better results contrasted with normal antenna.
S.No.: 381
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-06-7
Authors Name: M.Yugandhar, R.Satheesh, N.Sathish Kumar, G.Vidya Sagar, D.Pavan Teja
Authors Affilation: Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sreenivasa Institute of Technology & Management Studies, Chittor
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: Three body abrasion in the present study, TiN–NiMo composites were remilled to particle size of 250–315 μm and used as reinforcements for NiCrBSi alloy by plasma transferred arc hardfacing process. The manufactured hardfacingalloy was characterised in terms of microstructure, mechanical properties and abrasive wear resistance. Depositionresults indicate good quality thick coating with uniform distribution of hard cermet (TiN–NiMo) particles in the matrix, minimum level of hard particle dissolution and low porosity of the hardfacing. Cermetparticles remain in initial form and consist of agglomerates (TiN and (Ti,Mo)C grains) embedded intoNi-based matrix. The mechanical properties of the TiN and (Ti,Mo)C phases measured by nanoindentation are very similar exhibiting a narrow distribution. The nano-scratching test reveals excellent bonding between the matrix and cermets in the hardfacing. No crack propagation was found in the interface matrix/hard phase region.The abrasive wear results ensure the promising features of TiN–NiMo reinforcements for Ni-based alloys. Produced coatings showed excellent performance under high-stress abrasion with wear values lower than for industrially used WC/W2C reinforced coatings.
S.No.: 382
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-07-12
Authors Name: José Guadalupe Vargas Hernández, Omar C. Vargas-González
Authors Affilation: María José Calle Medrano Centro Universitario de Ciencias económico administrativas Universidad de Guadalajara Periférico Norte 799 Edif. G201-7, Núcleo Universitario Los Belenes Zapopan, Jalisco, 45100, México
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: The aimof this workis to identify andanalyze anindex to measureinnovation capacityofenterprises in thesoftware industry ofJalisco, based on a survey ofthecompanies in theSoftwareCenterof the State,as well as evaluatingtheinfluence that hasthe capacity for innovationon competitiveness, seeking empirical evidence toanswer thequestion. The mainhypothesis forthis researchis the ability to innovateis a factor thatpositively affectsthe performanceof companies inthe software industry, which is reflected inthe competitiveness ofsector. Themethods usedin this researchare three:innovativenessindex(ICI), Linear Regression ModelwithOLSandSoftComputingusingevolutionary algorithms: FUZZYCESAR, the latter something very newwhich puts us inthe forefront of knowledgein methodsit isstill.
S.No.: 383
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-10-16
Authors Name: M. S. Haruna, I. O. Abdulmalik, Akonyi Nasiru Sule Z, M. Amonye, and J. Abdulrahman
Authors Affilation: National Agency for Science and Engineering infrastructure, NASENI- Federal Ministry of Science and Technology.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: One of the important problems facing technological growth in developing nations is lack of appropriate strategy development, appropriate infrastructure for implementation and inability to sustain technology policies. There has been lack of sincerity on the leadership to enact appropriate political will to drive policy development. This has been the situation in sub-Saharan Africa. Whereas, the future of technological growth, manufacturing and breakthrough in Nigeria and entire sub-Saharan nations depends on the nation’s human capacity in aspect of engineering and technology management. The economic growth, technology advancement, rapid development and structural transformation witnessed in the industrialized nations of USA, UK, Germany, Russia etc and that of industrializing countries like Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia, India, and Taiwan could not have occurred without the strong quality management policies and strategies for their technologies. However, industrialization is somehow backwardin the Third World countries like Nigeria due to her inability to inaugurate relevant strategy and policy on reverse engineering technology as panacea for advancement in technology and proliferation of local manufacturing proficiency. This is responsible for the ever increasing technological gap between developed and underdeveloped economic world. This paper, therefore, showcases the little gains in the use of reverse engineering technology and suggested the dissemination of the technology to help alleviate the problems of machine building indigenization. This will in no doubt input quality standards into the SME’s products for economic and technological development.
S.No.: 384
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-10-17
Title : The effect of dielectric thickness on dielectric barrier discharge properties in air at atmospheric pressure
Authors Name: Thamir H. Khalaf , Mohammed Ubaid Hussein
Authors Affilation: 1Department of Physics, College of Science, Baghdad University
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: Non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasma has emerged as a new promising tool in physics and other sciences. This study reported building system of generation dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) at atmospheric pressure and its thermal characterizations, the discharge was produced by applying high voltage (5-25 KV) and frequency, in this study the thermal characterization was made by measuring discharge temperature at different applied voltage and different distances from barrier. The results showed that the applied voltage and distance between electrodes effect on discharge (increasing or decreasing) according to operation conditions because they affects, as expected, the produced plasma properties according to those conditions.
S.No.: 385
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-12-23
Title : Survey On: Neural Network Based Intrusion Detection System Against Various Attacks in MANET
Authors Name: Mr. Pratik Gite, Dr. Sanjay Thakur
Authors Affilation: Pacific Academy of Higher Education and Research University, Udaipur, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: Mobile Ad-hoc Network and its dynamically changing topology, open environment and lack of centralized security infrastructure, MANET is very much vulnerable due to presence of malicious node patterns and certain types of attacks. To address these concerns in this paper, we proposed a neural network based Intrusion Detection System. Various kinds of security attacks and threats that are violating confidentiality, integrity, availability and non-repudiation can be caused of many intrusions which are increasing rapidly in Mobile Ad-hoc Network due to the Ad-hoc nature of MANET environment. In order to protect such types of attack patterns and malicious node patterns, Intrusion Detection Systems were designed. As per survey, various soft computing based techniques have been proposed for the IDS in last few decades but in this proposed work, a neural network based multilayer perception is trained for IDS using an enhanced resilient back propagation training algorithm with key management techniques. These systems are trained with normal network behavior and attack behavior information and then the system classify normal patterns and attacks patterns as per observation. The main aim of this paper is to provide detailed study of IDS, its maintenance and future implementation of Neural Network Based techniques.
S.No.: 386
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-12-24
Authors Name: A.S.PATIL, Prof.A.M.PATIL
Authors Affilation: 1PG Student, PVPIT, Budhgaon
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: Proper selection of capillary tube it is essential to study the effect of capillary tube geometry on the performance of refrigeration systems. The literature review is focused on the influence of geometrical parameters like tube length, diameter, coil pitch, number of twist and twisted angle on pressure drop and coefficient of performance (COP) of the system. These parameters can be optimized using mathematical modelling, experimental methods and maintaining proper pressure between condenser and evaporator.
S.No.: 387
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-12-27
Title : A Hybrid Approach of Image Fusion Using Modified DTCWT with High Boost Filter Technique
Authors Name: VinaySahu, Gagan Sharma
Authors Affilation: Department of Computer Science Engineering ShriSatyaSai College Of Engineering Bhopal M.P.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: To achieve improve quality of image two or more images are combined using a well known process, that process is called image fusion. The fused images provide us more information than the source images. Fusion process absolutely utilizes more entirely and surplus information. This paperproposes a hybrid approach using DTCWT with High boost filtering technique and the simulation of the proposed method is done in MATLAB2012a toolbox. The analysis of our method is performing among performance measuring parameter such MSE and PSNR in which analyze that our methodology gives improved results than the existing methods.
S.No.: 388
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-12-28
Authors Name: Khushbu
Authors Affilation: Student, Computer Science and Engineering Department Lovely Professional University, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: For an efficient wireless sensor network (WSN), an efficient MAC protocol is the key. Various factors constraining the efficiency of MAC protocols include battery power limitations, multitude of application requirements, wireless issues, overhearing, packet overhead, collision, idle listening, packet-switching. Several MAC protocols have been classified, proposed, designed and implemented in the past, in an attempt to alleviate efficiency issues pertaining to WSN. Beginning with the origin and management of WSN, in the presented report, various concerned aspects of WSN and MAC protocol has been précised and some major examples of various categories of MAC protocol has been briefed. Some respective scopes have also been mentioned.
S.No.: 389
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-13-29
Authors Name: Yusra Banday, Irfan Pukhta, R. Swaminathan
Authors Affilation: Islamic University of Sc. & Tech. Kashmir India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: Resolution enhancement in medical images is used to enlarge an adversely affected region. However, the main issue of concern is preserving more details in the enlarged image. This work aims to propose a method for Medical image resolution enhancement based on Non-Decimated Wavelet Transform/Redundant Wavelet Transform/Stationary Wavelet Transform and Discrete Wavelet transform to generate sharp high resolution images with enhanced affected portion.In this method of Image resolution enhancement by using DWT and SWT, one level DWT is employed to decompose the input image into four different sub-band images. The three high frequency sub-bands images which contain the high frequency components of the input image are interpolated by bicubic interpolation. Furthermore, SWT has been employed to minimize information loss due to the down sampling in DWT. Here in this work input image is passed through the unsharp filter before combining with estimated coefficients obtained from DWT and SWT.This is followed by combining all the high frequency sub-band images obtained both from DWT and SWT decomposition to generate new corrected high frequency estimated sub-band images. The input image is passed through unsharp filter and the new corrected, estimated high frequency sub-band images can be interpolated for higher enlargement. Finally, Inverse DWT (IDWT) is applied to create the high resolution image.
S.No.: 390
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-13-30
Title : Business Intelligence and Cloud Computing: Threats & Risks
Authors Name: Irfan Rashid Pukhta, Yusra Banday
Authors Affilation: Islamic University of Sc. & Tech. Kashmir India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to outline the serious security concerns that business intelligence faces in cloud computing environment.BI environments require a large capital layout to support and implement the huge volumes of data as well as massive processing power, which inflicts tremendous burden on business capital resources. In progressing years, cloud computing has made BI tools more common, increasingly making BI in the cloud prone to securitythreats.Reliability of businesses on cloud computing vis-à-vis storage of sensitive data on cloud is always a security concern for companies. Apart from having unending benefits on performance and scalability, Could Computing could face serious bottleneck security issues in future.
S.No.: 391
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-13-31
Title : Review: Enhancement of Heat Transfer by using Nano Fluids
Authors Name: Deepak S Jani, Hitesh Patel, S.M.Patel
Authors Affilation: Mechanical, LDRP-ITR, India) (P.G.Scholar)
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: This paper gives a detailed literature study and scrutiny into the results of the research and development, applications of nanofluids in heat transfer. Nanofluid is a comparatively new technology, the studies on nanofluid are not longer. Experimental data were reviewed in this study related to the enhancement of the thermal conductivity and convective heat transfer of nanofluids relative to conventional heat transfer fluids, and assessments were made as parameters of volume concentration, material, particle size, , base fluid material, temperature, particle shape, additive, and pH were taken into account, experimental results from so many researcher were used together when assessing data. The current state of knowledge is presented as well as areas where the data are presently inconclusive or conflicting. Heat transfer enhancement can be achieved using nanofluids is to be in the 15–40% range, with a few situations resulting in orders of magnitude enhancement
S.No.: 392
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-13-32
Title : Predicting the Usage of Smart Products Using R-language By Building a Classification Model Using Data Mining Techniques
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: : A SMART PRODUCT is one that is able to intermingle with human beings. Smart Products are not only simple products but with a bit of cleverness added to allow the user some flexibility in operation. Smart product adapts to the context of the user and does not force the user to adapt to it. Smart Products have a set of properties that makes them unique are Self Explanatory, Self Organizing, Extensible, Self Sustainable, device capabilities, functionality, integrity, user services, connectivity. The customer’s ranking or priority while buying various smart products are changing day by day because of advancements in technology and customer mainly focus on the advanced features of the smart products they are buying. This paper mainly shows how affectively smart products are used by the customers and are ranked based upon their performance by using R language. By using R we can have a deep analysis over the various smart products and the user can be able to know the most widely purchased smart products according to their ranking. We can have deep analysis of Smart products using data mining classification & prediction techniques such as J48, boosted trees, RandomForest machine learning algorithms in R Language. R allows wide number of Smart products data and analyzes with in limited resources.
S.No.: 393
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-13-35
Title : Effect of Friction Stir Processing on (2024-T3) Aluminum Alloy
Authors Name: Fadhel A. Hashim, Raid K. Salim and Basheer H. Khudair
Authors Affilation: 1- Dept. of Materials Eng., University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq. 2- Babylon Tech. Institute, Al-Furat Al-Awsat Tech. University, Babylon, Iraq.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: In this work , friction stir process (FSP) was used to enhance surface properties of AA2024-T3 alloy. The effect of friction stir shoulder rotation in addition to its pressing effect on surface topography and mechanical properties was studied. Samples were FS processed with a flat pinless cylindrical shoulder of 10mm diameter with a constant rotational and travel speeds 945 rpm and 85mm/min respectively. Results show that processed layer thickness of about 45 µm was produced after FSP. Microscopic examinations (OM and SEM) revealed refining grain size of second phase particles as a result of mixing effect of the tool. XRD results show changes in the height and width of the strengthening phase θ(Al2Cu) peak, while EDX results show that Al and Cu created at another energy (KeV) compared with those that are not in phase before FSP. The maximum hardness obtained at the surface was 190Hv compared to 130Hv before processing. A little bit increase was recorded in yield and tensile strengths by an amount of 15% and 9% respectively after FSP.
S.No.: 394
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-14-36
Authors Affilation: 1. Shri Manilal Kadakia College of Management & Computer Studies Ankleshwar, Gujarat State, INDIA 2. Research Scholar Pacific Academy of Higher Education and Research University Udaipur, Rajasthan State, INDIA
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: It is said that success of a person depends on his/her way of attributing the events which he/she faces. This research paper is analyzing the various dimensions of Locus of Control i.e., Internal Locus of Control, External Locus of Control (Chance) and External Locus of Control (Luck) and its possible relationship with Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) of employees. In practical implication this relationship can be used for developing HR policies and training & development process. Using ANOVA and Correlation the present study attempts to find out the correlation between Locus of Control dimension and Organizational Citizenship Behavior in addition variance with demographic factors.
S.No.: 395
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-14-38
Title : Developing Electronic Government Using Asp.Net for Passport System as case study
Authors Name: Dr.Samir Mahoud Adam
Authors Affilation: Midical Record Department, Applied Medical Sciences College, Taif University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: E-Government Concepts embedded in government programs and programs of political parties as a significant tool for public administration modernization supporting the optimization of public administration functioning and improving public services. The following are key reasons supporting e-Government Public administration should satisfy statutory demands and rights of the public, as well as enable the observation of public statutory duties towards the state and the municipality. The public expects the quality of public administration services to be comparable with the private sector, especially as far as accuracy, timeliness and availability are concerned. EU accession and growing Slovak competitiveness increase the number of public administration interactions, which raises demands on administration services. Frequently, the only possibility to manage administration is through supporting personnel capacities. On the one hand, the bureaucratic apparatus significantly contributes to the internal stability of countries; however, on the other hand, it slows down innovation processes that could improve work efficiency. Increased administration volume raises demands placed on internal decision making processes, which leads to further growth of direct and in directcosts.
S.No.: 396
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-16-40
Title : A Survey of Routing and Mobility Models for Wireless Ad hoc Network
Authors Name: Aaliya Manzoor, Virender Sharma
Authors Affilation: 1Dept. of Computer Science and Engg. Swami Devi Dyal Institute Of Engg. & Tech. Panchkula(Haryana),India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: A mobile ad hoc network represents a system of wireless mobile nodes that can freely and dynamically self-organize into arbitrary and temporary network topologies, allowing people and devices to seamlessly communicate without any preexisting communication architecture. Some or possibly all of these nodes are mobile.There are several factor that affects the routing of packets in MANET. Performance of routing protocol is affected by mobility rate as well as mobility model used in the simulation. Mobility Models plays a very important role in determining the protocol performance, and used commonly are either non-realistic or Semi-realistic. In the performance evaluation of a protocol for warless ad hoc network, the protocol should be tested under realistic conditions including, data traffic models, and realistic movements of the mobile nodes. In this paper, we presents several mobility models that represent mobile nodes whose movements are independent of each other (i.e., Random Way Point Mobility Model), and other mobility models that represent mobile nodes whose movements are dependent on each other (i.e., Random Group Mobility Models).In this paper, we present a brief overview on routing protocols from reactive, proactive and hybrid categories to make comparison.Thus, it is essential to study and analyze various mobility models and their effect on routing performance over wireless ad hoc network.
S.No.: 397
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-16-41
Title : A Mixture of Local and Global Method for Contrast Image Enhancement to Preserve Brightness
Authors Name: Sampada S Pathak, Ganesh Padole, Prashant Dahiwale
Authors Affilation: Research Scholar,Lecturer Computer Science & Engg/Computer Technology. NYSS (Nagpur) Rajiv Gandhi College of Engg. & Research Nagpur, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: Image enhancement is used to improve the digital quality of image. It is used to improve the poor quality of image that is too used to improve bad quality of picture into good picture or image. This paper suggests a combination of local and global method for contrast image enhancement. Global contrast image enhancement improves low contrast of image in a global way. This type of global enhancement avoids noise and other ringing artifacts of a digital image. In global contrast image enhancement when high contrast occurs it causes under exposure on some part of image and over exposure on some other part of an image. Global contrast image enhancement has much advantage but it lack in local enhancement of image means it lacks the local detail of an image. When we use local detail of an image, the local detail of an image can be defined in better way. Local contrast image enhancement increases noise of an image when high contrast gain occurs. When we use global contrast image enhancement or local contrast image enhancement single handedly it is not beneficial but when we use combination of local and global method it gives us better results for certain images. In this paper we will going to use global contrast stretching method for global contrast image enhancement .In local contrast image enhancement method we used unship masking technique to enhance the local detail of an image. The main aim of using this combination of local and global method is to preserve the brightness of an image when contrast image enhancement is done.
S.No.: 398
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-16-42
Title : Modelling of Security Evaluation Framework for Adversarial Classifier using the Patterns Classification Technique.
Authors Name: sreedevi N
Authors Affilation: MVJ College of Engineering,Bangalore 67.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: The goal of pattern recognition system in adversarial classification task of computer networks is to discriminate between two classes namely the legitimate class and the malicious class. Pattern recognition for adversarial classification problems should be designed considering accuracy and robustness, such that it does not allow accuracy degradation when under attack. The aim of this work is to investigate whether multiplier classifier systems allow improving robustness of pattern recognition system in adversarial classification with respect to the single classifier system.
S.No.: 399
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-17-43
Authors Name: Ms. Sonika A. Chorey, Prof. S. V. Dhopte
Authors Affilation: 1M.E. in Information Technology,P.R.M.I.T.R,,Badnera
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: CAPTCHA is an acronym for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and humans Apart." The process usually involves one computer (a server) asking a user to complete a simple test which the computer is able to generate and grade .CAPTCHA is an image of distorted letters is dynamically generated. Since the letters are a part of an image and not text, it is difficult for a spam bot or other computer program to read. Captcha is a so called win-win solution, in that if a bot cannot break it, it provides security, but if it is automatically broken, that means that a difficult task in computer vision or related areas has been solved. . A common type of CAPTCHA requires that the user type letters or digits from a distorted image. The most common form of CAPTCHA requires visitors to type in a word or series of letters and numbers that the application has distorted in some way. CAPTCHAs are classified based on what is distorted and presented as a challenge to the user.
S.No.: 400
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-18-45
Title : Data Analysis Enhancement With Noise Removal using HCLEANER Method
Authors Name: Miss Pradnya P. Sondwale
Authors Affilation: SIPNA College Of Engg.& Tech,Amravti
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: Abstract - The important goal of data cleaning method is removing object that are noise which impedes most types of data analysis.The main focus of is on removing the noise which is the product of low level data errors that result from an imperfect data collection process but the data object which are inapplicable or weakly related can also significantly hinder data analysis.Thus to enhance the data analysis as much as possible,these object should also be considered as noise at least with respect to underlying analysis.It contains four methods planned for noise removal .Three of these methods are traditional which are based on outlier detection technique: distance- based,approach- based and an clustering-based on LOF(Local Outlier Factor) of an object.The another technique is a new method which is a hyperclique based data cleaner (HCleaner).These technique is evaluated in terms of data analysis ,specifically clustering and association analysis. The experimental results show that all of these methods are providing better clustering performance and higher quality association patterns as the amount of noise being removed is increases, although HCleaner generally leads to better clustering performance and higher quality associations than the other three methods for binary data.
S.No.: 401
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-18-46
Title : Distributed Processing of Optimized Data Search in Cluster System Using PT-top Queries
Authors Name: A.Arun , S.Dinesh kumar , V.Nagaraj , K.Vignesh , Dr.S.V.G.M.Bavithiraja
Authors Affilation:
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: Cluster systems are collection of independent computers working together as a single system. Top-k query is to find the k highest ranked answers for a user defined function. This system introduces the conception of sufficient set for distributed processing of optimized queries in cluster-based networks. Based on the input the Cost Analysis and Cost Based adaptive algorithm chooses the Existing system algorithm for inter cluster query processing and to promote localized data pruning in clusters. In metrics process define in three ways are Transmission Cost , Number of cluster , Tuples Size in PT- TOP k query. These algorithms provide defined rounds of communication. Sufficient set is applicable in both two-tier hierarchical architecture and tree-structured network topologies. Algorithm used in sufficient-set based(SSB) and Necessary set-based (NSB) for Proposed system. It used in two common ways such as data communication and data transmission.
S.No.: 402
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-19-47
Title : A Survey on Data Density in Spatial Correlation Model for Clustering in WSN
Authors Name: Savita patil
Authors Affilation: Oxford College of Engineering
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: In Wireless Sensor Networks, the sensor nodes are capable of collecting, sensing and gathering data from environment. Data aggregation process it aggregates all sensor nodes data with minimum energy consumption and sends its data to the destination. Due to high concentration of sensor nodes, spatially interconnected data is observed and broadcasted by surrounding sensor nodes once an importance of occurrence is detected and it is complex to measure in difficult environment. Due to high concentration in the network topology, sensor interpretations are spatially repeated or interconnected data is generated and it will not give accurate data. In this paper a survey about spatial correlation model that measures the correlation between sensor nodes. By using clustering techniques data redundancy is explained by considering the energy utilization of the nodes.
S.No.: 403
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-20-49
Title : Reactive DC magnetron sputter deposition and structural properties of NiO thin films
Authors Name: Ibrahim. R. Agool, Mohammed K. Khalaf , Shaimaa H. Abd Muslim
Authors Affilation: Al- Mustansiriyah University / Baghdad/ Republic of Iraq
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: Nickel oxide (NiO) films were deposited by using a homemade DC reactive magnetron sputtering system at different working pressure in the range (0.05-0.14)mbar. The effect of working pressure on the structure, , surface morphology, optical of NiO films was investigated. X-ray diffraction (XRD) results showed that, the deposited films were formed by nanoparticles with average particle size in the range of (8.145-29.195) nm. the prepared films are identified to be polycrystalline nature with a cubic structure along (111) and (101)orientation also Ni2O3 was found by XRD. The texture of the films was observed using SEM and AFM, it was observed that the grain size was increased with working pressure.
S.No.: 404
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-20-51
Authors Name: M.Meena Sundari, S.M.Uma
Authors Affilation: Mobile and Pervasive Computing Department of CSE Kings College of Engineering, Punalkulam Kings College of Engineering, Punalkulam Pudhukottai-613 303, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: This project presents Automatic Control Access and Failure Detection for Irrigation Using WSN. It includes sensor node, controller node and mobile phone. The sensor node can be deployed in irrigation field for sensing soil moisture and the sensed data is sent to controller node. In Controller, LCD display is used to view sensor data, connected to power system. After getting data from the sensor, the controller checks it with required soil moisture value, that amount of Water is automatically irrigated to the Field by using Smart Neural Network. Corresponding Feedback Message is send to registered mobile phone. Using Behavior Based Adaptive algorithm, if any damage in Sensor, Controller, Water Pump and Warning Message will automatically send to the User’s Mobile. If water is filled more than required level of soil moisture, water is automatically released from the Field by using Outlet Pump. In case of signal problem, message will deliver slowly User can remote accessing and controlling of the irrigation motor using Steepest Descent Algorithm of Response Surface Methodology for Automation and view the information in the system connection of internet in Home. Systems propose Remote Access of the motor and also access that irrigation process by system through internet of web interface.
S.No.: 405
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-20-53
Title : Simulation and Analysis of 2:1 Multiplexer Circuits at different CMOS foundry Technology
Authors Name: Nishant Yadav, Pranay Kumar Rahi, Pratiksha Gupta
Authors Affilation: 1M.Tech Scholar, 2,3M.E Scholar, 1Department of Computer Science and Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: In electronics, a Multiplexer is a digital switch. It allows digital information from several sources to be routed onto a single output line. The basic multiplexer has several data input lines and a single output line. The selection of a particular input line is controlled by a set of selection lines. Normally, there are 2n input lines and n selection lines whose bit combinations determine which input is selected.[3] A common example of multiplexing or sharing occurs when several peripheral devices share a single transmission line or bus to communicate with computer. Each device in succession is allocated a brief time to send and receive data. At any given time, one and only one device is using the line. This is an example of time multiplexing since each device is given a specific time interval to use the line. This study presents a comparison between different foundry in terms of power dissipation and surface area required. The simulation has been performed in in 90nm, 70nm and 50nm CMOS technologies. The power and surface area parameters have been tuned suitably to achieve better CMOS design.
S.No.: 406
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-21-56
Title : Image Resolution Enhancement using Bicubic and Spline Interpolation Techniques
Authors Name: Anbarasi A
Authors Affilation: Theivanai Ammal College for Women, Villupuram
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: Abstract: Resolution enhancement (RE) schemes (which are not based on wavelets) suffer from the drawback of losing high-frequency contents (which results in blurring). The discrete-wavelet-transform-based (DWT) RE scheme generates artifacts (due to a DWT shift-variant property). A wavelet-domain approach based on dual-tree complex wavelet transform (DT-CWT) and nonlocal means (NLM) is proposed for RE of the satellite images. A satellite input image is decomposed by DT-CWT (which is nearly shift invariant) to obtain high-frequency sub bands. The high-frequency sub bands and the low-resolution (LR) input image are interpolated using the Lanczos interpolator. Bicubic Interpolation look’s best with smooth edges and much less blurring than the Lanczos result. The high-frequency sub bands are passed through an NLM filter to cater for the artifacts generated by DT-CWT (despite of its nearly shift invariance). The filtered high-frequency sub bands and the LR input image are combined using inverse DT-CWT to obtain a resolution-enhanced image. Objective and subjective analyses reveal superiority of the proposed technique over the conventional and state-of-the-art RE techniques. Index Terms—Dual-tree complex wavelet transform (DT-CWT), Lanczos interpolation, and resolution enhancement (RE), shift variant, bicubic spline interpolation.
S.No.: 407
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-22-58
Title : Predicting unknown vulnerabilies in network using metrics measurement technique
Authors Name: Miss. Monal M. Rathor , Prof. D. M. Dakhane
Authors Affilation: Master of Engineering Scholar Information Technology Department Sipna College of Engg and Technology Amravati, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: In this paper, we have a tendency to propose a unique security metric, k-zero day safety, to deal with this issue. rather than making an attempt to rank unknown vulnerabilities, our metric counts what percentage such vulnerabilities would be needed for compromising network assets; a bigger count implies a lot of security as a result of the probability of getting a lot of unknown vulnerabilities on the market, applicable, and exploitable all at constant time are considerably lower. we have a tendency to formally outline the metric, analyze the complexness of computing the metric, devise heuristic algorithms for untamed cases, and at last demonstrate through case studies that applying the metric to existing network security practices could generate unjust data.
S.No.: 408
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-23-61
Title : Microcontroller Based Portable Paramedic Blood Warmer for Transfusion
Authors Name: v. Sowmya, M.K.Dharani, N.Gowri priya
Authors Affilation: Avinashilingam Institute for Home science and Higher Education for Women
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: Abstract -Temperature maintenance is the major consideration for the effective and safe handling of the patient. Mistakes regarding to it can lead to life-threatening condition for the patient. The normal body temperature of human is 37.5 °C. The blood from blood bank is stored at lower temperature about 2 °C – 6 °C. It is dangerous to directly infuse cold blood in to the patient. To avoid hypothermic effects in the patient body during transfusion, both the blood bag temperature and patient body temperature is monitored and accordingly heating is provided. The present system involves warming of blood using water bath which takes 15-20min to warm the cold blood. Therefore we introduce microcontroller based portable paramedic blood warmer which aims to decrease the time for warming the blood by providing controlled heating. LM35 precised temperature sensor is used to measure blood bag temperature. It sends the output to microcontroller, inbuilt with ADC(Analog-to- Digital Converter). Hot air drier is used to heat the blood to meet the required temperature difference which is controlled using PIC microcontroller. Thus the temperature is maintained at 37°C .The output is given to LCD display unit which monitors the heat. This is a novel method as it helps to ensure that there are no aftershocks from the patient as the difference in temperatures can be quite deadly to an extent that it can lead to death sometimes.
S.No.: 409
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-23-62
Title : Drowsy and Distracted Driver Alert System Using Neural Network
Authors Name: R.Pragadeeswari, Mrs.R.Sugantha Lakshmi
Authors Affilation: Mobile and Pervasive Computing, Department of CSE, Kings College of Engineering,Punalkulam, Pudukkottai Dist-613 303, India.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: Drowsy Driving-a combination of sleepiness and driving has become a worldwide problem that leads to severe accidents. A real time non-intrusive method for detecting the drowsiness of driver has been described in this project. The system uses the webcam to capture the video images of the driver in order to detect the drowsiness. Computer vision and machine learning algorithms are used to monitor and detect whether the driver is drowsy or not. Visual feature like eye which characterizes the drowsiness of the driver is detected with the help of image processing techniques. In such a case when drowsy is detected, the warning signal is issued to alert the driver. A neural network based algorithm is used to determine the level of drowsiness by measuring the eye opening and closing and warns the driver accordingly.
S.No.: 410
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-23-65
Title : Forecasting Share Prices and Volatility of FMCG stocks
Authors Name: Dr. Neha Chhabra Roy; Radhika Bhukania
Authors Affilation: Alliance University
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: The Indian stock market is predominant by three sectors namely, service, manufacturing and agriculture sector. The FMCG sector has similarities with both manufacturing and agricultural sectors. Considering the importance of FMCG sector this study is focussed on forecasting the share prices and volatility of FMCG sector stocks. Four large cap stocks from the S&P BSE Index are taken into consideration based on their market capitalization. Share prices are forecasted using ARMA and volatility forecast is performed using GARCH. It is found that the forecasted prices of stocks of FMCG sector are showing a declining trend and the forecasted volatility associated with these stocks are low. The probable reason for this is investors look for considerable risky stocks with high returns (bullish).
S.No.: 411
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-24-67
Title : Process improvement by application of Lean Six Sigma and TRIZ methodology -Case Study in Coffee Company
Authors Name: Jui-Chin Jiang, Thi-Anh-Tuyet Nguyen
Authors Affilation: Department of Industrials & Systems Engineering, Chung Yuan Christian University, Chung-Li, 32023 Taiwan, ROC
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: By integrating TRIZ methodology into the improve phase of the Lean Six Sigma approach as a quality improvement strategy, this study attempts to devote to better process improvement to ensure high productivity and effectiveness, low waste of waiting time for the unnecessary inspection/transportation during the operation system, more effectively in the improvement plan which make process system become more stability and reliability. The corresponding design procedures and prediction models are provided. Further on, a case study on the Coffee Company is discussed with emphasis on the Robusta coffee process area. The result shows that the improved prediction models successfully reduces the waste of waiting time for inspection (46.54%) and the transportation during the operation system (38.12%). That leads to reduce the Non Value Added time (38.12%).
S.No.: 412
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-24-68
Title : Structural Monitoring and Fault Detection in Wind Turbine Using WSN
Authors Name: A.Noorul Rishwana Begum, J.Jegan
Authors Affilation: Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Kings College of Engineering. Thanjavur,India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: Wind turbine has the monstrous potential to produce the renewable energy without reliance on any fossil fuel technology. In this paper practical monitoring system of wind turbine is proposed. Which is used to averts the unplanned downtime because of the component failure, used to avoid the unwanted accidents due to the inefficient monitoring of faulty mechanical parts in wind turbine, also used to detect the intrusion occurrence in wind turbine from that can prevent valuable asserts from theft. Flexible and less expansible Wi-MMS sensor is injected in to the turbine structure for conditional monitoring. GMM algorithm is used to find the faults in the mechanical parts of wind turbine. Modified genetic algorithm which is used to detects both the structural issues and intrusion occurrence in wind turbine. In this paper the sensed information by the sensors from turbines are processed efficiently from that structural issues, faulty parts and intrusion occurrence in wind turbine is identified. WSN technologies are used to provide information to practical monitoring system
S.No.: 413
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-24-70
Title : Prevention and Seriousness Estimation of Automotive Accidents
Authors Name: T.Yazhmozhi, Mrs.K.Abhirami
Authors Affilation: Mobile and Pervasive Computing, Assistant professor, Kings College of Engg, Punalkulam, Kings College of Engg, Punalkulam, Pudukkottai Dist-613 303. India.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: Latest communication technologies are incorporated into modern vehicles that provides a chance for the salvage of people, who are wounded in the traffic accidents. To develop the overall rescue process, a fast and exact estimation of the severity of the accidents is essential. This is a key point to help emergency services for better estimate the required resources. Our proposed system uses a novel intelligent system, which is able to automatically discover road accidents, alert them through GSM modem, and also has the prevention mechanism to manage the speed of the vehicle in accident situation. If suppose any accident occurs then the SMS alert will be send to the police control room. Accident severity is estimated based on the concept of data mining and knowledge inference. Our system considers the most related variables that includes the vehicle speed, the type of vehicles involved, the impact speed, and the status of the airbag that can characterize the severity of the accidents. As a result, a complete Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) process, with a sufficient selection of applicable features, that permits generating estimation models, which is used to predict the severity of new accidents.
S.No.: 414
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-25-71
Title : A Brief Study On Airship Using Aerospace , Electronic and Communication Applications
Authors Name: G.Sai Pavan Kumar , K.T.N.Sashank , K.Akhil Reddy , Kanaka Bhushan , Yarramshetti Deva Harsha , Rakesh Mudhiraj , Pikkalkar Praveen Kumar , N.Santosh8
Authors Affilation: Student , Department Of Aeronautical Engineering , MLR Institute Of Technology and Management ,Dundigal , Hyderabad . INDIA.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: Recent years have seen an outpour of revived interest in the use of high altitude airships for a number of applications. Present day developments in materials, propulsion, solar panels,Wireless Communication and energy storage systems and the need for a more eco-oriented approach to flight are increasing the curiosity in airships, as the series of new projects deployed in recent years show; moreover, the exploitation of the always mounting simulation capabilities in CAD/CAE, CFD and FEA provided by modern computers allow an accurate design useful to optimize and reduce the development time of these vehicles. The purpose of this contribution is to examine the different aspects of airship development with a review of current modeling techniques for airship dynamics and aerodynamics along with conceptual design and optimization techniques, structural design and manufacturing technologies , wireless and energy system technologies .A brief history of airships is presented followed by an analysis of conventional and unconventional airships including current projects and conceptual designs
S.No.: 415
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-25-72
Title : Design, development and testing of small scale mechanical fruit washer
Authors Name: R. N. Kenghe , A. P. Magar , K. R. Kenghe
Authors Affilation: Department of Agricultural Process Engineering, Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: Fruits vegetables sample from field research must be cleaned prior to weighing, grading and processing for value addition. Soil and other foreign materials must be removed. The objective of this study was to develop a low–cost mechanical fruit and vegetable washer to reduce the labor and time requirements. A Prototype of mechanical fruit washer (50 kg capacity) was designed, developed and performance was evaluated. The effect of three different rotor speeds (1466, 1476 and 1486 rpm) and 20 cm (110 lit) effective depth of water on capacity and performance index was evaluated. Potato was used for performance evaluation of washer. The cost of manual to mechanical washing for potato was 5.89:1. The average cost of mechanical washing was Rs. 24.80 per tonne. The cost machine was Rs. 14,650/- including electric motor. The overall dimensions of machine were 1000 x 560 x 750 mm.
S.No.: 416
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-25-73
Authors Name: S.P.Prathiba, Mrs.P.Nalayini
Authors Affilation: Mobile and pervasive computing, Assistant professor (Dept of CSE), Kings college of engineering,punalkulam Kings college of engineering , punalkulam Pudukottai – 613303 , India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: -Indoor location based system becomes a reality due to widespread availability of WiFi networks in building. To provide the indoor location based services (LBS), system use the current location of human, a computer, mobile devices or equipment such as quad copter. The most prominent method for indoor navigation is RSS based location from WiFi Access points. No prior knowledge of the access points location and the environment is required. Because of environmental features like temperature, interaction with objects, the intensity of signal can change frequently. Varying and changing of WiFi signals to provide a zero cost localization system which give a high accuracy and granularity in Indoor navigation system. Using Triangulation technique the behavior of WiFi signals in indoor environment for localization is analyzed by the signals from three different access points.
S.No.: 417
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-27-77
Title : A Data Aggregation Method for Balancing Load under Probabilistic Network Model (PNM)
Authors Name: Ms. Jayashree A.Vanmali, Prof. Rahul Patil
Authors Affilation: PG Scholar, Computer Engineering Department, Bharati Vidyapeeth College Of Engineering, Navi Mumbai, India
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: Data aggregation is a very crucial technique in WSNs. Data aggregation helps in reducing the energy consumption by eliminating redundancy. Data Gathering is a fundamental task in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). Data gathering trees capable of performing aggregation operations are also referred to as Data Aggregation Trees (DATs).Most of the existing DAT construction works are based on the ideal Deterministic Network Model (DNM), where any pair of nodes in a WSN is either connected or disconnected. Under this model, any specific pair of nodes are neighbors if their physical distance is less than the transmission range, while the rest of the pairs are always disconnected. However, in most real applications, the DNM cannot fully characterize the behaviors of wireless links due to the existence of the transitional region phenomenon. The load-balance factor is also neglected when constructing DATs in current systems. And most of the current literatures investigate the DAT construction problem under the DNM. In this paper we are discussing on load balancing factor and also on construction of DAT using Probabilistic Network Model (PNM). Therefore, it is focused on constructing a Load-Balanced Data Aggregation Tree (LBDAT) under the PNM. More specifically, three problems are investigated, namely, the Load-Balanced Maximal Independent Set (LBMIS) problem, the Connected Maximal Independent Set (CMIS) problem, and the LBDAT construction problem. LBMIS and CMIS are well-known NP-hard problems and LBDAT is an NP-complete problem.
S.No.: 418
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-28-79
Title : Risk Management; Utilizing Genetic-Fuzzy Approach
Authors Name: Ejiofor C.I, Ugwu .C
Authors Affilation: Department of Computer Science, University of Port-Harcourt, Port-Harcourt. Nigeria.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: Project Risk management is an integral part for business survival. This research paper focuses on determining projectrisk factors using genetic algorithm and fuzzy logic base on the demerits of conventional approaches. Genetic algorithm help optimise the parameters data items while fuzzy logic handle imprecisions. Unified Modelling Language was utilized for modelling the software system, depicting clearly the interaction between various components and the dynamic aspect of the system. This paper demonstrates the practical application of metric based soft computing techniques in the health sector in determining patient’s satisfaction.
S.No.: 419
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-29-80
Authors Name: Neha Gaba
Authors Affilation: Astt.Prof. Baba Mastnath University
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to highlight the main findings of a successfully that studied factors or interventions causing the discrepancy between how adequate project risks should be managed and how project risks are actually managed. An increasing number of companies are focusing their efforts on project management. Project management is frequently used as an enabler for meeting an uncertain and turbulent environment. The aim and final effects of project management are to predict the outcome, i.e. cost, time and quality. Managing risks is one of the most vital activities in project management in order to ensure project success. The purpose is to investigate the role of project ownership and see how a project owner actively taking part in a project may influence how the project manages risks. The ambitions of the project manager and the project owner are traditionally to some degree misaligned. While the project manager primarily focuses on operational risks and risks that will influence the success of the project completion, the project owner primarily focuses on risks that may influence the success of the operational project product.
S.No.: 420
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-29-84
Title : Randomised Logical Password using 3D Environmental Image
Authors Name: Roshani R. Tayade
Authors Affilation: Sipna College Of Engineering & Technology, Amravati
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: Abstract—Random textual password based on 3D environment image objects and actions is a new scheme of authentication. This scheme is based on a virtual three-dimensional environment image’s specified alphanumeric keywords for objects. For authenticity, we present a 3D virtual environment where the user navigates and interacts with various objects, actions. The sequence of actions and interactions toward the objects inside the 3D environment constructs the user’s 3D logical password. The 3D logical password can combine most existing authentication schemes such as textual passwords, graphical passwords into a 3D virtual environment. The design of the 3D virtual environment and the type of objects selected determine the 3D logical password key space. The objects and actions contain in 3D virtual environment specify some random alphanumeric keyword for each at every login. This provides more authenticated technique. The graphical passwords schemes have been proposed. The strength of graphical passwords comes from the fact that users can recall and recognize pictures more than words. So, refer 3D environment image for logical password gives security to their data. Keywords — Logical passwords, Textual passwords, Graphical passwords, 3D Virtual Environment images.
S.No.: 421
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-30-85
Authors Name: Vishalkumar R.Gajera
Authors Affilation: S.N.P.I.T.&R.C .Umarakh
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: The management of construction waste is important today. The scarcity in the availability of aggregate for the production of concrete is one of the important problems facing by the construction industry. Appropriate use of the construction waste is a solution to the fast degradation of virgin raw materials in the construction industry. This paper aims to various factors which affects the construction project of the south Gujarat region of India.
S.No.: 422
Paper id : IJAIEM-2015-03-31-90
Title : An Automatic Image-Based System for Evaluation of Pavement Skid Resistance
Authors Name: Fereidoon Moghadas Nejad, Nasrin Karimi Yengeje , H. Zakeri
Authors Affilation: Associate Professor, Dept. of Civil and Environment Engineering, Amirkabir Univ. of Technology. No. 424, Hafez Ave., Tehran, Iran.
Volume & Issue No.: Volume4Issue3
Abstract: This paper presents a new system for assessment of Pavement Skid Resistance (PSR) based on image processing tool. The system consists a hardware and a software model for analysis the images take from the pavement surface. The outcome of this paper is a new system that provides an image-based index with in cooperation information and images. Experimental outcome show the success of the pro